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A Meeting of Minds

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INV ONLY A Meeting of Minds

Post by Nate6595 May 31st 2021, 3:24 am

Vigil’s gallery was located in one of the quieter parts of the city. It wasn’t because Eli, the owner of the place, liked to be away from the hustle and bustle, but rather the quieter sections of the city provided a nice sort of cover for his operations. It wasn’t devoid of people so that his place stood out, but there was a lack of prying eyes here who would notice anything out of the ordinary should something out of the ordinary occur. It overlooked the street and from the window on the second story, from his office, Eli could look down and watch people go about their day.

Occasionally, his eyes would flash with his ability and see if there were any metas among them. There rarely were, but it was still fun to check. Sometimes, very rarely, he did find one and that would be useful for later. He would sometimes learn the identity of specific heroes or villains by doing this and that would be later pull for him to use over them.

Today, however, his eyes didn’t flash with his ability as he looked down at the street. Now, he quietly watched with a smile, knowing full well of what to expect. A new client, someone who was searching to start connections, to really dip their hand into the world information, and he couldn’t disagree that he was a good person to come to for just that. He wasn’t sure exactly what kind of info the client would be after or if they even wanted info, perhaps they just wanted connections, but…he had his own plans for tonight, his own sort of agenda and soon she’d be here.

The gallery below him would be a nice and clean place. Several framed photographs of the city, different heroes in their work, and of nature hung on the walls. Price tags were, of course, labeled onto the bottom of the frame for any potential buyers. Working a gallery like this was a good front, after all. If a criminal wanted to pay him for information they would pay a good amount of money for one his photographs as well. The gallery was also worked by several of his own men. Doppler was a security guard who stood by the elevator at the end of the gallery and Polaroid worked at the main counter, welcoming guests and selling photos should anyone wish to actually purchase one.

The info that his new client would have been given would’ve been clear and concise. They were enter, go to the back elevator, and tell the security guard there they had an appointment, then to say the phrase “e4”. Meaningless, probably, at least to anyone else but Eli himself. He had an…interesting mind, something would surely have been known by criminals who did know anything about him. They would say he was…different, but useful. He had his uses, but beyond that no one knew all that much about him other than his strange demeanor. Though, from saying the phrase Doppler would lead them up and rest would be left up to them and Eli.
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