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Larger Than Life (Echelon)

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Larger Than Life (Echelon) Empty Larger Than Life (Echelon)

Post by Neon on March 12th 2016, 9:19 am

The stolen van was heading off with immense speed, but that couldn't stop Alex from chasing it. Thanks to her size, she was able to run after it with a much greater than average speed, leaping through the city streets in an instant. From her perspective, she could see the streets above and track the fleeing vehicle like if she were watching it on a map. However, she had to be careful not to cause too much damage as she rushed through the streets among the tall buildings now being the same height as her. She already crushed a bunch of mail boxes and a motorcycle which were unfortunately in her way, but fortunately she managed to avoid hurting anyone. Those people were so tiny now, like little action figures or smaller. They seemed to be so fragile and so little from the gigantic woman's perspective.

Finally the stolen van got into a dead end street, which made it possible for the 90 feet tall brunette to stop it. With gigantic booming steps she stopped and crouching down, she literally slammed down to the small vehicle. Picking it up in her hand, she watched as the miniature criminals inside were gazing at her in panic. They tried to break the windows and shoot outside, but Alex was quicker: she began shaking the tiny 'toy car' so they would fall from one end of the vehcile to the other, losing consciousness as their heads hit the walls or the seats. Then, she put down the miniature van on top of one of the large warehouses, and decided to let the police know the people they were chasing were there. She also knew many people were making photos or videos of her during the chase, so the gigantic superheroine will be a topic for the evening news. "Good job, big girl.", she smiled in herself seeing her success.

However, as Alex turned to get on her way, suddenly she noticed another person standing next to her. She almost lost her voice in disbelief as she realized the man was the same size as her. He was a 90-feet tall giant just like the brunette hero. "Who... who are you?", she asked not believing her eyes, "And how can you be my size?"


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