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Sabrina Baker

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Sabrina Baker Empty Sabrina Baker

Post by Zonkes October 17th 2021, 12:37 pm

Nat Twenty

"Look, I’m not saying that I think you need to get therapy, but… wait… yes I am, a gun that fires cats?!"

The Bio

Real Name: Sabrina Baker
Hero Name: Nat
Title: Nat Twenty
Alias: Sabrina Woode
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Race: Descendant
Hair: Brown outer layer with a neon blue underside, long enough to reach her shoulders
Eyes: A very vibrant and deep neon blue
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 134
Blood type: Hope

The Looks

Sabrina is an averagely tall Caucasian woman with glossy brown hair. Underneath the brown, is a beautiful neon blue that shines like a beautiful metal and seems to be somewhat glittery.

Sabrina has vaguely Anglo features, with extremely deep blue eyes. So full of color and intelligence that one could get lost in them.

Sabrina is well endowed, with a somewhat hourglass figure. Often, she’ll wear baggier clothes to conceal this about herself. Taking a biker aesthetic most days.

The Personality

Sabrina is empathetic where she can be, but she can come across as a bit of a hard ass. She tries to see the best in everyone, even those that have no redeeming qualities. But she will not let them walk all over her either. She will not hesitate to knock your lights out if she feels that you need it.

Sabrina has trauma in her past, and she hides it with gruff bravado and humor. She genuinely does enjoy people who can just joke their problems away, and she tries to be like them. Showing a light hearted exterior, but she has triggers that lead her to anger.

The Story

Sabrina’s life started mostly normal. She was born a twin, her brother Scott was her best friend as far back as she can remember.

Scott and Sabrina had 3 younger siblings, Brittney, Luna, and Sarah. Sabrina and Brittney got close from a young age, while Luna got closer to Scott. Sabrina taught many bad habits to her younger sisters, much to the chagrin of her parents.

Sabrina was an A student, and honestly one of the better students out there. She was never good at the athletic stuff, until Scott started coaching her at 14 to play baseball.

Her parents disapproved. Scott and Sabrina had become far too close. Admittedly, it was a bit odd. They preferred to sleep in the same bad, would often shower together. Despite her protests that it wasn’t like that, at 16 her parents tossed her in the car and told her that Scott wanted nothing to do with her anymore, and that the rest of the family agreed.

She was sent to Saint Bridgets School for Youths Under Duress. A Catholic school. She tried to make friends, but the nuns told anyone that would listen about the reason she was sent there. More isolated than ever, Sabrina fell into a bad scene.

In order to seem cool, she’d pull massive stunts that often ended in school property being damaged. The nuns administered corporal punishment, religious guilt, and even attempted an exorcism.

When they called in the priest though, Sabrina suddenly straightened up. She would often come to class disheveled, and refused to speak to anyone about why she felt the need to be better suddenly, she’d start crying. Some had their suspicions, but none spoke the truth.

Sabrina ran away from the school at 17, and chose to live on the street. After all, better to live there than where she was. It was sometime after the priests visit, that she had discovered her descendant abilities. She used them to her advantage, and managed to beg, borrow, and steal enough to survive. Once she had enough control, she visited casinos and started using her ability to make real money.

Through all this, she would consistently choose to ignore any calls from her old life. She joined a biker gang at 25, she established her own home in upstate New York, and managed fairly well overall.

She’s been traveling the United States, helping where she can in small towns that the heroes often forget, some kids on the internet started calling her Nat Twenty, apparently a reference to tabletop roleplaying games. She grabbed the moniker and held it tight, Sabrina wasn’t famous; but she didn’t want to be.

The Powers

Descendant Physiology - Sabrina is a descendant, which means that she has a piece of the cosmic source - the source of all emotion - in her, empowering her body and mind.

Sabrina is strong enough to lift a tractor overhead with one hand. She can then toss said tractor forty feet from her without breaking a sweat.

Sabrina is simply fast, capable of reaching speeds upwards of 50 miles per hour.

Sabrina is capable of taking shots from cannons directly to the chest without wincing.

The Cobalt Card (Naivety) - Sabrina’s descendant naivety allows her hope to affect the environment around her. What this means is that objects tend to conform to her wishes. Sabrina wants the bus to arrive on time, the doors at the grocery store 2 stops away stop working causing the long line to miss the bus. The buses GPS glitches out and the new driver misses the next stop, allowing the bus to not only make it on time, but even make it early. In a gunfight Sabrina misses her shot and the bullet goes wide, hitting a button that releases the brakes on the bulldozer parked a bit away which results in it wheeling backward and dropping its load of metal pipes onto Sabrina’s opponent.

The Weaknesses

Yellow - As per usual, Sabrina has the classic descendant weaknesses. Yellow colored or painted objects ignore her durability and can hurt her more severely than objects that are not yellow.

Bronze - As per usual, Sabrina has the classic descendant weaknesses. Bronze colored or painted objects ignore her durability and can hurt her more severely than objects that are not bronze.

All in the Hips - Sabrina has the classic descendant chakra weakness. This time, it’s her hips where she contains the majority of her power. Restraining her hips, or damaging them can result in catastrophic power failure; leaving her completely human.

The Items

The Blue Bullet - A totally normal motorcycle. Painted blue with little lightblue lightning bolts shooting down the side. The headlight is shaped like a dodecahedron and it has the words “Blue Bullet” written on the side.

The Fluff

As a descendant, when Sabrina dies; her soul is sent to the Azure Aviary. After a few days, she will be sent back to earth with an identical, but new body.

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Sabrina Baker Empty Re: Sabrina Baker

Post by FantasyBound October 18th 2021, 11:42 pm

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