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Yang S.

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Yang S.  Empty Yang S.

Post by Yang S. May 11th 2019, 12:08 pm

Yang Sharpe

"This jacket cost more than everything you own...So try not to mess it up!"

The Bio

Real Name: Yang Sharpe
Hero Name: None
Title: The Strongest Overseer
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Overseer
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’9
Weight: 124lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

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The Personality

Yang has multiple personas she likes to wear depending on the situation. To those that know her, her overall attitude behind closed doors is vastly different to what she shows when in the public spotlight. Yang, to her friends and family is very relaxed, caring, sarcastic, loving, bubbly, and protective. She is the very essence of what an overseer is. She always puts the well being of others before hers and will put her life on the line to keep innocents safe. Yang has a motto that she likes to keep, its something her mother used to tell her over an over again, “It’s our responsibility to use our power to protect those without.” Viewing her mother as a literal hero, these words stuck with Yang, and its an adage she tries to live by.

She can be flirtatious and playful when she’s warmed up to an individual and wont beat around the bush when it comes to telling someone if she likes them or not. Yang’s entire private lifestyle revolves around using all her resources, be it her extraordinary power or vast wealth in the pursuit of helping those in need.

All this aside, Yang is also a wild child at heart and enjoys partying a little too much. For some reason or another, while Yang is reserved in her private life, she is extremely grandiose and bombastic when it comes to her public persona as the new fresh face of her fathers company. Her father originally saw this as Yang coping with not having her mother around, but that seemed to only be part of the issue as Yang continued this behavior long after coming to grips with the nature of her Overseer heritage and reason for her mother’s departure. While in the public eye, Yang seems to very much be a snob or your average billionaire rich kid, spending ludecris amounts of money and spending long nights out partying. Don’t put it past you if you think Yang wouldn’t buy the club she’s partying in, just to keep it open longer than usual.

The last persona Yang seems to have, is that of the combatant. This personality is where her two other personas seem to clash and meld. She gets a thrill out of fighting and enjoys every minute of it, treating most bouts like a night at the club. That being said, her demeanor changes drastically based on her opponent. If the match is a friendly spar or against someone Yang doesn’t deem entirely evil, she will be more playful and inclined to throw more jokes than jabs. If the opponent is someone Yang thinks is beyond redemption or just far too twisted for their own good, she is very cold and unforgiving.  

The Story

Yang’s true heritage was never a secret. From a young age Yang was taught the basic principals of what it meant to be an Overseer. Her mother spent every moment she could with a young Yang, teaching her how to use and control her powers. Yang saw her mother as a real hero and admired her for it. And for as much love and affection she had for her mother, Yang had the same for her father. As a kid she believed she was luckiest person in the whole world. Her father was super smart and helped people with the inventions he made and her mother protected people with her powers. Despite all the amazing things Yang had going for her, she lead a relatively normal childhood. She went to school like normal and got good grades, showing that she took after her father just as much as she took after her mother.

Things would start to change around the time Yang reached her early teens. It was at this time, that her mother left the family in order to fulfill her Overseerly duties. This left everything to Yang’s father, as he now had a daughter to take care of and a company to run. He tried his hardest to give Yang the life she deserved and all the attention he could afford, but he could tell his little girl wasn’t the same without her mother around. You see, while the race might be concidered one of the most powerful, their mission to be peacekeepers for all of realty means there isnt enough Overseers to watch over it all. Yang was lucky enough to have her mother around for as long as she did. And while ultimately Yang would come to understand and be at piece with why her mother abandoned her family, Yang’s attitude towards the Overseer way of doing things shifted. To Yang, this was her mothers planet, she belonged here and the people needed her. With her mother no longer around, Yang felt obligated to replace her. She began training day and night, building strength and honing her powers so that she could protect the people of this planet herself.

Yang would begin sneaking out of the house regularly, looking for any signs of trouble. She’d easily find it and often return home bruised, cut up, and bloody. Concerned with his daughters reckless behavior, Yang’s father made the executive decision to name her as head of his company. He thought that having to run the multibillion dollar enterprise would occupy her enough to keep her from risking her life like she had been. He had also hoped it would teach her some responsibility in the process. Yang’s father vastly underestimated her conviction and dedication to being every bit the hero her mother was. Yang would finish high school, get into college, and somehow despite all the things she had going on in her life, Yang would still find time to sneak out nightly to fight crime.

When Yang finished college she decided to dedicate her extra time to her fathers company, quickly becoming the type of leader her father knew she could be. With her charming disposition and compassionate attitude interest in the company grew and That’s where her story leaves off till now. She is currently running the day to day operations of her father’s company which frees up time for him to work on his inventions and research.

The Priority

1. Agility 4
2. Endurance 2
3. Reaction 3
4. Strength 1

The Powers

Power 1: Energy Manipulation- As an Overseer, Yang can manipulate the energy that flows through her body. By calling upon this energy, Yang is able to draw it out of her cells. By doing so, she is able to unleash this energy in various forms such as constant torrents of energy, Orbs of concentrated energy ranging in size and power, and lastly, to form the energy into constructs. The energy itself is extremely hot, making it capable of melting almost all metals with ease. This bodes true for the weapons formed with this energy as well. This super heated and finely sharpened energy blades are capable of cleaving clean through some of the most durable materials. While the beams and weapons are meant for melting down or chipping away at opponents, the orbs formed from this technique are highly volatile and mostly tend to explode on contact. (The energy is akin to photons and plasma, meaning they are tangible, and those able to withstand the heat or are tough enough, are more than able to block or reflect the attacks.) Yang's energy manipulation also extends to energy that is not her own, allowing her to halt or redirect energy based attacks directed at her(Permission based). And can also draw upon the latent energies all around her.

Power 2: The Strongest Overseer!- Yang has always naturally carried the power of an Overseer within her. The unique race of beings has been known to specifically combat threats when the survival and well being of a universe is at stake. To that end, at a base, Yang is granted super strength that allows her to lift and exert a force of roughly 500 tons. Thanks to Yang’s heritage her base level of strength can be gradually improved upon during combat, by pumping more energy into her muscular system. These gradual boosts increase Yang’s strength to a varying degree, this causes her original lifting and force capacity to cap at 200k tons (her base x 400) when facing a standard threat. Because Yang’s power is bound to the rules of reality, her true strength can only be drawn out when facing beings that threaten or weaken the fabric of reality themselves. Currently there is no gauge for Yang’s full power as she has yet to confront any beings of this nature.

Power 3: The Toughest Overseer!- While this statement isn’t wholly true, Yang’s entire body including her skeleton is incredibly durable and tough. Her skin gains Yang a degree of toughness that allows her to withstand a large variety of harmful attacks. Yang’s skin though enough to withstand explosions and extreme temperatures and beatings from other powerful individuals. Her mastery over manipulating energy and the unique composition of her Overseer body, makes her immune to energy based attacks.
Yang’s body is designed to withstand an incredible amount of blunt physical trauma.

Power 4: Pretty Damn Fast- Yang is able to defy the laws of physics and fly without the assistance of wings or other propulsion devices. This is manly due to her control over the energy within her body. Using that ability, she is able to lift herself off the ground and propel herself in any direction she chooses. This also allows her to move an incredible speeds. By fueling her body with enough energy, Yang is able to to move at speeds roughly equal to mach 3 both on foot or through the air. Yang is also capable of instantly accelerating to her max speed.

Power 5: Healing Factor- Because every cell in Yang’s body is energized, she is able to heal damage to her body quicker than a normal human. Yang’s healing factor combined with her will and determination allows her to power through most injuries and keep fighting for a little bit. Yang’s body does what it can to mitigate the damage and keeps it from getting worse. Yang’s injuries won't heal completely during battle, but they will hold themselves together and allow her to push through a fight.

Power 6: Photographic Reflexes- A rather unique power Yang has, that isn’t normally associated with the Overseer tool kit. Her photographic reflexes allow her to see an action or read information and instantly retain it and emulate it. This ranges from fighting styles and techniques as well as building and inventing things. Yang can read an entire text book or paper on a subject and be able to recall the material from memory without even looking at the page.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Pointy Things and Fine Lines- Yang’s body is very good at taking an insane amount of physical punishment. This is largely due to its ability to disperse the shock of an impact and absorb the resulting kinetic energy. That being said, Yang’s body is highly susceptible to piercing and cutting. This basically means that bullets and blades can pierce Yang’s impressively tough skin with relative ease.

Weakness 2: A Incomprehensible Cost and Effect- Overseer’s may have the ability to absorb and manipulate energy, but there is one they cannot touch. That would be magic. As Overseer’s are beings that tend to follow or obey the realities they inhabit, magical energy often goes against this logic. Because of this, Overseers, including Yang, cannot absorb magical attacks or redirect them using their energy manipulating powers.

Weakness 3: Something Aint Right Here- For as intelligent and strong as Yang is, she can be easily fooled by illusions. Sure she might figure out she’s being made a fool of at some point, but illusions immediately work on her and do tend to fool her for a moment or two. The perfect time to sneak away or sneak in a hit on the unsuspecting Overseer. (This essentially means that Illusions do not require permission to work on Yang.)

Weakness 4: Go Ahead, Power Up, I’ll Wait- Yang is a very overconfident fighter. She believes wholly in her power and doesn’t find there to be any need to go all out from the start. Yang would rather fight on her opponents level or at least at their strongest. This means that while she might hold back, she will do everything she can to give or let her opponent get some sort of advantage or power up to make things a little more exciting. This only ends up leading to the situation spiraling out of control or making things much worse for the Overseer than they needed to be.  

Weakness 5: (Bought off with XP)(Adv.1)

Weakness 6: (Bought off with XP)(Adv.2)

The Embodiments

Embodiment’s are transformations unique to Overseers based on the merit of their souls and overarching personality traits. These transformations augment the Overseers existing power set with features unique to the embodiment type and also grant a base 50x power boost to the Overseer in a similar manner to an Aeteran's ascension of which the Overseers are an evolution of. They appear in a variety of looks unique to each Overseer as well. In Yang’s case, her embodiment’s enclose her in a form fitting bone-like armor.  One thing that makes Yang stand out among Overseers is the fact that she has access to four different embodiment’s. Each embodiment of Yang’s has unique features from the others and are as follows.

Embodiment 1: Embodiment of Vengeance- The embodiment of Vengeance is the first embodiment Yang gained access to. In this form, Yang appears completely armored from head to toe in a white bone-like armor that appears similar to that of a medieval knight. Yang's armor appears much slimmer and clings tightly to her form as it was designed strictly for dispatching swift vengeance upon those who would threaten the innocent. The armor sports several areas where creases or gaps are present. These areas radiate electricity passively.

- While in this form, Yang’s Speed is increased by 50x and her durability is increased slightly. While in this form all of Yang’s energy based attacks take on the appearance and shocking properties of electricity and she gains the ability to turn her body into a bolt of lighting that can arc between opponents and strike with the force of one of her punches.

-The downside to this form is that Yang’s overall strength is cut in half and cannot be raised.  

Embodiment 2: Embodiment of War- The second embodiment Yang gained access to. This form is much bulkier and more built than Yang’s vengeance form. While in this form, the armor covering Yang’s head appears like a knights helmet with with tusks that jut out the sides. The entire top of the head emits a raging flame that flows much like hair. Fire can also be seen blazing from the wrists and ankles.

-While in this form, Yang’s base strength becomes doubled and continues to grow by 10% for as long as she is in combat. This form also causes all of her energy based abilities to become fire based. This fire burns brighter and hotter with each increase in her strength. This increasing heat also creates a sort of burning aura around Yang, making the area surrounding her(about a 5 to 10 foot radius) become extremely hot. Yang’s durability also increases and makes the young overseer completely immune to fire and heat.

-The drawback to this form is that Yang’s speed gets drastically reduced. So much to the point that it is no longer classified as super. Instead she becomes about as fast as an Olympic sprinter, which is still fast, but nowhere near her max of Mach 3.

Embodiment 3: Embodiment of Will- This form looks similar to the embodiment of vengeance with the only difference being that the armor encasing Yang’s body is now a brilliant golden color instead of white. The electricity that once poured out of the forms creases is now a golden flame. A plume of this golden fire rises from the top of her head like a Mohawk and the form now possesses fiery golden wings.

-While Yang’s Full Powered form may be considered her strongest physically, the embodiment of will allows Yang to exert her will on the world around her. Using her ability to manipulate the energies of the world and universe around her, Yang can influence events through sheer force of will. She can use this power to resurrect those that had recently past away, bring life to an otherwise barren wasteland, or even will non organic things out of existence. (This power is strictly for story telling/plot purposes and cannot be used unless all individuals participating in the thread grant permission for the embodiment to be used.)

Embodiment 4: Full Power- Not really an embodiment, though Yang counts it as one. This form is perhaps Yang’s strongest. By triggering this form, Yang sheds her body and becomes a being made of pure raging energy. Her body is still physical and can be hit as such.

-While at full power, Yang’s power is automatically capped at its maximum, this means that if she ends up in a fight where her power is no longer limited by reality it skyrockets to incredible heights. Her durability increases to the point that her bones cannot be broken, nor can her limbs be cut off or removed.

-While Yang’s most powerful tool, she can only hold the form for a short time (5 posts) before returning to her normal self. Triggering this form locks Yang out of entering her other embodiment’s for a short while afterwards(5 posts). Full Power can only be triggered once per thread.

The Fluff

Accelerated Healing- To add to Yang’s ability to hold herself together during combat, when out of combat, her healing factor kicks into overdrive. While resting, the young Overseer’s body has the ability to repair any and all damage done to it. This extends to repairing or regrowing damaged internal organs, regenerating missing tissues, and even whole limbs.

Space/extraterrestrial survival- Being that her race is one of otherworldly origin, Yang possesses the ability to survive in the harsh conditions of space. Her ability to absorb all forms of energy allows her to take in the deadly radiation and waves given off by stars. She is also able to convert this energy and the energy within her body into oxygen to allow herself to breath in space.    

Intelligent- Yang’s photographic reflexes don’t just extend to her ability to recall physical movements. Yang’s brain is also able to retain everything she sees including read material and notes. This has led to accumulating a vast knowledge of many subjects simply from just having read about them. It also helps to have one of the smartest people on the planet as a father as well.

Never tired- Because every single cell in Yang’s body is a literal powerhouse of energy, this means she never tires. Her body experiences very little fatigue. She’s able to go days straight without any sleep and can even go without food if the need arose. Needless to say, the young Overseers body is virtually sustaining.

Teleportation- As Overseers are self proclaimed guardians of peace for all of existence, they need a way to respond to danger at a moments notice. This has lead to them developing the ability to travel to any point at any time if need be. (used for travel purposes only.)

A Fixed Point- Overseer’s are a one of a kind race. Their very nature is an anomaly by many standards. The small race has taken it upon themselves to be sort of observers and peacekeepers for all of reality. The more recent generations of Overseers have been born with the benefit of undeath. Or more specifically resurrection. They very much can fail in combat, but if that ever happens then the Overseer rises again in the home dimension of the Overseers. This includes Yang, who if, as stated, falls in combat, will be resurrected a day or two later. (Occurs out of Thread)(May happen in thread if all participants agree.)

The RP Sample

Application created by [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Yang S.
Yang S.

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Yang S.  Empty Re: Yang S.

Post by Chellizard May 12th 2019, 6:44 pm

Approved and moved.

Weaknesses being bought off acknowledged.

1st advancement for Yang: 5 XP
2nd advancement for Yang: 10 XP

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