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A Cowgirl in New York

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A Cowgirl in New York Empty A Cowgirl in New York

Post by The Nekromonga October 29th 2019, 2:43 am

Hecksher Playground, Central Park

The children’s playground with pools was converted tonight for a Charitable Halloween Party. Pumpkin decorations hung in lines to illuminate the event, as well as some disco spotlights. The lawns and trees were dressed up in cobweb, skulls and pumpkins, a few scare crows hanging around completely ignored. Perhaps the most riotous feature was the kiddie pools having been colored with bath bombs, illuminated by pool lights. The ground was interspersed with pools of blue, red, purple, orange fizzy pools, a few of them having programmed fountains to provide a water show.

A great many young adults and start up owners and employees constituted the crowd, dressed in cheap costumes, others in excellent ones. Alcohol and mixed drinks provided the real entertainment. Half of people were on their phones, the other half mostly talking among themselves and new business contacts. A few ladies in skimpy costumes were taking selfies, groupfies, and pictures of each other and uploading it on social media.Khaled, The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar provided the droning soundtrack for the event, with the noted absence of Thriller, Monster Mash and Spooky Scary Skeletons. Overall it was fairly bland, but hey, it was a charity event in Central Park, and the money would be used to save the turtles from eating plastic bags. Or something.

Once everyone had some food and drinks in them, some older blonde lady dressed as Queen Elsa had the music turned down as she spoke on the mic. “Okay, good evening everyone, thank you from coming to the Ocean Cleanup charity event! I hope everyone’s having a good time, all you guys and Ghoulies. Anyway-”

It was at that moment when an earthquake rocked the park and the power failed, plunging the party into darkness. People decided to announce the earthquake as it was happening, but it was over fairly quickly. Mobile devices also went dark. A lightning bolt struck up in the trees, drawing gasps from the crowd. It took only a single panicking millennial to start sending a few people into the pools.

“Oh god we have to leave!” Someone cried, pushing her way through the crowd blindly, inadvertently sending some people into the water.

“Stop pushing!” Someone else stated the obvious, as a handful of splashes sounded over the faux-panic. The panic turned into good natured laughter though, since no one was actually in any real danger. A few people decided, what the heck, and jumped into the pools to splash around. They actually also smelled quite nice.

Stumbling through the unlit park, sprinting as fast as her tired legs could take her, a figure materialized from the woods and slipped on the large rock formation. Amidst the blackout and confusion, no one could tell she was not part of the party.

The emergency lights finally came on, and people could see the person who fell in the red pool – a lady in a very, very convincing wild west gunslinger outfit, complete with a repeater rifle holstered on her back, and big iron on her hip. That’s cowboy for a gun in her holster. “Help! I… I can’t swim!” She panicked, splashing in the waist deep kiddie pool. She garnered more laughter than sympathy, but her distress seemed very genuine.

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A Cowgirl in New York Empty Re: A Cowgirl in New York

Post by Jeannie Rose October 29th 2019, 10:12 pm

yay halloween party jeannie loved costume parties, she decided to be a fairy so she found the party fun. when all the sudden lights went out jeannie had kitty kat eyes and cold see in the dark,so it didn't bother her much.

but it did bother someone else,a cowgirl fell in the pool,no one else seemed to notice or care. darn have to get my wings wet,hang on partner i'll save you! the ditzy pixie dives into the to help the soggy cowgirl
Jeannie Rose
Jeannie Rose
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