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Aisha Konnick (Hero)

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Aisha Konnick (Hero)

Post by Ai Kon on July 28th 2018, 7:04 am

Aisha Konnick (Ai Kon)

"Traffic lights are like commercials for driving ..."

The Bio

Real Name: Aisha Konnick (Often times goes by Ai Kon or Aisha Kon)
Hero Name: The Dove
Title: [s]Doctor[/s] ”Okay, so I’m not technically a doctor, but that doesn’t mean I can’t call myself one! … what do you mean I can’t? … crap, that’s illegal?”
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Ethnically French/Japanese mix (Descendant)
Hair: Pink and lots of it, always impeccably styled
Eyes: Bright pink, typically made-up, and sparkling with joy
Height: 4’10
Weight: 90 lbs
Blood type: A+

The Looks

The immediately noticeable physical aspect of Ai is her color Everything about her bleeds energy and joy, from the long, voluminous, bright pink hair, to the sparkling eyes matching her hair, to her outfit, which is perpetually fluffy and just as pink as her glitter. Many people have speculated she bleeds glitter; this is not true, she just wears enough to make a unicorn blush. Her eyes are just as pink as her hair. She is a short girl, sure, but always wears heels, and her personality tends to nullify this is a bit, her aura and good nature tending to exaggerate her height quite a bit. When it comes to shoes, her choices are as varied as the the stars in the sky.

Ai has many different outfits which change from day to day, depending on her mood, the weather, and the current fashions. She has likely thrown away more clothes than the average person has worn. Her most commonly worn outfit is a fluffy pink dress, the tight bodice hugging her generous curves while the flared skirt hides her legs to the knees. These are typically paired with her favorite heels or pink, glittering flats.

Aisha’s muscle tone is nothing to write home about; she doesn’t have an excess of fat at all, but her muscles themselves aren’t exactly developed. She’s still strong, far stronger than any human could hope to be, but that’s a result of her being a Descendant, not any work out routine of hers. When she walks, she does so with a bounce in her step; it’s almost a skip. Her bone structure is thin but well-defined. She has a rather large bust for her frame, boasting a D-cup.

The Personality

She’s nice and embodies Love, but to think she is just simply some bubblegum airhead would be a mistake. She is very smart, though not arrogantly so, though she is an airhead. Due to her upbringing, she is quite stubborn and spoiled, only wearing the best of clothes. She does not know the value of a dollar and can barely tell different bills apart. But despite this, she is a genuine, loving girl who cares for all living things. She couldn’t hurt a fly (even if her powers let her) and is easily the kind to take in lost pets or stray dogs and cry over spilled milk. Sensitive and empathic to all, Aisha tries to be everyone’s friend, even if they make it clear that they are not interested. She is optimistic to a fault; she is aware of the reality of the situation, but chooses to cling to the hope that things will always turn out for the better. She is also a bit gullible; her sheltered upbringing led her to believe most people are honest and truthful.

The Story

She was born 16 years hence to a famous movie star, Sabrina Sapphire, and a very powerful Senator, Hideaki Nakamura. Both of her parents were very busy, and had no time for her. Instead, she was raised by a nanny, from whom she learned Spanish. At a young age, she displayed her intelligence, talking and walking before she turned a year. For as long as she could remember, she was helping people. She was a matronly figure, also helping and laughing. She had a natural tendency to help people; in fact, it was very hard for her to resist. She quickly became everyone’s little sister, and if anyone made her cry (a feat that is not actually very impressive) many people would come to her defense.

She joined ballet as a toddler and come high school, she joined cheerleading, her peppy attitude and natural athleticism catapulting her to head cheerleader. It was, however, her Freshman year that she discovered her powers, and in an entirely mundane way. She woke up one day half-way through the school year and suddenly, her hair and eyes were pink! More importantly, her already perky attitude was increased tenfold. It wasn’t long before she discovered the more “super” part of her powers, her ability to use crystals to heal. One of her teammates broke her leg, see, and she reacted out of instinct, pink crystal enveloped the injury, and within minutes she was healed.

Well, from there her life only got crazier. She worked in secret to master her powers, eventually being contacted by Ahava herself who, surprise! Was her grandmother. Her mother was a Descendant as well, though her’s tended more towards desire than love, like Aisha did. With her help, and training in the Valentine Vale, the pink world of pure Love, she mastered her powers. She had a few close calls - like accidently making the captain of the football team feel incredible amounts of lust for her - but at the end of the day, she managed to come out of it unscathed. Her graduation from high school went without a hitch, and she was readily accepted into NYC School of Medicine to study medicine.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

”Two Generations of Love”
Like all Descendants, Aisha is not entirely human. While she had a human father, her mother is a Descendant, her grandmother being Ahava, the Primordial God of Love and Sexuality. This makes Aisha a second generation Descendant, the Descendant of Love, Joy, and Desire. As the Descendant of Love, Aisha cannot harm any living thing. Even a punch or kick from her will heal wounds.

”The Strength of True Love!”
Like all Descendants, Aisha is significantly stronger, faster, more durable, and possesses higher reflexes than any human. While the Descendant of Love is never one for violence, which means she will never reach the level of those of, say, Rage or Willpower, she is still quite a force to reckon with. Aisha has been baptized in the power of the Valentine Vale, and thus her powers have reached a maximum. She can lift five tons, move at speeds approaching Mach 1, can tank bullets at point blank range and even low-range super strength, and react with the speed to dodge bullets from as close as ten feet.

”Touch of Ahava”
Due to her heightened connection with the Valentine Vale, Aisha can manipulate the emotions of Love, Joy, and Desire. This is activated by a touch. (Permission based)

”Valentine Countess”
-Healing Factor-
This is the passive ability of Aisha, the first in a series of five branches of power each Descendant has. Aisha has one of the most intense healing factors currently known. She can heal from even the most severe wounds, including but not limited to total organ destruction. So long as her connection to the Valentine Vale remains intact, Aisha can heal from nearly any wound. The only limit is separation. Aisha cannot grow another head if she is decapitated, nor can she regrow limbs if they are cut off. All other wounds, however, heal nearly instantly, to the point where even a massive wound in her shoulder will heal before the blade leaves her skin.

”Dame de Couer”
-Love Energy Manipulation-
Like all Descendants, Aisha can manipulate Love energy. Love energy, when wielded by Aisha, has a very potent healing factor. When these crystal touch the skin, they start to indiscriminately heal. The closer the wound is to the crystal, the faster the wound heals; however, a crystal touching the skin of someone will still act on any injury the person has. These crystals can even heal decades old scars. If a wound is resistant to injury, it can even heal it, assuming Aisha’s power is higher than the being or item that caused the wound. Wounds caused by death magic or tainted by rage take far longer to heal. Aisha can control this to a degree, choosing to leave scars alone and only heal injuries, or a specific injury. The rate of healing is tremendous; minor cuts and bruises will heal instantly, and anything from moderate to life-threatening wounds will heal within minutes.

In addition to the healing factor, these crystals are incredibly resilient, their extradimensional make-up and crystalline nature making them capable of standing up to most attacks. Only the most powerful of physical or magical attacks can break them. Aisha can summon them anywhere within ten feet of her in up to twenty square feet at a time. These crystals can also be shaped into nearly limitless forms, from a sword to even an medical imaging machine, limited only by Ai’s imagination, though whatever form they take always maintains the same crystalline nature.

The Staff of Desire
-Healing Range Increase-
This harvests the very core of the Valentine Vale, raw emotional energy, to create a weapon available for use. Drawing and maintaining The Staff of Desire can be tiring for Aisha. This scepter is golden, with a silver wire entwining itself around the top. Golden prongs curl inwards, forming a mace-like shape and protecting the jewel at the center. This is the core of the power, this pink jewel, eternally glowing, is the the condensed nature of the Valentine Vale. Should this jewel be destroyed, irreparable harm will come to her realm of Love, and to Aisha herself. It is the single greatest danger of using this item. However, the advantages far outweigh the dangers. While wielding the Staff of Desire, the abilities of Dame du Couer are enhanced. Not the power or speed of their healing, however, but it vastly increases the range of which she can heal. By channeling her power through the Jewel of Love, Aisha can channel her crystals over vast distances. This is limited anywhere within one hundred yards of Aisha. Unlike with Dame no Couer, her healing takes the form of a font of pink light, healing all injuries on the user. She can additionally create her crystalline structures at this distance as well.

”Fly on the Wings of Love”
-Spirit Animal-
Every Descendant has a spirit animal, an inner beast formed from the wasted emotion of the world. This spirit animal combines it’s power with that of the Descendant, forming a shape over the body and granting unique powers. Aisha’s spirit animal is a dove, the symbol of peace for centuries. When summoned, a large font of emotional energy pours forth from Aisha, circling her like a bird coming to land. And then it envelopes her, spreading into the shape of a pink bird. Slightly larger than the small girl, it’s wings mimicking the movements of her arms, the claws mimicking the movements of her legs. The rounded shape of the dove’s body covers her bosom and the head of the dove covers hers. Though transparent and with Aisha able to see straight through it, it does obscure her features a bit.

The first ability the Dove gives her an improvement to her healing abilities. Now, with enough time, she can regenerate limbs. This can take upwards of thirty minutes, however, and so is not practical for any battlefield applications. This is usable with both forms of Dame no Couer.

The Dove additionally grants Aisha the ability to fly. Despite the presence of the wings, they aren’t actually necessary and instead she flys through generated emotional energy. A trail of pink follows her flight. The speed at which she flies is the same at which she runs, nearly at Mach 1, and for the purposes of flight is immune to the effects of wind shear and other associated dangers.

The third, and perhaps most useful, ability Aisha possesses is that of emotional healing. This does not use her crystals. It can be activated by a touch. The emotional energy of the Dove shrinks to that of a normal sized bird and dives towards the person whom she wants to heal. The love energy surrounds them, allowing Aisha to enter their mindscape. With the help of the Valentine Vale, their psyche is arranged into a place she and the entered party can navigate. This is by no means a means to success all the time; should they fail in healing the mental wounds or defeating the inner demons, they will both be kicked out. If this happens, Aisha is locked out of attempting to do it again for 24 hours as the brain blocks her, as a means to protect itself.

Queen of Hearts
-Spirit Animal Integration-
The ultimate and most powerful form, also called a Transcendency, but also the most dangerous. This is achieved by integrating the raw emotion of her Spirit Animal into herself. This results in a transformation that is reminiscent of a magical girl from an anime. Along with the real, physical wings that form, crafted from her body by love energy, it also comes with an outfit. The outfit is pink, forming a heart across her breast. A web-like shape covers her midriff, exposing lots of creamy white skin. Her arms are bare save for whisper thin gloves and sleeves. A skirt covers her upper thighs, the short dress made of many layers of fabric stacked and cut to resemble feathers. Stockings cover the rest of her legs, ending in sparkling pink flats. Her long, commonly wild, pink hair is straightened as well and tied in a large pink bow.

Queen of Hearts greatly increasing Ai’s flight speed, allowing her to fly at nearly Mach 3 speeds.

Queen of Hearts also greatly increases both the durability of Aisha and Dame no Couer, making both almost immune to conventional and magical weaponry.

But the greatest ability of Queen of Hearts is an entirely magical one, but perhaps one that could make her the greatest force on a battlefield. Queen of Hearts is the ultimate in healing techniques. When in this form, Aisha can communicate with the dead. Whether through seances or by the ghosts that haunt the world, Aisha can see them and prevent them from causing harm. This same ability, however, let’s Ai halt the very course of death itself. Queen of Hearts can halt the course of death, even by injuries that would otherwise cause instant death; even beheadings and disembowelment will not cause death if Ai does not will it. And most importantly, if someone has died within the last thirty minutes, Ai can heal the body and return the spirit to it’s vessel, thereby reversing death altogether.

The Weaknesses

These Colors are Killer … Literally!
Being baptized by the Valentine Vale, while increasing her power exceedingly, also leaves her a great many weaknesses. First and foremost, like all Descendants, Aisha is excessively vulnerable to the manipulation of emotional or dimensional energy, but in particular the emotion of rage. While she won’t feel the emotion, it will instead cause mind-warping pain inside the young girl. Any death magic, as well, she is vulnerable to, both her physical body and her emotional energy having no resistant to that particular brand.

In addition to this, even certain colors can cause pain, discomfort, or even worse to Ai. Specifically, the colors black and red. At her most normal, the color red causes a mild burn upon touching her bare skin and black causes a sense of discomfort and itching. The more power she uses -ranging from Dame no Couer to Queen of Hearts - the more severe reactions she suffers. While in Queen of Hearts, Red can send her into shock, putting her into an extended coma, while black will result in severe seizures and intense, flu-like symptoms.

Living by the Hypocratic Oath
Due to the powers and her own make-up of Love energy, Aisha is completely incapable of harming any living things. Despite her advanced strength, any attack she may make against any living thing will instead deliver healing energy to them. She can literally heal people by punching them.

Non Combatant
More than her pacifism, Aisha has no particular resistances to pain or the horrors of war. Even though she can heal extremely quickly, she can still feel pain and the pain of getting cut open will still render her incapable of moving for at least several minutes. She is still susceptible to mental magics, things like mind control and illusions, as well things that affect senses. She is n more resistant to even things like tear gas than a normal human.

The Oath of Love
Due to her otherworldy nature, she is bound by a contract to help all living things, even if that would result in her own destruction. Ally or enemy, human or animal she will do whatever is within her power to help others, even if she has to run full tilt into enemy fire.

Power is Pain
Unlike most other Descendants, using her full strength is painful for Aisha. Perhaps it’s her small frame or her young age, but using anything more than human strength or speed causes significant discomfort in Aisha. The exception to this is her Queen of Hearts form. If she were to use her full strength or speed, it would be equivalent to broken bones. Additionally, she cannot react as fast as she can move; the world will instead turn into a blur.

Love Fades into the Night
Artificial darkness drastically weakens Aisha and can even kill her. Within minutes, she will lose all her supernatural strength; ten minutes will remove her ability to contact the Valentine Vale; and thirty minutes will extinguish her life force.

Orange Sounds like Gullible
Aisha’s sheltered lifestyle has given her a gullible and honest nature. She can easily be manipulated by nearly anyone, assuming they aren’t mustache-twirling evil, and so long as she believes she’s doing good, can be tricked into doing nearly anything.

The Queen of Hearts Secret Shame
As powerful as the Queen of Hearts, its’ weaknesses are significant. Along with the aforementioned weaknesses, if the energy is destroyed while in this form, the connection to the Valentine Vale will close for 72 hours to protect itself. Additionally, Aisha’s emotional state is vulnerable as well. With the love energy flowing through her, should one overpower her and force the emotion of Rage into her heart, she will become unable to use her powers until the Rage is banished from her forever. Until then, she will be as defenseless as any human.

Mental Spelunking
Like any dangerous situation, diving into someone’s psyche is exceedingly dangerous. Should she get hurt or die in there, the damage will be reflected onto her physical body. Additionally, her psyche is completely exposed doing this, so any mental attacks can permanently cripple or kill her. This is in addition to the exposure of her physical form; with her Spirit Animal inside the Psyche of someone else, she is incapable of defending herself from attack.

The Fluff

”Bloom of Love”
If Aisha steps on ground, flowers will grow. The type changes depending on her mood; roses for love, petunias for happiness, etc.

”Clever Girl …”
Aisha graduated valedictorian in one of the most prestigious schools in New York. She is a very intelligent girl and can speak five languages fluently; English, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese. She is knowledgeable in advanced mathematics and histories and has pursued advanced college classes since her sophomore year of high school. She is a certified academic genius.

”Born to money”
Aisha has a lot of money; or rather, her parents have a lot of money. Despite being gone for most of her life, they have provided her with whatever she’s wanted. They pay for her tuition and her apartment.

Ageless ...
Like any baptized Descendant, Aisha is ageless. She will forever if she is not killed.

The RP Sample
{ahem. No.}

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Re: Aisha Konnick (Hero)

Post by Chellizard on July 29th 2018, 6:16 pm

Approved and moved.

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