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Atelier Sabrina

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Atelier Sabrina Empty Atelier Sabrina

Post by No Body September 7th 2021, 2:02 am


Atelier Sabrina

"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

"Welcome to my workshop!"

The Bio

Real Name:Sabrina Chadwick

Hero Name:Sabrina

Alignment:Chaotic Good

Age:Late 20s



Hair:Dark Brown




The Looks

Sabrina has no defining features that make her stand out in the crowd. Dark hair, nice eyes, just your average gal.

The Personality

Typically she keeps to herself,though can be chatty with the right kind of people if she gets along with them. Kind, sometimes cautious, but she’s friendly to generally everyone she meets.

The Story

Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.

The Powers

Sabrina is an alchemist who runs her own Atelier. She can use the power of synthesis to conjure a variety of items, and she takes requests! Just tell her what you need and she’ll figure out how to make it.

The Weaknesses

Since Sabrina is more of a merchant, she may not be able to go toe-to-toe with an enemy if someone has it out for her. Against anyone really. Especially not with those weak nerd arms.

The Items

Since she runs her own Atelier, she can have any random items on her at any given time. It can range from physical enhancements, healing remedies, day to day tools, magical tools, weapons, clothing, food, accessories,ect.

The Minions

Sabrina has successfully managed to create her own homunculus to help her with her work, and he has been given the name Hom Jr. Pale skin, red eyes, light blue hair and pointed ears, he almost could be mistaken for a boy elf. But that is not the case!

The Fluff

Sabrina is inspired by the game series that is referred to as Atelier (IE Atelier Ayesha, Atelier Meruru, Atelier Ryza, ect). Knowing more of the games will give more context to how Sabrina is played, and I would recommend playing them regardless!

The RP Sample

A crease starts to form on Sabrina’s brow as she keeps stirring her cauldron, the contents within starting to turn an ugly shade of grey. Something went wrong with this synthesis. But even knowing so she kept stirring, with Hom Jr. peering with a neutral expression.

“Master, your synthesis is boiling.”

“I know- I know!” Sabrina frets. “I’m- I’m sure just a few more stirs will help…” A few more is given, and the bubbling gets worse. “Ah-! Just- I’m sure…” Then begins to smoke. “Er, wait a minute-”


Sabrina chokes and gags as she’s covered in soot, her workshop now a mess. Hom Jr. had stepped away the moment Sabrina continued to stir, though after the explosion returned with a broom.

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No Body
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Atelier Sabrina Empty Re: Atelier Sabrina

Post by FantasyBound September 7th 2021, 9:18 am

This here is going to require a bit more detail as it is lacking things we should know overall, finer details on appearance would be very good, picture references or anything would be nice.
Clearly this person isn’t ‘just a small town girl’ so an expansion in her history would be necessary as well.
Powers need further explanation, and items here if they hold any effect that’s past what a normal person could acquire needs to be written down and if it operates with things that make it better then anything we currently have available in the real world we will need some weaknesses for the items and explanation how they operate or how effective they are.
We have a minion sheet you can fill out for minions to make them a character, remember though for every power there needs to be two weaknesses for minions.

Also just noticed well writing this, when it says character name replace those words with it and quote is the same thing, replacing those words will allow the code to tidy it up.
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