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Samuel Grayson

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Samuel Grayson

Post by Nate6595 on December 28th 2017, 7:48 pm


"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name: Samuel Grayson
Hero Name: (He didn't realize he needed one)
Title: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'0
Weight: 150LB
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

Sam is a short and slender young man with a slightly less than average frame. He doesn't lack muscle, but his body suggests more of a gymnast physique. He doesn't have any form of bodily markings, no tattoos or serious scarring. Beneath his short, unkempt mess of dirty blonde hair he has two dull green eyes.  Despite his best attempts, he does not have any form of facial hair, but one day he'll grow that amazing beard...right?

The Personality

Sam is a kind young man, at least, that's what he strives to be. No matter what he does he always tries to make people happy, a trait he picked up while working in a circus. He’s a jokester and an entertainer, that’s been his life’s calling for as long as he can remember. On the surface he seems to have a carefree attitude towards problems, believing things will work out for the best. However, on the inside, he's probably freaking out.

The Story

Sam grew up in a very poor family, they had few luxuries and getting by each month was rough. Despite their Financial position, they managed to stay happy. It was around Sam’s fifteenth birthday that his mother became pregnant again.  A new child was on the way and their stressed lives would only get harder. Wanting to help however he could, Sam began to look for work. Due to his age he couldn’t find anything for months. It wasn’t until his birthday that he actually found work. The circus was in town! His father had known the owner of the circus and managed to get the family free tickets. They went, and Sam fell in love. The sights, the performances, the people! It was all so much to him! It was best place in the world and he knew that he had found his place. He argued with his parents for hours upon hours, begging them to let him stay. It was a tough fight, but a fight he’d win. He was given permission to work there, partly because Sam would be sending them money, and partly because this was the first thing that he had ever truly wanted.
During his time in the circus he picked up several skills. Juggling, balancing, the high-wire, and just general acrobatics. Most importantly, he had learned how to really entertain people. He had been the class clown back at school, but he had never truly entertained people until joining the circus. It was also at the circus that he developed his special ability. He could open wormholes and connect them, being able to travel short distances in an instant. The Ringmaster was sure to integrate this power into the show, giving him a good chance to hone his new talent.
Around his nineteenth birthday his time at the circus was up. There was some trouble on the home-front and the money he was earning at the circus was just not enough. However, he still had that want to help people, to entertain them. He decided that the best way for him to get money and continue to help and entertain people was by becoming a hero. He had heard plenty of stories in the news about these heroic few and decided that this was the best path he could take.

The Priority

1. Agility 1
2. Endurance 3
3. Reaction 2
4. Strength 4

The Powers

Power 1: Comic Hole. Sam can create a pair of wormholes and connect them (Like the portal gun in Portal). The wormholes can be used as a short-ranged teleport.  Without great stress to himself he can create these gateways within a thirty-foot radius. The size of the holes, on average, is slightly greater than that of a manhole, however the size can vary depending on how big Sam makes them. While the holes, once created, cannot move, Sam can control the size of them, either shrinking or enlarging the diameter.

Advancement 1) Blade from Beyond: The Blade from Beyond seems to have a strange aura about it. It is made from a strange and very durable metal that Sam has never even seen before. While being wielded the blade increases Sam's agility and reaction speed. While wielding the blade his speed can increase to around...100 MPH, perhaps a little more. His reaction speed also becomes faster than normal being able to respond to most physical attacks like punches, but not quick enough to be able to react to bullets. In addition, the blade carries a strange enchantment that can coat the blade in what looks to be a dark blue flame. These flames can be shot out like a projectile, but only have a short range of 35 feet. The flames do not have to be shot out, in which the blade just becomes more powerful, being able to cut through steel. After 24 hours, if the blade has not be sheathed it will reappear in the sheath.

The Weaknesses

1) Using Comic Hole is very exhausting. At most he can only have four connecting wormholes at one time, and creating them passed a 30 foot radius puts a greater toll on his body. If he tries to push past the exhaustion then eventually Sam will just pass out from the stress.

Advancement 1 Weakness) Blade from Beyond: The blade can only give Sam the stat increase when it is drawn and in his hand. If Sam drops it or has not drawn it, he does not get the stat increase. If the blade is out of the sheath for longer than 20 minutes Sam starts to get headaches, if it goes longer than 25 minutes Sam's muscles begin to ache, if longer than 45 minutes the Sam's headache will become migraines and the pain he feels will be doubled, if longer than hour Sam will pass out for an entire day. After Sam uses the blade, no matter what, when he sheathes it, Sam will lose most his energy and his actions will become limited. Dropping the blade only saps some of his energy away, but he will be less limited if he were to sheath it. When Sam uses the blade's flame the handle of the blade will become increasingly hot and if not given enough time to cool it will burn Sam's hand, it takes about 15 minutes for the blade to burn Sam's hand and about 20 minutes for Sam to be unable to wield the blade because of the heat.

The Items

1) Backpack holding his spare food, clothes, and a few basic camping supplies.
2) A long, sturdy, wooden pole (Originally used to help balance on the high-wire).
3) Old jacket. A grey striped jacket with a black fur lining (Don't worry, it's fake fur). It looks to be very old and has been patched several times.
4) A small simple wallet carrying most of Sam's money
5) Blade from Beyond: A strange short-sword with a dark blue blade, though not purely black. There seems to be small speckles on it. It looks very similar to the night sky, the speckles being the stars and the dark blue blade being the sky. It's very pretty and nice to look at. It is held in a grayish sheath with no real design to it.
6) A notebook titled "How to be a hero!" It is all written in crayon.

The Minions


The Fluff

Sam mainly uses his abilities to redirect attacks from his opponents back at them. He has never used his ability to sever a person or other intelligent creatures. He has only severed non-living things before, weapons, ropes, plants, and machines.
Sam has also used his ability to restrain his opponents either by shrinking a gateway on someone or by causing them to endlessly fall by placing a gateway above the other.
Sam has no computer skills whatsoever. Computers, or similar devices, are a foreign language to him, he's unlikely to know how to even turn one on.
Sam has no idea how to be proper hero despite considering himself one. He has no idea he needs a secret identity, a heroic name, all he knows is that he needs to save people....and hopefully get paid.

The RP Sample

(Not exactly sure how this is supposed to go, but here is my best shot!)
It was a quiet night in New York City. The streets were covered in a thick fog that seemed to make the city light glow with a ghostly wonder. The roads were still damp, and the wetness clung to the clothes of the city-dwellers. In the lower streets, the down town, down some nameless alley way a woman was being mugged by a random thug. She had screamed for help, but there was no one who heard, or at least…no one who wanted to hear. The man was hooded, large, and speaking in that cliché voice, only the best of street-thugs had.
“Give me your goddamn purse and you won’t make me hurt you.” The thug swore.
The woman stammered, unable to get proper words to come forth.  She was one of those who thought they would never be in this situation. She backed up and knocked over a garbage tin, nearly knocking it over.
“I ain’t gonna ask again!” The man said more forcefully. He shook his knife at her, in cutting motion, but he didn’t dare slice her, not yet.
She began to take off her purse from her shoulder, but before she could finish there was a loud CLANG! The dumpster behind them clattered and rolled slightly, something was inside. Both the thug and the woman stopped and watched the dumpster as it shifted unnaturally about.
With another loud CLANG! The lid of the dumpster came flying open, causing the woman and the thug to flinch back in a similar motion. With a cough, a young man with a bad cause of bed-head stood up and hopped over the edge of the dumpster and into the alleyway. He smiled confidently at the woman and lifted his hand, pointing a finger at her. The thug took a few steps forward, passed the woman and looked like he was going to say something, but before he could the young man spoke.
“Don’t worry ma’am!” He bolstered. “Because for a small fee! I’ll be your hero!”

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Re: Samuel Grayson

Post by Nate6595 on December 28th 2017, 7:58 pm

I hope this was all okay! If there are an errors anywhere please let me know! If anyone has any suggestions or ideas I am all for it! I love getting feedback!

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Re: Samuel Grayson

Post by Chellizard on December 29th 2017, 8:40 pm

Approved and moved.

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Re: Samuel Grayson

Post by Dubloon on March 13th 2018, 2:59 am

Moved for minor edits.

-3/13/18: Reapproved and moved.

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