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Johanna Sharpe

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Johanna Sharpe Empty Johanna Sharpe

Post by Johanna Sharpe May 23rd 2017, 9:21 pm

Johanna Sharpe

"I’ll be taking that, thank you very much!"

The Bio

Real Name: Johanna Sharpe (also goes by Hanna, Anna, Ann, Jo)
Renegade Name: Ms. Fortune
Title: The Nimble Shadow, The Trickster
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: N/A
Hair: White
Eyes: Turquoise
Height: 5feet 6inches
Weight: 108lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


The Personality

Johanna may seem like a shy naive and timid girl on the surface but this couldn’t be further from the truth. At her very core Johanna is a very smug and prideful individual. leading a mostly sheltered lifestyle, the young master thief in the making tends to take great pride in who her parents are and were and does her best to walk in their old shoes despite her parents better efforts to raise her proper. Johanna tends to be exceedingly playful and outgoing with those she comes across. It’s really hard to tell if this is to play up her innocents or if this more of her looking down on others in a manor of superiority as if she knows their is no way others could truly match up to her in skill and lineage.

Johanna is a wise cracker and a huge fan of practical jokes, often employing both aspects of her personality to aid in her adventures of thievery and the occasional run in with anyone brave enough to try and stop her/ get in her way. Despite almost always finding herself in sticky or troubling situations, the young girl somehow always seems to have a level head and cool demeanor.  

The Story

Johanna’s parents are the main focus of her story. Her father was once considered one of the most feared and powerful mob bosses in New York City, and her mother was a very accomplished master thief. Being a major practitioner of stolen goods, Johanna’s father was often targeted by her mother. The two shared several ‘friendly’ encounters before finally realizing they had a thing for one another. The two criminals kept a tight grip on New York for quite some time, and even had their fair share of run ins with those of the heroic moral compass.

After spending several years ruling over New York’s underground, the two villains suddenly dropped off the map. They had learned that they were going to be having a child and made the conscious decision that they did not want to bring a baby into that kind of environment. Both Johanna’s father and mother decided to change their evil ways and reformed their actions. The two went on to become super heroes, using their knowledge of the underground, and their former connections to help clean up the streets. Shortly after Johanna was born, her parents went into a shallow retirement. Her father went on to start a tech company and used his natural smarts to create various useful breakthroughs in science, Johanna’s mother joined him shortly after giving birth to the baby girl.

Johanna spent most of her life growing up in the lab with her father and mother and gained a natural talent for inventing things at a very young age from helping her parents out. The young girl idolized her parents not only because she thought they were the coolest people ever for the things they created, but because they were heroes, the kind of heroes that other people looked up to, and Johanna took grate pride in that. Her ego was often fed when she’d go to school and all the kids were approach her and tell her how cool they though her parents were.

As Johanna got older, hanging around the lab seemed to have less and less of an effect on her mood. She began almost seeing it as a chore. Her parents were over protective and would never let her in on any of the major projects they were working on. They had also stopped allowing her to build things on her own after they discovered she had put together her own superhero kit. The last thing her parents wanted for their young daughter to be doing, was sneaking out at night and playing superhero. They didn’t want her getting hurt, but this behavior had an inadvertent effect on the young girl.

Johanna began to grow suspicious of her parents overprotectiveness. At first she chalked it up to it just being parent things, but after overhearing an argument one night between her father and mother, the young girl decided to do some investigating. It was then that she learned that her parents weren't exactly the shining beacons of light she had always thought them to be. The shocking revelation that both of her role models were in fact some of the worst criminals at one point in their lives was enough to bring the young girls world crashing down around her. She began to distance herself more and more from her parents after that point, and after a ‘chance’ encounter with someone, decided that if her parents were going to be the way they were, then she had the right to do what she wanted. Taking their hypocritical actions to heart, Johanna set out to make a name for herself, but not in a good way. Rather than follow in the good example her parents had set up for her, Johanna walked down the opposite path. As a way to prove to herself that she was indeed her parent’s daughter and to see if she had what it took to live up to their old reputations, she set out to try her hand at thievery. It slowly started with her using the abilities she had inherited from her father and mother to take things from their lab little by little to make herself a suit and a few gadgets. Once she learned that she could get away with that, and with her gadgets in hand she set out to put her skills to the test in the real world.

The Priority

1. Agility 1
2. Endurance 3
3. Reaction 2
4. Strength 4

The Powers

Power 1: Superhuman Strength- Inherited from her father, Johanna is naturally gifted with superhuman strength. The young thief is able to lift upwards of 40 tons, and uses her pumped up muscle system to increase her athleticism to great heights. Johanna is capable of leaping up to two stories into the air with a simple kick off the ground. Johanna’s enhanced muscles also allow her to react at a much faster rate than the average human and giving her the opportunity to dodge bullets if she is far enough away.

Power 2: Superhuman Durability- Much like her strength, Johanna also inherited superhuman durability from her father. The young girl is able to withstand a heavy amount of physical punishment and live to tell the tale. This isnt to say she cant be knocked out, but for reasons unknown, Johanna possesses a level of durability that allows her to live through attacks that would otherwise kill a normal human being. Johanna’s enhanced durability also gives her a slight degree of accelerated healing, which allows cuts, bruises, and burns to heal in a matter of minutes. Damaged organs or severed limbs take hours to days to heal based on the severity of the wound.

Power 3: Wall Crawling- Through the use of a special and very acute form of energy manipulation, Johanna is able to enhance the flux of forces on surfaces she touches, which in turn creates a form of van der waals force, allowing the young girl to stick to most surfaces and crawl/walk along them effortlessly.

Power 4: Superhuman Agility- Johanna has an extraordinary level of athleticism and acrobatics due to her enhanced muscular system. The young master thief to be is capable of pulling off Olympic level feats of acrobatics with very little effort and is able to further improve upon them through sheer strength and control of her body. Johanna has a heightened sense of balance and is incredible hard to knock off her feet, and in the event that she is, the young girl is quickly able to recover with ease.

Power 5: Cat’s Claws- Johanna has the ability to extend her nails and retract them at will. Her nails are naturally pointed and almost claw like and are incredible sharp. The young girl is able to easily use her nails to cut glass and tear clean through Kevlar.

Power 6: Bad Luck Aura- An ability Johanna believes to be inherited from her mother, her bad luck aura is always active and allows for the young girl to have incredible luck. While in combat, this ability acts subconsciously when Johanna is faced by someone she perceives to be a threat. In this instance her opponent with be stricken with a sudden and freak case of bad luck (Works freely on NPCs, PC permission is required.) When a person is afflicted with bad luck they may experience any number of things ranging from equipment malfunctions to even so much as an allergy attack. All this occurs in an effort to protect Johanna from any harm. In the event that an opponent is able to overcome the effects of bad luck, the power instead provides Johanna with a way to protect or defend in some way by using her Spacial Precognition as a buffer.

Power 7: Spacial Precognition- Though Johanna might be able to see them with her eyes, her brain is able to passively sense the energies of past, present, and future. This ability is triggered when an action is taken within Johanna’s line of sight. Upon the very flinching of a persons muscles, ripples are sent cascading through these energies. Johanna’s brain then detects those ripples and then feeds it back through the girl’s ocular nerves, projecting a series of ‘possible’ future outcomes based on the initial movement. It is then up to Johanna to pick one of these ‘futures’ and act on them. If she chooses right it could allow her to avoid disaster, if she chooses wrong it could lead to putting her in a bad position.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Mysteries of the Mystic Arts!- Wounds inflicted via magical attacks or items tend to slow down or halt Johanna’s accelerated healing altogether.  

Weakness 2: Sticks and Stones cant break my bones, but they can pierce my skin if they’re pointy!- Even with her impressive durability, Johanna’s skin is susceptible to being punctured or pierced by bullets, and blades.

Weakness 3: You stop that!- Though Johanna is able to passively manipulate the latent energy in her surroundings to produce a variation of van der waals force to stick to walls, flooding said area with energy or static electricity will hamper her ability to do so, effectively grounding her till said charges dissipate.

Weakness 4: My Eyes!- Johanna’s precognitive ability as well as her Bad Luck Aura are both based on her line of sight. This means neither power can be triggered or work if her vision is obstructed in some way, be it an object in her way, a blindfold, or out right blinding her.

Weakness 5: Didn’t Know my ears were this sensitive.- Johanna’s ears are very sensitive and while loud noises wont bother her, high frequency noises just as a dog whistle will mess with and disrupt her equilibrium causing her to experience an intense dizzy spell upon hearing said high frequency noises.

Weakness 6: Power overwhelming!- Flooding an area with energy or continued use of energy based abilities around Johanna can cause her slight discomfort in the form of headaches and can even skew or hinder her spatial precognition abilities in the form of glitches, such as seeing the same outcome twice or even omitting results all together.  

Weakness 7: I don’t have eyes in the back of my head!- In order for Johanna’s precognitive ability to kick in, an action must be started within her field of vision. Anything that happens out side of that does not trip this attack. This can also be used in the advantage of her would-be attackers if they were to coordinate their attacks in such a way that focuses Johanna’s attention on the decision she must make without ever knowing about whats going on around her.

Weakness 8: The future is what you make it!- Even with Johanna’s incredible ability to see into the very near future, the ‘futures’ she sees are only a possibility and none of them are exact, it’s even possible for some of these visions to never even come to pass. The ability to make use of this power comes down to human error. Johanna most decide which of the ‘possible futures’ she sees is the one that will come to pass and then act on it.

The Items

Item 1: Web Shooters- Using a stolen schematic her father was working on, Johanna was able to reverse engineer the technology to create a pair of wrist mounted launchers capable of firing a sticky and highly durable thread composed of several materials. The strands fired from these wrist-mounted devises carry a tensile strength of around 300 pounds per square millimeter. The shooting mechanism is capable of launching a single strand of this thread up to 100ft away. Johanna has also taken the liberty of tweaking her fathers design, by allowing her to not only shoot strands of the sticky thread but also small ball like projectiles.

    Weakness 1: Only one pair on hand- Johanna only carries around a single set of the experimental shoots she’s created. In addition to this, it is extremely difficult to create the threading fired by the shooters, so Johanna only carries around about 4 refills. The wrist mounted devices are also highly susceptible to electric based attacks and abilities. Taking a hit from any sort of high voltage will render the shooters useless until Johanna can repair or replace them.

Item 2: Serrated Whip- Disguised as a belt, Johanna carries a serrated whip around with her as a means of offensive protection. Despite her incredible strength, the young girl prefers to keep people at a distance and this whip is no exception. Aside from using the whip as a weapon, the young girl also employs it as a secondary way of apprehending things such as people or objects.

Item 3: Trap Mines/Grenades- Often never used, Johanna has created a series of small disk like trap mines that she carries around with her. Despite being a bitter child and turning to a life of crime in defiance of her parents, Johanna doesn't like to hurt people if it can be avoided. Because of this, the small disk mines she carries with her are filled with a sleeping gas agent. The dispersal mechanic of the mines only allows for them to release a quick blast of the gas in a small area about a foot high and two feet wide. The small radius of the mines means that Johanna must place them in high places or on walls roughly at shoulders height.

    Weakness 2: Limited supply- Johanna only ever carries about 3-4 of these sleeping gas mines on her at any given time. Due to their compact design the mines also carry vary little of the sleeping gas agent. In order to be used effectively Johanna must have placed them in locations in advance or must risk being hit by the sleeping agent herself if she tries to use them in the middle of combat by popping one in an opponents face.

Item 4: Wonder- A mysterious drug given to the young girl by a shady mob boss, Wonder when taken, causes Johanna’s spacial precognition to go haywire. Instead of predicting possible futures, it instead causes the young girls mind to kick into overdrive, effecting the world around her. When this happens, reality is warped in such a way that those in the immediate vicinity, including Johanna, are transported to a bright and imaginative world. In this strange, exotic, and otherwise outlandish version of reality, all bets are off when it comes to physics and death becomes nonexistent. Anything that happens while Johanna is under the effects of this drug are also null and void once the drug wares off. Everyone is returned back to the state they were in prior to Johanna taking the drug, except for Johanna who is left in a very foggy and disoriented state. During this time her precognition is also shut down. (permission is required by all participating parties in the thread before this can be used.)

    Weakness 3: No Wonder, Its Wonder! Even though the mysterious psycho-narcotic is meant to aid Johanna in a jam, the drug is more of a hindrance to her than those affected by the young girls influence. When coming down off of the drug, Johanna is left in an extremely groggy state and her brain is unable to pick up or make any reads on the ripples created through the latent energy in the area, as a matter of fact, said ripples act more like a tsunami and assault the poor girls mind for a short duration after, which leaves Johanna with serious migraines.

The Minions

The Fluff

-Johanna’s true heritage is a lie and she is unaware of it.
-For reasons ‘unknown’ Johanna is immortal. Upon death she is claimed by a cloud of mysterious shadows. She is later revived with no memory of her death.
-Her Pupils are much like a cats in looks.

The RP Sample

Application created by [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] | This code is open-source and available for free use.

The Characters
Johanna Sharpe
Johanna Sharpe
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Johanna Sharpe Empty Re: Johanna Sharpe

Post by Thorgron May 23rd 2017, 11:17 pm

Super awesome, approved until stated otherwise

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