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Ashford Narric

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Ashford Narric

Post by Shadowoof on April 6th 2016, 4:23 pm

Ashford Narric
"I have a lot of names but there are two only known to me. Ashford the mad and Ashford the Monster."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Ashford Narric
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Chosen
Title: The Chosen.
Alignment: CN
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'3
Weight: 191 lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks


Also to note, his left eye is closed shut at all times. with a Scar that resembles a arrow shaft atop of it. His Left hand is covered in bandages for under it is nothing but scarred skin. The entirety of it from the tip of his fingers to his elbow is just scar tissue.

An idea on the coat, it is black in color with a open middle that reveals his chest, it covers his arm's sides and back and reaches just below his waist, it has no pocket's, buttons or marks on it. In appearance, it looks like an average Top coat if it were not for the lack of buttons to keep it together and that the collar resembles that of a button up shirt then the top coat's original look.

The Legacy

Personality: Ashford is a very sad man, his friends are little and those he trust littler, he makes far too many foes to know when to quit and can be quite a stubborn bastard if you make him one. Of course, that's only if hes trying to kill you. Besides that he can be a nice guy, if a little sarcastic at times.

History: The world of New Hope was formed by three Godly beings Known as the Time-lords, these beings created the world after it's previous destruction by a being only known as the Overlord. In this world, the time lords brought fourth magical races and powers to it's occupants to give them a fighting chance if there ever was another attack but they also brought fourth a hero to be born, not yet made a hero, but destined to be one and his name was Ashford. Born in the city of Hope, Ashford never knew his parents and had to at a early age, survive on his own. It wasn't till he met Burrow, a Dwarf that lived the life of a treasure seeker, that he truly thought bout his future, taken in by the dwarf, Ashford was taught the basic's of treasure seeking and it wasn't till a young adult that his destiny at finally caught him. One the hunt for two Soul gems witch were said to be the souls of the time lords, Ashford and Burrow encountered a spirit who warned ageist them taking the two gems yet the two treasure seekers did not heed the warning. In retaliation the spirit summoned a skeletal figure who wore a coat as it's defender and sent the two after them, for it were not a bright light that vanquished the skeleton, Ashford and his friend might not have made it past that encounter yet rather then go straight after the gem's, Ashford was taken in by the coat that the skeleton had worn, of a fantastic quality, Ashford pillaged the skeleton of the coat and wore it for himself yet found that while the coat had come a perfect it, it became impossible for him to take off.

It was here, that the great plan, the destiny to be a hero for Ashford was destroyed, as the coat never a part of there plan, it caused two of the time-lord's to intervene with Ashford, warning him that he would come to great power and that he must use it for the betterment of humanity. At first, Ashford did not trust in these two beings and went on with taking the gems, giving them to the man that had asked for them. With this, the world was thrown into a disarray with the dead rising and beings from the past reappearing. Once more, the time-lords came to Ashford and told him of his mistake, Throwing guilt onto his soul, the forced him to find the man that had the gems and take them back and that he did, only the man wasn't just ordinary. He was a foot solider that belonged to the long dead Overlord, and a battle began which ended in Ashford's victory. Fixing his mistake, Ashford returned the two gems and was met with a note. That a war would erupt in three years, seeing the chance to be even more then a treasure seeker, even more then he could have ever dreamed, Ashford spent the next three years of his life learning how to control the powers that came with the coat and the risk that it brought, to fight and gathered artifacts that he shaped into weapons.

From here, his life was sent into a spiral, he met strange and exotic people, murdered them, made new friends and watched them die and lose themselves. Even his old friend Burrow couldn't stay with Ashford as his determination to be a hero grew. When the war had started, Ashford was ready, he managed to kill entire camps of the opposing force, a force to be reckoned with yet the feeling he gained from this wasn't heroic, even after he managed to make a truce between the forces that opposed his side and his side, he felt only shame, for all the lives he ended, for everyone that simply fought for there own reason. After this, he tried his best to only fight creatures or humanoids that threatened his existence or the ones of those he cared about. Yet all the people he fought were scared in their own way and some were of his own fault. Like a girl named Nightmare that Ashford had found in a Ruins of old and released from a ancient cell, at first, Ashford grew close to the young girl known as Nightmare till he learnt that the reason she was locked away was for she was trying to kill people who had fragments of the Overlord in them, thinking that by doing so, she could kill the Overlord once and for all, and eventually she managed to kill some but unbeknownst to Ashford or Nightmare, the people she killed were key's, unlocking pieces of the being she wished to vanquish. Finally, when her sword was aimed on those who Ashford were close to, he was forced to confront and kill his new friend. Yet by killing one Nightmare, another appeared, her younger sister, this nightmare that had escaped from the void went on to try and finish what her newly deceased sister could not but over time Ashford had managed to capture her and immediately  tried to began to befriend the Nightmare, seeking to find redemption yet was denied such when she gave him the Mark of the Chosen, a Mark that once transferred, kills the original host as she saw that with her goal slowly dying due to her likening of the man more and more and seeing that the mark she carry's would benefit the chosen before her more so then herself. Crestfallen at the loss of his new friend, Ashford became very protective of those he knew, yet no matter how hard he tried, a force managed to take away his friends, first a man named Tom, then another named Greg.

What was first thought were random killings was actually the spirit of the Overlord, who only Ashford could see at the time, they fought for brief moment before the spirit overpowered Ashford and forced him to Murder yet another one of his dangerously dropping Friends. Blamed for the murder, Ashford was taken and hung for a crime he didn't commit by yet another one of his friends. Dead, The Overlord had found physical form and started a take over of the city of hope, yet in the slums, where the piles of the dead grew, Ashford rose from the pile alive once more. Unsure of how, he didn't care for as he climbed the dead, he saw the event's that grew. Brought on with new life, Ashford charged head first into the situation, and with the assistance of some very regretful allies, Ashford managed to defeat the Overlord at the loss of his arm, cut by a blade created to kill time-lord's, it couldn't be healed even by the coat, rather then let this slow down the chosen one, Ashford used his dagger of fire to cut off the sleeve of his coat so that a new technology know as a prosthetic could be attached to his arm, which once done, was reformed into a arm of the Fourth, a weapon said to be used by the original owner of the coat, a woman only known as Four. With the Overlord defeated once more, Ashford spent the next two years, fighting more and more, losing more and more till finally, he was ready to call it quits, he was done losing those he cared for, killing those who even with the best intentions at heart were a risk to the time lords, to humanity. He was tired, and he would have stopped if had not been for the return of a force that was thought defeated. The Overlord.

And so, Ashford's final fight began, the fates, Ashford's destiny which was so carefully calculated and planned by the time-lords was destroyed. Now it wasn't a fight between a hero and the villain, it was a fight between a force that wanted to rule over a world and a man that simply wanted it to be over. And so the outcome was quick, Ashford was defeated yet some how he felt a sort of relief, he no longer had to lose more of himself to forces that controlled him, to people who relied too much on him. Yet death did not come, but rather pity. The Overlord saw her opponent for who he truly was, and rather then execute the man that had foiled her plans time after time, she took his most powerful weapon and cut a hole in her dimension before kicking him though it, and throwing the weapon after him, ending the only threat to her newly conquered city and now, world.

Now, Ashford awakes in this world, confused and bewildered, he begins his search but for what? Well, only time will tell.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1:

Power 2: Enhanced Reflexes: Ashford has been using a sword for most of his late life, plus countless fights have made his reaction time much more acute and on time plus with the extra agility that comes from the coat, Ashford is able to easily dodge bullets at close range and even catch a multitude of thrown weapons if needed be.

Power 3: Rune Magic: During his life, Ashford came across a secret art known as soul rune magic, these runes are written in the air or by a more solid matter depending on what type of rune he is writing to cast spells of unique effect.

Power 4: Great with weapons(Mainly swords and daggers and his sword arm.): Ashford is almost a master when it comes to weapons in combat, Skilled in the art of combat and knowing of many techniques, he is a deadly combatant when armed with what he knows.

Power 5:


Weakness 1: for all his skill in weaponry Ashford is Horrible at hand to hand combat, more a street brawler then a trained fighter.

Weakness 2: Ashford's head is filled with self doubt and pity. And Illusions or mind tricks are more likely to affect him then others. (No need for permission, they always work.)

Weakness 3: Ashford is in a sense,basically human, he can get sick, bleed, be hurt and dieish like any other human.

Weakness 4: The runes Take time to write and can sap his energy if used frequently.  

Weakness 5: While he doesn't like to admit it, his left eye leaves him open to attacks from the left due to his inability to see from it.

Weakness 6: Not the Sharpest tool in the draw: Ashford is not the brightest individual and while he can catch on, most will and can outsmart him Nor will he be able to figure out something as easy as others.

Weakness 7: Fear of Fire: While not a Phobia, Ashford knows how dangerous fire is to him and is rather afraid of it touching him less it is controlled like his dagger.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s): Ashfords Bolt runes can't be seen by anyone but himself when written but his hand will have a slight glow to them. His Coat has no alive regeneration but rather a much, Much faster healing rate then the average human who is resting, meaning no lying down, no unnatural, natural healing, this also applies to his robotic arm when it is destroyed (And itself if cut by fiery objects) . To Ashford death isn't final, Once dead, the coat will regenerate him till he comes back to life like he was before.(Rp Reason for not dying..) Rune of the chosen. A rune written on Ashford's Back, benefits Ashford in no way but stopping the coat from becoming a threat to human existence, It also Soul Bounds all of Ashfords items to him, he owns them, if they are taken, he will find that withen a few days they return to him magically(Rp reason as to him not getting his items stolen by big bad power bullies.). The Rapier leaves a trail behind where it cuts(It is basically trying to cut the world.) So it could allow it's wielder to travel between dimensions. (which he can't do)Ashford is a well built man.


But he is not without his items.

The Dagger of the red gem: A dagger in size with a red gem attached to it's hilt, This Dagger is of unique quality in which it lights ablaze, from the tip of the blade to the pommel of the hilt.

Weakness: Throwing dirt anywhere on the blade deactivates the flames, even so much as the blade itself hitting a dirt ground is enough to stop it's flames. He also can't wield it in his left hand, well he can but it hurts a lot to do.

The Necklace of the Purple Gem: A necklace with a single slot, which holds a purple like gem, The Necklace when worn allows Ashford to cast his runes Much more easily then the normal person, it could be the only reason he is able to cast runes in this world.

Weakness: Remove the necklace, Remove Ashfords ability to cast runes.

The Glove of the yellow Gem: A Worn Leather glove that has no gem on it but however carry's the gem in a infinite pocket, This glove can when aimed at a attacking force, creates a shield like Orb of negative energy that catch's any and all attacks of energy or elemental type. Destroying the attacking element.

Weakness: The gem was cracked during Ashfords Adventures, nulling it's ability to stop Kinetic like attacks such as fist or cars from being stopped by the shield, they pass though like it is nothing.

The coat of the Fourth: A dangerous and powerful coat, it is unbreakable and gives Ashford ability's that allow him to survive fights ordinary people would not. such as Ashford's reflexes and agility have been increased by the coat, he is able to see into the past life of the dead. (Permission and rp) It is also attached to his body, only able to be removed by a select figure in his world, or the coat itself if convinced. it also won't allow him to die, if he does indeed die, then it will regenerate him. He is also sustained by the coat, able to take injury's but walk it off almost like nothing happened, A sort of pain inhibitor.

Weakness: The coat is very powerful, but fire can paralyze whatever it touches, and even cut though the Fabric of the coat, if his entire body was coated in fire, then Ashford would not be able to move at all. Also, while the coat is unbreakable, what is under isn't. He can take bullets, stabs wounds, broken bones and keep walking but his body will collapse if it takes too much or a direct organ such as the heart or lung collapses or is destroyed/damaged..   not only that, his chest and legs are unguarded by the coat, so is his hands, allowing them to be damaged by normal methods.

The Black Rapier: A Rapier as indestructible as the coat and just as dangerous, It can cut though almost anything with relative ease.

Weakness: The rapier has one eternal weakness, Ashford can't kill a living soul with it, otherwise he will die and the rapier will claim his soul for it's own and not even the coat can bring back a soul. This makes Ashford fear the weapon himself and so he barley uses it until a foe powerful enough that he requires it appears. Then and only then, will Ashford think about using it.

Heavenly metal arm/ The arm of Four: Ashford's right arm is made out of a metal called Heavenly metal, which was the strongest metal in his realm, and the sharpest. In contrast, it looks like a real arm if not for the sleek design and the black metalic color. On the ends of the fingers rest Tiny drills that are shaped like a cone. The arm is strong enough to cut and smash though the hardest of metals and the combined with the sharp drill's allows him to use his own arm as a deadly sword.

Weakness: Ashford tends to forget his hand is made of metal sometimes or that it has blades for finger tips, or that he can't cast runes with his right hand.  It is also susceptible to ice, cooling the arm down will make it brittle and the able to be destroyed easily.


Fire Bolt Rune: A symbol that when combined with the bolt rune, shoots a bolt of fire from the users hand, blasting or engulfing whatever it hits with fire.

Ice Bolt Rune: A Symbol that when combined with the Bolt Rune, Shoots a bolt of ice from the users hand, engulfing whatever the bolt hit's in ice.

Bolt Rune: When written over the Fire or Ice rune, the symbol vanishes and engulfs Ashfords hand in light, when he mentally wills it to fire, it fires where his hand is aiming.

Weakness: The bolt Rune writing over the ice or fire rune take time and in a fight one can find it hard to take the time to stand still and write two runes over each other. Also, when Ashford's hand is engulfed in light, any damage to the lightened hand will deactivate the rune while also, depending on the attack, can make it unable to cast any more runes, can't cast with a mangled hand.

Strength: Writing this rune on himself, Ashford gains enough strength that he would be able to hurt most superhuman durable foes. Hit harder, swing harder etc.

Speed: As above, Writing this Rune gives superhuman like speed. (Mach 1)

Durability: Writing this rune on him gives him enough Durability that his body can withstand superhuman like attacks.

Weakness: Ashford can only write these with Iron Paste (Which he doesn't have) Or his own Blood, they can be written anywhere on him but can also be easily rubbed off with water. He can only write two on himself at a time, as writing anymore would tire out his body.

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility - 4
Endurance - 1
Reaction - 2
Strength - 3

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

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Re: Ashford Narric

Post by Thorgron on May 16th 2016, 10:12 am

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