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Apollyon Zaapiel

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Apollyon Zaapiel  Empty Apollyon Zaapiel

Post by Shadowoof September 6th 2016, 7:43 am

Amy Zaapiel
"Quiet. Mom is cooking."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Apollyon Zaapiel
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name:
Title: Amy Zaapiel
Alignment: Chaotic Natural  
Age: 659
Gender: female
Race: Fallen Angel
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue/Black
Height: 6'2
Weight: 120 lbs
Blood type: Angelic

The Looks


The Legacy

Personality: There are three story's to Amy's personality. The first story, Jake would tell you that she is the best mom in the world, understanding, caring. Knows how to talk and never backs down from a good challenge. She would rock the world of any kid lucky to have her as there mom. The second story he would also tell you that if you annoyed her, she was the devil, dangerous, unpredictable and horrifying as any annoyed mom should be, she was just and swift in dealing out the appropriate punishment because of his or his friends action.

Amy's story however is mostly a mix from both of the story's of Jake's. She is kind, able to laugh with sincerity and is a good talker, could make a dog loyal withen days she's that charming. But she is intense, she is serious sometimes too much and always worried for both herself and her son. And you'd never want to piss her off, for doing so would be like taking a well earned meal from a starving Lioness and wagging it in front of them. You will regret your decisions.

History: To explain Apollyon's history before her role as Amy, Apollyon was a angelic being of death, she helped souls rest in there reality's version of Utopia, a place where angels ruled and kept balance, as human souls were kept at peace and quiet. But not everything was quite so perfect, as angels were opposed by those they once knew as siblings, but now only fallen.  And the force of Fallen was a seductive taste of promises, Anarchy, freedom opposing that of the Utopias true rules of control and loyalty.  

Apollyon at this dark time in Utopia history was considered a young prodigy by many, skilled in what she did and with a great family line behind her, her brother being the Angel of Punishment Zaapiel, she was never thought one who would easily be brought to the Fallen side. Those that thought so great of her however were wrong for one day she was taken aside by other young angels who had found access to another world, one of mystery and difference. It was too late for Apollyon, for when the portal to the new world was opened and she took her first steps in, she noticed it was not one of angelic who had opened the portal, but one of Fallen.

Once there, Apollyon ran, flew and hid, afraid and confused but as minutes flew by she began to see things, a world much different to her own with no Utopia, no one telling her what to do, always watching her. For the first time she felt.. Free. And so she returned to those she came with and they spent the next few days being human, partying, having fun, embracing the wild side of life. However withen the last days of there stay in this world, Apollyon met a man, his name was Noah and from the start he knew she was something else, something different,  something unique about her, he had even told her he knew and for this was something that perplexed the young angel and excited her. And by the end of the night she did indeed feel special, but after that night of ecstasy, the angels were returned home. The fallen angels that had escorted them expected most if not all of the young angels to convert to there side to become fallen, to keep on tasting this freedom and will of there own. And almost all of them did, all except for one.

Apollyon was at a cross-roads, she wanted to to taste that freedom again, but that steep seed of order and control rested inside her, feeling they might not gain a new ally in her, fearing that she could be a threat to them, the fallen angels prepared to strike her down when her brother and other angels of punishment arrived, rescuing her from certain death and almost killing all who were of fallen at the site. Taken home, she was questioned, kept locked away and imprisoned as her fate was talked over with when a new development occurred. Her belly had began to grow in the passing time and this, among both Fallen and Angelic beings was something not seen nor ever heard of, a union between a mortal and a immortal was Illogical, not thought could ever be done. And thus it was to be punished by law of the elders of the angel's of Utopia.

At first they could not find a way to punish her, one of great family, brother, leader of the punishment name. At last they decided banishment to a new world, one she would live the rest of her live in along with a greater punishment, something not done in thousands of years. To be done by her own brother's hand, they tore off her left wing, punishing her to be forever forsaken, fallen in the worst possible way and sent away to a new world.

Here, is where she took a new name, here is where she had her child and chose to live her life new, clean and normal, always regretting, always sad, always lonely.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1: The Gaze of pain and sadness: Amy is able to project her inner pain and sadness from her past sins onto those she is targets, making what would feel to them a Heavy weight on there shoulders, there brain racked with sadness and pain and pity. Those who can feel emotions more so then others can feel this sadness from being close to her. (Gonna say this requires permission from others, not sure if it actually does.)

Power 2: Angelic body: Her body is extremely Durable, it would take a hole lot of Punishment to actually scratch her.  

Power 3: One of many Deaths: She can as a mind trick or as a paid job, show you a possible death. This death in sense may never come but is a possible death, she could predict someone's death a million times and none may come to pass. (Very Permission based)

Weakness 1: Amy's Wing is a very fragile thing but the main kicker is the large scar on her back, a good solid blow to that scar will stun her for a short time.

Weakness 2: She will do anything to protect her son, her life for him.

Weakness 3: Healing magic and ability's much like her son, burns her rather then healing.

Weakness 4: The ability's of light also strikes her more easily so then others.

Weakness 5: The ability's of dark also Hurts her more so then others.

Weakness 6: Throwing Gold on her is like throwing a really heavy weight on her, you could quite literally pin her with a stone of pure gold.  

RP Mechanic(s): She has a single right, pure black wing that can not fly, matched by a scar on the left side of her black.
When annoyed or using her powers, her eyes tend to shift from blue to a deep seated black, the more black the more pissed.
She too also has a unnatural healing rate, with small cut's taking minutes but everything else taking many hours/days

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility 1
Endurance 2
Reaction 3
Strength 4

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

Characters of the wolf:
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Apollyon Zaapiel  Empty Re: Apollyon Zaapiel

Post by Rozmer September 6th 2016, 9:37 am

This here is an approved NPC y'all

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