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Johanna Sharpe's Advancements

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Johanna Sharpe's Advancements Empty Johanna Sharpe's Advancements

Post by Johanna Sharpe on December 21st 2017, 3:49 am

Item/Character Advancement Name: The Princess of Arcadia

Item/Character Advancement Description: In a recent revelation, Johanna discovered that she was no ordinary metahuman. As it was revealed to her in a visit from her real mother, Madeline, the demon queen of Arcadia. Not wanting to accept this as truth Johanna tried to flee and clear her mind. Moments later however she’d come to grips with this revelation and would fight her mother to blow off some steam.
The fight between mother and daughter resulted in Johanna finally tapping into the dark Arcadian powers the had laid dormant within her. Johanna can now manipulate the vast dark energy that makes up her mothers realm and as it runs in the family, Johanna now thrives on battle and will continually grow stronger over the course of a fight.

Item Power(s):

Power 1: It’s my domain now too!- Like her mother, Johanna is able to tap into the vast well of dark energy of Arcadia and bend it to her will. She can call forth this energy in the form of projectile or wave based attacks or her more preferred method, use the darkness to create and imitate the webbing fired from her web shooters. These dark energy webs act very similar to the compound Johanna crafted for her shooters. This allows the girl to swing around on tendrils of dark energy and even use it to bind and seize objects. Johanna’s imagination is the only limit to what she can and cannot do with this dark energy.

Power 2: The fight, it calls to me!- Johanna is naturally drawn towards battle and conflict. Something she has only started to experience after robbing her mothers idols from a museum in Chicago. While in a fight, Johanna’s body temperature begins to rise. As the young girl continues to heat up her strength grows by half every so many minutes. This continues to happen over the course of a battle until Johanna’s body can no longer take the extravagant amounts of heat it builds up.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):

Weakness 1: Well duh, it’s called dark energy!”- The dark energy called forth and manipulated by Johanna is weakened greatly when used in broad daylight. Where the webs would normally be able to subdue even the toughest of metas, it cant even support Johanna’s weight while swinging in the daylight. For this reason, Johanna is restricted to using this power indoors or at night.

Weakness 2: Not quite sure how much of this I can take- The heat and energy that Johanna’s body starts to give off as she warms up to a fight actually interferes with her precognitive ability. While towards the beginning it’s hardly noticeable, as the fight drags on, the energy begins to muddy her precog power and eventually shut it off completely. On top of this the interference caused by the energy causes the small ripples in the latent energy around her to turn into raging waves. This causes Johanna to experience intense headaches while she’s fighting as every little move someone makes suddenly feels like someone is hitting her up side the head with a sledgehammer.  

Item/Character Advancement Price: 5exp

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Johanna Sharpe's Advancements Empty Re: Johanna Sharpe's Advancements

Post by Bliss on December 21st 2017, 6:43 pm



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