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Korri Richards

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Korri Richards Empty Korri Richards

Post by NomadOfTheCoast February 11th 2022, 3:18 pm


"Please do not resist. It would be quite a bother to hurt you."

The Bio

Real Name: Korri Richards
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Human (former)/Golem
Hair: Violet
Eyes: Violet
Height: 4’9 in Wyvern form/5’10 in Dragon/Wyrm form
Weight: 100 lbs in Wyvern form/180 in Dragon/Wyrm form
Blood type: None.

The Looks

Wyvern Form: Her “normal” form is that of a small and rather slim 15 year old girl with violet hair and eyes. She is pale, almost unhealthily so, but this is due entirely to her having no blood to color her cheeks. As a Golem, and particularly in this body, she has none of the body function typically required for life; no heartbeat, no breath, in fact no internal organs at all. This isn’t obvious on the outside, however; her skin is cold, yes, but still smooth and human feeling, and every bit of her seems as human as a naturally-born person. Her eyes are violet and sparkle with life, but her face is typically emotionless, lacking the minute expressions that mark her as human. Her voice in this form is mid-tier, hard to pinpoint between male or female, and lacks emotional inflection, leaving her with a bit of a monotone.
The Personality

Korri is an emotionally-stunted individual, due to the experiments of her mother, and as a result she does not understand a lot of basic human customs. She has very little in what most people would call “people skills”, most of what she knows being learned from books or told to her by others. She does not have very much real-life experience, and as a result, is quite innocent and naive; often, she conflates reality and fiction, comparing people to the figures in her favorite books, to heroes and legends and villains. Though she understands the difference, she processes the world better by comparing it to fiction.

Korri is never found without a book in her hand; whether its the “Mechanics of the Human Body” or the fifth novel of some obscure fantasy series, she is always reading; it’s one of the best ways to distance herself from people, after all. And that’s what she likes to do; Korri does not get along with people, and thus she does her best to shy away from them, putting as many barriers, physical and otherwise, between her and them so she doesn’t say anything odd or weird. Her mouth runs away from her sometimes, which is a shame; she is quite intelligent.

Even before the accident, she was quite intelligent, and though this intelligence is her greatest strength, it is also a burden, as she finds herself overanalyzing, overthinking and, sometimes, overreacting to things. This leads her to linger on small things people say, obsess over details, and overall freak out about the smallest things. This overanalysis can be a boon, but more often than that, just serves as another barrier to socialization.

The Story

Lab Report #0076

October 21st, location undisclosed
Head Researcher Elizabeth Richards

I’ve finally done it! I’ve cracked the formula for inter-dimensional travel. The possibilities are endless, if we can mass-produce this technology. We only have a few more tests to do before we can start trials, but I believe this is it. By collapsing the Higgs-Boson, I believe we can create a sustainable wormhole capable of interdimensional travel; or even instantaneous transportation! Einstein was right, the bastard. We’ll be conducting experiments forthwith. If things go well, we’ll have major results in the next few days. Years of grueling labor, finally worth it.

Elizabeth, signing off.

End report #0076

Lab Report #0077
October 25th, location undisclosed

Head Researcher Elizabeth Richards

Are the cameras-

Starting trial number one dash alpha seven, commence.

sounds of heavy machinery drown out volume

Shit. Alright, reset the turbine, let’s-


Not now, Korri. I’m busy, go play with your brother. Yes, lets start over again. Alright, on three, two, one-

Loud clanking and an explosion

Fuck, why aren’t the fire- shit, no, put out the fire before it spreads, alright, Bartholomew, did you see that?! Yeah, for a second there- Yeah, I know. No, Korri, don’t touch that. Go away, I said go away!

Sorry about that. Initiating test number three. Turning power generation to one-hundred fifty percent, rotational velocity to 800 percent. Let’s see …

Sounds of whirring, heavy machinery, but no explosions

Is it stable? It’s stable?! Alright, check your instruments, make sure they’re- energy output is good, containment at hundred percent. Good now, widen the breach, and- yes, collapse the particle. Syncing with other realities, and- Oh, god, I can see it. Is that-

Sudden alarm sounds

Wait, no, just hold the breach! Just a few seconds longer!

The scream of a child

Korri, no! Get away from there!

Sound of glass shattering, multiple screams, and a long sucking sound

Turn it off, turn it-

End report

Recovery Journal #0153

-injuries are severe. I can only imagine what happened to her. If you hadn’t done what you did, she wouldn’t be alive.

Yes. Thank you doctor, you can leave us.

several minutes of silence followed by a weak cry

Hush, baby. Hush, I’m here.

Mommy? What happened? What happened to me?!

Quiet, baby, its okay. I had to- I had to put you into this body, but it’s okay, you’re alive, you’ll never be injured again, I-

You did this to me!

several of sobbing and shushing

End entry

Recovery Journal #00177

She hasn’t moved from that spot in weeks, Doctor, you have to help her.

I don’t know what you expect me to do, Ms. Richards. That body you gave her, its beyond my expertise. Perhaps you should call a mechanic.

How dare you-

Um, excuse me, doctor?

Yes, what is it?

Well, the patient, Miss Richards? She’s gone. She disappeared.

What do you mean my daughter is gone?!

The sound of running feet

She broke the window. You’ll pay for that, I assume?

Call the cops, dammit, my daughter ran away!”

Of course-

Error: file corrupted

Journal Entry #00001

I’m free.


I’m free.

End of entry

The Powers

Korri, due to the experiments and subsequent transformation her mother put her through, exists as a baseball-sized Core, in which all her magical ability, memories, and personality is stored. Due to this, her body is artificial and can be mended like any machine can. Korri possesses several abilities that stem from this, and the artificial enhancements built into the body.

Wyvern Form: Her normal form and the body she is most comfortable in. Wyvern Form comes with quite a few advantages. It is quite a bit more powerful than a normal human, capable of lifting up to 500 pounds and running at 40MPH; additionally, her durability allows her to take rifle fire without penetrating her skin. Like all her forms, Korri does not feel pain nor fear due to the body she is in, nor does she have blood or any form of internal organ. Thus she can function with large parts of her body missing, and even the head destroyed, due to the magic keeping her together.

The unique advantage of Wyvern Form is force absorption; this is done via her hands. She can absorb force equivalent to a truck moving at 80MPH. This force is then stored inside her and can be repurposed, either by increasing the strength or speed of her limbs or by utilizing it in blasts of force equivalent to what she absorbed.

Golem Physiology: Due to her unique physiology, Korri is completely immune to any effects that require a normal, functioning mind or body, such as most illusions and mind-altering powers, as well as poisons. She does not tire, she does not sleep, food, water, or any form of energy. Once every 72 hours, the body must be charged, but other than that, it can run indefinitely. Unique photo-receptors are built into the body and passively absorb sunlight to mitigate even this; if combat powers are not used, this lets her persist technically forever. In relation to that, she does not age, only requiring routine maintenance to ensure she persists.

The Weaknesses

Electromagnetism: Despite her immunity to things that affect the flesh, she is a highly advanced piece of machinery. As much powered by metal and electronics as magic, anything that disrupts this - such as powerful magnets and EMP’s - will shut her down as easily as a computer.

Relatively Fragile: Korri is only as strong as the materials she is made of. While this material is metal, it is more susceptible to things that flesh might not, and unlike humans, Korri cannot wait around and heal. She must be repaired, or be permanently damaged. Additionally, parts inside her might break through applied force, or get gummed up and stuck, and must be repaired before she can be fully active again.

Helpless: In her true form, without the aid of her body, she is helpless, just a simple core, with no awareness outside her own memories. Without help from someone else, should she be forcefully ejected or her body too damaged to continue to function, she is unable to defend herself, leaving her at risk of being shattered.

The Fluff

As a golem, Korri is ageless and effectively immune to alcohol, drugs, and the like.

Despite her fallout with her mother, Korri still has a family Credit Card that has yet to be canceled, though she rarely uses it.

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Korri Richards Empty Re: Korri Richards

Post by Zonkes February 11th 2022, 3:55 pm

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