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Jett Lockwood

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Jett Lockwood

Post by Jett Lockwood on July 30th 2017, 9:08 pm

Jett Lockwood

"Oh! Um…Hello there!"

The Bio

Real Name: Jett Lockwood
Renegade Name: N/A
Title: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Dark Red
Eyes: White (blind)
Height: 5feet 6inches
Weight: 108lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

The Personality

An extremely shy and timid individual, Jett tends to keep to herself. Being sheltered all of her life mostly do to her disability, Jett has a hard time striking up a conversation with anyone. Instead Jett likes to sit back and hang out by the outskirts of a conversation and just listen. Despite being blind from birth, Jett is quite upbeat when she is alone, often dancing clumsily through her apartment to the tune of loud music.

Jett at times can get easily caught up in the heat of the moment and will shed her shyness and rise to a challenge as was the case when she and Vaedren first met. In that instance she felt an overwhelming need to come to the aid of her would-be hero.

Jett is also a very open minded individual especially considering the new friend she recently picked up. In a world where people can level buildings with a single punch or freeze an entire body of water with a breath, there is little that leave Jett to question who or what she meets.

The Story

A rather dull and uninteresting tale, that is what best sums up Jett’s life prior to coming in contact with the demon Vaedren. Jett was born the only child of two middle class hard working parents who did everything they could to help build a life for their daughter who was born blind. While they were hesitant to send their little girl to public school, Jett’s mother quit her job, ironically, as a teacher, in order to stay home and teach her daughter. As the years went on Jett acclimated to his disability remarkably well much to everyone’s surprise.

Once Jett discovered she could get around on her own and be partially more independent, she begged and pleaded to be allowed to go to a public school where she could meet new people and make friends. While Jett remained optimistic, her parents were still reluctant, but eventually would cave in to their daughters demands. Needless to say many of the children at Jett’s new school weren’t quite as inviting as they could have been and this did a slight number on the young girls self esteem, leading her to become more shy and reserved when it came to interacting with others.

Jett learned a valuable lesson when she was young and that carried through all they way up to law school. She was different, there was no changing that, and so she learned to block out many of the snide comments others would make about her. Jett had to push herself harder than any other student because of her disability, but she didn’t let it stop her. She’d go on to complete her schooling and would land a job working for the DA in New York. Jett rose through the ranks and eventually became one of the states leading figures when it comes to cases involving meta humans.

Through her work, Jett came to make a few enemies, whether it was disgruntled mob bosses or anti-meta activists, Jett was constantly threatened from all sides. Things eventually boiled over when a mob boss sent two goons to send a messaged to the young lawyer. The altercation lead to Jett stumbling into an alleyway where the thugs had her cornered. A mysterious figure that had come to occupy the alley overheard the commotion and leapt to the young woman’s aid only to get beaten to a pulp by the hired goons.

An overwhelming sense of urgency took over Jett as she lay there, hearing the poor stranger cough and groan in pain. Jett would throw herself into harms way, risking her own body to protect the stranger. Before the thugs could do what they were sent to do, the stranger called out for Jett to take their hand, simply asking “do you trust me?” Jett replied with a hesitant yes, but it was enough. Jett doesn’t remember much after answering the strangers question but soon realized she was home and completely unharmed.

It was then that Jett got the surprise of her life, the strangers voice began addressing her. It addressed itself as Vaedren and claimed to be a demon. The weird creature was oddly apologetic, stating that it had no idea the young woman was blind and that it felt that it had betrayed her because of this fact. Jett was frozen with shock for a moment as she tried to figure out if what she was hearing was true, or if she had somehow hit her head really hard and was now imagining all of this. With a little time, Jett came to accept the demons words as truth, and to its amazement, Jett was ok with having the demon around. Vaedren then made a vow that it would not let any harm befall his new host. Now unlikely companions, Jett wages war in the courts by day, and by night Vaedren rids the streets of lowlife scum in brutal fashion.

The Priority

1. Agility 1
2. Endurance 2
3. Reaction 3
4. Strength 4

The Powers

Power 1: A Symbiosis of Agony and Blood!- Through a very chance encounter, Jett and the wandering demon Vaedren were introduced to one another. By stating that she trusted Vaedren, Jett formed a bond with the demon and became one with him. Through this bond, Vaedren watches over Jett and makes sure no harm comes to her during her daily life. If Vaedren thinks for even just a moment that Jett’s life may be in danger he will take over. When night falls and Jett is fast asleep, Vaedren takes over and enacts his own wicked and brutal brand of street justice on the criminal underground.

When Vaedren takes over for Jett, her body morphs to that of Vaedren’s, which that of a slim but well built male figure. Vaedren’s skin looks as though it is made of muscle fibers and has a strange black goo that lines his body and writhes around. While Vaedren is in control he is able to access all of his demonic powers and wields them with extremely deadly fashion.
“We dare you to mess with Jett!”

A Demon named Vaedren!- A once powerful and deadly force of Arcadia, Vaedren was one of Madeline’s go to demons when she needed something done. This was the case right up until there was an uprising in Arcadia and Madeline’s rule was challenged. Vaedren fled the hellish realm with the first chance he could and spent the entirety of the war in hiding. When news came that Madeline had come out victorious, Vaedren attempted to return home. It goes without saying that Madeline was not happy with Vaedren’s absence and when she had finally regained enough of her strength, she cursed Vaedren.

The curse prevented Vaedren from being able to live on his own. The demon was forced to seek out hosts and bond with them in order to live and sustain his life force. It wasn’t that simple however and over time, Vaedren would eventually sap his host dry forcing him to seek out a new one. This meant that the demon had to wheel and deal its way through the world moving from body to body.

Vaedren had been forcibly removed from his most recent host and found himself roaming the alleyways of New York in a very weak and fragile state. It was at this time that Vaedren would come across a young woman in distress. Seeing an opportunity to bond with a new host, Vaedren leapt into action only to find that he was much weaker than he had imagined. The demon received a beating the like of which he had never experienced and when things seemed their bleakest, the young woman intervened in an attempt to save him.

In this moment Vaedren made an offer to the young woman and formed a bond with her. With his strength instantly restored, Vaedren made quick work of the two thugs. He then took the young girl to her home where he discovered she was blind. Feeling an uncharacteristic sense of guilt, Vaedren explained and apologized to the girl. Jett forgave and accepted Vaedren and from that moment on, the wandering demon vowed to protect his new host at all costs and to look out for her. Finding a companion he truly cares for, Vaedren spends any time he has not murdering thugs, to find Madeline, so he may beg her to lift or change the curse to spare Jett.

    A: Demonic Strength- Much like many of his kind, Vaedren channels the very energy of Arcadia through his body. This grants the fallen demon a great deal of strength allowing Vaedren to both dish out a force and lift up a total of 60 tons. If the demon becomes enraged he can add to his body mass via his body manipulation and increase this total to 100 tons.
    “When we're through, they wont be able to identify you, BY YOUR DENTAL RECORDS!”

    B: Demonic Durability- Vaedren is a very strange demon when it comes to durability. While his skin and bones are extremely hard, the latter has a make up similar to rubber. This in turn allows Vaedren’s body to effectively absorb and disperse the shock for a variety of blows just as physical attacks and explosions. Vaedren is also highly resistant to extreme heats and electricity based attacks. Vaedren can also use the black goo that writhes around his body to harden certain areas of his body to an almost unbreakable state.

    C: Body Manipulation- Vaedren’s body despite having a solid appearance has the ability to mold and bend into different shapes and sizes. This allows Vaedren to form weapons out of his limbs, lash out with tendrils that are capable of cleaving clean through titanium, as well as build (through generation) or reduce his mass allowing him to squeeze through even the tiniest of openings. The black goo that covers his body is also part of this ability. In additions to being able to add or reduce his mass, Vaedren can use this ability to heal himself by generating back the lost biomass.
    “All the better to rip you to shreds with!”

    D: Wandering Stealth- Vaedren’s body has the ability to turn every cell transparent. This allows the wandering demon to camouflage and blend in with his environments. “Perfect for ambushing unsuspecting prey.”

    E: Eyes Everywhere- Vaedren has the unique ability of having senses all over his body in the form of sight and smell. This allows the vile monster to see sneak attacks that may be coming from any direction.
    “Peekaboo, WE SEE YOU!”

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: We never did like the cold- If exposed to extremely cold temperatures, Vaedren losses the ability to change or manipulate his body in any way. This will also harden the outer layers of his skin which will cause them to chip and flake off when hit.

Weakness 2: Imperfect stealth- Vaedren’s stealth entirely relies on him remaining perfectly still. If he make even the slightest movement, one would be able to spot the spacial distortion caused by his cells bending and warping light. While invisible Vaedren is also able to be spotted via thermal goggles.

Weakness 3: Now we know how Jett feels- Since Vaedren is able to “see” all over his body, intense or bright flashes of light can cause blindness for a brief time even if he covers his actual eyes. This also throws the wandering demon off balance by causing him to become dizzy until his sight clears up.

Weakness 4: The only thing unstoppable about you, is that godawful stench!- Just like his ability to see all over his body can cause him to go blind at the first sign of really bright lights, Vaedren’s sense of smell can easily be overwhelmed since he takes in smells from all around his body. This can cause the demon to become very nauseous and dizzy.

Weakness 5: Magic put us in this state. We hate it!- A wound inflicted via a magical or holy attack will inflict an extremely painful burning effect on Vaedren, when this happens, the patch of effected skin cannot be healed or manipulated in anyway for a short time.

Weakness 6: Even our home wants to kill us!- A side effect of the curse placed upon Vaedren by Madeline is that Arcadia based weapons, that is to say, weapons made of Arcadium are highly toxic to Vaedren. Wounds inflicted via an Arcadian weapon cripple and out right cease Vaedren's ability to generate any mass to heal the injured area for a time.

The Items


The Minions


The Fluff

No Organs- Because Vaedren’s body is a pseudo form of solid and liquid, he possesses no internal organs and thus does not need to breath, eat or rest.
“We’ll find you no matter where you hide.”

The RP Sample


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Jett Lockwood
Jett Lockwood

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Re: Jett Lockwood

Post by Shadowoof on August 4th 2017, 3:31 am

Approved and moved till stated otherwise

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

Characters of the wolf:

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