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Korri Richards (WIP)

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Korri Richards (WIP) Empty Korri Richards (WIP)

Post by Korri Richards July 19th 2019, 5:49 pm


"Please do not resist. It would be quite a bother to hurt you."

The Bio

Real Name: Korri Richards
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Human (former)/Golem
Hair: Violet
Eyes: Violet
Height: 4’9 in Wyvern form/5’10 in Dragon/Wyrm form
Weight: 100 lbs in Wyvern form/180 in Dragon/Wyrm form
Blood type: None.

The Looks

Wyvern Form: Her “normal” form is that of a small and rather slim 15 year old girl with violet hair and eyes. She is pale, almost unhealthily so, but this is due entirely to her having no blood to color her cheeks. As a Golem, and particularly in this body, she has none of the body function typically required for life; no heart beart, no breath, in fact no internal organs at all. This isn’t obvious on the outside, however; her skin is cold, yes, but still smooth and human feeling, and every bit of her seems as human as a naturally-born person.

The Personality


The Story


The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Korri, due to the experiments and subsequent transformation her mother put her through, exists as a marble-sized Core, in which all her magical ability, memories, and personality is stored. Due to this, she has three different bodies she can choose from.

Wyvern Form: Her normal form and the body she is most comfortable in. Wyvern Form comes with quite a few advantages. It is quite a bit more powerful than a normal human, capable of lifting up to 500 pounds and running at 40MPH; additionally, her durability allows her to take rifle fire without penetrating her skin. Like all her forms, Korri does not feel pain nor fear due to the body she is in, nor does she have blood or any form of internal organ. Thus she can function with large parts of her body missing, and even the head destroyed, due to the magic keeping her together.

The unique advantage of Wyvern Form is force absorption; this is done via her hands. She can absorb force equivalent of up to a truck moving at 80MPH. This force is then stored inside her and can be repurposed, either by increasing the strength or speed of her limbs or by utilizing it in blasts of force equivalent to what she absorbed.

Dragon Form: The form derived from her mothers invention, the Wyvern Form. More physical powerful than the Wyvern form, able to lift up to 1500 lbs and run at 100 MPH, but lacking the same durability; even pistol fire can damage her skin. Like all her forms, Korri does not feel pain, but in this form is susceptible to fear, though at reduced levels, affected only about 25% of it; she shares the same lack of blood and fear and same ability to function if dismembered or beheaded.

Unlike the force absorption abilities that Wyvern possesses, Dragon lives true to its name by possessing the ability to generate and control fire. This Fire she manipulates isn’t too powerful, the red flames capable of burning wood and flesh, but requiring substantial time to melt steel. In addition to her fire-manipulation abilities, she also possesses the ability to nullify and redirect low-level magic she can touch. This is done by pouring her own magic into it and “claiming it” as her own, which allows her to either destroy the spell or utilize it for her own.

Wyrm Form: A physically superior body built by her father. More powerful in every way than its predecessors, Wyrm Form uses advanced mechanics along with magic. She can lift about 5000 pounds and run at 200 MPH, while also capable of taking most rifle fire (from a safe distance.) Due to the magic and mechanical parts, it can also act autonomously; that is to say, if a hand is cut off or her head is separated, she is still perfectly capable of controlling them. She feels no pain nor fear, though otherwise, her full emotional range is present.

Similar to Wyvern and Dragon, Wyrm possesses the thematic ability to “absorb”, but instead of a physical force, she can absorb information. This acts as a sort of sixth sense, allowing her to instinctively know things about what she looks at, ranging from age and gender of the subject to the composition of things she touches. She can even break down the physical make up of things she touches, which can include structural weaknesses and complete chemical breakdown. While touching things gives her a much more thorough breakdown, she can observe things she is aware of, such as fighting styles or weaponry.

Speaking of, this body is also programmed with an extensive list of martial arts and weapons training, courtesy of her father, that allows her to fight on par with some of the worlds best martial artists and weapon users despite her relative lack of experience. While she is quite adept in most weapons, it focuses mostly on unarmed combat, and swords and guns, which are most definitely her specialty.

The Weaknesses


The Items


The Fluff


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Korri Richards
Korri Richards

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