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Jett Lockwood

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Jett Lockwood Empty Jett Lockwood

Post by Jett Lockwood July 30th 2017, 9:08 pm


The Bio

Real Name: Vae’ett (formerly Jett and Vaedren)
Renegade Name: N/A
Title: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: New Born (Vae’ett is a fusion between Jett lockwood(25) and Vaedren(very old))
Gender: Female
Race: Arcadian/Overseer Fusion
Hair: Dark Auburn
Eyes: Golden Yellow
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 110lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Vae’ett’s form is that of a thin athletic female. Her Slender build shows almost no sign of muscle. If it weren’t for the pink skin, tail, pointed ears, or horns Vae’ett would appear like an attractive young woman. Vae’ett’s eyes are a golden yellow and have cat like iris’. Both of her arms from the bicep down are a purplish Blue color with a glowing red pattern that spirals up ward. Vae’ett’s fingertips and palms share a similar glow. The demonic overseer’s hair is a dark auburn and flows very wild and freely. Vae’ett’s canines are also elongated almost appearing like those of a classic vampire.

Several of Vae’ett’s accessories hint at who she was and what she is now. This is most noted by the collar around her neck, where a broken chain hangs. Hinting at Vaedren’s punishment and life as a prisoner to Madeline’s curse. The other highlight is a bracelet that Vae’ett wears around her right wrist. The bracelet is made of two fused bands, hinting at her being a fusion of two beings.  

The Personality

Vae’ett is a bit of a loose cannon. Her mental stability is something that can be brought into question, though no one is entirely brave enough to say so to the hybrids face. The fusion seems to be split on which aspects of Vaedren and Jett’s personalities it inherited. Though towards the time of the fusions birth, both personalities had begun to blend and bleed into one another. This in turn resulted in Vae’ett being both calm and overly aggressive at the same time. She is wild, loud, brash, angry, abrasive, and very confrontational.

Vae’ett has a very hard time determining just who or what she is. She’s knows she’s a fusion and that she is the combination of Vaedren the Arcadian, and Jett the human. Despite this knowledge, Vae’ett is confused as to who she is. While she retains both of their memories she is not one or the other, she is her own entity born of Jett and Vaedren’s relationship. Because of this she is constantly searching for some sort of self identity.

Again because of this, Vae’ett is uncertain how to deal or react to many situations. Unsure if the feelings she has are those of Jett or Vaedren. This makes Vae’ett feel isolated and alone. The only thing that seems to give the fusion any sort of clarity is combat. For that reason Vae’ett tends to pick fights with just about anyone and gets a euphoric feeling from being in pain. This leads her to actively seek out and fight anyone.

Vae’ett also has an insane appetite and has been know to gravitate towards places where food and drink are served. Whether this is a side effect of the fusion, or just a new personality trait is unknown.
The Story


After many months of searching, Vaedren and Jett finally caught a break in the form of a timid but very kind Arcadian who they saved from an angry mob. The arcadian gave the duo a general location as to the Arcadian Queen’s whereabouts, but it was up to the couple to pinpoint the elusive goddesses location. This took Jett and vaedren several weeks due to a series of events that involved another Arcadian and one danger prone teenager. Once Jett and Vaedren were certain of the queen’s location, they set out to have the curse undone. Their journey would lead them to Canada and an old opera house that had been converted into a night club. The place was known as the Armory and was owned and ran by none other than the queen of Arcadia herself, Madeline.

Jett was met as soon as they entered the building by a slender woman, sporting a business casual look and curly purple hair. Vaedren could smell Arcadia pouring off this woman. Her unusual yellow eyes also hinted at her true nature. “Follow me” were the only words she muttered. At this point it was up to Vaedren to guide Jett as he had done plenty of times before. Yet this time was different. Each step felt heavy and sluggish. Was he getting cold feet? He couldn’t, not now, he had to do this…For Jett’s sake.

The woman would eventually lead them up the stairs to a vip section that seemed isolated from the rest of the club. It was a balcony from which Madeline could watch and observe the club. Vaedren found himself frozen in his tracks. Jett could sense the tension building up within Vaedren and chose to take the lead. A gesture that brought the hulking demon a slight bit of comfort and also managed to get a raised brow from the queen. Jett found it hard to think over the loud music of the club and fumbled with her words as she tried to introduce herself and plead with the mighty queen.

Taking note of the girl’s nervousness, Madeline snapped her fingers, and in an instant, Vaedren, Jett, the purple haired woman, and the queen were transported to a large hall. Vaedren recognized it immediately. He had spent much time here when he served as Madeline’s hand. They were in the main hall of Madeline’s castle. The tall darkstone walls extended high into the air, and disappeared into a blanket of black, which made the room feel as there there was no end to it. Towards the back of the room was a wide staircase and at the top was the goddess’ throne. Everything Vaedren saw, Jett saw, and her shock and awe could be seen on her face as she gazed about the room.

Most of her shock when she was finally able to see what the queen looked like. The woman was tall, well build, and her eyes seemed to be ablaze. She definitely exuded the overall feel of a queen. Her manners on the other hand, well lets just say it left Vaedren and Jett speechless. The titanic demon was half expecting to be reduced to ash for even thinking about approaching his former queen, but she was…inviting. With just the little bit that Jett had said, and the fact they had sought her out, Madeline had pieced everything together.

Not everything was sunshine and rainbows however, and the dreaded news that Vaedren didn’t want to hear, flowed from the queens mouth. She wouldn’t undo the curse. She didn’t say this out of spite however, not it was more out of compassion. There was a sincere tone to her voice as she spoke and explained the situation the demon and his blind host faced. The curse was intended to teach Vaedren a lesson, one that the queen never thought he’d learn. It was never meant to be undone as a means of punishment to the Demon who had betrayed her. And yet here they were. A demon and his host, both of whom cared deeply for one another.

Madeline showed great disdain for the position the couple had put her in. The bond they had formed over the years had to be undone if one was to go on living. Thus was the tragedy of the curse. Continue to live as host and parasite, which would ultimately lead to Vaedren having to watch Jett die. Or be separated, a move that would see one of them die anyway, as one soul would be sacrificed to undo the curse. It was obvious that neither Jett or Vaedren liked their options. A wave of despair has washed over them both. Yet despite that, Vaedren was quick to offer himself up. He had lived for millennia, he had his chance. Jett was but a human and still had plenty of years ahead of her.

The situation turned quite dramatic as the two’s feelings for one another began to show. Tears rolled down Jett’s cheeks as she argued with Vaedren. All the queen could do was sit in silence and watch as her anger against Vaedren ultimately lead to this moment. As host and demon battled back and forth over how much more valuable the others’ live was, Madeline found herself growing angry with herself. It wasn’t like her to feel this way, but she could feel their pain…if only a little bit. In a fit of irrational anger, Madeline closed her eyes and undid the spell, opting to save the human over Vaedren. A notion that pained her as she still cared for the big brute herself.

What happened next, was something that no one in the room could have predicted. The bond Jett and Vaedren had formed, had grown so strong, that as one was being torn from this world, the other held on with all their might. The strength of their bond was so strong it resulted in the merging of their souls. The room filled with an intense light so strong it exposed the ceiling of the room which seemed to be endless. A pillar of light extended from the castle and could be seen throughout Arcadia. It was then followed by an intense rumbling that even a few select people on earth could feel. The fusion of Vaedren’s and Jett’s souls gave birth to an entirely new entity. One that bore Jett’s figure and hair style, but mixed many of the human and demons traits together such as a mixed skin tone, fang like teeth, pointed ears, amber eyes, and a pair of short horns that protruded from the top of the head.

As the light faded, Madeline gazed upon the newly created being with awe. The being stared back with an equal look of confusion. And that was how Vae’ett came to be. A being given birth by the unbreakable bond that a human and Arcadian shared. The new hybrid being possessed all of Vaedren’s and Jett’s collective knowledge, likes, dislikes, and attitude. Something like this couldn’t have been possible, Madeline thought. Then it dawned on her. There had to be an extra ingredient missing, one she wasn’t aware of. It didn’t take the goddess long to figure it out. The human wasn’t an ordinary human. Seeing this as a remarkable occurrence and opportunity, Madeline took the newly formed being under her wing.

Dubbing themselves Vae’ett the being agreed to accept the queen’s offer, but also opted to retain its autonomy in an attempt to truly understand who and what they were. To find their purpose.

The Priority

1. Agility 3
2. Endurance 1
3. Reaction 4
4. Strength 2

The Powers

Power 1: Enhanced Strength- A strange result of Vae’ett’s fusion was the loss of strength that Vaedren once possessed. It’s as though the addition of Jett somehow balanced out or muted the proud demon’s amazing strength. This has lead to Vae’ett only being able to lift and output around 10 tons of force. While its uncertain if this is the max or some sort of mental block Vae’ett is struggling with, has yet to be determined.

Power 2 Enhanced Durability- Vae’ett’s body is very tough. A slight bit of Vaedren’s elasticity has carried over to Vae’ett after the fusion. Because of this, all the shock and force of impacts from attacks disperse across the fusions body, dampening the severity of the blow. Vae’ett is able to withstand heavy physical punishment and extreme conditions such as high heat from explosions and the like. Vae’ett is also entirely immune to electrical attacks.

Power 3 Energy Manipulation- The overseer part of Vae’ett allows her to manipulate the energy that flows through her body. By calling upon this energy, Vae’ett is able to draw it out of her cells. By doing so, she is able to unleash this energy in various weak forms such as constant torrents of energy, Orbs of concentrated energy ranging in size and power, and lastly, to form the energy into weapons. The energy itself is extremely hot, making it capable of melting most metals with ease. This bodes true for the weapons formed with this energy as well. This super heated and finely sharpened energy blades are capable of cleaving clean through most materials. While the beams and weapons are meant for melting down or chipping away at opponents, the orbs formed from this technique are highly volatile and mostly tend to explode on contact. (The energy is akin to photons and plasma, meaning they are tangible, and those able to withstand the heat or are tough enough, are more than able to block or reflect the attacks.) Vae’ett’s energy manipulation also extends to energy that is not her own, allowing her to halt or redirect energy based attacks directed at her. (Permission based.)

Power 4 Heightened Senses- A slight carryover from Vaedren, Vae’ett possesses heightened senses. This means she has a sharper sense of smell and can use said sense of smell to track people or food down. Her other heightened sense includes hearing, which allows her to hear things from further away and hear frequencies normal humans cant. Vae’ett also has the ability to sense energy and more accurately the energy people give off.

Power 5 Portal Generation- Vae’ett’s unique fusion condition has given her a degree of power that exceeds that of the average overseer and even the most powerful of Arcadian demons. Through sheer force of will, Vae’ett is able to bend space. This allows her to generate small portals. Through the use of these portals, Vae’ett is able to attack opponents from great distances by launching one of her energy based attacks through one end of a portal and having it appear near her target. She can also throw punches and kicks through these portals and have the attack come out the other end.

There is also a unique condition to this power in which Vae’ett can sacrifice her arms, from the forearm down. When this occurs portals will form at the cut off. If Vae’ett attacks while like this, a larger portal will open up revealing a massive hand made of energy. These attacks pack much more power and are capable of greater feats of strength.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Please tell me you have an off switch!- As a result of having enhanced hearing, Vae’ett is vulnerable to being stunned or dazed when exposed to high frequency noises. The intense sounds had a pension to cause her to suffer intense headaches and distress.  

Weakness 2: Who would eat you? You reek!-Because Vae’ett possesses a heightened sense of smell, a power carried over from Vaedren, she is effected in a similar manor to the hulking demon. This means her sense of smell can be overwhelmed easily. This can cause the demon overseer to become very nauseous, dizzy, or even sick.

Weakness 3: Unstable- Vae’ett suffers from what one could chop up as an identity crisis. She’s stuck in a constant state of trying to figure out who she is beyond the sum of her parts. To this extent Vae’ett has come to the conclusion that the only time she feels like herself, is when shes in pain. This has led to her constantly see out fights for no reason. She also tends to fight sloppy just so she could get hurt on purpose.

Weakness 4: The realm still hatessss me!- Despite being in Madeline’s good graces and having the curse lifted from Vaedren, Vae’ett still suffers from a side effect of the spell. That side effect is that Vae’ett’s body has a negative reaction to Arcadian weapons or more precisely, Arcadium. Coming into contact with the otherworldly metal causes Vae’ett’s skin to burn. Wounds inflicted by weapons made of Arcadium take much longer to heal that normal.

Weakness 5: Not thinking with portals- When using her major portal technique where Vae’ett summons massive arms of energy, she must sacrifice one or both of her arms from the elbow down in order to do so. Borrowing some chance events or the end of a fight, Vae’ett will be without the use of one or both of her arms for a while after.

The Items


The Minions


The Fluff

Ageless- Being the result of being part Arcadian, Vae'ett does not age and will maintain her current appearance till the end of time.
Hunger- Because of Vae'ett strange makeup, her body blows through calories and energy even when at rest. This results in Vae'ett being hungry all the time. Because of this, she tends to comment a lot about said hunger, and may actively abandon a fight or quest, just so she can sink her teeth into a meal.
Healing Factor- Vae'ett possesses a very watered down healing factor. She can recover from fatal and grave injuries that might do in a normal person but dont expect her to stand up after such a blow. Vae'etts healing factor takes time to work. While it might be faster than a human's its much slower than most other healing factors.
Retained Knowledge- After the souls of Vaedren and Jett fused, Vae'ett, the being born of that fusion, has retained all the knowledge and memories of both Vaedren and Jett. This makes her moderately intelligent, though her unstable mind often outshines her moments of brilliance.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Post by Shadowoof August 4th 2017, 3:31 am

Approved and moved till stated otherwise

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

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