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Broken Minds (Echelon)

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Broken Minds (Echelon)  Empty Broken Minds (Echelon)

Post by Shadowoof on October 1st 2015, 10:12 pm

It had been a long time coming, too long senice the newly awoken demon had stared down a magnificent bowl of fried rice, each grain a tinted brown with pieces of beef and pawns along with other goody's that made the food as good as it was to Marcus's taste. Still he didn't quite know if he had wanted to eat it for he always felt like he had shard it with someone and that someone was gone, expunged when he realized something important. He was mentally fuked up, and this had it's ups and downs, no voices in his head, nightmares had stopped but he was alone and the thought of it didn't help. He became close to the voices in his head and now they had vanished, still it meant he could get back to a semi normal life, only difference being a demon of sorts. Marcus shook the thoughts from his head and looked down on the bowl before the faint sound of a gunshot could be heard in the distance. A small sigh, Shadow pushed the bowl forward and stood up, fixing the small black tie that fir snugly on his white shirt before putting both his hands into hip pockets of his black jeans. Seems the rice was going to have to wait... Good.

Heading towards the where he heard the gunshot, Marcus allowed his mask to form over his face, it's color a little brighter then normal but besides that not much had change. Upon making it, he found he was a little too late, single gunshot and one dead man that laid before him, a woman was crying of top of him. Maybe he wasn't too late. "Lady, you know which way the guy went?" Marcus asked in his demonic voice only to have a scream in reply as she turned to him, her eyes seemingly grew as she recognized who he was via the mask, one of his hands went to it to hide it but she was already running calling bloody murder. Marcus cursed as he looked to the sky. It was going to take some time to get this city to trust a mask they feared and hated and the idea of hunting for a live news team so he could explain a few things briefly entered his thoughts and he gave a slight chuckle. If only.

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