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Echelon Empty Echelon

Post by Technaught on May 23rd 2018, 3:51 pm


"Freedom In the Skies"

The Bio

Real Name: Saint Van Wolf (Adopted Earth Name),Tahuses(Lunari Name)
Renegade Name: Echelon
Title: Tahuses, Son of Thoth
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: ***
Gender: Male
Race: Arche Lunari(Tau by Birth)
Hair: Abyssal
Eyes: Luminescent
Height: 6' 1''
Weight: 197 lbs
Blood type: Stellar Remnants/Plasma(Tau)

The Looks

The Personality

Dichotomy? Tahuses keeps himself reserved in the public eye, choosing to keep out of the Hero/Lawful lifestyle that his family uses to push their agenda. To take Tahuses are an anarchist rebelling against his family's or the world's system of order is rather far-fetched as well. He rather takes a structuralist approach to things by breaking down the world on a situation by situation basis. Sometimes it seems like he feels paranoid of most motives done in the environment he's surrounded by, filling him with a desire to always be a few steps ahead of those he encounters. Other times, he'll often brush off his mane when it matters to show those in his circle that he has a lot to offer/or feels superior to them perhaps.

The Story

Few human depictions of the Lunari refer to them in stories of the Annunaki. Others saw them as Gods amongst men or Archangels. For the Lunari, these stories were brief summarizations of exploits of the species in their former lives. The first Lunari, created by Elder being(s), are thought to have come to existence through the fusion of supernova remnants and nebula clouds. This comes from the beautiful appearance of their skin, which reflects the mosaic nebulae from where their genesis hails.

The species, known for their connection to the cosmos and astronomical objects being the source of their powers, began to expand around the galaxy in hopes of shaping the fabric of time and existence like their creator(s).

The Lunari eventually evolved into two sub species: Tau Lunari(known for being both valiant "enforcers" and inheriting lunar/astro based talents) and Theta Lunari(diplomatic,aristocratic members that inherited solar based talents).

Tahuses' family is prominently known for having the most talent members of both Tau and Theta Lunarians, rumored to even have had members inheriting both Tau/Theta aspects that appear fairly early in their life cycles, becoming a tertiary caste known as Arche Lunari. Tahuses' father Thoth is rumored to have been one of the first few Arche Lunari, with folk tales quoting his exploits amongst humans in ranging areas across the African continent. This fact would come into play as several groups of Lunari families settled down within various regions within Africa to set up privatized services as a means of providing a "service" to humanity. Tahuses' family(taking up the surname Van Wolf) utilized resources to help maintain a private, militaristic underground organization as a means of exercises their gifts functionally and centralize all Lunari affairs. He took on the mantle Echelon for his means of reaching for new heights, began freelance work with various "associates", and his family when it suits him.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

I. Nebulae Manipulation- Echelon is able to manipulate clouds of ionized gases and stellar dust, through the nebulae in his skin.

II. Nebulae Physiology- As a Lunari, Echelon's entire body is made up of tiny nebulae universes and stars. When in his natural form, he is able to adapt to various changes(especially in space vacuums), immunity to most thermal and radiation exposure, and above normal durability against most man-made objects.

III. Interstellar Travel- Flight is a basic trait of Lunari, but most are capable of traveling across planes of the beyond. While they can travel up to speeds slightly slower than the speed of light, it is important to note that heavy use of speed can trigger an instability within themselves.

The Weaknesses

Daylight- A higher presence of the night sky helps Echelon concentrate his ability-based tactics more efficiently. Otherwise, using his powers during the day extensively can trigger a supernova in his pocket nebula universe, which destabilizes him. His durable properties through his natural form also fail during daylight, meaning any wounds or damage taken will take a longer period of time to heal.

Solar Eclipses- Eclipses are known to have a 50/50 chance of causing a power apex or a destabilization on Lunari depending on their blood type. For Echelon, Lunar Eclipses can be beneficial to him in power if handled correctly. Solar Eclipses leave him slightly more powerless in comparison to regular daytime.

Holy/Demonic Objects- It's still uncertain how deep the history of various groups such as the Arcadians intertwine with that of the Lunari; Regardless,  high exposure to objects or wards with holy and/or demonic properties causes a paralyzing imbalance that may lead to destabilization just like the previous weaknesses.

Energy Levels- Since most youthful Lunari have not yet polished their skills, most of his offensive tactics are usually facilitated with the use of a Qareen, a armor or weapon to channel their power. Others also utilize these tools to boost their power, which Echelon utilizes a arm gauntlet for.

Extensive overuse of his abilities, creating complicated energy constructs, or flying for long periods of time(across galaxies) all share the same source of energy: therefore he can strain his body for some time, leaving him vulnerable. As a result, Echelon often reduces his distance in traveling by flight in order to retain energy for battle.

The Items

Suit and Echelon's Qareen: Ankhlet- While the gauntlet can't give him infinite power, the Lunari Qareen is thought to have been endued with a stellar remnant of exact structure to its' operator. Up to today, there is no evidence of a living soul within the Qareen, but some operators often feel connected to their chosen devices. The Qareen has a containing unit that helps center his nebulae attacks into more controlled, effective attacks. Along with Echelon's costume, most of the Ankhlet is just hunks of metal with a fancy colors coming out of it that can be easily destroyed. (SEE Costume for Visuals).

The Minions


The Fluff

1. Lunari Form:
Echelon KosmicII_zps4pqbhtu3

2. Costume(Daytime?):
Echelon KosmicIV_zpsnca9bpch

3. He answers to Tahuses only to anyone within his family or inner circle.

4. Extensive time spent training within the Lunari ranks on Earth equips Echelon in basic hand-to-hand combat with a proficiency in Eskrima fighting.

5. His father's extensive knowledge like his namesake has led to Echelon and his siblings having above normal intelligence through their upbringing.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Echelon Empty Re: Echelon

Post by Shadowoof on May 24th 2018, 1:52 pm

The item you have needs a weakness, and idk about this suit? If that does something, explain.

Also, might sure that power three, you are only fast when you fly. If you can use that super speed any other time, then it is two separate powers.

solar eclipse is a cool idea for a weakness, but they only happen once every 2 or so years, thus idk how good the weakness really is. And that means it might need a changing.

And i assume the daylight weakness, when you mean takes longer to heal, just means that his healing is like a normal human, only when injured like that, it's at a snails pace, otherwise, any kind of super healing will need a weakness, but I am sure I am overthinking it.

Fix what needs to be fixed if something needs fixing or I did ask, like the item, the glove, and post back what you did. Also, nice way to say plasma, ionized gas. Neat.

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

Characters of the wolf:
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