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Aideen Sunfire

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Aideen Sunfire Empty Aideen Sunfire

Post by Shadowoof February 7th 2017, 4:17 am

Aideen Sunfire

"Stand still so I can roast you cutey."

The Bio

Real Name: Aideen Sunfire
Renegade Name:
Alignment: CN
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Cambion
Hair: black
Eyes: gray
Height: 5'7
Weight: 128lbs

The Looks


The Personality
Aideen is a rude person, she likes to play with things and people when she can but knows when someone should not be messed with. Or if she grows to like them, to which she becomes slightly nicer.

The Story

 Aideen was born daughter to a speedster and an unknown parent, as far as Aideen would ever know, was that he was not human. Her mother had never been silent on her heritage, and in a sense they grew up disjointed from each other, Aideens mother not sure what to do with the child and the child growing up unloved. Throughout her life Aideen thus grew up as a delinquent, terrorizing neighbors and teachers by starting small fires in gardens and classrooms. As life moved on, Aideen never grew into anything, she was not fast nor did she have any powers from her fathers side and this fact irritated Aideen, who grew jealous of her mothers own ability and so her rebellious nature grew. She left school and joined gangs, she broke into houses and stole, she set fires to buildings, till one day, a arson job went wrong, she was caught by the owners of the store she had sneaked into that night and in the scuffle, had set fire that went out of control. Trapped, Aideen grew scared and knowing that she could die, ran, ran into the fire to escape, ran to the door, opening it and causing the change in pressure to cause a back draft, as Aideen felt the explosion of fire on her back, she closed her eyes and ran and that was when she noticed the fire no longer singed her. Opening her eyes, Aideen had found her self across the street from the house. And that she was glowing. Her hands, clothes, they looked as if a fire encased them yet rather then burn, they felt warm.

Going home from the near death experience, Aideen had found herself moving extremely fast, that this flame that encased her could be turned on and off, that she had Power. Going home to her mothers, she explained what had happened, how she now had powers like her but her mother had not been as impressed, when she looked at her daughter, she only saw a demon. Preparing to call the police, Aideen felt betrayed and grabbed the nearest thing to stop her, to Aideen, everything moved so fast in her actions, one moment she was there, the next her mother lay on the ground, head bleeding. Racing though her house, Aideen gathered everything of hers she could carry, not realizing the flames she was spreading around the house in the process and left, leaving the house to burn down with her mother inside.

The Priority

1. Agility 2
2. Endurance 3
3. Reaction 1
4. Strength 4

The Powers

Power 1: Super speed: She can run at Mach 5.  

Power 2: Speed Flames: The only way she can run safely is by activating her flame form, where flames sprout from her body. There are two flames, one that covers her body, protecting her from her own speed, they are warm to the touch and do not burn. The second flames are produced as after images of her speed, leaving fire like foot prints on the ground and a trail that follows her. Allowing her to create fire based attacks with her speed.

Power three: Flame heals: Her speed flames also heal her wounds at a moderate rate, cuts in seconds to minutes, bones in minutes to hours.

The Weaknesses

Water: Being doused in water will eliminate her fire form, meaning that her speed will begin to burn away at her energy, ruin her shoes and begin hurting feet, whip lash. Her sight becomes shewed by the rushing wind, without her flame form, her speed becomes a liability.

Flirty: She takes pride in her look, and in a fight with someone she considers hot, will be more inclined to get in there pants then fight, leaving her open to attacks.

Silver: Wounds inflicted by silver weapons burn the skin around her wound, unable to be healed by her flames.

Holy water: Holy water is like acid to Aideen's skin (And depending on how much, may also act like weakness one.)

A holy chain: If one was to chain her with a holy symbol, imbued with such power that is holy, her powers would be made ineffective.

Hellfire: If her body, while in her flame form, was to make contact with the flames of hell, her powers fluctuate and stop working for a short while, leaving her defenseless, or a almost normal person moving at high speeds.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The speed flames that protect her tend to appear along her hair, fingers, back and legs, if she stood still for long enough, one would be able to make out horns on her forehead and a tail like appearance on her lower back that the flames make.

The RP Sample

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Aideen Sunfire Empty Re: Aideen Sunfire

Post by Atlas February 7th 2017, 4:31 am

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