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Seagirl Returns to the Sea

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Seagirl Returns to the Sea Empty Seagirl Returns to the Sea

Post by The Nekromonga January 2nd 2016, 2:12 am


A young blonde Australian woman arrives at the Penang Continental Resort's lobby, her luggage checked in and already on her way to the New Years' party outside. She was on her phone, not minding the looks of eager young frat boys eyeing up the females in attendance. When rejected by their fellow countryman, the boys turned their attentions to local passers by, girls probably hungry for western cash.

"Yes, the Interior Minister confirmed with Customs that she went to Malaysia yesterday. The New Years Party on the beach is the largest celebration of its kind; plus, facial recognition puts her in the area about 15 minutes ago." A voice on the other side of the phone said.

"Thanks. I'll take it from here." The blonde woman replied, then put her phone away as she joined the party. She headed to the bar first to grab some drinks. The lady begins scanning the crowd with her prototype Google Contacts, its facial recognition software should theoretically help her find Seagirl in this huge crowd. She blends in by carrying two bottles of imported beer, dancing and grinding through the crowd, just another party girl from out of town, while looking for Australia's pre-eminent... aquatic... hero.


Darkness all around. An electronic voice masking device, and a secret, secure channel.

"It's confirmed. they're recruiting Seagirl. It must be the abandoned Neptune Resort off the coast. We can get one of ours to join the group. Make sure they can handle Sea Girl."

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Seagirl Returns to the Sea Empty Re: Seagirl Returns to the Sea

Post by Shadowoof January 3rd 2016, 5:26 am

If their was one thing Valkyrie disliked about this, it was the lack of knowing. But, she needed money and a lot of it if she was going to have a chance at furthering her goals. And so it led to this.. conversation on a very secure channel it seems, not secure enough if she could find it but then again, one could find anything with enough determination. She didn't know much about the job besides it had something of worth stealing and that a 'hero' might be involved, a word she'd have to get use but all the while hated. But what she hated most about this whole procedure is she'd have to be near water and a lot of it.

It was a risk reward situation she had to come to terms with. Join this merry band to their location, deal with any... problems and get whatever is worth the visit  all the while avoiding water. It wasn't a hard plan, and she could easily switch herself with the one of the grunts of the group. It was a plan, one that started, now.

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