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Thalia  Empty Thalia

Post by Thalia November 24th 2017, 6:39 am


"I-I-I’m no rookie! I’m a hundred year vet! So y-y-y-you better w-watch it!"

The Bio

Real Name: Thalia
Renegade Name: Heart
Title: Rookie, The Heart of the queens Knights, The False Queen, Demon Hunter
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: A couple hundred years old, physically looks to be in her teens.
Gender: Female
Race: Arcadian Demon
Hair: Red
Eyes: Heterochromatic (Purple and Green).
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 95 lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]



The Personality

Energetic, happy, and carefree, Heart is truly unique amongst Arcadian demons. The little runt enjoys playing tricks on others, making others laugh and generally just bringing a smile to people’s faces. All the cuteness aside, Heart can be a very fierce competitor and will never back down form a fight. The little demon has worked her way into the ranks of the queen’s knights through sheer force of will. Her dedication to proving herself is what prompted Club into suggesting Heart as a replacement for Vaedren, the runway knight.

Heart takes great pride in her title as a knight as she worked very hard to get it. There isn’t a time where you’ll find Heart not trying to impress or live up to the expectations of the other knights, especially Club, whom she looks up to the most for obvious reasons.

The Story

Unlike the other members of Madeline’s knights, Heart is a relatively new addition. Back before the war against the usurper happened, Madeline used to have a knight that was pretty much her right hand. His name was Vaedren and he abandoned Arcadia at the first sign of the war breaking out. It wasn’t until Madeline had defeated the usurper and had been in hibernation for a couple hundred years that a little tiny demon approached the three mighty knights and inquired as to who and what they were. Club was the only knight to pay the little demon any attention and was kind enough to answer her questions.

Hearing the tales of the knights and the many feats they were responsible for, a fire lit within Heart which pushed her to try and join their ranks. Spade and Diamond cared little to fill the gap left behind by Vaedren, but Club saw potential in the runts enthusiasm and so he decided to test Heart by assigning her impossible tasks. Heart failed just about every test Club gave her, but her determination to become a knight and impress him, is what really shined through. Eventually Club went behind the backs of the other two knights and welcomed Heart into the fold.

The stony demon saw her as somewhat of a protege and knew Madeline would be impressed with him, if he could turn this little runt of a demon into a fierce warrior. And so Club began to train her and often dragged her along on his quest to uncover Shanalotte’s location. Despite Club’s affection for Heart, Spade held an intense hatred toward the failed clone. When she was reluctantly accepted into the ranks of the knights, Spade made it Thalia’s job to hunt down the rogue demons that fled Arcadia during the war. An impossible task for someone like Thalia but she still managed to persevere and earned herself the title of Demon Hunter. When Madeline finally awoke from her hibernation she was furious to find out that Vaedren had abandoned them, but was quite interested in the new addition to the team. The queen of Arcadia took a shining to Heart and much like Club, Madeline began to train her. Upon seeing their queen’s acceptance of Heart, Spade and Diamond soon followed and became fond of the little demons themselves. Though Spade’s acceptance was more to appease his queen. He still refuses to acknowledge her whenever Madeline isnt around.

Now Heart is often found at the side of either Club, Diamond, or Spade and aids them in anyway she can when they need it. Otherwise she is almost always at her queens side, as Madeline continues to train her and mold her into a mini version of herself.

The Priority

1. Agility 1
2. Endurance 2
3. Reaction 3
4. Strength 4

The Powers

Power 1: Godly Healing Factor- Okay not really godlike at all, Thalia has inherited a very potent form of accelerated healing from the essence of Madeline and other demons used to create her. This boosted healing factor allows Thalia to heal and recover from just about every injury she might sustain. Cuts, bruises, and minor breaks and fractures take but mere seconds to minutes to heal completely. Severed limbs and damaged organs take minutes or hours depending on the severity of the damage inflicted.

Power 2: 100% Arcadian- Thalia possesses a similar level of durability to Madeline, the demon queen and goddess of war that she was cloned from. Heart’s body is durable enough to withstand a heavy amount of physical punishment without showing any signs of wear. Thalia’s skin is also highly resistant to even the most extreme elemental conditions.

Power 3: My hair doesn’t like you! I don’t like you either!- Thalia’s massive mane of hair acts like an extra limb for the young demon. Thalia can psionically move her hair in any manner imaginable with little to no effort. She can use this ability to manipulate her hair to act as a whip, or use her flowing red mane to bind people or objects. Heart can also perform delicate feats with her hair such as picking locks, wielding weapons, threading needles, and building stuff in her workshop.

Power 4: Look into my eyes! Just kidding, plz don’t.- Thalia’s eyes possess a slight mesmeric charm to them. With just a gaze Heart is capable of inducing a statuesque state of paralysis upon normal humans (Permission Based for NPCs and PCs.). This paralysis tends to last for a minimum of five minutes and a maximum of thirty.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: C-c-c-c-cold!- While Thalia is capable of weathering even the harshest of conditions, her hair is not. When placed into an extremely cold environment it becomes hard for Thalia to manipulate her hair. On top of that, Thalia’s hair becomes very brittle and easy to break off.

Weakness 2: An Impossible Task!- Thalia’s petrifying gaze has absolutely no effect on demons of any kind and is incapable of locking up even those who posses the meta gene.  

Weakness 3: Oh The Irony- As if Thalia needed any more reason for Spade to make fun or her, despite her paralyzing gaze not working on demons or metas, it has an effect on her. While it may not freeze her in her tracks, if Thalia were to look at any reflective surface the power will rebound back at her and knock her flat on her behind. The blow back of her cryptic glare also causes mild dizziness.

Weakness 4: My What Big Teeth and Sharp Claws You Have!- While Thalia’s body may be on a whole different level when it comes to toughness, it’s surprisingly weak at protecting the small demon from things that inflict wounds via a piercing effect such as claws, teeth, and the pointy ends of swords.

The Items


Consumable 1: Demon blood pellet- Since Thalia lacks any form of physical strength that her other demonic counterparts possess, she’s taken it upon herself to research and create a way to artificially grant herself a small degree of demonic strength. This research lead her to the discovery that when ingested, the blood of Arcadian demons and monsters augments one’s strength for a short period of time. Upon making this discovery, Heart now draws a bit of blood from each bounty and compacts them into easy to swallow pellets. (lasts 6 posts.)

    Consumable Weakness 1: Blood…Blood for everyone!- There are a few things that make ingesting a blood pellet hazardous for Thalia. For starters, partaking of a demon blood pellet unleashes the inner beast within Thalia causing her to enter a frenzied state of mind where it is hard for her to differentiate friend from foe. On top of putting Thalia into this mindless state the pellet also causes the tiny demon to become extremely sick to her stomach.

Consumable 2: Desensitizing Tonic- When one hunts the types of beasts the great Heart of Madeline’s knights does, they must be extremely cautious and sneaky. Thalia learned this lesson early. It is unwise to approach your target from plain sight. The small genius has devised a strange blue liquid that when drunk turns the consumer nearly completely invisible and silences their movement.  

    Consumable Weakness 2: The Price you pay for imperfect stealth- Much like the blood pellets Thalia has created, this partial invisibility potion also comes with two draw backs. For starters the invisibility it grants is imperfect which means the tiny demon hunter can still be seen by those with keen eyes or if they are within five feet of her. The other draw back is that it manages to make Thalia light headed when taken. She’s unsure if this is because of her make up or if it has the same effect on anyone who drinks it.

Consumable 3: Thunder Resin Paper- Beasts and demons come in all shapes and sizes, this also means they come with a variety of powers and weaknesses. One of the more common weaknesses Thalia has come across is that of electricity. Using her ingenuity and the materials of Arcadia to her advantage, Heart has created a sandpaper like parchment that when scrapped against the edge of any weapon, will coat that weapon’s blade or edge in electric sparks.

    Consumable Weakness 3: Static Shock!- When weilding a weapon that has been coated with electricity, Thalia becomes susceptible to having that shock redirected at her if she is hit by water. Examples of this would be throwing her into a body of water while she’s holding an electrified weapon, summoning a rain storm on top of her, hitting her with a water based attack, or setting of the sprinklers inside a building.

Consumable 4: Flame Resin Paper- Much like electricity, many beasts seem to be terrified of fire. Using the same knowledge and materials that led to the creation of the Thunder Resin Paper, Thalia has developed a paper that is capable of coating weapons in a cloak of fire.

    Consumable Weakness 4: It’s fire, of course it can be extinguished.- It almost goes without saying, but Flame Resin Paper is pretty ineffective when exposed to water. Much like Thunder Resin Paper, when Thalia is thrown in a body of water, rained on, or hit with a water attack, the flames from the paper will go out. Flame Resin Paper also can’t be applied to wet items.  


Tool 1: Glacial Eye- A magically enchanted eye plucked from a glacial demon of Arcadia. When brought up to Thalia’s eye, she is able to look through it as though it were her own. When doing this, the Glacial Eye will fire out a large frozen shard of ice. So long as Thalia continued to look through the eye she is able to control it’s movement. When the shard of ice hits a surface it causes a large frosty explosion that envelops a ten foot radius with a freezing cold blast. Things struck by the shard tend to almost always instantly freeze. (Permission Based)

    Tool Weakness 1: Stay on target- In order for Thalia to make use of the Glacial Eye she must continue to look through the squishy orb until the shard hits its mark. If for any reason the eye is knocked out of her hands or her gaze shifts from the eye for even a split second, the shard of ice with disappear. As a side note, the eye may also be targeted and smashed upon doing so the icy power within is unleashed in it’s immediate vicinity kind of like a giant frosty grenade.

Tool 2: Old Demon Bone Shard- A broken piece of an ancient demons shin bone, the Demon Bone Shard allows Heart to teleport short distances (Three foot radius) so long as she holds the bone in one hand.

    Tool Weakness 2: Hey that’s mine! Give it back!- The Bone Shard can be used by anyone. Since it grants it’s power to anyone who holds it, an opponent can make use of the shard and turn its effects on Thalia if they manage to knock it out of her hands. Additionally the bone shard can’t be used to teleport through walls or barriers of any kind and can’t be used in cold environments.

Tool 3: Beckoning Bell- Thalia is a failed clone of Madeline. While she may not have gained Madeline’s raw strength during the process she did manage to acquire Madeline’s ability to summon the many residents of Arcadia to her side. Of course she needs a little help to do so. In this regard, Madeline has worked with Thalia in creating a small metal bell that when rung will summon a demon or spectral warrior to the tiny hunter’s side. This can only happen after Thalia has verbally requested help. The bell can also be used to summon Club to her side as he is the only high level demon besides Lohbek the serpent(Note Lohbek cannot be summoned by the bell) that will heed her call.

    Tool Weakness 3: A Commanding Voice- In order to summon forth aid, Thalia must call for it. So if she is silenced in someway and prevented from speaking then she the Beckoning Bell is rendered useless and no one will come to help her.

Tool 4: Lohbek’s Whistle- Hidden deep beneath Arcadia’s surface is a massive armored serpent like demon known as Lohbek. Lohbek is by far the largest demon in the entire realm and hold an insatiable appetite for his own kind. Despite his need to feed, the beast is smart enough not to go after the “important” demons and only feeds on lesser ones. Thalia has managed to strike a small deal with this mighty beast. In exchange for being fed the bounties she collects, the great Lohbek has agreed to heed Thalia’s calls but only when she uses the whistle crafted from one of his great scales. Upon blowing Lohbek’s whistle, the earth will tremble and a sigil will appear below Thalia’s intended target. One post later the great serpent beast will erupt from the ground where the sigil appeared, shooting skyward and devouring those unfortunate enough to still be standing where the sigil is, before dissipating into thin air.

    Tool Weakness 4: Why cant you tunnel faster!- In order for Lohbek to burrow his way to his target he must traverse a great distance. Moving from Arcadia to earth takes a lot of time, and for that reason it’s very easy for an individual to move out of the sigils radius and avoid Lohbek altogether.


Weapon 1: Gun Hammer- After taking a few trips to earth to perform her duties as hunter of Arcadia, Thalia discovered guns. Fascinated with the mechanics and how firearms operated, she got the brilliant idea to combine the same technology to a weapon. Thalia believed that the extra push from the combustion of gunpowder could really help supplement her lack of strength and so she created the Gun Hammer.
The Gun Hammer is exactly what it sounds like. The massive head of this hammer is outfitted with a furnace for Thalia to insert her own homemade canisters filled with a similar substance to gunpowder. Built into the hammer head is also a large firing hammer. When triggered, the hammer with spark the volatile powder and cause an eruption out the back of the hammer causing it to rocket forward. The added kick allows for an empowered swing capable of reducing a stone to dust.

    Weapon Weakness: You mind giving me just one sec? I gotta try that again.- The Gun Hammer’s effectiveness relies solely on it’s intricate design. Each explosive canister can only be used once and the hammer head must be reloaded after each empowered swing, which takes time. Preventing Thalia from reloading or even loading the hammer in the first place by pressuring her is a good way to ensure you never get hit by this weapons devastating kick. Additionally, without the canister to increase its swing velocity, the Gun Hammer is just that, a plain old hammer.

Weapon 2: Merciless Jowls- A very crude and intimidating weapon, Merciless Jowls is constructed from the jaw bone of a large demon. The jaw is segmented into several pieces that are all held tightly in place by a mechanism built into the handle. In it’s base form the bottom side of the jaw bone acts like a large club, while the other side acts as a serrated cleaver. When Thalia engages the mechanism of this weapon, the segmented pieces separate from one another causing the maul like weapon to become a long reaching whip.

Weapon 3: The Sword in the Sword!- Thalia thinks herself especially clever for the creation of this weapon. Sword in the Sword is just is made up of two components one being a small straight sword, and the other being its large claymore like sheath who’s edges are filed down to a blade like sharpness. When the small straight sword is placed into it’s sheath, it is locked into place and becomes a large claymore, giving Thalia just a little extra reach.

Weapon 4: Stake Glove- Borrowing from the design of the Gun Hammer, Thalia has created a gauntlet with a contraption on top that houses a large metal stake and a slot for two small canisters to fit in. A metal bar rests in the palm of Thalia’s hand, and with a small tug the lever triggered the two canisters to combust, thus launching Thalia’s arm and the stake forward with much needed extra power. The thrust generated allows the stake the puncture through thick steel and the hides of the beasts she hunts.

    Weapon Weakness: I really wish you wouldn’t have moved- The explosive power of the Stake glove may be a force to be reckoned with, but it also comes at the cost of leaving Thalia wide open to attack if she misses her mark. Not only that, but she must also reload the gauntlet each time she attempts an empowered strike.

Weapon 5: Shock Mace- Perhaps one of Thalia’s favorite and more reliable weapons, the Shock Mace is just a straight up bludgeoning tool. A long metal pole with a leather hand grip and a large metal orb on the end, the Shock Mace appears to be like any other mace, but what makes it so special and give it it’s name, its the small metallic flakes that sit inside the large metal orb. These flakes are the same material that Thalia makes her Thunder Resin Paper from. When the mace is moved in any way, the metallic flakes rub up against each other and the inside of the orb causing it to ignite with sparks of electricity allowing the young hunter to shock anything she chooses to bash with it.

    Weapon Weakness: Bzzzzzz- Much like what happens to Thalia whenever a weapon buffed with Thunder Resin Paper get wet, the Shock Mace tends to rebound its shocking effect on Thalia whenever it gets wet.

Weapon 5: Demon Hunters Blunderbuss- A very wide barreled shotgun used to mow down many of the demon’s that Thalia hunts down. The blunderbuss has a range of roughly three feet, but it packs one hell of a punch. The shotgun only fires one packed canister of shot and must be reloaded after each shot.

Weapon 6: Piercing Rifle- For the jobs that don’t entirely require Thalia to get her hands dirty, or for those pesky beasts that try to run from her, the Piercing Rifle is just the tool for the job. Borrowing inspiration from the guns she’s seen on earth, Thalia has managed to craft a very long and crude looking sniper rifle. This rifle fires a round and packs a similar punch to that of a .50cal

Thalia’s design only allows for her to chamber one round at a time which means she must reload the rifle after every shot.

The Minions

Summoned via Thalia’s beckoning bell.

-[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The Fluff

- A rose by any other name!- As stated before, Heart is unique among Arcadian demons, especially for the knights, but for a different reason that one might think. Heart is actually a failed attempt at cloning the proud Arcadian queen Madeline. An ambitious demon sought to make an exact copy of his beloved queen. However the materials and method used to create the clone failed to produce an exact copy of Madeline and resulted in Heart’s unique birth.

- Arcadia will not let you sleep!- Despite being a failed clone of Madeline, Heart still possesses some of Madeline’s endless essence. Because of this, the realm of Arcadia will not let it’s impostor queen die. Upon suffering damage that would otherwise be fatal, Heart is pulled back to Arcadia and placed into a sort of sleep like state till she has fully recovered.

- Quite the mind for invention!- What Thalia lacks in strength she makes up for in smarts. Being given the impossible task of hunting down rogue demons that are hundreds of times stronger than her, Heart had to adapt and find was to close the gap between her and her targets. To that end, the little demon has become very resourceful and has become quite the inventor. Using materials found across Arcadia and Earth, Heart has created an entire workshop lined with weapons and tools to use in her hunts.

- I was trained by a goddess of war!….and a rock.- Despite Thalia’s lack of raw physical power, she has shown to have a gift for learning. Since falling under Club and Madeline’s tutelage, Heart has grown leaps and bounds in terms of combat effectiveness. Learning how to fight from Arcadia’s two strongest demons has allowed Thalia to become extremely proficient in hand to hand combat and combat with weapons, putting her near Madeline in terms of skill.

- It’s better if you don’t look into my eyes!- More of a precaution than anything, Thalia occasionally dons a blindfold to protect others from her petrifying gaze. In the instance that she is wearing a blindfold, she will use her hair to feel around and help her navigate.

- Crude weapons- Because Thalia lacks the ability to generate any sort of magical energy and has a fear of her paralyzing gaze backfire on her, all of her weapons are made with simple metals and are often left unpolished giving off a very rough and rugged look.

- How else would a hunter get around, a van?- Since Thalia is Arcadian, she is able to teleport anywhere in the world from Arcadia. (cant be used in combat)

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Thalia  Empty Re: Thalia

Post by Shadowoof November 25th 2017, 5:13 am

Hunt for the blood...

Anyway, been approved unless stated otherwise.

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

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