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Rin Ryukami

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Rin Ryukami Empty Rin Ryukami

Post by Killer Bee October 12th 2021, 10:02 pm

Rin Ryukami

The Eternal Shogun, The Electro Archon, Madame R, Divine Protector

The Bio

Real Name: Rin Ryukami
Renegade Name: Shogun
Title: The Eternal Shogun, The Electro Archon, And God of Eternity
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: Physically appears to be In her late twenties to early thirties. Actual age to old to count
Gender: Female
Race: Dragon (From a distant star)
Hair: Dark purple with light purple highlights
Eyes: Right eye is white/colorless. Left eye is purple
Height: 5’7
Weight: 148lbs
Blood type: Unknown

The Looks


The Personality

Rin is a sincere and noble leader, at least she is viewed this way by those close to her and who work under her. Rin has always shown the utmost care and compassion for the nation and the people who fostered and cared to her. It is because of this that Rin has done everything in her power to do what is best for the nation even in clear defiance of the Old God’s orders.

The dragon god and protector of Japan has many sides to her, while fair and compassionate to those close to her, Rin can be very cold and calculating to others. She is still after all these years, Japan’s divine shogun. It is for this reason that Rin carries herself with an air of dignity, sophistication, and boastfulness. As Rin’s overall presence in her country has been ‘forced’ to fade, this has lead her to think of more cleaver ways to rule the country and keep her grip tightened around it. While all government officials are appointed by her and take orders directly from her, there is another facet of Japan that Rin also rules with an iron fist, the underground.

As the lord of Japan’s dark and violent underworld, Rin has learned to be cunning and manipulative of those around her. She rules both side of Japan in a effort to control the chaos and prevent her people from being subjected to unwarranted troubles. One of Rin’s deepest and longest running fears, is loss. She has dealt with a great deal of loss over her many years on this planet and as such she tries to not open up to much to others. This makes her seem guarded and offputting, but this is just a coping mechanism, a way to prevent her from feeling the pain of any further loss. It was from this fear that Rin undertook her mission to secure her hold on the region. One could almost call this behaviour child-like, and they’d be right.  

This is only born out of Rin’s loyalty to the people of Japan, even if those who once raised and served her have long since faded from the pages of history. It is in their honor, that Rin must persevere and last for all eternity. She is their living memory, a walking reminder that those brave and honorable souls once lived, and this weight is one Rin bears gladly.

The Story

Many, many millennia ago the earth knew peace. No tribes fought one another. No peoples went without. It was a time when the planet had been brought under the rule of demons, at least that’s how history would paint them. Madeline and her sister had set out to prove their family wrong. They set out to prove that direct involvement from their kind was what was needed for the peoples they oversaw to thrive and flourish. It goes without saying, just by looking at history, that man is not one to be willingly ruled over.

It was this belief that led a small group of humans to learn magic. They perfected their dark arts in secret, away from prying eyes, all in the hopes that one day, they and their brethren would be free.

On the other side of the galaxy, a portal had been torn open, A massive serpent like dragon with a blazing mane and adorned with gold, slipped through, escaping the destruction of his home. In the clutches of his forelimbs were five eggs. His precious children. He used the blazing inferno of his mane to keep the eggs warm as he fled through space looking for a place safe for his unborn brood.

Back on the planet, The humans had perfected their spell, and in a single evening, nearly half the population of the planet vanished without a trace, this included the small group of humans who would see their kind liberated. In their stead a god appeared out of thin air. They were a new born, but they were not lost or confused. The god was the will of its creators made manifest. It knew it had but one goal to accomplish. Emboldened by the power of fervent prayers and dark magics, the god set about enacting its creators’ will. It was at this time that trouble was beginning to grow in paradise and unrest began to build among Madeline’s people.

A would-be usurper had weaved his way into her home and had been sowing the seeds of chaos for a while. When the God learned of this, it presented itself with the perfect opportunity. It would strike a deal with the devil so to speak. It would ensure that the usurper and its forces would not be impeded by the God so long as the earth was left in the hands of the mortals when the dust had settled. Neither being had intended to keep their end of the bargain. And whether this was foresight on the God’s part or not, it set about building itself an army.

First it needed generals, and so it reached forth, to all the remaining peoples of the world. Those whose desires and conviction were strong, were granted untold power over the elements. Six individuals were chosen to be the harbingers of elemental power across the planet. Geo, Aero, Hydro, Cryo, Electro, and Pyro. The Archon’s were born. It was their mission to go forth and perform a similar action to that of what the god did in selecting them. By observing the people they were set to rule over, they would find those with strong wills and desires and bestow upon them the lesser powers of the elements, these early humans were in a sense the first ‘metahumans’.

In due time, all out war broke out between the usurper demon, and the god known as Madeline. As their forces clashed, there was little to no regard for the humans’ lives. As the summoned god had predicted. This was why the Archons and their servants had been born. And for a time there was a three way power struggle for the fate of the planet earth.

Despite the incredible power the god, its archons, and the metahumans possessed, their numbers were far to few. All the life that had been sacrificed to call forth the god was going to be its undoing, and the will of those humans who summoned it, would die. But as though it were divine intervention, the skies filled with an describable sound one evening while war waged across the planet. This deafening roar marked the arrival of a massive serpent. A dragon had arrived on the war torn planet. Its once proud and magnificent blazing mane had all but faded in sustaining warmth for the eggs it carried.

Upon baring witness to the chaos being wrecked across the planet, the dragon sought a secluded place to hide. This was as far as it could go. It had spent an untold amount of energy on its journey. It looked as though this would be the end of it and its kind unless it could remain hidden. It could not. War was not what arrived on the great creatures doorstep however. It was an alien creature, at least in the wyrms eyes. This being was the summoned god.

With its back against the wall and its mission in jepordy, the god saw a great and powerful ally in this magnificent beast and its unborn brood that had just arrived on the planet. The god extended a hand of friendship and made a promise to the dragon, that no harm would come to its children. Despite the war going on, the god mended the wounds the wyrm had sustained while fleeing its home. This was of course an act on the gods part, but it would do what it must to see the will of its creators carried out. And thus the god struck a deal with the dragon. In exchange for a home, the god asked that the mighty dragon help defend the planet.

Without hesitation the beast agreed and it would expend all its energy defending its new home. The sight of the massive dragon was awe inspiring and became a symbol of hope for not just the humans but the archons as well, who’s numbers had dwindled down to just two by this point in the war. It was from this magnificent display of power and majesty that many eastern myths and belief in dragon’s was born. Consequently, many of the surviving humans who had sided with Madeline in what would later become Europe had a vastly different opinion on the wyrm, thus giving rise to the belief in the west that dragons were evil.

The war between Madeline and the usurper would eventually end and it would leave the planet battered and scared. All three sides had suffered uncountable casualties. This included the wise and powerful wyrm from a far off star that fought to secure a future for its children. By the time the war had ended all five of the eggs had hatched. Rather that appearing as one would think, the dragon’s offspring took on the appearance of their new hosts. They would be split up almost immediately. This was done with the intention that if they were unaware of their kin, they wouldn’t try to potentially revolt against the God and its archons. As it happened, there were just enough of the dragon’s brood to fill the void left in the archons ranks following the war. Being an odd number, two of the children were kept together, twins, surprising coinciding the varied appearances of the other children.

All of the dragon’s children each possessed incredible power despite their infancy. They ranged from total elemental control, to powers no one had ever seen before. For their roles as the new standing archons, each of the offspring were bestowed the same level of strength and control over their designated element. This did two things, it caused the designated elements power to reach unfathomable heights, while rendering the remaining elemental powers of the dragons inert. The twins were placed in the east, both wielding the bolstered power of electro, one twin would grow up to eventually govern China while the other would govern and guide Japan.

This is where our real story for Rin picks up. Despite being just a child, she grew incredibly fast, the humans placed in charge of caring for her, taught her all they knew of the world, or what little they knew. They taught her their ways. Their culture and traditions. When she was considered of age, Rin was tasked with unifying the island under her singular rule. It was almost as if history is destined to repeat itself. There were plenty who revered what her father had done, but they did not revere her. And they would not be so quick to bow to another ruler while the horrors of the previous war still lingered.

This left Rin feeling conflicted, as these people had been kind enough to spare her kind and grant them a home. But this sort of insubordination would not be tolerated by the fledgling archon. Rin would do as she was instructed and would raise armies and march north and south bringing the splintered country under her rule. Each territory she took over, she’d leave a trusted advisor in charge of. These would eventually become what modern historians know as daimyo. Rin would become the countries first Shogun and Emperor.

This wave of conquest was just the first of many as rebellions would spark up here and there. They would all quickly end in the brilliance of a single bolt of lightning. Rin was quick and efficient in maintaining order, a trait her siblings had much more trouble with.

As time would pass, Rin would come to find herself the last of her kind. Though they be seemingly immortal, her siblings had all fallen each time the combined might of the archons were called to action. This left the dragon feeling alone and isolated. She began to distance herself more and more from the other archons as time would go on. The loss of her siblings leading her to develop an acute abandonment disorder. She felt she’d be sparing herself and the other archons a great deal of pain if they never got to know her. Therefore they wouldn’t have to experience the pain of loss like she had.

As civilizations advanced and grew, Rin felt her need for control grow as well. Her daimyo had all but faded away, but their heirs took their place, and eventually so would theirs. The burden of being the sole remainder of those halcyon days granted her the resolve to pull herself free from the abyss of depression. Rin would bring herself back to the forefront and made her presence know across the realm. She began ignoring the orders given to her by the god and began involving herself in the lives of her people. She had realized that while her immortality had been once seen as a curse, she could turn it into something positive. She would become a reminder to the rest of the world, that these people once lived. She’d carry with her all their hopes, their desires, their teachings, their love, their happiness. She would bare it all.

This would perhaps be a defining reason as to why Rin has become the person she is today. As the peoples of the world began to grow stagnant, so to did their restlessness. This could be felt by the god. The agitation grew to be unbearable. The God came to the grim conclusion that something was needed to rid the world of this stagnation. Each time the world or a region reached this point, an order was issued to the archons to incite conflict among their peoples. Having distanced herself from the others for so long, Rin couldn’t understand why the god would ask for this kind of thing.

Former allies now killed one another, This was the true turning point for Rin she had to make a tough choice. She was loyal to the god even after all these years. Without the gods intervention she and her siblings might not have had a chance at life. However, if it also wasn’t for all of them being appointed as archons, they’d still be alive today. One the other side of this coin, were the people Rin had now vowed to honor and remember. How could she turn their back on them and allow terrible atrocities to befall them? Rin would try to abide by the gods will for a time, but two horrible days would change all of that.

August sixth and ninth, in the year nineteen forty five. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These two days would haunt Rin almost more than any other in her life. Just as she had overcome her fear off loss, and had begun to open up to her people once more, they were taken from her in perhaps the most tragic way imaginable. This was the final nail in the coffin for Rin. She could no longer abide or follow the will of the summoned god. While she could not openly confront the god and the other archons, Rin could do something else. She could defy the god. And she’d do just that. She’d cut her ties with the summoned god. She was no longer bound to the gods will, she no longer heeded the gods call and she would no longer serve the god. No, Rin would serve her people. The people who had always been kind and faithful to her. They did not deserve this pain. Her first act of open defiance was stepping out and helping her people recover, she’d help rebuild and reforge the strength and hope of the people.

For whatever reason, the summoned god never once retaliated or attempted to inflict further harm upon the island nation. While this threat always loomed over Rin, she was more focused on ruling and guiding her people. With the passage of time, her role as the nations Emperor Shogun would fade. She put the governance of the people to those she appointed and trusted. She’d rule the land from the shadows, her name only eventually resurfacing in modern times as a rumor of an unknown leader of all of Japan’s mob families. Rin had placed herself in a position that allowed her to continue to influence and control the every day of her nation and its people, while also grasping the reigns of the criminal underground.

The Powers

Power 1: Dragon Physiology- Though you wouldn’t be able to tell at a glance, Rin is indeed a dragon, albeit a dragon from another world. When she arrived on earth she had yet to hatch, but when she did, the form she took was that of her new hosts. Her body maybe shaped like a human, but her physiology is anything but. As a dragon, Rin is built to dish out a lot of harm as well as take it.

    Super Strength- As stated, Rin’s body is built incredibly tough. Her form is much more compact and dense in this more humanlike form. While she’d still possess incredible power if she had taken the form of her kind, the strength she has now is far greater due to how much smaller and tightly packed her body has become. Her muscle fibers are actually woven of even smaller fibers basically creating cable like fibers that are far stronger and better suited to disperse energy. This unique structure of her muscles allows her to exert an incredible amount of lifting and striking force. Rin is capable of crushing some of the most durable materials with her bare hands. Because of Rin’s attunement with the power of electro, She is also able to provide her muscles with additional shock and stimulation to further increase their output. Rin can use this technique to even grant herself quick bursts of speed, allowing her to close the distance between herself and an opponent.  

    Super Durability- Much like her muscles, Rin’s bones and skin are also compacted down forms of what she would have had if she took the form of a dragon. Her skin cells are actually hardened scales meant to mimic human flesh. They do a great job at protecting Rin from most harm, most notably her resistance to extreme temperatures and conditions such as crushing weight or pressure. These scales excel at defending the Shogun against a vast variety of damage by being more reactive than proactive. This means they tend to harden in response to sudden instances of damage. This makes her incredibly difficult to hurt.

    Super Reflexes- You wont be seeing Rin win any races with a speedster, but this doesnt mean she is exactly slow. Her kind is quite adept at reaction to things in the blink of an eye, or even faster. Rin is able to perceive visual information and an alarmingly fast rate, allowing her to react to things almost instantaneously. To take this one step further, unlike her ability to electrically charge her muscles for better output, her entire nervous system is constantly in a state of rapid electrical impulse vastly increasing her reaction times to supernatural levels. It is said that Rin is capable of dodging lightning bolts with relative ease.

Power 2: Elemental Affinity- Dragon’s from Rin’s home world are born with an affinity for the elements. Their body resonates with the energy of these elements and places them completely in tune with them. To that end, this elemental affinity allows Rin to control all of the elements (Electro, Geo, Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, and Aero) with little to no effort. She is able to manipulate existing instances of the elements to her will and is even able to draw forth and conjure the elements with minimal effort. The extent of this control for example is her ability to form solid stone structures by literally fusing billions of dust particles from the surrounding atmosphere together to form them. The same could be said for her generation of water, by pulling even the smallest traces of water vapor out of thin air. As is fairly stereotypical of being a dragon, Rin is capable of breathing fire. Rin doesnt necessarily need the presence of an element to exist around her, in order to call it forth. The flames produced by Rin are capable of melting though tungsten. The stone structures and ice she creates possesses the same durability as steel and can be sharpened to a point capable of puncturing several layers of steel plating. The wind, depending on how its used, can leave cuts in human skin. And lastly Rin is able to shoot bullets of water that fly with the same force and velocity of bullets being fired from a .50cal machine gun. These are just a few examples of how Rin can use the elements.

Power 3: The Electro Archon- Long ago Rin was selected by the Summoned God to be the Electro Archon. As the Electro Archon, Rin’s natural atunement to the element has increased considerably. Rin is far more adept at using the electro element to its fullest potential that she is with the other elements. While her control over the other elements is mostly rudimentary and basic, Rin is far more creative in her use of Electro. Rin is capable of calling down lightning bolts out of thing air, with no effort whatsoever. These bolts of lightning range in strength, but at their most potent Rin could call one down that would be easily capable of punching a hole clean through an air craft carrier, from the deck all the way out the bottom of the ship.

Rin is able to control the degree of electricity produced within her body. She can do this to generate a charge which she is then able to focus and release in a variety of ways. She can send this charge outward in an omidirectional blast, unleash it to launch a powerful bolt of lightning from the palm of her hand, and even form a barrier of plasma around her by quickly striking the gasses present in the air with a powerful jolt(The barrier is formed by quickly charging the air around Rin, stripping electrons free from atoms, causing plasma to from. The amount of electromagnetic energy she pumps out effects how dense this bubble of plasma that forms around Rin will be. And at its strongest is capable of withstanding the shock of a shell fired from the main gun of a battle cruiser.) she can discharge the built up energy into an object or opponent when gripping them. The wattage and voltage of this technique regardless of how she unleashes it, can range anywhere from a typical household current to that of four times a lightning bolt. It goes without saying that this sort of electric charge depending on the degree, can cause paralysis, disrupt electrical equipment, and even provide a charge.  

Similar to building up a charge within her body and unleashing it, Rin can also do the same thing to inanimate objects. This grants her the ability to electromagnetically manipulate objects, once she has charged them with electricity. This can be done instantaneously, and she has used it once already to redirect bullets that were fired at her. This effect can be used to change the polarity of objects rendering their magnetic properties inert or by granting magnetic properties to objects that otherwise wouldn’t have them such as a piece of wood. By this account she can cause two objects that normally wouldn’t be attracted to one another, to suddenly gain a magnetic attraction to each other.

Rin has the ability to fill an environment with electro static. This static causes the air to become heavy, making people feel sluggish and somewhat short of breath. It creates a looming sense of dread and can even induce sickness like nausea, intense headaches, and even body pain. Prolonged exposure to this electro charged environment can even cause a normal person’s heart to seize up all together.

Due to her incredible control over electricity, Rin has developed an ability that strikes at the nervous system of a foe and can be used to render their powers and even spell casting inert. This essentially works by “locking” a persons brain activity from remembering how their powers work or are activated. (This power is strictly permission based)

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Elemental Inertion- Rin’s dragon kind all have an affinity with the elements, that grants them all control over them. When Rin was made an Archon, she retained this ability, but the elements other than electro were all rendered inert. This means that while her ice can freeze things over and while her fire can melt things, they arent exactly hot or cold. This also means that if anyone with a weakness to fire, for example, were to be hit by flames created or manipulated by her, they actually would take no damage. The flames wouldnt even harm them. This bodes true for every other element she can control that isnt electro. Geo, Aero, Pyro, Cryo, and Hydro.  

Weakness 2: Gaps in the armor- While Rin’s scales are incredibly durable and capable of withstanding a great deal of blunt force trauma as well as piercing attacks, they are weak to slashing damage. Cutting actions against Rin’s scales can actually cut through several layers of her otherwise impervious flesh.

Weakness 3: I control the elements, this on the other hand…- While Rin’s scales can help keep her safe from many instances of harm, magic is one thing that can prove effective, and even taxing on her body. Rin will lose stamina rapidly when subjected to repeated harm from magical attacks. While Rin has dabbled in the mystic arts for her own ends, she is still inexperienced when it comes to defending herself and protecting herself from magical attacks.

Weakness 4: I can handle this myself- Because Rin is so focused on control and managing everything herself, this has lead her to have a lone wolf mentality. Because she only trusts a very, very small group of people, this has caused some uneasiness among the families under her control. This also means that she tends to try and handle matters on her own. She is intent on handling situations on her own and because of her boastful nature this can lead her to situations she is ill prepared for, even with her vast power. She will actively place herself in situations where she is out numbered and out matched, leading to possibly more harm than good.

Weakness 5: I can’t focus if I have to worry about you to- Even though Rin is very standoffish and closed off from others, if the event arises where Rin must fight side by side with others, she has a hard time focusing and keeping her non electro powers in check. She may have a harder type shaping the elements to her will, or even drawing them out of the environment. Even if she succeeds in creating a structure or even forming something from an element it is possible it could fall apart as she ends up worrying more about those around her.  

Weakness 6: I really should have done this on my own- Rin has a deep fear of loss and because of this, she tends to worry more about the well being of those she is fighting along side, than she does for herself. Because of this, it is not uncharacteristic of her, to thrust herself into harms way, in the effort to protect someone from being hurt, regardless of the cost to her.

The Items

The Minions

Various goons and highly skilled assassins and yakuza.

The Fluff

I shall not share my siblings’ fate!- Rin’s ever insatiable thirst to remain in control of her country and its people, as well as her deep fear of loss, has lead her to study the dark arts of magic. While you wont see her slinging spells like a seasoned sorcerer, she has all but mastered one spell and one spell only. That spell, was cast in the hopes that she shall live forever. If for whatever reason Rin meets with a grisly end, the spell will resurrect her by any means necessary. There is a contigant of this spell, that should her body and or soul be lost in the process of her death, than the spell will create an exact copy of her from the moment she cast the spell.

Because she fears the worst might eventually come to pass, Rin has taken to keeping detailed records of her days in the hopes that if a copy of her is born, it could find and read this journal to get ‘caught back up to speed.’

The martial prowess of an ancient dragon- Rin has been around for a very long time. In this time she has learned and even taught others the arts of war. She is a very skilled hand to hand combatant and is nearly peerless with a Katana, polearm, and bow.

Archon duties- It falls to Rin and her fellow Archons, to award those of incredible will and strong desire, powers. These gifted humans who are awarded powers by the gods are meant to be a first line of defense for mankind in the inevitability that their rule over the planet is challenged. Thus was the Summoned Gods duty that was then passed on to the Archons. Only mortal beings born on Earth with no prior existing powers or expressed meta gene can be gifted powers by the Archons. The power the individual receives is inherently dependent on what their desire is and how strong their will to purse that desire is. (Rin can only gift powers out of combat, and this is strictly player and staff permission based).

Absolutely loaded- It goes without saying that with Rin's age and status as Japan's sole sovereign ruler, that she had every facet of the country under her control. From the policies that are pushed and passed, to the shady underbelly of the countries criminal underground, Rin runs and controls it all. This means that at any given time the vast wealth of the great nation runs through Rin's hands and is spend and used as she sees fit. If there is one thing Rin will never want for, it is money.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Rin Ryukami Empty Re: Rin Ryukami

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