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Rhapsody  Empty Rhapsody

Post by Rhapsody August 12th 2018, 1:20 am


The World’s Greatest Musician

The Bio

Real Name: Rhapsody
Renegade Name: N/A
Title: The Worlds Greatest Musician (Self titled btw)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 5 (Physically appears in her late teens, early twenties.)
Gender: Female
Race: Arcadian
Hair: White
Eyes: Yellow Iris’ and Black Sclera
Height: 5feet 7inches
Weight: 105lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


The Personality

As her profession and appearance my lead credence to, Rhapsody is very loud and brash. The young blue demon is extremely confident in her skills and is very, very cocky. Rhapsody quite literally marches to the beat of her own drum. Music was the cause of the demon’s formation, and Music is what drives her. Whether it’s picking up a new instrument, discovering how her powers interact with said instruments, or putting on one hell of a show, Rhapsody’s life revolves around music. Rhapsody is extremely passionate about music, more specifically her music. If she see’s someone in a crowd that isn’t into her performance or outright doesn’t like her music she will not only have a mini temper tantrum (a result of her age) she will also not hesitate to call them out.

When Rhapsody isn't performing, writing new music, or learning a new instrument, she can be found roaming the streets. If there is one thing she enjoys just as much as music, its the world in which she discovered the music. To her, Earth is one big stage and there are billions of people out there to blow away.

The Story

Rhapsody’s story starts like every other Arcadian Demon. A congregation of souls and energy from the realm melded together to form a formless blob with the only desire of feeding. Cunning and swift, the blob fed upon its own kind till a form was eventually taken. As a pygmy the demon’s desires remained mostly the same at least on the surface. Deep down at its core, all the souls that had initially formed the being, and those that had been consumed all struggled to gain control. In just a few short months the pygmy had grown to posses a great deal of power. However, with no one at the helm to direct all this power, the beast roamed wild.

One day in a fit of rage, brought on by a lack of viable sustenance, the pygmy released a reality warping cry that tore open a portal between Arcadia and Earth. This was no ordinary pygmy. The adolescent demons were unable to travel to Earth unless summoned. For one to posses the ability to do this without the Queen’s call was something special. As the pygmy demon emerged from the portal, it was greeted with a bright and sunny environment much like its own. What was different however, was the presence of humans. They looked different compared to the creatures the demon had hunted.

Despite its nature to devour and grow in strength, the beast knew there was no sustenance to be found here. While it’s stomach might have gone empty, its mind was fed by something else. Off in the distance, there was a faint noise. Something one of the souls within the creature could hear. It was this soothing melody that gave the soul the strength, no a desire greater than the others to take the lead. As the soul slowly took the reigns of the pygmy’s body, it wandered in the direction of the wonderful sound, completely unaware it was being followed.

As the pygmy demon drew closer and closer to the source of the music, the grip of soul controlling the body grew stronger. Eventually when the source was revealed to be a nearby record shop blasting rock over its external speakers, the pygmy’s evolution would take place. Completely moved and enthralled by the melody being played, the soul reached out with everything it had. In that moment all the other souls fell into line and were absorbed by the lead soul, leading to the formation of Rhapsody. A small blue humanoid demon with snow white hair and glowing yellow eyes.

A sudden voice from behind managed to startle the newly formed demon. It wasn’t the gasps of shock or awe as the demon formed before the very eyes of all the people walking by the shop. No. It was the queen’s voice. Upon hearing that a pygmy had managed to traverse the gap between Arcadia and Earth, the queen’s interest was peaked. She had to see the beautiful creature first hand. Not only did Madeline get to see the impressive state of the pygmy, but for once in a very long time she was witness to the pygmy’s evolution, and the force that caused it’s change.

Thrilled beyond words, the queen quickly scooped up the demon and began to teach her everything she needed to know about earth, and most importantly music. While Madeline is by no means a musician, her explanation and introduction to music for Rhapsody was more than enough to ignite a flame in the heart of the blue demon. Rhapsody quickly displayed an affinity for not only playing instruments, but also a deep understanding of musical composition. Rhapsody also learned during this time, that all that power she had acquired while “growing up” bled out when playing. The little maestro was able to bend the fabric of reality around her when playing music. Each instrument had its own special property. She could play and the instrument would begin to do otherworldly things. Flutes and wind instruments began to ooze smoke that had different effects based on her play. Violins and cellos had the power to summon forth strange little creatures that happily marched to whatever melody she played. While playing harps and lyres Rhapsody could feel the music taking over and effecting her in strange ways. And when she played guitar, well, lets just say Arcadia hasn’t had any environmental disasters in a very long time that compared to what happened when Rhapsody really got into a jam session.

With some guidance from the queen, Rhapsody managed to get her incredible power under control to the point where she could go all out during a performance without fear of destroying everything in her path. Once Madeline had gotten the demon’s power under control and once Rhapsody was confident enough in her ability, the queen allowed the young demon to headline at her club, aptly named “The Armory”.

Rhapsody was ecstatic to play her first ever show in front of an audience. It had been her passion ever since her formation to use music to bring as much joy and emotion to others as she had experienced. Still, just before that first show she was nervous. She remembered how the people initially reacted to her, but after some reassurance from her queen, Rhapsody took to the stage. She absolutely killed it. Everyone in attendance was blown away by the little demon’s ability to play. The initial show is what ultimately fed her ego. After several more performances at Madeline’s club, and several confidence boosts, Rhapsody realized that to achieve her goal, she’d have to go out on her own and so she did.

Rhapsody took to the streets and began to play anywhere and everywhere that would let her. The demon quickly became an overnight sensation and rocketed to stardom. With her new found fame and status, Rhapsody continues to tour the planet and play music to her hearts content.

The Priority

1. Agility 3
2. Endurance 1
3. Reaction 2
4. Strength 4

The Powers

Power 1: Jam Session- Rhapsody is among a very short list of Arcadian demons that have transcended their own kind. While forming, Rhapsody consumed so many of her kind and accumulated so much energy into her being that she was able to tear apart reality on a small scale with just a cry. Now that she has fully formed, this raw power has manifested itself in a very peculiar way. While playing any 1 of 4 different instruments, Rhapsody can effect the fabric of reality around her.

    A: Smoke on the water (Flute/Wind Instruments)- When focusing her power while playing the flute or another wind based instruments such as ocarinas, pan flutes, ect. The instrument will begin to secrete a fog like substance. The fog in harmless to Rhapsody but if a foe were to come in contact with it, they would experience a status effect of some kind. At present Rhapsody can produce up to three different status effects for the fog to take on, Paralysis, Sleep, and Poison.

    B: Seek and Destroy(Violin/Cello)- Rhapsody has the ability to do something no other being in Arcadia, except for the queen and her clone, are capable of. And that is the ability to summon. In Rhapsody’s case her power bends reality in such a way that it causes the music she plays to take form. The beings created by Rhapsody’s skillful play all resemble some warped version of a musical note with razor sharp teeth. These ‘Notes’ are about as strong as a typical human, but it isnt their headbutts you have to worry about, its their bite. The faster Rhapsody plays her violin the fast and more aggressive the notes become.

    C: Symphony of Destruction(Guitar/Bass)- Another credence to the little blue devils reality bending prowess is her ability to literally jam up a natural disaster. Rhapsody’s godly guitar play has the power to make the Earth move and the sky fall. The more aggressive and heavy her play gets the more devastating the disaster. The natural disasters Rhapsody is able to strum up include; Earthquakes, Thunder/Lightning storms, Tornadoes, and Hail Storms.

    D: Powerslave(Lyre)- The demon maestro of Arcadia can use her incredible ability to apply buffs to herself and her allies while playing the Lyre. Each note played, every song completed, when Rhapsody wields the Lyre you bet that it’s going to leave you invigorated. The buffs Rhapsody are able to apply include one which doubles the recipients strength, one which doubles the recipients durability, and one that doubles the recipients speed. Rhapsody is also able to play a soothing melody that stimulates the users cells into rapidly healing(permission based).

    “One doesn’t think of fun when buffing the whole party, but it does put a smile on my face”

Power 2 Iron woMAN- Like all Arcadian’s Rhapsody possesses an extremely tough body that allows her to withstand the harshest of elements. Rhapsody is also able to take the most severe of beatings from super powered opponents without showing any signs of wear. This toughness is granted to both Rhapsody’s skin and skeleton.

Power 3 Not Ready to Die- Rhapsody, being an Arcadian, has an innate healing factor that allows her to rapidly regenerate and heal any damage. Because she is on an higher level than most Arcadian’s, Rhapsody is able to not only heal faster, but is also able to recover from serious injury provided she gets some rest. The blue demon’s healing factor is able to to bruises, cuts and fractured bones and mend them in seconds. Severed limbs and damaged organs tend to take hours depending on severity.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: I’d like to see you play under this kind of pressure.- Rhapsody must continually play her instruments for her various powers to work. The moment she stops playing the effects end instantly. This means putting the little maestro under intense pressure could prevent her from ever striking a note.

Weakness 2: You have any idea how much these cost?- Rhapsody’s only method currently for drawing out her power, is through playing music. Take away her instruments and you do just that. By removing Rhapsody’s ability to play either through taking her instruments away from her, or breaking them (They are normal instruments after all) Then you prevent her from being able to play any music, which in turn prevents her from using her reality warping powers.

Weakness 3: Who brings a gas mask to a concert?- The status inducing fog summoned when Rhapsody plays the flute has to be inhaled in order to take effect. With that in mind, wearing a gas mask or simply covering ones face with a piece of cloth is more than enough to filter out the smoke and prevent the status’ from taking effect.

Weakness 4: Can you hear my song?- In order for someone to receive the buffs from Rhapsody’s Lyre play, they must be within 15 feet of her, as well as be able to hear. If an ally, that Rhapsody is trying to buff, cannot hear her melody they will not receive the benefits. This means covering her allies ears or pulling them out of Rhapsody’s range will prevent them from being buffed.

Weakness 5: Right tool for the job!- Each of Rhapsody’s powers are tied to each of the instruments she plays. If she doesn’t have that instrument on hand, then she cant use that part of her power. Rhapsody is also incapable of summoning her instruments and is limited to carrying around at most her Ocarina and one other instrument.

Weakness 6: Not as tough as they look- Notes are not as intimidating as they might appear. Their bite is relatively weak and they can easily be destroyed in two or three hits.

Weakness 7: One at a time- The buffs applied by Rhapsody’s Lyre play do not stack. Only one buff effect may be active at a time. Each buff is applied by performing a different melody on the Lyre, when the melody ends, the buff ends. When a new song/melody begins the previous buff is over written.

The Items

-Electric Guitar

The Minions

Notes: It’s still unclear if Rhapsody pulls these creatures from another dimension or if they are a manifestation of her power. Notes, as their name suggests, share a similar appearance to music notes. The main key difference being that they have mouths with razor sharp teeth.

Notes are not particularly strong, nor are they durable. The small creatures tend to be more of a nuisance more than anything as they float about to the rhythm and melody of Rhapsody’s play.  

The Fluff

Ageless- Like all other Arcadian’s, Rhapsody is ageless and cannot die of old age.

Musical Savant- Rhapsody has an incredible knack for being able to pick up an instrument for the first time and learn it almost instantly. Rhapsody is also able to mentally deconstruct a musical piece into all its smaller parts and then replicate it flawlessly.

Music would truly die without me.- Rhapsody is immortal. Another common trait shared among Arcadian’s is their undeath. When felled in combat, the very essence of Rhapsody’s being will be reconstructed in and by the mystical realm of Arcadia.

Face to guitar combat- While Rhapsody my not be a fighter, she does know how to swing her guitar around with deadly efficiency. She is as equally deadly while wielding her guitar as a weapon, as she is playing it.

Still growing- Rhapsody is still very young when compared to her fellow demons. As a matter of fact, if you went by human standards, she’d be an small child. This just means that she has incredible potential thanks to all the power she accumulated through her development.

I like the finer things in life- While Rhapsody may not need to eat, drink, or sleep like a normal human being, she still enjoys doing all three. Rhapsody enjoys discovering new flavors as much as she does new sounds.

The RP Sample

Application created by [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Rhapsody  Empty Re: Rhapsody

Post by Shadowoof August 22nd 2018, 10:47 am

screw it, this is approved and if anyone has a problem with that... That is perfectly fine, feel free to tell me to shut up and do what needs to be done.

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

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Rhapsody  Empty Re: Rhapsody

Post by inquisitor July 25th 2022, 12:16 am

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Rhapsody  Empty Re: Rhapsody

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