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Ethan Karovsky (The Punk Prince of New York) (Contest)

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Ethan Karovsky (The Punk Prince of New York) (Contest) Empty Ethan Karovsky (The Punk Prince of New York) (Contest)

Post by Arcana on September 30th 2020, 5:10 pm

Ethan Karovsky (The Punk Prince of New York) (Contest) Giphy

Basic Biography

Name:Ethan Karovsky
Title:  The Punk Prince of New York
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human?
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Stormy Grey
Height: 5’5 ft
Weight: 134 lbs
Blood type: A -

The Looks

Ethan Karovsky (The Punk Prince of New York) (Contest) 5808e7bb97aa857661677b082dd9fc76
Ethan Karovsky (The Punk Prince of New York) (Contest) Eae75c57404d7d373e53ac3a024345a0
Ethan Karovsky (The Punk Prince of New York) (Contest) 09461882b27b106317a66bc4778ebb17
Ethan Karovsky (The Punk Prince of New York) (Contest) 5b4176f55f81cfae5ec7e81ef1b76d461670d937

The Legacy


From a young age the best way to describe Ethan is independent. He has always seemed to do what he wanted with little concern for consequence. Ill advised would be a large portion of his choices, because if it is worth doing it’s worth doing to excess. Partying, drinking,  and everything else in between are something that he never takes in small doses or anything else that could resemble moderation. Life’s too short for him, so he wants to live that life as much as possible before his body decides it doesn’t want to do it anymore. Mortality has more than anything managed to turn him into the metaphorical vampire drinking life for all it’s worth.

Mostly genial and friendly, he’s the kind of person that carries himself with an ease that shows in his expression constantly. Always smiling in a fashion that more often than not reaches his eyes and just seemingly onboard with most things so long as they offer some kind of fun to go along with it. People that come to know him could describe him as affable, the kind of person that should have a wide circle of friends were he not so internally cynical that he tends to keep most emotionally at arm’s length. Not that it could be seen from a glance, considering the affect he tends to wear.

Counter to his friendly persona is a general distrust in other people. Save for a few that exist around him, few really are seen worth his extended attention let alone trust. Most people in his mind would sooner stab you in the back than shake your hand and as such he doesn’t trust anyone in any kind of authority over him. These misgivings take the form of chaotic shows, destruction of public and even private property all for the sake of proving something only to himself. Perhaps his ability for personal autonomy or just something that could only make sense within his own machinations.

Even still loyalty is not something he’s incapable of, mostly in regards to things he finds worthwhile or the few people that might garner his difficult to get trust. In those rare instances he’s the kind of friend closer than blood family, and a lover that will do anything to make sure his special person is left happy with whatever he does. Ironically, one might say, when he trusts someone is when he runs most counter to who he is. Lets down all of the barriers and even to an extent gives up a portion of that freedom he most values. Calling Ethan an enigma would not be wrong in that sense, even if he wouldn’t want to admit it.



From a young age Ethan has never been the kind of person that followed rules and did anything authority figures in his life wanted him to.  His father wasn’t around for much of his life and his mother wasn’t the most present person in his life. As usual that lead him to be the kind of kid that acted out, looking for any kind of attention he could find himself. Whether that be negative, positive or anything inbetween. Kids tended to gravitate around him for a time, seeing someone who was always crafting some manner of fun time for them in the moment. Afterall a little chaos among kids was something that no one could blame them for.  Something that his mother when she was around tended to frown upon, even getting into shouting matches with him about when he was a young teen. Full of hormones, anger and various other things that tended to drive someone into being disagreeable.

Small pranks eventually gave way to more illegal vandalism. When someone ticked him off he tended to key their card, paint crude things on their homes or even just knife their tires. Anything to spite them really. That kind of pain was just something that stuck with him, driving what actions he tended to perform through his life. This lead to him spending time in juvie, like any troubled kid who tended not to follow the law to the T. In and out of trouble, he eventually became the kind of person that parents told their children not to spend any time around. For obvious reasons of course.

Eventually he found himself drawn to the less savory folks around New York. Gangs to be exact. People that moved drugs, and the like, though he wasn’t too keen on the killing aspect of things. Of course he was there when the assault happened on New York, Necrodiums great madness that brought the city to its knees. The young man was lucky he even managed to survive that catastrophe, flood waters and much more rising around. Running with the gang was one of the few reasons he was able to survive and that drove him closer to them when reconstruction came around. The time that followed that lead him further into crime, even trafficking the up and coming metahuman drugs that were becoming popular in that time. His compunction against killing didn’t last long after that.

Then came the next attack on the city.

A woman defeated the city's supposed hero and destroyed as many landmarks as she could. More died and this time it was from freaks with lasers shooting from their eyes, which meant something was going on. It was during that attack he found himself drawn into his true destiny. Falling into a collapsed section of the street, hitting piece after piece until he hit the ground. Except it wasn’t what he expected. His body was  lying on carpet, the plush kind of thing that fit better in a deluxe apartment. What he was met with could be best described as a woman lounging on a long couch.She would have been beautiful if not for extensive scarring along her left size, turning a hand clutching a martini into a black, five fingered claw.

The amusement was plain on her face, mixing with her pain. “Of all the people in this city, I never thought it would be you to come to me,” His eyes were wide. In shock and possibly in fear, though all he could do was slowly pull himself to his feet. “Yet something tells me I should’ve expected it. ”

“Who are you?” he finally asked, even demanded.

“I’m New York. The concept, the very spirit of this city. And Ethan, i’m dying. Hence why I summoned you to this place, the very heart of the city. I have a purpose and fate thinks only you can fulfill it. A little annoying I know,”

It was with this explanation that he was given his new purpose, the reason why he was summoned here of all places.  Deep within the heart of New York, a place better described as a metaphysical space beyond the material world, he was told only he could save the very spirit. What would happen if he didn’t was unknown though he was told why they were dying. Multiple attacks and something to do with a thing called “the Blight” attacking them while they were weak.  All he knew in the end was that she fused with his being, housing within his soul and making him something more. Not quite human and not quite spirit either.

Help them regain their strength as well as  maintain the city. Whether he would do that was another story.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Spirit of New York: All of his powers come from his symbiosis with the weakened spirit of New York City. While he is only capable of drawing upon the basics of the spirit's power, this connection allows him to use abilities associated with the city so long as he is within its spans. The further away he is from the bounds, the weaker his powers become with his powers also increasing in potency the closer he is to the heart of the city.  

Neon Lit Nights: Abilities offered to him brought about by symbiosis with New York. He can conjure up various abilities best equated to spells by those more magically inclined, calling upon a color of neon which forms streaks across his body and clothing so long as the spell is in effect. Those with ongoing effects he can seemingly only maintain concentration on two of them at a time at this time.
Neon Spells:

  • Neon Red: Red manifests as turning his irises a deep neon red, as well as streaks that resemble paint streaks on his cheeks, forehead and neck that glow brightly. With this spell active he can produce and sling or splatter a red neon substance with the same viscosity as paint. It adheres to any surface and burns flesh or anything that touches it much like fire would, save for the surface it is splattered on. Water when thrown on the neon paint will rapidly come to a boil and within seconds be reduced to steam, though large quantities of water take far longer depending on the volume.
  • Neon Green: Green manifests as streaks through his hair and  the veins in his face taking on a bright glowing green color. It’s released in bursts of bright green liquid that he can hurl. Living tissue that comes in contact with it are afflicted with a fast acting poison, one that rapidly slows down the functions of the body, and causes fast acting necrotic damage to the cells it comes into contact with.
  • Neon Blue: Blue manifests as turning his irises a bright neon blue, as well as flowing streaks that  flow up his arms and curl around his fingers in thin lines. This allows him to condense radiant moisture into jagged spikes of ice that glows a radiant neon blue almost as if made of hard blue light. He can form clusters of these shards or upto five large shards on each hand depending on the kind of stopping power and range he wants. Small shards work more like a shotgun blast with a short range that can punch through steel with ease, and long range larger shards that do the same with a seeming longer wind up time.  This neon ice is cold to the touch, rapidly freezing any water that it comes into contact with though aside from that and puncture force it shares other properties with ice.
  • Neon Pink: Pink manifests as a streak of paint-like substance that exude from his fingertips. It seemingly acts like paint, in that he can streak it across surfaces. Broken objects covered with this neon coloration rapidly repair, allowing him to mend anything so long as the color can fit onto it. People can also be healed should he apply this neon coloration onto them, causing cuts and lacerations to disappear instantly and broken bones as well as more fatal injuries to heal within minutes. The neon “paint” must be washed off, though splashing it does not cause it to come off instantly.
  • Neon Yellow: Yellow manifests as his sclera glowing a brilliant yellow. The ability of this color is simple in that it produces intense light, enough to dazzle and irritate the eyes of those that look upon it.Unprotected eyes looking at the applications of the energy he throws or paints with his fingertips causes near instant, temporary blindness. Sunglasses can lessen this effect to an extent though not offer sheer immunity to it.  Unholy things such as demons, vampires or those with weaknesses to positive or divine energy feeling their skin filled with a prickling burning sensation.
  • Neon Purple: Purple manifests as his veins all taking on a purple color, shining darkly through his skin. When used he can produce a miasma of poison mist through his hands or from his mouth, causing any of those who breath it in to feel sudden weakness that makes finer motions nearly impossible and causing burning skin irritation from contact.

Glass walking: He is capable of moving through windows or mirrors within New York City. So long as he has an idea where this mirror or window is, he can step through and teleport to them.

Urban Control:  He can control the elements important to a city's infrastructure. Concrete, bricks and even the support beams within a building, so long as they are part of that infrastructure. He could cause walls to crack and collapse, force the sections of sprinkler systems to become like metal lashes and even controlling glass with seeming ease. He also seems to have control over the water within the water systems of New York city. (4)

Knowledge of New York:  The Spirit of New York still lives within him and can offer him information. Anything that involves New York itself is something it knows and all he has to do is ask. Information about specific people is difficult but possible, usually requiring the person has lived without leaving the city for a year before getting surface information and five years for anything deep.

Heart of new York: Considered the spiritual core of the city, Ethan can garner access to this place through any door that he can touch. The appearance of the place all depends on the desire of the one who owns it. While in the heart his healing ability is greatly increased, allowing him to heal small injuries instantly, and larger ones in a matter of minutes. Even amputation isn’t an issue, so long as he can reach the heart before he bleeds out. It’s unknown if he can die though the spirit seems to believe that should he die his body would be recreated within the heart or they would be destroyed forever. What happens if the spirit is destroyed is known, though nothing good for certain. Alongside that his powers are heightened tenfold while within the heart, making him ten times more powerful while there as well.

Pretty human: Despite being empowered by the spirit of New York his body is no more durable than any other humans. Bullets, knives and the like can harm him easily.

The power of nature: Nature magic and anything powered by nature appears to resist or undo his powers.

Shattering: Damaging a window he’s in the middle of traveling through can cause immense damage and potentially incapacitate him if not kill him.

Opposite energies: Being exposed to the opposite elements of his neon abilities will lead to them failing. The red fails when exposed to extreme cold, blue when exposed to extreme cold, and so on. Gaseous powers would also be scattered by a powerful gust of wind.

Blights touch: The Blight was something that injured the spirit that lives within him, so it also harms him. While The Blight itself is not needed, being directly exposed to pollution and the like cause intense pain that paralyzes Ethan and his powers so long as it touches him.

Spirit binding: Circles meant to bind spirits can also hold him at place due to the fact he stands at a crossroad between spirit and mortal, though the spirit half holds enough sway to cause such things to affect him.

Blind spot: Knowledge of New York doesn’t work on information in regards to people who have never lived in New York or who have left the city for a year.

Location dependant: While outside of the heart he doesn’t have his healing ability, the most obvious of weaknesses and the further he gets away from the heart which also is conveniently adjacent to the literal center of the city

Limited range of motion: To make use of his neon abilities he must have use of his arms to use them meaning anything that would limit his range of motion would keep him from using his neon abilities.

The greater good: If he performs an action against the greater good of the city, Ethan will find his powers unable to function so long as he keeps that current path.

Parkour experience: Ever since he could run and climb Ethan has had experience in running, and climbing things. He’s pretty experienced in the art of parkour.

Physical Priority
Reaction 1
Agility 2
Endurance 3
Strength 4

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Ethan Karovsky (The Punk Prince of New York) (Contest) Empty Re: Ethan Karovsky (The Punk Prince of New York) (Contest)

Post by Zonkes on October 11th 2020, 10:32 pm

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