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Samuel Grayson

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Samuel Grayson Empty Samuel Grayson

Post by Nate6595 October 6th 2022, 5:02 am

Samuel Grayson


The Bio

Real Name: Samuel Oliver Grayson
Hero Name: Antares
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown or starry white
Height: 6’0
Weight: 137lbs
Blood type: O positive

The Looks

You can usually find him by his smile. It’s nice, to put it simply. It’s bright and well-humored and it comes easily to him. He would look rather modest if it wasn’t for that smile, almost…simple. He’s got an average height to him, a thin build though there is certainly muscle there. He wouldn’t seem strong at first, but there’s a strange sense of lighthearted confidence that carries a sort of strength to him. He’s a bit on the paler side, not too much, but it makes his bright brown eyes and his dark black hair stick out a bit more.

And then he changes. His skin shifts, becoming mixtures of dark and light purples, shifting blues, and small white speckles, looking as though he was the night sky itself. His eyes go wide and become bright, like white starlight, and sometimes…only sometimes, do they seem to burn with white hot intensity. When he uses his power a strange aura can surround the objects he touches, an outline of shifting dark and light purples.

When he’s out on the job as a hero, he wears a light set of grey body armor and a tactical belt that hold a few handy supplies. The rest of his attire, the dark grey pants, the pair dark running shoes, and the black shirt with white bands running down each end has been specially made to be able to transfer his power through it, not needing skin on skin contact for it to activate.

The Personality

Sam, more than anything, is simply just good natured. He always seems eager and happy to lend a helping hand, he is quick with a joke, and smiles easily. Perhaps it because he’s nice or eager to help that Sam is a bit of an oaf. He’s a bit too trusting and always want to assume the best in people, wanting to give them a chance. While he has good judgement most of the time, he’s also prone to getting tricked or lowering his guard. His helpful nature always can also lead to him feeling as though he has to take the world on his shoulder, not letting others know when he’s hurting, pushing himself further than he should, or tackling problems that are much bigger than him.

The Story

If you asked Sam where his story started, he would say it started at his home, when he was a kid. He came from a kind and loving family, his dad a hard worker, but incredibly charitable, and his mother was a sweet woman, and her toughness was tempered by her fairness. He learned a lot from them, they helped shaped that good nature of his. Though what made him a hero…well, that’d be his sister.

Since the day she was born, Sam has always looked out for her. He was the protective brother, always caring for her, trying to make sure she was safe, and above all else, trying to make sure she was happy. In turn, she loved him back. She looked up to her older brother and thought the world of him. Before he ever donned the metaphorical mask and cape and started fighting crime, his sister would’ve called him a hero, at least to her.

But, without warning, his sister got sick. It wasn’t the normal kind of sick where you might school for a few days and have to stay in bed, no. This was the kind of sick where she went the hospital and she rarely got to leave. His parents were never well off, insured, sure, but they barely had enough to keep their daughter getting treatment. Sam was there nearly ever day to keep her company, but even though he wasn’t the brightest he could see that neither she or their parents’ situation was getting any better.

As soon as he was able, he was working. Any job he could get, he would, working as much as possible, doing everything he could to help pay for his sister’s medical bills. Even this wasn’t enough. It seemed like it was all going to fall apart, but then something incredible happened.

Sam developed a power.

Or maybe it had always been there and he never knew? He couldn’t be sure, but the day his power set in he knew what he had to do. He had always heard of heroes who worked with and for the government, the news stories that covered them and…the benefits. The pay, the insurance plans, and everything else that came with it. It was the answer he was looking for and it had landed right into his lap.

His sister always said that he was her hero, but now…now he could actually be a hero. A real hero, a hero who could actually save her.

From there, well, there are countless stories that could told. Going forward, through every story, every steep climb, every struggle and every pain…he always kept her in mind, moving forward for her. He would be his sister’s hero.

The Powers

A Touch of Gravity: Sam is able to affect the gravity of himself or anything he touches. He can either drastically increase or decrease the gravity of anything he touches. He’s able to lessen the gravity to the point where he can effortlessly lift and throw an entire bus or increase the gravity to the point where even steel can bend.

So long as Sam is contact with something he can maintain and alter the gravity of it endlessly. However, if Sam no longer is touching an object, he can only maintain control of that object’s gravity for four to five seconds.

Sam can also delay his power, choosing when the activate it. He could touch a rock, walk away, and then a few moments later choose to alter its gravity, though he’ll still only be able to control it for four to five seconds. This only works for things he’s touched in the last five minutes, after five minutes the effect wears off. Any object he touches gains a soft space-y look, blue, black, and dark and light purples.

Senses Outstretched: Sam, through a sort of lateral evolution, has gained some extra senses from Melody. His perception and reaction time are much higher than usual, able to dodge things like bullets and even some attacks he wouldn’t normally be able to see or that are too quick to catch.

The Weaknesses

Raining on my Parade: In the rain or when he is soaking wet, Sam’s control on gravity becomes iffy. Usually, he can only effect the gravity on a max of twenty to thirty objects, size depending. However, in the rain, he can only affect the gravity of up to fifteen objects at a time. Further, while normally he could control the gravity of things that left his grasp for four to five seconds, that time is cut in half when in rain.  

Doing his Best: Despite his expanded senses, his reaction time and movements are still very human. A point blank shot will be nearly impossible for him to dodge and a speedster mixing up their movements and throwing fakes will usually be extremely difficult for him to react to.

The Items

Grav-Bat: A hyper dense bat that would usually weight up to two tons. The bat is made from a reinforced steel, twice as strong as normal, and incredible difficult to break or bend. Usually, Sam would be unable to lift this bat and without his power it would be impossible for him to. However, lessening its gravity, Sam can swing it around like it was nothing. The bat is usually held in a specially designed case that negates its weight, allowing it to be easily transported. The bat is still magnetic and when its gravity is lower it more easily be pulled towards one.  

Transmission Gear: Sam’s hero attire, from his shoes to his body armor, has been specially designed so that he can transmit his power through it. Still, it’s hard for Sam to direct his power from anywhere other than his hands or feet, though given enough focus he can.

The Minions

Sam is the sidekick to Melody Potts, therefore, he is her minion.

The Fluff

Sam gets really excited over seeing new powers, acting almost like a fanboy when he sees them in use, regardless of whether they’re a hero or villain. He’ll often compliment either party on their power.

Sam only recently, secretly, started dating a certain top hero.

Despite the power just manifesting one day, it’s not something that manifested naturally. It’s not quite magic, but it’s…something strange.

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Samuel Grayson Empty Re: Samuel Grayson

Post by inquisitor October 6th 2022, 5:32 am

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