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A purge in New York

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OPEN A purge in New York

Post by Adam Johnson November 28th 2017, 12:27 am

New York had changed a lot since he last remembered visiting it. It was still perhaps one of the liveliest places he had ever seen but it lacked the oppressive clouds of pollution that came at the beginning of the industrial revolution, when child labor laws were much different.  His sire had never been fond of the city, calling it a conflagration of dirt and human waste. A shame he had been reduced to a greasy smear in the very same city by a few humans with a rather large hatred for their kind. All of these were good reasons to avoid the city but he had his reasons for being here. There were of course people that were worth returning to this detestable place for, and of course Lily had said that her scrying endeavors had lead to here.

There was no asylum for him during the day but hotel rooms served their purposes. Covering up the windows were an annoyance within themselves, but by the time the sun began its descent he was fully cognoscente. He couldn’t resist it, enjoying the preternatural vitality that came with being the undead creature that he was, As all major cities were these days, there was always someone that was active even into the night. His reason for looking into the city, beyond simply looking after a cambion not willing to let himself be found. A large selection of supernatural creatures were finding themselves being killed, hunted as many would have stated.

Adam was dressed in his favorite jacket with plenty of the insulation. Something about the cold months of the year always bothered him, made the vampire feel sluggish and less than willing to act. Still that didn’t keep him from going about and doing things which were appointed by himself or another. This time however was by another, an elder of his kind that many had come to call their sovereign. At times he couldn’t tell if age or power nowadays determined what the undead called their authority.

Still, he took in the scent of cool air mingling with the various human smells. People drinking their expensive warm coffee beverages, heartbeats barely rising above the vehicles driving past him as they spewed out noxious fumes. He held his very own drink within his pale fingers, not having any intention of drinking it but enjoying the sensory delight of warmth.  Small little things that these mortal creatures could enjoy, though the rush for sensory enjoyment was likely all that they cared about.

He was  inclined towards that himself when feeding.

He withdrew his cellphone from his pocket and looked over the latest text message which seemed to have a destination for him to look into. Of course he was supposed to be doing this instead of some other asshole that likely had more free time to waste on hunting down idiotic humans. Still, it appeared that he was chosen for his vendetta and that was good enough for most. Slipping through a side alleys he came upon what police would have called a crime scene.

A body splayed on the ground, riddled with what looked to be holes within their still body and blood spreading from the cadaver. He approached the corpse, looking it over with a great amount of hesitance, digging for one of the bullets and quickly withdrawing the hand as fingertips began to hiss as if burned. That was when the sounds of boots hitting the concrete could be heard and the faint click of safety sounded off. ”Shit.” Adam muttered, quickly taking in his surroundings while also taking note of the men in swat gear behind him. Choosing to dive behind a dumpster as the bullets themselves began to fire.

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OPEN Re: A purge in New York

Post by Thalia November 28th 2017, 2:09 am

The night came much faster during these winter months, and the cold air brushed across Thalia’s smooth bronze skin. Her small nose pointed up into the air as she drew in a deep breath of the not so fresh air. The youngest member of Madeline’s knight found herself in New York, one of her favorite places on earth to visit. If the young knight wasn’t out hunting rogue demons, this was the city she chose to send her free time in. Luckily for her, work had decided to take up residence in this over populated city.

Thalia sat atop a tall building, her legs dangling over the sides. She kicked her feet back and forth playfully as she made fun of the way Spade had given her orders earlier. She knew the old demon didn’t care much for her, especially since she was a clone of the queen, but it didn’t bother the young Heart of the knights to much. Thalia was just happy to be of help to Madeline. An old fashion looking gun sat in the little demons lap, her hands brushed over its rough iron looking barrel. She had been getting a lot of orders from Spade lately and hadn’t had the time to properly clean her equipment.

Thalia began to carefully dismantle the crude self made gun. A small cup of coffee raised to her lips via her hair and she took the opportunity to take a nice whiff of the cinnamon and nutmeg she had mixed into it. Despite her many flaws that everyone other than Madeline and Club liked to point out, Thalia was happy with the way she was, her ability to control her hair to such a fine degree made taking apart her gear and cleaning it a thousand times easier. Within a matter of minutes the little demon had dismantled the gun and was now running a wire brush through the barrel to clear out all the build up residue. After the barrel it was time for the firing mechanism and once that was done Thalia began to reassemble the weapon.

Just as Heart was screwing in the last piece of the blunderbuss, her whole body perked up at the sound of distant gunfire. Letting her curiosity get the better of her, Thalia just had to investigate. Hastily screwing in the last piece, Thalia chucked her empty coffee cup to one side, slid her tools into a small pouch that rested at her hip and then holstered the blunderbuss at her side.

Thalia tracked the gunshots to an alleyway several blocks from where she had been and found a rather amusing scene. Down in the alleyway was a corpse laying in a pool of its own blood, two gunmen, and one person using a dumpster as cover. Thalia assessed the situation from above. Normally Thalia wasn’t in the business of helping others, but the way the two gunmen were dressed and how they had the one guy pinned down, something just didn’t seem right to her. Taking a deep breath Heart took a leap of faith off the top of the building she was on and landed with a hard thud behind the two gunmen. Her hair quickly lashed out and attempted to apprehend the two armored men. “I gotta say, you two should really work on your approach.” She kept her gaze fixated towards the ground in an attempt to spare the two men from her paralyzing gaze.

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