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Pyrrha Empty Pyrrha

Post by Pyrrha on January 11th 2018, 7:44 pm


"I’m far from home with no way back. But I will continue to push forward and do my best!"

The Bio

Real Name: Pyrrha
Hero Name: N/A
Title: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Cosmic Dragon/Unknown Warrior Race
Hair: Light and Dark Purple
Eyes: Blue iris’ and Purple Pupils
Height: 5’6
Weight: 124lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Ascended Form:

The Personality

Pyrrha despite her age is still very much a child, or at least she acts like one a majority of the time. Because of her cosmic dragon blood, Pyrrha matured much faster than the other Aeterans physically. Add to that, that she’s in a universe that is very much alien to her, and you get a being who is highly energetic, curious, and very moody.

Because Pyrrha doesn’t understand a single thing being said to her, she can become easily frustrated and throw mini tantrums. She also gets mad when she doesn’t get her way. Pyrrha is just a being trying to get a feel for this new universe she’s been thrust into. She looks to make the most of the situation she’s been placed in.

The Story

Long long ago in another universe, six beings sprung to life amongst the nothingness. These six beings spent eons in the emptiness of their universe before the loneliness finally set in. The gods were no longer contempt with ruling over nothing and thus they all agreed to create life. The first of their mighty creations were the cosmic dragons. Born in brilliant super novas, the cosmic dragons began to traverse the vast emptiness of their realm. As the dragons began to move about, they slowly began to fill the emptiness with stars and soon planets. The vast blackness of this once empty realm became populated with a myriad of galaxies.

The six beings felt proud of their decision to create such magnificent beasts, but what happened next was a miracle. The planets the dragons had created soon began to sprout life. The six beings soon jumped at the opportunity to take credit for this development and soon charged their first creations, the cosmic dragons, to watch over these planets that now supported life. If anything were to happen to these planets on a dragons watch, the gods would severely punish the guardians. It didn’t take long for this to happen. A strange and unexpected enemy soon crept out from the remaining emptiness of the universe.

This unyielding darkness sought to return the universe back to the way it was before the gods had breathed life into the cosmic dragons. The strange creatures from the darkness first appeared in the furthest reaches of the universe and slowly consumed several planets in a solar system before the guardian dragon realized what was happening. When the gods soon found out that some of their planets had begun to get overrun by these strange remnants of the empty, they sought to “cut the cancer from their beautiful universe” and so they set their wrath upon the cosmic dragon of that universe and caused him to supernova. The resulting explosion utterly wiped out everything in that particular corner of the universe. The only thing that remained was a super star that could be seen from nearly any other point in the universe.

The gods used this display to set an example for the other dragons and to hopefully quell whatever dangers lurked in the shadows and served to threaten their brilliant creations. Many years would pass since the first invasion by the darkness, and the planets were left to develop under the watchful eyes of the dragons and gods. Eventually intelligent life would soon begin to sprout up among the multitude of planets that were created by the cosmic dragons and with the introduction of intelligence, came the second invasion of the empty.

Unlike the last time the remnants of the empty sprouted up, the dragons were prepared this time or at least the one was. Much like the last attempt, the empty crept up on a planet on the very outskirts of one of the furthest galaxies in the universe. The guardian dragon soon took notice of how life on the planet began to grow stagnate and ill, as if all the life and light had been sucked out of it. When the dragon saw this, it used it’s powers to rain hell down upon the planet in the form of a meteor storm that would last half a century. This act by the dragon caused the planet to become inhospitable or so he thought. The meteor storm and harsh conditions of the planet only proved to strengthen the denizens of the empty and make them stronger. When the rain of hellfire ended, the darkness began to spread once more.

This caught the six gods attention and they soon turned their gaze to the now plagued solar system. Unlike the previous dragon, this one was spared as it had continued to do what it could to prevent the spread of the darkness. But at the rate the darkness was spreading, the dragon was causing more harm that good as it had nearly wiped out all life in its galaxy. The gods soon realized that their precious dragon’s were not enough to combat this emerging threat and soon began to experiment with different ways to aid the dragons and the life that inhabited their universe.

Five of the gods chose to bestow a portions of their powers upon five individuals from every planet. These gifted beings who proved themselves worthy of the gods power became known as avatars. While the five gods did this, one god chose to approach the problem from a different angle. This god believed that five blessed individuals were not enough, and that there would be need of a much larger force of powerful individuals.

This lone god chose to alter the genetics of inhabitants from several galaxies that were close to one another. This intervention caused unexpected and unpredictable mutations within the life. This led to each of the planets becoming home to individuals who possessed incredible but varied powers. In the galaxies were there only existed the five avatars, casualties were great and the avatars normally lost their lives in combat, fighting valiantly to the very end. While the avatars had to constantly be reincarnated in some way, the powerful individuals from the experimental galaxies proved powerful enough to hold their own with the aid of their guardian dragon.

Because the guardian cosmic dragon fought along side the inhabitants of the altered galaxies, they came to revere him as a deity. They believe him responsible for creating all life. Each of these planets would often beckon forth the great dragon and offer it sacrifices and tributes. One of these planets was home to an extremely powerful race of warrior like people. These people often attempted to give the mighty dragon one of their females to take as a bride. The dragon always declined. Though this did not stop the dragon from visiting these people in disguise to watch over their progress and planet from a first hand perspective.

The warrior people were a very crude and archaic bunch that based their social hierarchy on an individuals power. This led to the lower class being used to make up the bulk of the planet’s forces. The low class fighters were seen as fodder even though they were formidable enough to hold the beasts from the empty at bay. With the empty beasts being bested over and over again, they soon stopped trying to invade this particular section of the universe and tended to avoid it all together.

While these galaxies may have won peace, without any enemies to fight they soon turned on one another. The warrior like inhabitants that the dragon had grown fond of, were now growing restless with no enemies to fight. Because of this restlessness, the visits the dragon took to the warriors planet became more and more frequent. Though none of these simple creatures were wise enough to know. It was during one of these visits that had become routine that something caught the dragon’s eye. It was the beauty of one of the lower class female warriors. The two had managed to bump into one another and for reasons unknown, the cosmic dragon fell in love with the feeble creature.

The dragon and warrior soon came to conceive a child and it was with the birth of this child that the gods found out about the unwarranted fraternization the cosmic dragon had been making with the warrior race. This caused the gods punish the cosmic dragon. They locked the mighty beast away and slowly and methodically would destroy a star each time the dragon failed to tell them where his abomination of a child was. The destruction of these stars caused great pain to the dragon, but for the love of the female warrior and his daughter, he refused to speak.

The cosmic dragon would soon whittle away to nothing. Furious that they could not find the dragon’s child, they turned to one of the alien beings from the same galaxy as the warriors. This alien and it’s race possessed a far greater power than any other being in its galaxy and it was instructed to seek out and find the child. The gods gave the alien free reign to do as it pleased and it took this opportunity to seize control of the universe with the dragon out of the way.

It took years for the alien being to finally rear his ugly head in the direction of the warrior planet. By that time, the child of the dragon and warrior had blossomed into a young woman.

Pyrrha Had grown up knowing she was vastly different from all the other members of her proud warrior race. The major tell was that she bore strange looking scales on her forearms, shins, hips, and neck. None of the other inhabitants of her home planet possessed such features. The young cosmic dragon offspring lived a life of scrutiny and ridicule from most of the others of her kind not just for her looks, but also because her mother was basically considered a low level being.

Because of all this Pyrrha developed quite the outer shell. She learned to pay little attention to others lest her anger get the better of her and cause her to do something she’d regret. She often displayed heavy aggression towards the upper class as she knew deep down that she was much stronger than them. She wanted so desperately to stand out, more than she already did, but her mother kept her temper in check. The two were all but inseparable, unless her mother was sent out on a mission.  

The missions her mother was required to carry out usually consisted of small teams of lesser warriors being shipped off to another planet in an attempt to conquer it for a strange alien being that had struck a deal with the warrior king. Little did the alien know that the offspring of the cosmic dragon he was ordered with killing, was living out her life right beneath his nose.

Pyrrha would grow up like all of the other children of her race and would undergo serious and intense training in an effort to groom the next generation of galaxy conquering warriors. She proved to be much more than the spawn of a low class warrior, If it wasn’t already evident by her unique outward appearance. Pyrrha proved to be far stronger than the other students and even at times outshone her teachers. Despite constant attempts by her mother to suppress her power, Pyrrha had a chip on her shoulder and wanted to prove to everyone that she was worthy of their respect. She wanted them to eat their words and for them to feel foolish for making fun of her and her mother.

Of course this would only make Pyrrha’s life hell. As she continued to grow beyond the expectations of her teachers and even surpass them in power, word of her existence began to spread. When the king soon learned that the being their alien overlord was looking for, was none other than one of his own, he saw an opportunity to negotiate the terms of his deal. He would keep Pyrrha’s identity a secret and would have her teachers push her harder than any other trainee. If the king could learn to hone the young girls power and hone her mastery over it, he could use her as a secret weapon to overthrow the alien and rule the galaxy himself.

Because of this the king slowly began to show some favoritism to Pyrrha and her mother. The two were elevated in status to elite members of their warrior society. The king would often sit in on Pyrrha’s sparring sessions and grew very close to her. He played on Pyrrha’s want and desire to be recognized and she fell for it hook line and sinker. She relished in the kings praise and did anything he asked of her. She pushed herself to her limits day in and day out, until it was quite apparent that she had surpassed even the king in power.

Many of the kings inner circle did not take to kindly to his plan of grooming the girl for combating the much stronger alien tyrant. They felt his plan would only lead to ruin and that forced them to come to the agreement that they would inform the alien of the girls existence.

When the alien discovered that the warriors were the ones that had been harboring the girl, he did not take kindly to the news. The gods had been pressuring him for results and the warriors had been making a fool of him by having the girl the entire time. The alien chose to enact a very cruel and violent revenge on the unruly race. The first order of business was for the alien to instruct the king to send the girls mother on a solo suicide mission. While Pyrrha begged and pleaded with the king not to send her mother on such a dangerous mission, the king reluctantly followed orders and sent the poor girls mother to meet her untimely demise.

This caused Pyrrha to turn aggressive against the king, and he was soon forced to imprison her. Shortly after the half dragons imprisonment, the alien arrived on the warrior home world with a small group of his most loyal men. They began to lay waste to everything in their path. They showed absolutely no mercy to the warriors and methodically moved about the planet, wiping entire cities and groups of people off the map with ease. They would eventually make their way to the capital city where the king and his men would put up some resistance but would ultimately fall.

Amid the commotion, Pyrrha managed to get free and joined the fight to save her people. Despite all the negativity and pain she had suffered at their hands, she was still one of them, and her mother had raised her to always be the better person. By attempting to fight for the sake of her people, Pyrrha proved she truly was of them. Her first act was one of grand fashion as she managed to make it to where the king was just in time to save his son from being executed right before his eyes.

The sudden appearance of the girl only served to infuriate the alien. When he laid eyes upon her scales he soon realized why the gods wanted her eliminated so badly. He saw an opportunity before him, and being the ever ambitious slug that he was, he attempted to strike a deal with the half breed girl. He could see the power radiating from within her, if he could train her, turn her to his side, he could use her to overthrow the gods and rule the entire universe. The alien attempted to offer the girl a chance to surrender and join him. If she did, her people would be spared, all she had to do was kill the king.

Pyrrha stared into the eyes of her king. Behind them were nothing but regret and sorrow. The girl knew better than to take her aggression out on the battered man. No the source of her pain was the alien. He was the reason her mother had died, he was the reason her planet and her people were under siege. When she refused the alien’s offer and demanded he leave the planet, he replied by killing the king and having his goons attack the girl. If she wasn’t going to come quietly, then he would have to capture her by force. What the alien wasn’t expecting however, was that the girl far exceeded what he imagined her strength to be.

Pyrrha would eliminate the alien’s henchmen without breaking a sweat. This forced the alien into action. He was unlike anything she had ever seen before. His power was overwhelming, but she knew for the sake of her people and for her home, she couldn’t let him win. The two began an epic battle that would shake the very galaxy as their powers clashed. Pyrrha attempted to stall the alien long enough for her people to evacuate the planet before finally being pushed to her limit. In a moment of desperation the girl attempted to dig down deep within herself to find any ounce of strength she could use to continue fighting the alien. In doing so she achieved a form that the warrior race didn’t even know existed. The very force of her power could be felt throughout the galaxies. The pressure of it forced the alien to enter a transformation of his own, and the two continued to battle. The clash of their powers tore the planet asunder.

Eventually, the tyrant alien grew tired of the power struggle and chose to try and end it all in one final move. The alien sought to erase the entire planet from existence. Pyrrha could not let that happen, as not all of her people had escaped the planet just yet. Seeing Pyrrha stand up to the tyrant had inspired some of the others to fight back, foolish as it was. The alien unleashed a massive ball of energy upon the planet. Pyrrha put herself in the path of the ball of energy and attempted to hold it at bay. The girl struggled with every ounce of her newly unlocked power. Her muscles began to burn and her arms grew weak as the energy ball pushed her closer and close to the planet’s surface. Her feet dug into the ground and she could feel herself getting pushed further and further down.

As Pyrrha struggled to hold the energy back, the alien did everything in his power to push it down. The power struggle between the two was apparent as the massive ball of energy began to tear up the planet around it. Eventually Pyrrha began to feel something boiling up within her and the size of the energy ball began to shrink little by little. A trait of her father’s had kicked in, in her moment of need. The young half dragon half warrior began to slowly absorb the energy until she had finally consumed it all.

The alien looked on in utter disbelief. Pyrrha could feel an enormous amount of power coursing through her veins but before she could direct that power at the tyrannical alien something else happened instead. Pyrrha let out a loud roar as the power swelled up from within her. It felt like she was going to explode. Then in a brilliant white flash of light, but Pyrrha and the alien disappeared.

Pyrrha would later materialize in a universe that was not her own, adrift in the cold vacuum of space, unconscious. She would latter be happened upon and rescued by a motley crew charting their own path across the great celestial sea.

The Priority

1. Agility 4
2. Endurance 3
3. Reaction 2
4. Strength 1

The Powers

Power 1: The Daughter of Dragons and Warriors- Pyrrha is the daughter of a Cosmic Dragon and a low class woman from a distant warrior race known as Aeterans. Pyrrha’s extremely unique heritage has granted her a mix of both her mother’s and father’s strengths. As such, the young hybrid is able to tap into both the vast energy of the cosmos, but also the very blood that flows through her veins which grants her immense strength, durability, super speed, the ability to fly, and the ability to absorb and project the energy.

    A: Super Strength- Infused with cosmic energy Pyrrha’s body is enhanced beyond what most could comprehend. The nearly limitless energy coursing through her body allows the young dragon-warrior to enact amazing feats of strength. Pyrrha’s strength was unrivaled by any of her race including the mighty king. This means that Pyrrha can lift several thousand tons and dish out a devastating amount of force behind each of her punches and kicks.

    B: Super Durability- Pyrrha’s body was built to survive the harsh environment of space, but also thrive in combat. As most beings of her warrior heritage, Pyrrha’s body possesses a high degree of toughness that would allow them to withstand even the most severe of beatings, however, because she is also the daughter of a cosmic dragon, Pyrrha’s durability goes even beyond this and makes her one tough cookie to put down. Pyrrha’s hardened skin grants her the ability to withstand both extreme ends of the temperature spectrum making heat and cold have little effect on her.

    C: Super Speed- Pyrrha is capable of running and flying at roughly two to three times the speed of sound and is able to use this speed when punching and kicking while in the atmosphere of a planet.

    While in space, Pyrrha is capable of crossing the vast emptiness of space with relative ease and reach neighboring planets in a matter of hours(This sort of travel speed is meant only for Pyrrha to move about and is not meant to be used in combat.)

    D: Cosmic Energy Projection- Because Pyrrha’s body is always channeling and pulling in cosmic rays and energy, the young cosmic dragon can expend this energy out of her body in a variety of ways. This usually takes form in the shape of projectiles that range in size, waves of varying strength, omnidirectional blasts, and the formation of shields or barriers. But may also take the shape of mini stars that orbit around Pyrrha’s body, which she can direct with the wave of a finger. These mini star like projectiles are just super condensed orbs of cosmic energy that pack about as much bang as one of her punches, but with a bit more ‘pop’. The energy projected from Pyrrha’s body isn’t just cosmic energy, but also energy her body produces on its own, which she aptly named ‘Star Fire’.

    E: Energy Absorption- As a being of the cosmos, Pyrrha’s body is built to absorb energy and most radiation that is directed at her, which she then converts into her own power or redirects via her ability to project energy. The main energy her body consumes the most is cosmic energy. Energy from the stars and planets fuels Pyrrha and allows her to Absorb energy and retain it for later use.

    F: Flight- Pyrrha’s body has the ability to defy gravity. An ability shared by all cosmic dragons, Pyrrha’s body is able to easily overcome the gravity of a planet and move about freely through the air at several hundred miles per hour. Pyrrha is able to keep up with some of the fastest fighter jests known to man.

    G: Ascension- An ability only usable by Aeterans, the warrior race that Pyrrha is half descended from. Ascension is a form that only the Aeteran king was able to obtain, but in a moment of ultimate duress, Pyrrha was able to break past her limits and achieve the form as well. While Ascended, Pyrrha increases her strength and speed by roughly fifty times. The form consumes the young cosmic dragon’s stamina in exchange for the massive boost in power. (Form lasts up to six posts currently.)

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Like Nothing From Home- Pyrrha comes from a universe where magic is scarce or rather scarce in her corner of the universe. Because of this, she’s never encountered anything of magical origins and for this reason, her durability can not protect her against attacks of magical origin. Magic based attacks have an easier time of harming her.

Weakness 2: Why is my nose crying?- Much like her weakness to magic, Pyrrha’s immune system has never encountered many of the bacteria, illnesses, or poisons that exist in this universe. Pyrrha is basically immune compromised in this universe and will easily catch any sort of illness or fall prey to poisons very easily.

Weakness 3: What are those strange noises you’re making?- A lot of Pyrrha’s short comings stem from her being a foreigner to this universe. Pyrrha spent her entire life living on her home planet before the clash with the tyrannical alien sent her through space and time. Pyrrha speaks no known language that exists in this universe and does not understand any of the languages, making it extremely difficult to communicate with others.

Weakness 4: A Plaything of the gods- Pyrrha’s entire race was designed to be manipulated and controlled by the benevolent god that created them. While they were given their own free will, the god made their minds easily controllable in the event that the race every became unruly or stepped out of line. Any powers that involve Pyrrha’s mind such as control or illusions do not require permission to be used on her to influence her actions. (Pyrrha cannot however be forced to kill herself)

Weakness 5: Last Resort- Pyrrha’s ascended form may help her in a pinch and effectively give her the edge over an opponent, but if she fails to close out a fight, the form can be a massive hindrance to her. Upon coming out of her ascended form, Pyrrha loses her ability to move at super speeds and her strength that was once boosted by the form is now cut almost by half. On top of this, since the form consumes the young woman’s stamina, it also leaves her in a great state of fatigue.

Weakness 6: Such Strange Weather- Since Pyrrha spent her entire life growing up on her home planet, she’s only ever experienced the weather and gravitational situations of her home. Being in an entirely new universe means there are plenty of planets and weather systems that Pyrrha has never experienced and for this reason it is very hard for her to control her flight while in harsh conditions.

Weakness 7: Fighter not a Thinker- Pyrrha is at heart the daughter of a warrior and was raised in a society where problems were solved with excessive punching and kicking. To that end, Pyrrha has terrible problem solving skills and would much rather jump head first into the fray without thinking.

The Items


The Minions


The Fluff

-Skilled Fighter: Pyrrha grew up with her mother and in a society of warriors. She was trained day and night on how to fight and harness the raw power that flows through her veins. This training was intensified after the king of her mothers race found out she was a half breed. He pushed the girl extremely hard and this lead her to become proficient in hand to hand combat.

-A Light In the Dark: Pyrrha is immortal thanks to her father being a cosmic dragon. The mixing of the two races that produced Pyrrha grants her an endless life span. In the event that she is killed Pyrrha’s “spirit” with become one with the very cosmos and after a small period of time the young warrior dragon will be reborn in the fiery explosion of a super nova.

-Putting All That Energy To Use: Because of her heritage, Pyrrha possesses an accelerated healing factor. She can heal from any wound she sustains and at a much faster rate than a human can, but don’t expect to see her replacing entire limbs in the blink of an eye or anything. While her healing factor is great, it still takes a while to kick in. (Used for healing outside of a thread.)

-A Child of the Stars: Since Pyrrha’s father was a cosmic dragon, Pyrrha possesses the ability to thrive and survive the vacuum of space.

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Pyrrha Empty Re: Pyrrha

Post by Chellizard on January 13th 2018, 9:07 pm

Approved and moved.

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