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Rusty Scarlet

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Rusty Scarlet Empty Rusty Scarlet

Post by Zonkes October 27th 2020, 5:21 am

Rusty Scarlet

"I turn fighting assholes like you into an artform."

The Bio

Real Name: Rusty Harvey
Hero Name: Dragon
Nickname: Rusty Scarlet
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Descendant
Hair: Bright red - literally scarlet
Eyes: Maroon
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 179lbs
Blood type: Yes

The Looks

Rusty is a young man with fair skin and bright red hair. His maroon eyes have always been a striking feature with the women in his life and a vivid talking point. His sharp chin might make one think of an eastern European influence in his genes.

His dress is generally simple and plain, but all of it in a black and red style. Down to his jeans and simple sneakers. Generally, you’ll find Rusty wearing a zip-up hoodie with the sleeves ripped off. There’s an iron-on patch on the left side of an orange flame with red eyes glaring.

When in heroic garb, Rusty puts on a black undershirt, a half mask that covers his eyes and a set of red metal chains. His legs are covered with black tactical pants with red rubber protecting his knees. His shoes, which are really just his shoes from his civilian wear, are a pair of sneakers with a red and black checkerboard pattern on the side.

The Personality

Rusty is a guy who has been described by friends as being “spacey”, the kind of guy who doesn’t do anything unless he wants to do it. If he doesn’t want to do it, he’ll either quit; or half ass it.

Rusty is known for being quiet at times, but not because he’s unsociable; he’s just a bit of a recluse and can be awkward in social situations because of it. He’s actually really good at one-on-one conversation, but if he’s having to talk to a group of people; he will begin to stutter and stammer and likely quiet down.

Rusty doesn’t take well to insults, and at the slightest provocation he will get extremely upset. Even after therapy years of therapy, Rusty still doesn’t have his anger issues in check and they tend to get him into trouble.

Overall, Rusty is a good person and uses his abilities to help people whenever he can. He might not go out of his way to find crime to stop, but when he sees something; he is compelled to do something.

The Story

Rusty was a hard kid to read growing up. He was always off in the corner with something, not really talking to other kids at all. He wouldn’t find himself in situations that didn’t allow him to display his innate creativity until middle school. That’s when he discovered his passion for painting.

Over the space of months, Rusty’s hair went from a dark brown to a deep scarlet. His eyes also changed from a hazel to maroon. Rusty’s parents were told by the school that their son was not allowed to wear contacts and dye his hair. But try as they might, it was almost as if his hair drank the dye, not losing its new red color and coming out healthier red each and every time they tried.

Eventually, Rusty was expelled and forced to go into homeschooling. Rusty discovered his powers around mid way through high school and began running around in a costume and calling himself Firebrand.

But after a while, that didn’t really suit him. Eventually, he went to the university of New York and discovered… That school had no real interest to him. He just wanted to paint and do art. Clearly, this wouldn’t do.

He sold off a few pieces, and began to save up his money. He managed to rent out a small apartment that he could use as a studio, and realized that in order to avoid becoming a truly starving artist, he’d have to get a part time job.

He applied for a job at McDonalds, and works as a grill boy.

The Powers

Descendant Physiology - Rusty is a descendant, and that makes him incredibly tough. Rusty can brush off large vehicles being thrown at him, small buildings falling on him, and nearly any weapon known to man. However, it’s his strength where Rusty fares best. If given the chance, Rusty could toss a semi-truck and trailer nearly 60 feet away from where he was standing. Rusty’s speed, reaction time, and agility aren’t increased by much, and are just at peak human. Endurance wise, Rusty could run for days and barely feel the need to sleep.

Throes of Passion - The first level of Rusty’s descendancy, his passive ability, is called the Throes of Passion. When Rusty goes into a fit of passion, or a rage; he becomes immune to all damage thrown at him. Barring the color weaknesses, almost nothing can stop him. Rusty has no control over his body during this time, however and will focus solely on completing the task - or harming the person - that put him in this state.

Sanguine Constructs - Rusty, like all descendants, can manipulate energy and transform it into constructs. Rusty’s constructs all have an offensive aura surrounding them, and are generally flickering like a campfire. Rusty can create nearly any shape with his constructs, from a cork, to his clothes, to a chainsaw that actually works. When these constructs are touched, they burn the skin of the person who laid a hand on them. The burn will fade after a couple of hours, but the victim will find that suddenly; their passions have been lessened. This effect does not occur when Rusty attacks with his constructs however, only when they are touched without his permission. Otherwise, the constructs do fire damage that ignores heat resistance. [Permission Based]

Paint the Town Red - Rusty can create a fine, almost liquid form of his sanguine energy. This liquid energy drips from Rusty’s fingernails like blood, or paint and sticks to anything that it touches. When Rusty smears this energy on a person, they share his passions and goals with him. They will want to assist him in his fights or his art projects. This is also one of the only ways that a person can fully heal from touching one of Rusty’s constructs without his prior knowledge. When Rusty paints it onto an inanimate object, the object comes to life and also shares in Rusty’s passions and goals. Additionally, Rusty shares his durability with every person that he uses this paint on.

The Scarlet Spear - Rusty summons a manifestation of the cosmic source to him, in this case, a ruby red spear with a black shaft. When in Rusty’s hand, it blazes with an intense vermillion light. This weapon not only increases Rusty’s physical defenses, but immediately puts him into the Throes of Passion. His eyes turn completely dark red, nearly black as if blood was pooling behind his eyes; and bright garnet blood drips from his lips like a rabid animal. The scarlet spear can cut stab through nearly any defense that the opposition puts up. [Permission Based]

Cul - Rusty’s animal companion, Cul, is a small red dragon. It breathes flames, much like Rusty’s constructs flames except they both ignore resistance and burn away passion. Additionally, Rusty gains dragon-like scales and claws on his hands while Cul is out; and his speed and ferocity are increased times two. Additionally, Rusty gains a sort of primal sense of the world around him and it becomes incredibly hard to sneak up on him or away from him. [Permission Based]

The Weaknesses

Pink/Love - Rusty is physically weak to the color pink. Think of it like a tranquilizer dart whenever he is touching the color for an extended period of time. Using this weakness will pull him out of the throes of passion just by visually seeing the color. In addition, being hit with a pink weapon will slip past his defenses and completely knock him out. Being near someone he loves will also cause this to occur.

Doves - When Rusty is near doves, a strange “allergic reaction” will take place and his powers will begin to drain away from his body. Any contact with said animal, will cause severe blistering on the body part touched.

Reckless - Rusty is completely reckless. He takes no time to consider what he’s doing before he does it. This means that he has almost no tactical awareness whatsoever; and will dive headfirst into danger.

Cyan - Similarly to Pink, Rusty has an odd reaction to the color Cyan. However, unlike Pink,  Cyan doesn’t calm Rusty. Instead, it overwhelms him with sorrow. This actually opens Rusty to any number of mental or physical attacks as when he is around the color, his durability is greatly reduced. However, Cyan does not pull Rusty out of Throes of Passion. Instead, the sorrow locks him into place allowing the attacker a chance to beat on him with any number of mundane weapons.

Ice/Water - Rusty’s constructs almost completely disappear when exposed to Ice or Water. Additionally, powers that are reminiscent of water and ice have the same effect. Any powers that are water like, or freezing cold; will also stop his constructs.

Emotional Manipulation - As a descendant, and as the Descendant of Passion in particular, Rusty is literally made of emotion. While this could mean that specific powers that manipulate the emotional states of others can directly manipulate Rusty, it also means that psychological emotional manipulation is more effective on him.

The Items

The Fluff

Descendant’s Never Die - When Rusty dies, if his piece of the cosmic source isn't destroyed, he will be sent to the Bloody Battlefield. After 48 hours, Rusty will be reborn with a scar resembling how he died.

While he's gone, Rusty's body will be consumed entirely by flame that devours his body until he returns. When Rusty comes back, he will look exactly the same with the exception of his new scar, and his memories will remain. When Rusty reforms, he will appear on the floor of his studio.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Rusty Scarlet Empty Re: Rusty Scarlet

Post by Katrina A. Russel December 12th 2020, 5:24 pm

Approved and moved. Can't wait to see him in action!
Katrina A. Russel
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