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Pyrrha Empty Pyrrha

Post by Pyrrha January 11th 2018, 7:44 pm


"Dry your tears. A smile far better suits a hero."

The Bio

Real Name: Pyrrha
Hero Name: The Warrior of Light
Title: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Unknown Race from a far off universe.
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Right eye is bright white, left is dark brown
Height: 5’4
Weight: 124lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks


The Personality

Pyrrha is the very definition of a hero. It isn’t for nothing that the people of her home world would refer to her as either Hero or Warrior of Light. Pyrrha is not above doing even the most mundane or menial of tasks, if it means she can help someone in some way. Pyrrha is the type of person who looks to bring joy and a smile to everyone’s faces. She is one to never back down from protecting the innocent and will put her all into staving off any agents of darkness or those who would bring harm to others.

In her past life, when she was one of the ancient peoples, she held the position of traveler on the high counsel. Her job took her far and wide where she interacted with many and enjoyed life much more than those who remained held up in the capital. Back then she had an infectious nature of lifting peoples spirits. For her there was more joy in meeting and befriending people that there was in creating, which was what brought joy to most ancient peoples of her world. For Pyrrha the true test of ones powers were not the things they could weave out of thin air with their magiks, but rather the bonds that could be forged through common goals and like minds. These ideals remain true to this day. Pyrrha will always try to see the light in all before condemning them. Everyone deserves a second chance…to a degree.

Pyrrha is quite joyful and playful and isnt above slacking off or remarking with some degree of snark where it fits. She isnt about that doom and gloom, no, even in the darkest times, when even fate seems out to get her, she will always remember words once spoken to her by a dear friend who’s life was cut tragically short. “Wipe your tears. Fate my be cruel, but a smile far better suits a hero.”

The Story

Long, long ago in a far of universe there existed a planet, and on this planet life flourished. The planet was so rich in mystical energy that it seeped into the inhabitants of the world and with it, gave them understanding and power. The people used this planet to become closer to the planet and it doing so were gifted with the most potent form of magic imaginable, creation magic. There was naught that the people of this world couldn’t do with their incredible gift. The people or ancients as they eventually came to be known by, were not a hostile people, and where history has shown time and time again that power corrupts, the Ancients stood tall and only bettered themselves and the planet that granted them life.

The Ancient people built sprawling and majestic cities that dotted the landscape. Each not only a technical marvel, but visually stunning as well. If one were ever given the opportunity to bare witness to this civilization, they would weep, not just for the splendour of such a beautiful sight, but also for a home that has been lost. The Ancient people not only used their powers to improve their society, but with this great power also came vast knowledge and so great debates were often held as a mere past time. The these people time seemed everlasting.

However, as all would know, most good things must eventually come to an end. At first the civilization was subject to a few natural occurrence here and there such as earthquakes or meteor showers. But as time went on the frequency and intensity of these disasters began to increase. This put the ancient people on high alert, and the wisest and most powerful among them formed a counsel with the soul purpose of discovering what was happening to their home and how to stop it. The counsel consisted of fourteen members each as wise as the next and each specializing in a certain field.

It was no shock that when the counsel convened for just the first time that with their minds all focused on a single problem, they were able to figure out what was afflicting their planet. The fourteen members soon deduced that the very edges of their reality had begun to fray and in time horrible and unspeakable things would begin to spill fourth into their reality and cause everything to become unbalanced. While the counsel of fourteen was quick to assess the situation which was to inevitably befall their realm, they were much divided on how to deal with the threat of impending doom.

It took several weeks of deliberation and planning. And while the counsel struggled to find common ground, the worst of their fears had begun to manifest. Cities around the world began to crumble and fall. Buildings burned and rivers ran red with blood all around the world. At the same time a blight began to spread across the land, sapping it of all its magical energy. In a desperate attempt to halt and prevent the destruction of their home, the counsel agreed to give the planet a will of its own. That is to say, the planned to create a being so powerful it could halt the spread of destruction and even reverse it. However a summoning of such a being required power, power they couldn’t draw from the planet as it was being bled. And this is where friction began to emerge among the counsel as one member did not approve of the method the other thirteen members had proposed.

And still despite this sudden backlash from one of their own, the other members set about to put their plan in motion. And so the remaining thirteen members of the counsel relayed their plan to the masses and in an overwhelming response of selflessness, half of their population offered up their life force in order to summon forth a god to save their planet.

And save the planet the god did. However, the damage had already been done. Nearly ninety percent of the planets surface had been scared and left barren. When the counsel spoke with their summoned god they asked for the restoration of their lands, to which the god responded that staving off the apocalypse had all but sapped him of his power. The thirteen would hold counsel once more and decide that half of their remaining population would be offered up to the god in order to restore the planet and all its life. And so the god would go forth and terraform the planet and new life would begin to take hold. This new life was unique and devoid off all the ancients traits. Seeing these new lives flourish in the world the god had created, affirmed the exiled counsel member of one thing, this new life should be allowed to carry on.

When the gods work was done, the thirteen drew up a new plan, one that would bring back their sacrificed brethren. The thirteen would offer up this new life so that their god would have the power to bring their people back. The exiled member felt that this did not honor their peoples sacrifice and that the calamity was just a sign of the changing times. The ancients had lived very long lives, lives where the concept of time didn’t exist, but this new life, it was fragile, mortal, and that was something they felt needed to be protected.

Upon learning of the thirteens new plan, the fourteenth member once again tried to plead with the others. After another argument, the fourteenth member left the group and set about in finding a way to stop the thirteen and the genocide they were willing to commit. Fortunately the defector would find a few like minded individuals among the masses that shared a similar mindset. But how did such a small group go about stopping a being so powerful? Where were they to begin? The answer was almost a slap in the face. They would summon their own god to counteract the one the thirteen had summoned. With the other god weakened from halting the destruction, the newly summoned god wouldn’t require that much strength to win.

And so, in secret, the summoning was performed, and the new god was called forth. Their battle would shake the very heavens but ultimately the god of light would win out, and with a final devastating blow, the god of light would shatter the very fabric of reality, resulting in the ancient peoples and their home to be fragmented into fourteen shards. Only a few of the original counsel members survived the great sundering and could only look on in disgust of what had been left in the wake of destruction. Their people, their families, their friends, all fragmented into lesser beings and species spread across the fourteen fragments of their former home. And none were aware of their creation. Each was completely oblivious to the things they had lost.

And so the surviving members of the counsel sought out to erase the blunder caused by their foolhardy comrade. They would do everything in their power to restore their god and bring back the world they had lost. The god of light, aware of the new reality it now found itself at the center of, knew that this new existence needed to be protected. Things could not be allowed to go back to how they were. These new beings deserved a chance to live their mediocre, mundane, but beautiful lives. And so, The god of light set out to bestow a blessing upon select inhabitants of each fragment, so that they might be able to hold the revenge driven counsel members at bay, or slay them if needs be. This is where our story of Pyrrha begins.

For Pyrrha, her early life is shrouded in a thick fog. She barely remembers her parents or much from her childhood. At best she can remember that her parents weren’t really her parents, but rather a lovely elderly couple that raised her. Her father was a retired capitol city guard and her mother, a florist. Pyrrha remembers vaguely being trained by the old man in combat, while her mother raised her to be proper and respectful of others. And that is all she can really remember about them. For some reason her memory only seems at its clearest starting just a few years ago.

Pyrrha had woken up in the back of a wagon, her mind still in a haze from just waking up. In her company were and old traveling merchant and two young elven siblings, twins. She recalled having a rather spirited conversation with the merchant as he explained his business in the city they were traveling to, and how a strapping young lass such as herself should enlist in the local adventurers guild. And that is where things truly began for Pyrrha. At first she was running menial tasks for the local guild leaders, but before long she was swept into the heart of a political struggle between the free peoples of her homeland, and the invading forces of a foreign empire. It was during this time that Pyrrha learned she was one of the few beings that had received the god of lights blessing.

She was tasked with using the power bestowed upon her to help quell the rising summonings of lesser gods that the empire had essentially pressured the tribes of Pyrrha’s homeland into doing. With each god felled, Pyrrha’s power grew, and so did her fame. This only caused her to become a main target the empire needed to deal with. But in facing these increasing struggles, Pyrrha would make allies, and together they would ultimately put a stop to the empires invasion.

Frustrated with their failings, the empire would focus their attention on the neighboring lands and with relative ease, they would conquer them. Pyrrha along with her allies would not rest till the empire had been driven from their lands completely, and so, once again they rushed head on into danger. Pyrrha looked only to put the blessing bestowed upon her to good use. But allies and good intentions would only take her so far. Eventually Pyrrha would come to learn that the empires advances and pension for destruction were all being stirred up by the remnants of an ancient bygone people. And through several encounters with these survivors of the thirteen, Pyrrha would learn the nature of her being.

While not having the full picture, Pyrrha and her comrades would faced with the notion that if they were to stop this new and more imposing foe, Pyrrha would need to become stronger. The young adventurer sought guidance from the one who beseeched her with her gift. The ancients words would be affirmed by the god of light, and Pyrrha would learn she was merely part of a whole, but with her blessing, she’d be able to ‘rejoin’ with others like her to gain more strength.

While on her mission to liberate the occupied lands of the empire, Pyrrha would accomplish her task of getting stronger by meeting others like her, each in some different state of being. Some were old and near death, others were hardy adventurers such as herself. Each one would be convinced by the god of light to rejoin with Pyrrha, that with their strength combined, they could see everlasting peace brought to their world. And so Pyrrha and her friends would press on, their noble mission would bring them face to face with three of the five remaining counsel members, each twisted and driven by their desire to see their home restored. Each encounter pushed Pyrrha to her limits, but she persevered, driven by her own desire to protect those around her.

Pyrrha continued her pursuit to free the peoples and lands conquered by the empire. This would lead young Pyrrha and her friends to come face to face with several remaining ancients. Each battle with the ancient counsel members proved to be an arduous task, but with the strength Pyrrha had acquired from rejoining, she was able to persevere. Seeing their brothers fail, the remaining two ancients chose to divert their attention to other worlds. With the god of light focused on keeping her champion alive and containing the fallen god, it was easy for the remaining two counsel members to acquire the power necessary for their god to be reborn.

With nothing else to stop her, Pyrrha rallied the nations of her home and called them to arms. The would drive the empire out of their lands, but no sooner did they accomplish this, The fallen god broke free of his prison. Using the power gained from the last two ancients’ sacrifices, the fallen god would move to get revenge on the god of light. Having been weakened over eons of holding the darkness at bay and constantly protecting her champion, the god of light knew she’d be no match for her counterpart. So it fell to Pyrrha to save the day. It was at this time the god of light called upon Pyrrha and explained her origins. Her foggy memories of her childhood were for good reason. It turned out she wasn’t a normal child at all. In fact, she was a shard of the god of light given form. It explained why her connection to the god was so strong and why Pyrrha needed to rejoin.

Facing now her greatest challenge, the god of light had one final gift for her champion. The two would become one. Pyrrha would be that much closer to becoming whole, becoming who she used to be, before the universe had been shattered. Now eight times rejoined, Pyrrha stood against the fallen god. Their battle would push the young adventurer to her very limits but in the end, with a little help and encouragement from her dearest friends, Pyrrha dug deep down and used every ounce of might she had to finally expel the fallen god for good. And with him defeated so to did the last remnants of a bygone age also fade into nothingness.

Having brought peace to her world, Pyrrha used her new found powers to travel to the other worlds where she lent them her aid in an effort to undo the wrongs wrought by the ancient peoples. When Pyrrha was certain she had done all she could for the other worlds, she returned to her home. And while all seemed happy and peaceful, Pyrrha couldn’t help but feel like there was more she could do. If there existed other worlds in her universe, then perhaps there were others out there that could use a warrior of light. Someone to lend a hand to those in need. And so with this in mind, Pyrrha secluded herself away in a tower filled with ancient knowledge and once again invoked her power to reach across the stars. It was here where she found a world ripe with adventure and in need of heroes. After bidding farewell to her friends, Pyrrha summoned her trusty mount and called forth a portal to that new world and thus Pyrrha’s adventure in our world begins.

The Powers

Power 1: A Warrior of Light and Her Blessing- Pyrrha is a severed fragment of the god of light and the fractured remains of the one who offered them self up in defiance of the counsel of fourteen to summon the god of light. Pyrrha’s extremely unique heritage has granted her a measure of both ancient and primal power. Through her trials and travels, Pyrrha has sought out and rejoined with six of her kindred spirits and rejoined with them. Through these rejoinings, Pyrrha has seen a substantial growth in her strength, durability, and speed. Absorbing and reuniting with the god of light she was formed from has also granted her the ability to manipulate the latent energies that flow through her, that her people have come to call aether.

  • A: Enhanced Strength- Having been rejoined six times, Pyrrha drifts ever closer to becoming whole. Each of these rejoinings have served to increase her overall strength, couple this with the fact that she is also a small part of the god of light from her realm, she is capable of exerting a considerable amount of force with her physical attacks. This equates to roughly five to ten tons of force and can only exceed this under Special Circumstances**.  

    B: Super Durability- Pyrrha is no stranger to combat. Ever since she was able to pick up a weapon and fight, she has found herself in numerous encounters, some of which a normal human being would not survive. The young adventurer has no doubt built up a serious boost in durability thanks to her heritage. This boosted durability means Pyrrha’s body possesses a high degree of toughness that would allow her to withstand even the most severe of beatings, escaping with just a few scratches and bruises. Pyrrha has also shown the ability to withstand both extreme ends of the temperature spectrum making heat and cold have little effect on her.  Pyrrha’s skin though enough to withstand explosions and extreme temperatures and beatings from other powerful individuals.

    C: Enhanced Speed- Like most aspects of Pyrrha’s physical prowess, her average movement speed has increased substantially due to her many rejoinings. Pyrrha can roughly travel at speeds up to mach 1 and is capable of instantly accelerating and decelerating to and from top speed.  

    D: Energy Projection- Because Pyrrha is a fragment of the god of light from her realm, the young adventurer has a infinite pool of energy flowing throughout her body. Pyrrha can expend this energy out of her body in a variety of ways. This usually takes form in the shape of projectiles that range in size, waves of varying strength, omnidirectional blasts, and the formation of shields or barriers and is mostly applied to how she performs many of the actions that her various jobs can pull off.  The energy let off by Pyrrha in a way, acts similar to super heated plasma. The heat is intense enough to melt through most standard metals with high melting points if put under the stress of a beam or wave of energy for long enough. Being hit by a simple blast or orb of this energy will result in the opponent receiving minor burns, as their contact with the energy in these forms is very rapid. The orbs/blasts unleashed by Pyrrha have the equivalent force to one of her punches.

    E: Energy Resistance- Much like her ability to project the energy within her body, Pyrrha’s body is built to resist all manor of energy and most radiation that is directed at her. The impact of said attacks will still apply but any side effects these carry will be mitigated.

    F: **Rising to the Challenge (The Special Circumstance)- Despite Pyrrha appearing in every way shape and form as a mortal being she has shown time and time again that she is anything but. On countless occasions Pyrrha has managed to go toe to toe with some of the most powerful beings imaginable and has prevailed each time despite never showing the strength to do so otherwise. This is because deep down, there is something that burns greatly within the young hero. She will never fail to rise to any challenge laid before her and for this reason, despite her everyday feats never seeming to be anything incredible, she had managed to best gods and even the very ancients themselves. In a much simpler way to explain this, Pyrrha has the ability to match the physical attributes of those stronger than her.

Power 1: A Tool for Every Job- In the land Pyrrha originally hails from, people especially adventurers are know to specialize in a particular discipline of combat many akin to what the people of our world would familiarize as traditional rpg classes. Pyrrha on the other hand, has shown the ability to learn a lifetimes worth of knowledge and skill just from a few lessons with masters of each art. The young hero sports a wide range of combat rolls that she can swap to freely on the fly, each sporting their own unique fighting styles, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • awaULLt.png

    A: Red Mage(Rapier and focus)- The Red Mage focuses on maintaining a delicate balance between casting white or black magic. When casting a spell of either type, the focus with fill with a portion of mana used to cast said spell. This class has a large focal point on also striking a balance between also using a combination of spells and melee attacks, making it a largely versatile discipline. Each spell cast adds 10 mana to the focus, when either or both mana types reach 80 Pyrrha is able to cast 1 of 3 devastating magics.  

    • White Mana generators
      • Aero 1: After a brief channel, a large ball of magical air is fired from the focus at the target. This blast of air is strong enough to dent light or thin sheets of metal about several inches thick and knock people back or off their feet depending on their level of durability.

        Aero 2: Instead of firing a ball of wind at the target, a ball of wind forms at the targets location then erupts outward with a large gust before wrapping up with a tiny twister that quickly fades. Wind 2 covers an area of about 5 feet and knocks foes away from the center of the blast where the tornado is formed.
        Because Aero 2 effects an area rather than a single target, the force from the blast is much weaker, losing its metal denting strength, but being able to knock people away.

        VerStone: Causes a large stone mass to form at target location before exploding. The force of the stone exploding is roughly the same force as a full on punch from Pyrrha. The stone acts in a similar manner to a fragmentation grenade.

        VerHoly: This ability can only be cast when Pyrrha has accrued up to 80 total white mana. Upon casting this ability several small star like object will fall to the ground around the target which is then followed up by a massive pillar of magical energy erupts skyward from the ground beneath the targets feet. Cleansing all caught in the pillar in a wave of holy fire.
    • Black Mana Generators

      • Thunder 1: Fires a powerful bolt of lightning from Pyrrha’s focus at the target.

        Thunder 2: Calls down a small rain of lightning bolts from overhead on to target location and covers a 5 foot area. Effect lasts for about 2 seconds.

        VerFire: Fires a very powerful ball of fire from Pyrrha’s focus at the target that hits with the same force as a full power punch from Pyrrha. The ball of fire is capable of inflicting minor burns.

        VerFlare: This spell can only be cast when Pyrrha has accrued up to 80 black mana. Upon casting VerFlare a series of fireballs similar in strength to a VerFire fireball form in an area around the target, after about a second or two, the fireballs all explode at once with equal force.
    • Non Mana Generating spells
      • Fleche: With a wave of her makeshift staff formed from her focus affixed to the pummel of her rapier, Pyrrha summons 7 spectral swords. A moment after their summoning, the swords with fly forward homing in on her target, looking to skewer them with enough force to pierce a steel sheet roughly several inches thick.

        Contre Sixte Much like Fleche, Pyrrha summons 7 spectral swords. Instead of homing in on her target and skewering them, these swords all aim for the area around Pyrrha’s target, where they then imbed into the ground and erupt into pillars of energy immediately after these pillars of energy are capable of inflicting minor burns and knocking the opponent off their feet with a force equal to a full power punch from Pyrrha.

        VerCure: This is a minor healing spell Pyrrha is able to cast due to Red Mage sharing a discipline with white magic. This cure spell is capable of healing minor cuts and bruises and reinvigorates the target.

        Scorch: This spell can only be cast by Pyrrha when she had accumulated 80 white and black mana. Upon casting this ultimate spell, a large magical rune will appear beneath the target. The black and white mana will pour forth from the focus into two open areas on the rune, this is then followed up by a massive ground shaking and nearly blinding explosion of magical energy.

    Red Mage cons
    - In order for Pyrrha to reach 80 mana of both black and white, to cast scorch, she must remain in perfect balance. This means Pyrrha cannot allow one mana to out scale the other by more than 20. And example of this would be if she had 30 white mana and only 10 black mana she would be locked out of casting black mana spells untill she emptied her white mana by reaching 80 and using verholy or vice versa.

    -Pyrrha is only able to cast 2 spells per post. equating to roughly generating 20 mana per post, this spell limit also counts toward non mana generators, meaning if she casts a non mana generating spell, then she can only cast 1 other spell in the same post.


    B: Black Mage(Rod/Staff)- The Black Mage is a discipline solely focused on the art of casting destructive spells of ice and fire. This discipline is all about continuous casting of spells rotating between the two spell types to inflict massive damage. The Black Mage is also capable of casting the spells Thunder 1 and 2.

    • Fire Spells
      • Fire 1: Fire 1 is simply the most basic of fire spells, where a small ball of fire is launched from the tip of Pyrrha’s cane at her target. The fireball can put a light dent in the side of a car and is capable of inflicting minor burns.

        Fire 2: Much like Fire 1, Fire 2 is just a simple fire spell that focuses on causing a small burst of flames to erupt at the feet of the target covering a small area of about 3 feet with a brief pool of fire that explodes after a few seconds, knocking opponents back several feet and enveloping opponents in intense heat.

        Fire 3: Fire 3 requires a bit of focus, but after channeling for a few seconds, Pyrrha is able to unleash this spell which projects a large fireball the size of a beach ball at the target that explodes on impact and carries the same force as a VerFire.

        Fire 4: The strongest of the four fire spells, Fire 4 also requires a bit of focus, but upon cast, a large fireball the size of a small car is conjured above the targets head before exploding violently much like a small supernova, but nowhere near as devastating. Instead the force of the blast is strong enough to reduce a trash truck to mere debris.
    • Ice Spells
      • Blizzard 1: Blizzard 1 is an ice spell that hits with a quick snap or bang that almost could go unnoticed if you blinked. The spell simply caused a cold snap in the area the target is standing in, feeling much like a hard punch or slap to the face really.

        Blizzard 2: Casting this spell causes a series of spiraling ice spikes to just abruptly out of the ground all around the caster. This move is mainly used to keep wouldbe attacker away from the caster, but could be employed while in melee distance with brutal results.

        Blizzard 3: Perhaps the most visually stunning of the spells in the Black Mage’s kit, Blizzard 3 caused the air around the target to instantly freeze in the shape of a blossoming flower before shattering with violent force.

        Blizzard 4: With a hoist of her cane towards the heavens, Pyrrha causes the air to freeze above the target. This results in the formation of a massive ice meteor the size of an SUV, and three times as dense, that once formed, plummets down upon the target, aiming to crush them.

    Black Mage cons
    -Unlike Red Mage, Pyrrha must remain still when casting any spell while under the form of Black Mage. This means she much firmly plant herself before unleashing a spell. Because of the extreme focus it takes to cast the devastating magics of a Black Mage, Pyrrha may only cast one spell per post.


    C: Samurai(Katana)- Under the discipline of the Samurai, Pyrrha wields a blade forged from some of the strongest materials known to her home, with the skill and finesse of a master swordsman. The young adventurer wields her blade with deadly prowess and is able to channel her bodily aether into her blade, coating it in an element, greatly enhancing her capabilities and giving her access to special techniques.

    • Wind- By wreathing her blade in the element of wind, Pyrrha is capable of unleashing powerful tornadoes with a simple swing of her blade to sweep or knock foes off their feet or away with the same force as the mighty heroes punches, as well as unleashing a strong enough gust of wind to act as a protective wall in front of her that is able to block just about anything from passing through it for a short time.

      Fire- When Pyrrha cloaks her blade with fire, the flames become an extension of the blade, granting her extra reach (Roughly an extra two feet) with her swings as well as putting the heat on any who try to cross blades with her. Much like with wind, Pyrrha is able to unleash the flames of her blade in various ways, such as scorching torrents or waves of flame.

      Water- Trying to fight Pyrrha while her blade is under the element of water, is like trying to do battle against a tsunami. You’re only asking to be swept away. Water acts in a similar way to the other elements by being able to be unleashed upon Pyrrha’s opponents in a manner of ways. Where wind allowed Pyrrha to fight somewhat defensively, and fire grants her more range, water allows the blade of Pyrrha’s katana to switch between solid and liquid forms. While in its liquid state, the blade can be fired as a projectile, or change its length at will. When fired as a projectile the liquid blade travels at a similar speed to a bullet fired from a sniper rifle and can pierce several inches of steel with ease.

    Samurai cons
    -While the wind wall formed by Pyrrha’s blade is able to hold most projectiles at bay, it cannot deflect or block projectiles of a magic nature, this ranges from spells to weapons that might shoot magically charged ammunition.

    -The effects of each sword form only last while under that fighting style. For example, if Pyrrha were to start in wind form and put up a wind wall, and then switch styles to water, the wind wall would instantly disappear.


    D: Ninja(Dual daggers)- Under the discipline of the ninja, Pyrrha has studied the art of stealth, assassination, and the art of ninjutsu. Pyrrha is able to perform the shunpo while acting as a ninja, which allows her to teleport short distances (roughly 15 feet). Pyrrha is also able to summon a shadow of herself that mimics all her actions for a short time (5 posts).

    • Ninjutsu
      Raiton: Performing the ninjutsu action for Raiton, Pyrrha calls down a powerful bolt of lightning upon her opponent. This can be done from up close or at a considerable range.

      Katon: Performing the ninjutsu action for Katon allows Pyrrha to unleash a torrent of flame from her mouth like a flame thrower. These flames have a reach of up to 3 feet.

      Hyoton: Performing the ninjutsu action for Hyoton allows Pyrrha to unleash an icy cold breath attack that causes the formation of a cage made of solid ice spike that are roughly ten inches in diameter around her opponent. After a few seconds, the ice shatters, causing a blinding effect to those unfortunate enough to escape the ice.

      Suiton: By thrusting her open palm downward after Performing the ninjutsu action for Suiton, a torrent of water will erupt upwards from beneath her targets feet, with enough force to rip through several inches of steel with ease.

    Ninja cons
    -Pyrrha’s shadow clone will only mimic her movements and attacks from her same position. It will not move independently of her and will only attack the same way she does. The shadow clone will also not copy/perform any ninjutsu actions Pyrrha does and in fact will disappear instantly the moment Pyrrha starts casting a ninjutsu. The clone possesses only a fraction of Pyrrha's overall strength. Roughly a quarter.


    E: Monk(Bare fists/Tonfas)- The discipline of the Monk is all about using ones body as a weapon. Nothing else is needed. And this is indeed true. While in this form, Pyrrha sheds all weapons and becomes one herself. In this form, Pyrrha focuses more on using the energy within her to attack and defend in various ways. There are several stances/fighting styles Pyrrha can take on while under the form of the Monk.

    • Fists of Fire: This form is all about augmenting Pyrrha’s muscles with her own energy to increase her strength by 10%. This form allows Pyrrha to unleash heavy damage at the sacrifice of durability. Each blow in this form also unleashes devastating shockwaves capable of splintering a telephone pole.

      Fists of Earth: This form of fighting is all about augmenting Pyrrha’s whole body with her own energy to increase her durability by 10% at the cost of some of her strength(10%). This form is meant for outlasting her opponents and wearing them down through sheer perseverance.

      Fists of Wind: Much like fists of fire, Pyrrha’s energy is used to augment her muscles, increasing her movement speed and increasing the speed of all her actions by 10%. This form is all about striking quick and fast, overwhelming her opponents with a flurry of punches they most likely never saw coming.

      Perfect Balance: This ability is something Pyrrha has acquired since coming to our world. Upon meeting the goddess of war Madeline, Pyrrha was instructed on attaining a new form to utilize while under the discipline of the monk. In enter this form, Pyrrha must clear her mind and allow herself to relax in battle. If all goes well, she will enter the state of Perfect Balance. While in this form, Pyrrha is so in tune with herself that her body acts almost autonomously allowing her to dodge any and all incoming attacks. Because Pyrrha has yet to master this form, she in incapable of holding it for very long and is unable to attack while in the form.

    Monk cons
    -Upon exiting Perfect balance, Pyrrha’s body will suffer an intense wave of pain. A pain that will continue to plague her body for several posts. During this time Pyrrha may seize up or collapse from the pain. Pyrrha is also only able to enter Perfect Balance once per thread (at the moment).

    -There is a short cooldown between when Pyrrha is able to shift fighting forms. If Pyrrha switches to a fighting stance, she must wait a total of 5 posts before being able to swap to a new one.


    F: Gunbreaker(Gunblade)- The discipline of the Gunbreaker is known far and wide on Pyrrha’s world and is heavily contributed to a group of knights who’s sole duty is to protect their queen. Tales of these knight have reached far and wide in Pyrrha’s home and after meeting one of these knights, the young hero took up their call, but she did not do this to protect their queen, but to protect her people, her family, and her friends. In this form Pyrrha wields the deadly gunblade, a weapon focused around storing energy in its cartridges to later be used both offensively and defensively. The gunblade is able to hold up to six charges and each ability consumes a set number of these charges.

    • Danger Zone: Unleashes stored aether in a cone shaped blast in front of Pyrrha capable of cleaving a dump truck in half. Costs 6 charges.

      Demon Slaughter: Pyrrha spins in a full circle, unleashing all the stored charges of aether as she does so, causing a ring of explosions to occur all around her knocking back foes with the same force as a full powered punch from Pyrrha. Costs 6 charges.

      Nebula: Pyrrha discharges several rounds from the gunblades cartridge into the air causing the latent aether around Pyrrha to harden and form a thick barrier around her that weakens the impact of incoming attacks, causing them to only have about half their impact. Costs 3 charges.

      Sonic Break: Pyrrha fires of a single round into the air that causes a deafeningly loud noise to disorientate enemies. Costs 1 charge.

      Bow Shock: After plunging the blade into the ground a cartridge is fired off causing an eruption and burst of aether to emanate outward, knocking foes back and possibly injuring them with minor burns or a lingering aching sensation. Costs 1 charge.

    Gunbreaker cons
    -Because Pyrrha is sensitive to high frequency noises, the sound made by sonic break also affects her. This will cause her to freeze in her tracks and be slightly dazed and open to attack.

    -Pyrrha is only able to recharge 2 cartridges per post. Or all of them at once. If this is done she must wait 2 posts before using any cartridges for attacks with her gunblade.


    G: Dragoon(Lance)- The discipline of the Dragoon is perhaps one of the oldest disciplines in Pyrrha’s home world. The discipline was created during the time of the great dragon wars. This war pitted the valiant yet ever ignorant elves against the mighty and ancient dragons. While the entire tale of the war is both tragic and fantastical, the true focus here is that of the rise of the dragoon. A legion of knights who used the very blood of their foes to fight back. Dragoons are know for being tried and true dragon slayers who fight with the same if not more ferocity than their very prey. Pyrrha is responsible for ending the war that raged on for thousands of years. This was done through her battle with the dread wyrm Nidhogg. Upon slaying the vile dragon, Pyrrha took both of his eyes and consumed their power. Now the blood of the dragon flows through her.

    • Blood of the Dragon: Through this form Pyrrha is granted blood of the dragon. A trait all dragoons possess. Blood of the dragon augments Pyrrha’s body to be like that of a dragon(metaphorically)(Increasing her physical attributes by x10), In reality, it augments Pyrrha’s abilities allowing her to leap high into the air as if to imitate a dragons flight (several hundred feet). The young hero’s Strength, speed, and durability all increased and she gains an aura of blue fire around her.

      Right and Left eye of the dragon: By calling upon the dread wyrm Nidhogg’s power, Pyrrha is granted either left or right eye of the dragon. This will cause the eye to glow a menacing red. While active the power of Nidhogg further augments Pyrrha’s natural abilities on top of what she receives from blood of the dragon (Increases blood of the dragon's boost by another x10).

      Life of the Dragon: If Pyrrha decides to activate both eyes of Nidhogg, her power and abilities grown immensely. During this time the flaming blue aura becomes blood red. Pyrrha also gains access to two special moves in this state (Star diver and Geirskogul)

      High Jump: Pyrrha leaps high into the air and crashes down on her target at max speed and with enough force to pierce a dragons mighty scales. With the force behind her lance, Pyrrha is able to pierce several inches of even the densest metals by several inches with ease.

      Mirage Dive: Only usable after a high jump, Pyrrha’s shadow springs to life and performs a high jump as well with the same speed and force. These two jumps are used akin to a 1-2 punch.

      Spine Shatter Dive: Pyrrha disappears into the sky high above and explodes downward on her prey with enough force to shatter a dragon's very spine. Much like high jump, the force of this impact, coupled with her lance is enough to reduce even the hardest of materials such as diamonds and the like to dust.

      Dragon Fire Dive: After leaping high into the air, Pyrrha crashes down upon her opponent or the ground. A burst of fire is unleashed in all directions upon landing. The resulting shockwave is enough to overturn large vehicles.

      Star Diver: Pyrrha’s mightiest dive attack. Only usable while under the effects of Life of the dragon. Pyrrha explodes upwards into the heavens with blinding speed. Upon reaching the apex of her jump, Pyrrha explodes downward upon her target with the same unnatural force, decimating anything and everything in her path. In a sense Star Diver is an upgraded form of Dragon Fire Dive. Except in this instance the resulting impact and shockwave are much more powerful and capable of leveling a small building.

      Geirskogul: While under the effect of Life of the Dragon, Pyrrha may thrust her lance forward, unleashing the full wrath of a mighty dragon in the form of an Aetheric burst of power/energy. Capable of melting down tungsten in a matter of moments. The resulting wave also hits with double the force of a full power punch from Pyrrha.

    Dragoon cons
    -As powerful a tool both of Nidhogg’s eyes make, the effects bestowed upon Pyrrha only last for a short time. What's more, is that their power takes a while to replenish. Under normal circumstances the effect of just one eye will last 20 posts. However, if the power of both eyes is awakened, this duration is cut in half. (This includes whatever the remainder of time Pyrrha has left under an eyes effect. I.E. if she activates both eyes right away the effect will last for 10 posts. If she waits until there are only 10 posts left before activating both eyes, then the duration becomes 5.)(The cool down to use either eye after activation is 15 posts.)(Life of the Dragon may only be activated once per thread).

    -If Pyrrha's strength has been augmented by **Rising to the Challenge, then her strength will not be augmented by Blood of the Dragon, or Life of the Dragon. Additionally the boosts she would receive to speed and durability are also reduced to a x2 multiplier instead of the usual 10.

    -Star Diver and Geirskogul are only able to be performed once per Life of the Dragon activation.

    -Pyrrha also loses the buffs gained by Blood of the Dragon, until the cool down on Eyes of the Dragon has finished.

    The Weaknesses

    Weakness 1: Choices, Choices- While Pyrrha’s true nature may shield her mind from being taken over or controlled by others, it does not protect her from falling victim to illusions. Illusions will appear every bit as real to the girl. (Illusory powers do not require permission to work on Pyrrha)

    Weakness 2: A weapon in hand makes all the difference- Pyrrha must be wielding one of her class weapons in order to make use of a classes skills and abilities. If Pyrrha is disarmed at any point while in one of her class forms she must retrieve her weapon before she is able to use any said classes techniques. Pyrrha is also unable to swap to a new class without picking up her disarmed weapon. (The only class this does not apply to is Monk.)

    Weakness 3: What is this nasty ringing?- Pyrrha is susceptible to falling victim to high frequency noises. This is due to the fact that Pyrrha does not have ears in the traditional sense, instead, the horns on the side of her head act as her ears. High frequency noises have the ability to effect Pyrrha in a wide arrange of ways such as slowing her down, freezing her dead in her tracks due to the pain, or out right knocking her unconscious.

    Weakness 4: I shoulda packed some tissues or something- While Pyrrha’s world and our own share many similarities, there are some things that exist separate from the other. There are some flower pollens and diseases that are native to our world that the young adventurer is susceptible to falling victim to. The effect of these allergens and illnesses range in how harshly they afflict Pyrrha’s body, but make no mistake, her body has yet to adjust to its new environment.

    Weakness 5: Perhaps that was the right tool for the job- While Pyrrha might be able to switch her classes/jobs on the fly and at will, there is a short cool down that triggers for the class that was swapped of. This in a sense means if Pyrrha were to turn into a Monk then swap to Samurai she would be unable to swap back to Monk for a time. This cool down stacks, so the more she switches jobs, the more she locks herself out of them. This prevents Pyrrha from readily just blasting through all of her forms, and actually putting thought into what form would best be suited for the job.  

    Weakness 6: (Bought off with XP)(Adv.1)

    The Items


    The Minions


    The Fluff

    -Skilled Fighter: Pyrrha has had numerous amounts of teachers throughout her life. For each profession she picked up and mastered, there was a mentor with ages of experience at her back, teaching her all the tools of the trade. It would be wrong to also count that her heritage allowed her to learn and master quickly while under the guidance of these mentors. Each weapon or skill she employs in battle are but mere extensions of herself.

    -A Light In the Dark: Pyrrha is immortal. As a member of the Source, and the fragment of the god of Light, Pyrrha will always find a way back from beyond the rift. Death is but a lesson to be learned by the young adventurer.  

    -Putting All That Energy To Use: Because of her heritage, Pyrrha possesses an accelerated healing factor. She can heal from any wound she sustains and at a much faster rate than a human can, but don’t expect to see her replacing entire limbs in the blink of an eye or anything. While her healing factor is great, it still takes a while to kick in. (Used for healing outside of a thread.)

    Immunity to mental attacks: This is mostly a passive ability instilled within her from birth. When she was broken off from the god off light, the god made sure none but she could enter the mind of Pyrrha. This protected Pyrrha on her journeys from the various other minor gods she’d eventually come to blows with. These gods were able to temper or enthrall their subjects, while Pyrrha was rendered immune thanks to her connection to the god of light. (Her thoughts can still be read/Her mind probed. But she cannot be controlled or manipulated mentally.)

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Pyrrha Empty Re: Pyrrha

Post by Chellizard January 13th 2018, 9:07 pm

Approved and moved.

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Post by Silus October 9th 2020, 11:17 pm

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Pyrrha Empty Re: Pyrrha

Post by FantasyBound December 30th 2020, 2:49 pm

So I did myself a quick read-through, of the personality, history, and the start of powers before I came across a bit of a problem I have.
Strength - Seems good.
Durability - Needs clarification on how much, it just says a beating but that's rather situational.
Enhanced speed - seems mostly good.
Energy projection - Needs clarification on how powerful the blasts are or how durable the energy is.
Energy Absorption - What kind of energies and how much does it absorb? Could they just cancel out any form of energy attacks?
Rising to the challenge - I am very unsure about this because it removes all challenges the character would face in ANY physical combat unless you mean it wouldn’t mimic somebody with great control of there powers over physical abilities
and most importantly...
I don’t know how I feel about direct videogame rips of abilities with the ‘Tool for every job’, but I will be honest and admit I have no knowledge of FFXIV so if you believe your own abilities are different then the videogame I would be open to doing a full readthrough if you could point out why they are unique from the game, this can be done out of the sheet or from a secondary reply.
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Pyrrha Empty Re: Pyrrha

Post by FantasyBound December 31st 2020, 2:43 pm

Okay! First off durability just says the extremes of temperatures, explosion and powerful individuals, the last two I mentioned are still variable, what kind of powerful individuals? We talking about the guy who can punch a concrete wall or tear down the entire street with a punch? And explosions are also variable in this same manner, I was looking more of ‘if she fought someone with her own level of physical strength she could manage just as well as two normal humans duking it out.’ or ‘For a comparison, a normal person would be unable to harm her, most firearms would simply bruise her skin, a punch from somebody with a ‘strength force’ of 10 tons would be an equal match to her skins durability, able to shrug thoughts blows like a person and normal punches’.

Now reading through Tools for every job after being given a brief walkthrough of the creation, I now ran into the issue of a vast majority of the sort of ‘abilities’ acquired through these items being rather lacking in detail of what exactly they do. I know you unlikely don’t intend on anything too major but some form of solidification on the technical abilities of these sort of ‘spells’ and ‘effects’ would be helpful.

Red Mage -  How powerful is the wind in Aero 1 and 2? Am I getting thrown back? Does it bend steel bars it hits? Is it a rather harmless gust?
This is the same for VerStone and VerHoly, I don’t have anything to base off on in terms of output and what they will be doing to the character they hit?
For Thunder 1 and 2 I sorta expect just typical lightning strikes, but VerFire and VerFlare I would like something as fire is a rather variable damage source, more specifically fireballs like that.
Contre Sixte and Scorch need some representation of how powerful that magical energy is.
The weakness is straightforward but to me feels like ‘it’s hard to cast Scorch’ because of the balancing rules, maybe a limitation on just how much mana can be racked up in a single moment or something would be handy or even a way to interrupt the spells to nullify the mana gain.

Black Mage - Now with Verfire and VerFlare I had troubles because of how much, Fire 1 and Fire 2 seem rather simple, Fire 3 and 4 though may need explanations if there supposed to be extreme or minor explosions, am I getting a hand grenade or is this thing going to level buildings?
Then just Ice 4, how big is this ice meteor? Bicycle? Car? Semi? And then, how long does she stand still when casting a spell? With her speed a lot of attempts to hit her will be rather null if the casting time is super brief.

Samurai - ‘greatly enhancing her capabilities’ how much so?
How powerful are these tornado swings? I imagine myself these small little twisters that could toss someone in the air about 12 feet up, able to twist vehicles and the like, but again, this is variable and I don’t know if my assumption is correct. Fire is mostly chill, just how big is the blade extension? And then that last part of ‘variable way’, I assume fire slashes and stuff but if its more for that and wind would you mind adding that in? Water just needs a thing describing the liquid blast, how powerful? And why does it say ‘like her other elements, in all manner of ways’, as before, is this just element manipulation with a sword? The talk of all these variable ways but a small display has me a touch worried.

Ninja - ‘ Pyrrha is able to make use of the many tools at the ninjas disposal’ smoke bombs? Ropes and whatnot? Poisons and other sorts of oddities? I am curious what you mean.
The teleportation, a short distance is variable, 10 feet? 20? 60? Then we have the shadow clone, is it equally as powerful as Pyyrha, can you even hurt it? How long is a short time?
First two ninjutsu’s are good, Hyoton I wonder more about the prison, it mentions they get blinded from the ice shattering if they are ‘unlucky enough to escape’. Is it as strong as normal ice?
Suiton, how powerful and tall is that water spire? It mentions tearing through targets so I was unsure.
Same thing with the spellcasters, how long does it take to cast a ninjutsu? Can it be interrupted? Those to add on to the weakness which is all just conditions for the shadow clone

Monk - Fists of fire, how much increased strength and what happens to the durability? How powerful are the shockwaves?
How tough is fists of earth now?
Fists of wind, how fast now?
Perfect Balance, I need you to describe why she can dodge all attacks, the not able to strike back weakness works fine for it but I do question if she could like, dodge something faster than her in point-blank range, like a laser? Some clarification would help. And then it mentions ‘once per post’, do you mean once per thread?

Gunbreaker - How powerful is the gun? How powerful is danger zone? How much does nebula reduce damage? The weakness seems to only really take place if she ever uses Sonic Break, or is it all abilities? If it’s just Sonic Break I will need something more.

Dragoon - Blood of the dragon, how high can she jump and how powerful does she get from this? Then the right and left eye effect, how much is she enhanced? Life of the Dragoon too, any form of enhancement ability needs description, and also clarification if it stacks with the physical strength boost from ‘rising to the challenge’?
Mirage dive, is this aesthetic as the shadow jumps too, or does it do something as well like multiply the damage? Then high jump and spine shatter dive, how much IS strong enough to pierce a dragon’s hide or break there back? Dragon fire dive I need an explanation if the flames like, blast people away or if it’s normal fire. Star Diver and Geriskogul need explanations of power too, I wouldn’t approve Star Diver at its current state because ANYTHING is a massive term for such an easily done move. The Dragoon cons are very minimal as well, it just stating she cannot use her SUPER enhancement ability for long, in addition from what I seen in fighting threads when the brawling begins usually it ends before 10 let alone 20 posts is reached, and that’s if she right off the bat activated her full power. The weakness will need more.

Very sorry for the word wall, but I am fairly certain you can make everything written out work just fine. In addition, if my own massive nitpicking is seen as unnecessary somebody else is completely able to take over from here.
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Pyrrha Empty Re: Pyrrha

Post by FantasyBound January 1st 2021, 12:32 am

Approved and moved!
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Pyrrha Empty Re: Pyrrha

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