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Samuel Grayson

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Samuel Grayson  Empty Samuel Grayson

Post by Nate6595 October 1st 2019, 4:58 am

Samuel Grayson

"The Oddball"

The Bio

Real Name: Samuel Oliver Grayson
Hero Name: Odd
Title: The Portal Hero
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6’0
Weight: 157lbs
Blood type: O positive

The Looks

When not in his hero attire Samuel Grayson is a pretty average looking person. His face doesn’t carry any discerning markings and while his physique is slightly above the average its nothing to write home about. He stands to be about the average male height but he can seem a bit taller due to the confident way he carries himself. His hair has an ashy black color and is usually kept unkempt; rugged yet passable. If not for his youthful expression he may actually pass as someone who was tough.
When it comes to everyday attire Sam likes to keep it casual and easy. He only rarely would slip into some nice or what one could consider “fancy” (this is mainly due to his inability to afford such clothing). For him, casual clothes include jeans, tees, shorts, and so forth. He does usually wear a grey hooded, light sweater.
For his hero attire his appearance doesn’t change much; much to his credit, he likes to keep things simple. Using a variant of his portal he is able to create a black cover for his body (this does not include his clothing). This cover gives his body a silhouette look, though many of his features are still present. Even in this silhouette form facial expressions can still roughly be made out. His eyes, or where his eyes would be, become to white glowing orbs which allow him to see through the black cover. As for actual clothing he wears a white long-sleeved shirt, a pair black padded pants, running shoes, and grey hooded sweater with a white stripe running up each arm. The black substance that covers his body can start to touch his clothing as well if he uses his abilities excessively.

The Personality

Sam tries his hardest to be what he believes a true hero should be. He does not want to be the best or even one of great fame, he just wants to do what he believes is right and what a hero would do. He tries to carry himself in a friendly demeanor, being kind to those meets. There is a sort of confidence about him too; though, that can be mistaken as being ignorant.
Sam is a bit of a doofus, only having a high school degree and knowing very little when it comes to technology, romance, and can have trouble reading social situations.
Family is his strongest belief, putting them above most anything else. His little sister being the main force that drives him forward and his reason for even being a hero in the first place. He usually says his sister is where he learned to be so kind.

The Story

Sam was born to a poor family. There was never a point in their lives where they had a lot or money to spar, every cent was put towards something they needed, never what they wanted. Despite this fact, they were happy. They had a roof over their heads and food on the table, and with that they were content.
The joy in their lives would only grow as Sam’s mother became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. While their lives were even more strained with the addition to the family, they all pitched in to help however they could. Even Sam picked up an afterschool job in an attempt to relieve some tension from the family. With all of them working they managed to go and continue their happy lives. This would only last for a short while though.
Upon his sister’s seventh birthday, he was fourteen at the time, she started to show signs of a strange illness. Over the course of two years this illness would only worsen, eventually landing her bedridden at home. The medicine in order to treat his sister was not cheap either. The three of them working would no longer cover the cost of living and the cost of medicine. Sam, his mother, and his father sought out better jobs. Sam even went as far as dropping out of school in order to get more hours.
Eventually, hope would come parading through town. A traveling carnival would set up shop and begin performing for the next week. Sam, after a long night at work, snuck into the tent and tried to get peak of the show. Despite hopping the fence and climbing the rafters with ease, he was still caught and brought to the headmaster. Impressed with his skills at climbing and slight acrobatics the headmaster, instead of punishing Sam, offered him a job. It paid more and despite his parents initial disapproval, Sam was taken into the circus.
Sam would spend the next three years working at the circus. He would be trained in several different aspects of the job though mainly focusing on acrobatics. It was while working at the circus that his powers first developed. The development in his powers actually ended up saving his life when the high wire snapped and nearly sending Sam plummeting to his demise.
After much consideration and pushing from the headmaster Sam decided to quit his life in the circus and become a hero for profit. He heard from a credible source that hero work could pay very well, even better than his circus job and more than anything…he needed that money. For the past four years or so Sam has been working as a hero, training under those who will teach him and fighting the good fight wherever he could.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Silhouette: When activating any of his other powers Sam is covered by a strange shadowy coating which stains his skin a pure black color. His features are still discernable, facial expressions can vaguely be seen, and his hair still has shape. His eyes/irises cannot be seen, rather they are just two glowing white dots, though expressions can still be seen. Additionally, his insides and blood also take on this color. The black color will only stain his clothes if he excessively uses his abilities.

While in this form he gains a slight shielding against physical and mental attacks, as well as slight protection from the cold and heat.

Portals: Anywhere within a sixty-foot radius Sam can open connecting gateways/portals to which anything can travel through. They must always be the same shape and size. He does not need to do any sort of physical action to make a portal, but he finds pointing or motioning helps himself aim it (The portals are not shot out, they just form, but he still refers to it as aiming). If he cannot see where he is opening a portal it does take more energy to do so, but he remains able to.

Eclipse: Sam’s signature move. The inky blackness on his body becomes speckled with small shining particles of whitish blue light. It’s as if his body looks like a starry night sky. When in this form Sam’s physical attacks (punches, kicks, staff, etc.) release a sort of physic force or pressure. The peak force of his attacks can reach to be about 4,500 psi, give or take. This force can also be applied to running and/or jumping. This energy/force can also be applied to Sam’s weaponry, namely, his staff.

The Weaknesses

Exhaustion: When using his abilities Sam will progressively grow exhausted. Overuse of his abilities will eventually cause Sam to pass out. Silhouette drains the least energy, portals drain a moderate amount, and Eclipse drains the most.

Quantity, Range, Size: In terms of his portals he can have a maximum of 15 pairs of portals the size of frisbees, 10 pairs of manhole sized portals, and 5 pairs of truck sized portals. Anything bigger than a truck sized portal Sam can only about one or two pairs of portals. Sam has the soft cap range of sixty feet though he can extend slightly past it doing so exhausts him further and more noticeably. He can only put one or two pairs of portals beyond sixty feet and can only achieve the size of a manhole.

Rained Out: When out in heavy rain or submerged in water Sam has a harder time using his portals, there is some sort of interference. Using portals takes up more energy and his range is reduced to 40ft. Strangely enough, he does not suffer this debuff when in the snow or other kinds of weather, only the rain.

Seeing Stars: Using Eclipse will cause Sam to overheat. If Eclipse is used too long he will either pass out from the heat or he start to get burns on his body. Further, eventually the heat generated from his body may cause him to get dizzy or even hallucinate.

The Items

Staff: Sam carries around a wooden staff made from white oak. It was a gift from his previous headmaster, originally meant to be used to help balance on the high wire. Sam now uses it to bash bad guys nonlethally.
A wallet.
A small pocket-sized book titled “How to be a hero” which was written and illustrated by his sister.
A pocket watch.
An old locket.
A cellphone that he barely knows how to use.

The Minions


The Fluff

Sam is most certainly simple minded, but he knows better than to let a criminal go even if they promise to straighten out. There is a system and he knows that it is usually best to follow it (some situations may vary).
Sam only has the most basic understandings of technology. He knows how to make phone calls and send some texts (though it may take a bit longer than the average person to do so). Downloading apps, performing complex or even sometimes average tasks on the computer are near beyond him.
Sam doesn’t really believe in the supernatural or magic. He has seen things that are beyond expectations, spells cast, strange creatures, and so forth, yet he believes that there is a scientific way of understanding it or that it just a product of superhuman genetics. With that said, the one thing he is open to believe is the possibility of ghosts.

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Samuel Grayson  Empty Re: Samuel Grayson

Post by Silus October 4th 2019, 2:49 am

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