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Astrid Ice-Blessed

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Astrid Ice-Blessed Empty Astrid Ice-Blessed

Post by Zonkes September 16th 2022, 8:45 pm


"I was taken from my home as a girl. Adopted into my clan before it was destroyed. I have seen the knife that humanity wields, and I raise my axe against it."

The Bio

Real Name: Æstrid Erland “Ice-Blessed” of the Thorsblott clan
Hero Name: Einherjar
Title: The Descendant of Kindness, Ice-Blessed, the Kind
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: Physically, 28, actually over a thousand years old
Gender: Female
Race: Descendant, human
Hair: Blonde with purple highlights
Eyes: Violet irises
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 235 lbs
Blood type: Do humans have these?

The Looks

Astrid is a tall, muscle bound woman in her early 20s. Her body is covered in violet tattoos of an early Nordic nature. Amaranthine serpent tattoos wrap around her arms, with their fangs biting into her neck. Her long blonde hair is tied into a thin braid that reaches her shoulder, twisted into the braids are mauve strands, showing her unusual heritage.

Her bright violet eyes show sorrow, but also a bright passion and deep kindness. Despite her rough life style, Astrid does not have any scars, her clothes are always clean and smell vaguely of snapdragons.

The Personality

Æstrid is both well spoken and bound in near physical perfection. She strives to be everything she can be.

In combat, she is decisive and acts with grace and clarity. Off the battlefield, she acts with wisdom and intelligence and partakes in drink as well - if not better - than any man her equal.

Though prone to outbursts of violence, this is never a consequence of her temper being truly lost. This is in response, rather, to what she views as justified anger.

The Story

Hail Æstrid, daughter of Birger and Gertrude, found in ice at age 3.

Hail Æstrid Ice-Blessed, destined for war.

Mourn Æstrid Ice-Blessed, returned to the ice once more.

Born in a foreign land, our purple Valkyrie was discovered in ice. The babe was strong, and survived what would’ve killed grown men her age. Birger Thorsblott of the Thorsblott clan found her, Gertrude was barren, and always wanted a child.

When they brought her home, they knew it was good.

Æstrid proved a formidable warrior, taking on men and boys twice her elder, a true prodigy. It wasn’t long before she met with the other great warrior of the Thorsblott clan, Asgar Thorsblott.

Though the two children were strong, it was fairly clear that in a battle, Æstrid would win 7/10. This of course led to an infatuation with the girl, and the girl never turned him down.

As she grew, despite being an outsider, she found herself on many raids. While Asgar was receiving accolades and titles, Æstrid was not far behind.

Hail Æstrid, bathed in violet glow.

Hail Æstrid the Kind, fiercest warrior we know.

Hail Æstrid, raider of the Frozen Empire.

Mourn Æstrid, taken by the ice once more.

When they were old enough, Asgar and Æstrid married. Her strength afforded her to keep her own name, her legacy intact. Though forever intertwined with his.

It was on a raid when she lost her home once more, never to return again.

The storm took their boat by surprise, none could foresee its capsize. Taken by wave, crushed by ice. Ready for a decades long rest, Æstrid was swept away from her husband and crew, apart by time and by Mother Nature.

Mourn Æstrid Ice-Blessed, blessed by ice once more.

Mourn Æstrid the Kind, her kindness lost with her paramour.

Hail Æstrid Ice-Blessed, found in time to reign forevermore.

The Powers

Kind Eyes - Æstrid’s naivety. When you look into Æstrid’s eyes, you tend to become overwhelmed by a sense of kindness and a want to be gentle. This tends to stop enemies from attacking, and will pacify most opponents. (Permission Based)

Forgiving Constructs - Æstrid’s curiosity is similar to all descendants. A construct ability, Æstrid can create a construct of anything he understands. These constructs are purple in color and, like all descendants, have a unique aspect tied to them. When struck by one of Æstrid’s constructs, the victim is overcome with a need to be forgiven for whatever transgression that caused them to be struck. They will generally do whatever Æstrid asks in order to be forgiven, so long as it doesn’t directly harm them in any major way. (Permission Based)

Omnilingual - Gifted to Æstrid by her mother Gwendolyn upon her awakening in the modern day; Æstrid has been blessed with the ability to speak and understand any language she comes across.

Mental Fortitude - Æstrid’s mental resistances are off the charts. her mind is a steel trap that would take even the most powerful empaths and telepaths a massive concentrated effort to unlock. Even if they make it in, they may not find the information they’re looking for. Torturing Æstrid for information is also nearly impossible.

Enhanced Strength - Æstrid can lift a commercial farming tractor as if she were lifting a large, unwieldy weight. She can also throw a baseball through three solid iron doors.

Enhanced Durability - Æstrid’s base durability allows her to take cannon fire without blinking. Æstrid is also immune to disease and will heal from non-fatal injuries to a complete degree.

Enhanced Speed - Æstrid is relatively quick on her feet for a woman her size and can move quick enough to be considered to be speeding in most residential areas.

The Weaknesses

Black and Silver souls - Those with eyes as dark as midnight cannot be pierced by Æstrid’s violet gaze. Nor can those with eyes of purest quicksilver.

Kind Hearts - Those who are already acting without aggression are not as effected by Æstrid’s eye ability.

The Items


The Fluff


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