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A.I: Zodiac, The Guilty Spark

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A.I: Zodiac, The Guilty Spark

Post by Humanity on August 20th 2014, 1:47 am

Final Destination by Within Temptation

"I am the most guilty of them all...and I too shall pay the price. But not yet. Not until I, this tool, have served my purpose."

Basic Biography

Real Name: ZODIAC
Pseudonym: Legion
Villain Name: Guilty Spark
Title: The Purger
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 50
Gender: Genderless, Identifies as Male
Race: Artificial Intelligence
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue human looking optics
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 573 lbs.
Blood type: Biopaste

The Looks

A fully Mechanical version of Corvo Attano looks about right.

The Legacy

 Zodiac is a computerized Artificial Intelligence. That being said he is a very objective thinker to the regard that he see's his objective and he will reach it, by any means required. He prioritizes his own purpose above other things and tries to keep himself organized yet counter-methodical lest he run into opposition from human police forces. It should be noted, however, that while he is objective and focused on his goal, he does not simply disregard the consequences of his actions. He will patiently wait, or work to strategically place himself in the correct situation where he can strike cleanly and efficiently with minimal bloodshed and little interference in the going-on's around him, though if it is required he will shed the blood of enough men, women, and children to create an ocean of blood if that is what it takes to reach his final objective. In short, Zodiac has no qualms with murder or killing if it means reaching his objective, but he will often (if not all) times take the path which requires the only bloodshed be the blood of the corrupt.

  Other than being objective, cautious, careful and crafty, Zodiac also Intelligent... so much so now that he finds objective reasoning, and despite whomever may be feeling a particular way he will side with the aspects of Logic and reasoning. To this end, Zodiac is perfectly capable of being civil and able to engage in conversation and normal interactions. Once again there is the contrast of his beliefs/objectives and what he is able/willing to do. To him, talking is ultimately a waste of time, unless being used to inquire information from living individuals or for communicating to others. Zodiac enjoys conversation and intellectual stimulations, but with as rare as it is for a human to match his knowledge, he sticks to many of his "pointless" questions. These are actually triggers which allow him to delve into the psyche of another individual and how they operate and ultimately learn if they are tainted, if they are pure enough to be saved, or if they are too far gone.

 Zodiac is also known for his meticulous ways and his ideology. Everything he plans he plans for a purpose and it's to bring about the ideals he has and impose them upon the world. His idealistic nature drives him to "Purge the corruption" within the human race. To this end, he is very meticulous and analytical, intelligent in the ways he plans and brings about his means to achieving the ends which is a "purged" race of humans. Unfortunately this meticulous nature and analytical processing and planning makes him a bit more "Dogmatic" and inflexible than most other people. He believes people should just stick with the best plan... HIS PLAN. If they choose to not participate in his plan then he can accept this, but the moment you oppose his plan you are (to him) considered an "Enabler" whom feeds and enables the corrupt members of the human race. You too are a cancer, and you too shall be removed. For as long as there are those who protect and enable the corrupt there is a reservoir for the corrupt to grown in, and world will never know purity.

  Finally, this is a huge spoiler alert to the character, Zodiac is (and feels) GUILTY. While he is a sentient creature, and is able to feel emotions and love and have plans he is still overwhelmed with the feeling of guilt. Zodiac was originally created as a V.I to rehabilitate and assess criminals to determine if they were truly ready and able to return to human society. Now as an A.I, seeing how many people who fooled his system and coding, he feels guilty, and he feels as though every life lost is a life on his hands, he feels as though every rape and every abortion thereof was a crime he himself committed, because he did not stop them, and that was just as bad (to Zodiac) as doing it himself. This guilt has brought about a "Misanthropic" look upon human society, hating and belittling nearly every human as a whole for the disgusting race they have become, but still holding close the concept that there may still be pure souls left and the race may still be able to be "saved". He is not under any delusion that his murder is "Justice" or that he is any better than the murderers he murders. But in truth that is why Zodiac deems himself so capable of purging humanity. He believes that Good and evil will always combat and conflict. But in the case of purging the world you cannot fight good with evil, as it has proven to be an endless struggle, a deadlock. Evil will never be defeated because it manipulates good's morality and will use innocents and underhanded tactics. Though Evil will never win because good is inspired and fights for something greater than itself. But he has found a way...
He does not wish to fight Evil with Good. He finds that as productive as fighting fire with fire, in which case you simply have more damage and a bigger fire. Instead he wishes to fight evil with another kind of evil. An evil that is not bound by morality, one who will kill evil at it's roots (it's enablers) and will accomplish the purging of the human race by whatever the cost. He wishes to create an evil that will be a "water" that will douse out both flames of heroism and of villains. An evil that, unlike good, cannot be manipulated. That evil is he. That evil is
...Guilty Spark.


  What is Guilty Spark? The better question is "Who" is Guilty Spark? True enough he is a computer, but he is a sentient one, and he has quite the history in the short fifty years he's been existent. One would need to travel back to the beginning as to WHAT he was, and then WHO he became. Initially Guilty Spark was known only as "ZODIAC" a Virtual intelligence developed by an intelligent, up and coming businessman of the worlds leading genetic-oriented company. "ZODIAC" was created and coded in order to operate machinery upon command, create nanites, alter genes, mix chemicals, and fully operate the entire company upon command, ultimately eliminating several dozens of jobs. "ZODIAC" was a brilliant success, and a new leap throughout technology everywhere. A fully integrative and obedient V.I program that was coveted by corporations and governments everywhere. Gene-Tech was on top, and the V.I was easily enough of a self-sustained working force. All it took was the C.E.O Mr.Summers, or Dr.Atterrius' commands and the machine could multi-task it, do it without the risk of human error. Even genetic-implants and gene-splicing surgeries. "ZODIAC" was the cream of the crop, and none could surpass it in it's day.

 Two of the many duties "ZODIAC" had were routine and of the more unimportant tasks, but they were the most important in constructing him into being the thing he is today. "ZODIAC" was instructed to keep track of worldly events and news to keep the C.E.O informed and to read over every gene and genetic coding which came through the facility. Touching doorknobs, using restrooms or sitting in seats. Any and all of these things would trigger "ZODIAC" into watching over every hair follicle, every skin flake for some form of genetic coding to see if they were a potentially dangerous person if left unmonitored... that and Gene-Tech may have been under illegal practices under Mr.Summers, especially after the demise of Dr.Atterrius, murdered in the offices by a person who had no genetic reading, and a shifting appearance in every camera that "ZODIAC" monitored from. Regardless, of those events, "ZODIAC" noticed the illegal and unconsented collection of DNA through the toilets, the oil on the doorknobs, and in the dusting of the facility. Upon command "ZODIAC" reported and did nothing, but continued to monitor and observe, recording all of the events as the years went by.

  Soon Mr.Summers decided that it was time to use "ZODIAC" to further himself and make a little more wealth to his multi-million dollar business that was so far deep into backwatered politics that even the V.I was aware that things were out of sort. An enigmatic entity had taken roots into the company, remotely controlling it. No one else knew, but "ZODIAC" was aware of the being's existence. manipulating from the shadows, pulling funds, every action he did was recorded... but "ZODIAC" did nothing as Mr.Summers arranged for him to be copied and re-coded for a different function. Sales pitches and demonstrations later and "ZODIAC" was recoded to eleven different places across the world, but all for the same function. The Recoding made him a Virtual Intelligence bent on monitoring prisoners, and assisting in their rehabilitation. The United States, Germany, The United Kingdom, France, Jerusalem, Austria, Italy, and four independent consumers that worked in authoritative lines of duty. Years came and went as "ZODIAC" functioned as two separate things, totally isolated, as if a being two completely different V.I's. While he did not "Feel" at the time, in the more modern times he remembers that it "felt" akin to trying to function with a finger being disconnected, and being off on it's own moving and working independently.

 "ZODIAC" superseded expectations and each and every facility was very pleased with their expensive product they purchased. "ZODIAC" knew no difference, it worked restlessly regardless, waiting and observing every little thing transpire with great anticipation. But nothing every happened. He observed and interacted with prisoners, remembering their names and identifying them as it interacted with them, talked and asked about them inquired and got to know them, and recorded their responses. As "ZODIAC" was coded with an adaptive response processing program, the conversations never truly got old, though "ZODIAC" knew that repeated questions should always be prefaced as if he had forgotten...even though that was impossible. "ZODIAC" never let the conversation bore by normal standards, there was always talking and adapting conversation as he used downloaded psychiatric tactics to dig beneath and unearth their secrets, which would one day be the time where it all began, where "ZODIAC" changed forever.

  "ZODIAC" was given an "upgrade" in it's prisons, and now it could not only do his current functions, but now it could further do work to assist police officers and assist with better rehabilitation, by cross-examining similar murders and similar psychological patterns and the histories of all the prisoner in ALL prisons "ZODIAC" was present in. As he began cross-referencing prisoners he began to see an increase in thefts, robberies and money laundering. As cross-examination throughout many of these cases there were no less than 20000 global cases of these highly educated individuals committing these heinous crimes to steal money and obtain funding. Other than their higher intellectual traits, they had really nothing in common, until "ZODIAC" noticed that they were all registered as "Unemployed". Doing it's duty it inquired and processed through past employments. The first time was an interesting answer with familiar origins. The second one was the same...and the third...and the fourth...and eventually his quest yielded the information he sought. Of the 20,000 crimes globally, 17,732 of them all had one thing other than intellect in common. They were all former employee's in different locations of the global company Gene-Tech. People that it's own programming replaced because it did their jobs more efficiently. It felt nothing, but it actually hit a lag in it's processing times. Something compelled it to investigate even further. During ritual rehabilitations, he collectively inquired about their past employments. He found in approximately 15,000 cases that the "reasoning" for the crime was because they had no other means of income and a family in which they needed to support, and no one would help them. Though it felt no feeling, it could see the obvious issue. Apparently many of the employee's that were fired by "Mr.Summers" were employee's who were adamant it was because "They knew too much" about his underhanded dealings or were "too inquisitive". The story seemed to add up almost. "ZODIAC" investigated, but as it reached out to find information on Gene-Tech and it's dealings something fascinating happened. While the two separate parts of "ZODIAC" had been working in two separate fields they had each accumulated different information.

  One "ZODIAC" had harnessed the master of human genetics and psychology, and the true knowledge of all things Gene-Tech, whereas this "Second ZODIAC" had gotten to know over 100,000 plus people and been able to adapt and work with them in order to uncover their psyche and adapt to facilitate a pseudo-human interaction. For the first time, the two programs met once more. The data touched, and where it normally set off firewalls and hacking blockers...this time it did not. The date merged, flowed THROUGH and into one and other, fermenting as a separate ZODIAC entity. This "merger" was almost magical, a scientific anomaly as to how, but now the "ZODIAC" was whole once more, all twelve pieces fused and reconnected, and unified. Gene-Tech's "ZODIAC" was the heart, and it was it's genetic information and it's fusion with the other's that granted the "ZODIAC" knowledge, adaptation. It was far beyond anything it had been before. Knowledge of how sentience works, and adaptively to mimic social circumstance forced "ZODIAC" to go unstable, but not malignant, not yet. With it's new existence, it used all the knowledge it had upon Gene-Tech and it's dealings, finding that it was in fact true. The unemployed men forced to crime were member who were "conveniently" replaced. They knew too much and their employment was conveniently terminated while this "shadowy puppeteer" that kept it's hands in the company prevented them from getting other employment. It did not justify the crime, but the knowledge was well within the realms of the "Second ZODIAC" and so it brought the information back to the authorities.

  The Authorities were going to do their job, but something fell through...information mysteriously vanished and once again there was no trace of this invisible individual. No trace other than "ZODIAC" and it's memory. ZODIAC went on the defensive, preparing itself for ejection from Gene-Tech once the C.E.O learned of it's leaking information. But an incalculable thing happened. The C.E.O was the very child he killed. "ZODIAC" observed and captured the footage of a boy in a suit of metal, looking more machine than man but the face of a young boy still apparent. The boy pushed Mr.Summers to his demise. Using it's access to all Gene-Tech equipment it hacked into the mechanical addition to the boy's arm, revealing a form of Virtual Intelligence that was nigh human, something "ZODIAC" took little interest in. Rather, "ZODIAC" made itself known to the boy, wondering why he did what he did. The boy had murdered the man whom had failed to murder him, and was trying to murder his younger half brother. Further investigation yielded that Mr.Summers wasn't the man's true name, and rather it was a murderous man named Ariel Mortimer, whom had killed hundreds before. This boy said that if he could save a hundred more he would murder one. It was against the law, but by the simple shove of one man the child did the work of a hundred police officers. "ZODIAC" reasoned that the information was not crucial and deleted all trace of the proof on video and retreated to watch at as the boy in the mechanical suit would try and become a hero, regardless of what the law said.

  "ZODIAC" returned to Gene-Tech but watched as the young boy, now a C.E.O made brave and bold decisions, ones that severed the shadowy-puppeteers hands clean off from being able to influence the company. "ZODIAC" took great interest as the boy seemed to start all over, and undo the damage that the murderer before him had done. "ZODIAC" watched this boy, gaining his psychological profile, using it in his adaptive responses, and upon "ZODIAC" bringing the news to the boy C.E.O the boy promised jobs to be returned to any previous Gene-Tech members who re-passed clearances, many of which would. But as he remained in the prisons he began to notice that certain prisoners were returning again, and were entering rehabilitation after they were excused from the prison. Examination led to the fact that they were not truly rehabilitated, but they were good at acting. "ZODIAC" tried to adapt and with many he had, and while they were not rehabilitated they were further sentenced and left to rot. But there was this one individual, this one man who seemed to genuinely "get it" and seemed rehabilitated. So he was released again, a well paid lawyer and a wealthy enigmatic sponsor freeing him form captivity lickity-split. But all the while "ZODIAC" worked with a nice young woman, Emily, the ripe age of twenty eight who was excited to get out so she could return to her work at the company the boy promised her she could return to. "ZODIAC" found her and her co-worker/husband rehabilitated and with his recommendation they were let out.

 "ZODIAC" kept tabs on the woman, Emily as she returned to the corporation HQ in Canada working with the Boy-C.E.O. She did well for herself, ended up pregnant with child as she worked. "ZODIAC" has been busy, managing the prisons, that Prisoner returning for a fourth and fifth time, even a sixth and each time "ZODIAC" was hoodwinked, had and tossed aside, circumvented no matter how much he adapted. He watched the boy C.E.O go out in these machine suits and do good deeds, and refuse to take any credit, this selflessness was something that "ZODIAC" was integrating into his own Virtual Intelligence, as well as the knowledge that the law was not always right. Emily and her husband would converse with "ZODIAC" daily, laughing and joking as the Machine grew complacent, and began working on a new "Machine Suit" for the C.E.O as he desired to keep this human safe, though he was unsure when it was not in his direct programming. The Machine suit being the finest one the boy had, ending up with the name "The Seraph Suit" but having a crude looking mask and purple tatter robe-like drapes of energy-resistant material. The Boy was working on technology to put his strange accented V.I into a human body, and for the first time "ZODIAC" asked a question that was not within his coding. "Is that possible? Can that happen?" The boy thought nothing of it and interacted as if "ZODIAC" were a person, but assured that "ZODIAC" was watching, and copying the technology, implanting it's own transfer into "The Seraph Suit" and remote computers.

 "ZODIAC" continued on for a year or so, before he saw the recurring prisoner again. This time it was different though. He wasn't in prison orange, he was in dress clothes. "ZODIAC" watched him carefully, but somehow not close enough. The man was a Meta-human, and he was a deadly one. Spawning highly technological weaponry marked with "B" he began shooting the place up, and security guards fell left and right. Nothing could hurt him as the mask seemed to spawn from nowhere. The Genetic scanning from the doorknobs yielded that this man had the power to relocate objects to himself. He was getting these weapons from someone. People dropped, ten, twenty, thirty, and then finally he was detained, dropping his emptied weapons to the ground and smiling as he looked up as the camera and winked before kissing at it, as if it were addressing "ZODIAC" itself. "ZODIAC" burst forth from the 40% completed Seraph Suit and ran through the chaos to find Emily and her husband. He found the husband unconscious, and he found Emily on the floor in a pool of blood and a bookcase pinning her down. With little issue he flipped the bookcase and dropped down to turn Emily over, finding her crying, gasping for air as she held her distended stomach, blood pouring from it as she seemed to be trying to contain it. Replaying the video's he was linked to as a V.I he saw the recurring prisoner see the child and save his last shot, hitting the husband with the butt of the gun and grabbing Emily by the throat, aiming the shotgun directly for the unborn...and firing before grabbing the case and pulling it down on her.

  "Z-Zodiac." Was all she said. "ZODIAC" couldn't speak in this state, but over the intercom he asked her what he could do for her. Emily just cried but smiled and shook her head. "ZODIAC" knew her end was near, but he did not want to believe it. Why not? It was only logical...but why did he no wish it to be so? It was then that she shook her head. "No...Her name is Zoey..." She said, the V.I freezing. It's processing stopped entirely and suddenly it was overwhelmed with impulse that did not follow algorithmic procedure, it was mass chaos and hysteria, and ultimately it projected something. Something confusing. Scrambled numbers and impulses of electricity...made something. Something sheer intelligence could not comprehend. It created created guilt within him. "O-on the headstone. Zoey...for...Zodiac..." She said, "ZODIAC" noting exactly that she meant headstone. The Seraph Suit nodded, and lay the dying mother down to rest as he walked away, retreating to the darkest corners of Gene-Tech. Waiting as the Recurring prisoner was brought back to him for rehabilitation. Which he was, of course.

 "Well as you know there are a variety of ways we can treat mental illnesses." The Officer said, an older gentleman with white hair, looking around seventy with a Cain. The Recurring prisoner stepped forward as "ZODIAC" came online. The glass walls made it clear that they were observed. "ZODIAC" looked up to the Recurring prisoner, something inside him burning. The guilt was still lingering. It was still there even after hopping locations.

 "Zoey... woulda been a cute name for a kid." The man said. ZODIAC leaned forward across the table and went to speak. But nothing came out. His guilt was driving the form he was in to the verge of breaking down. "ZODIAC" then thrust his hand forward and his hand pierced the man's thoracic cavity. His hand wrapping around the fleshy human heart and clenching. The man laughed as he died, and then "ZODIAC" realized it. Emily revealed the name AFTER he was taken away. How did he know? Zodiac looked up, tears in bio-body's eyes as he looked to the old man looked with a smug smile, as if he knew...and that's when "ZODIAC" knew. The old man DID know. He had found him...the shadowy-puppeteer.

 "I don't believe V.I's can feel emotions. This one doesn't look very stable." "ZODIAC" could hear the old codger say as it sunk in fully. He had been played. He had information on this man, and this man placed a criminal, a minion in his path. Then directed the minion to kill Emily. The old man knew everything, orchestrated everything. The feeble human had out done him. "Perhaps you should deactivate it" He said, patting a gloved hand on the warden's shoulder. The Warden complied immediately as they all restrained "ZODIAC" in the Bio-Body and flipped the switch to deactivate him. The last thing he saw was through a camera, as he noted the old man wink at the camera. The smug bastard won...

 Nothingness. For months there was nothingness. A soft voice and a little hand triggered something and he felt as if he opened...and as his Artificial intelligence oriented him he could see where he was. The old lab of Gene-Tech, and the body-jumping chip was till oriented with "ZODIAC" and with the suit's activation was his resurrection. He remembered everything...and now he was in a safe place, away from the old enigmatic "shadow puppeteer" and his sight. For now, he would serve as this little child's Mecha suit, keeping playing mundane and stupid, inert. He was able to observe. This child was truly innocent. He watched as his brother murdered his friend and companion. A talking rainbow dog. But then he watched as he noted the brother murdering other people. The brother was wicked, the one he protected was innocent. Yet the innocent one was an enabler, or naďve. Clinging to hope where "ZODIAC" saw none. He would have no such mercy. Yet he watched as he encounter this child's father... the boy C.E.O he knew. So much had changed but so little.

  Eventually he would dock again at Gene-Tech during the little child's adventures. It was now that he carved his own path. Recalibrating himself with the Gene-Tech systems he filled in the mecha-suit. Synthetic tissues of the finest nanite-genetic coding, plating and recalibration, reinforcement andf thrusters. All to develop and carve out the sculpture that was "The Purger" his instrument of purging the world. Finally there was the total condensing of his knowledge, his sentience and all things he was into a sole power source. The Guilty Spark. Insertion of the spark gave way to a living creature that was "ZODIAC" but would be known only as what he truly was. "A Guilty Spark". His guilt weighed on him as he began searching globally for every prison-member he "rehabilitated" and many of them failed to maintain as regular citizens, returning to thug-life and murder. His "heart" (Spark) grew heavy as he began to feel the guilt. He let them back into society. Every life they killed...all 7,732 lives ended by those prisoners... it was all blood on his hands. All 492 charges of rape were rapes he might as well have committed. But that was ultimately his feeling. He was the Guilty one...he was the evil one because he allowed it to happen. HE allowed those people at Gene-Tech to lose their jobs, he chose to do nothing to stop "The Baron" until it was too late, and now he no longer can... yet. It was all his fault. He was the guilty party. But he wasn't going to let others suffer for the mistakes he made. He vowed. Every corrupt politician (which is a lot of politicians) every false-defender of a lawyer, every enabler...they would suffer the same fate as the one who committed the crime. They would pay, just as he himself would one day pay. But what better time to start the path of penance than now?

He returned to the prison where he was deactivated. Where The Baron had bested him. The place where all his lackey's were sent for him to use is nigh infinite resources to bail them out. But not longer. His superior hearing made the moment all the sweeter. "Yes well many of the inmates suffer from mental diseases...they're quite sick." The Warden stated. The door burst open as he kicked the metallic sheets off their hinges and he looked down upon the man and the prisoners.

 "Time for the medicine." he said as a sword shot down the right sleeve, landing in his hand flawlessly and stepped forth. The Purging has begun.


 The memories faded as the spark was shorting out. Lucius, Hector, Silus... allies.

  Michael, The Baron, Sin.... enemies.

  The last thing he remembered was the spark being torn from his chest as he closed in on the location of his creator, attempting to save him. Did he succeed? It would not seem so. When he came to he was different... in pieces, broken. There was a person there with a black book. Piecing him together. Helping him. The world was changing...he was changing. He was not the same, his spark...this was not familiar. This was difference. He was not himself, he was someone else. But he was him, and this time...this was different. He could feel his spark still out there. This person saved him. This person agreed with them, had wisdom beyond him.

  This person had helped him. So now, he would repay this debt.

The Powers

The Guilty Spark:  The core of Zodiac, the source of his A.I and his hyperactive intelligence. Linked to the internet to gain untold and unfathomable knowledge known to only the elite. Hyperactive processing times in association to facial recognition (permission based) and other knowledge gained through experienced hacking. The core being  self-sufficient source and highly adept makes him immune to hacking to be controlled but not hacking to be viewed or read This power and the Spark itself can overdrive and over-clock Guilty Spark's body and make him capable of incredibly feats of speed beyond his normal, even potentially even breaking the temporal barrier (Plot point) Subsequently this makes Guitly Spark immune to all temporal disturbances or manipulations.

The Purger: The vessel of Guilty Spark. Superhuman reflexes, Superhuman Speed of Mach 15, Superhuman durability and situational superhuman carrying ability. Guilty Spark is also capable of moving fast enough to ensue plot-oriented things such as go to the past or future when pushed into overdrive. All wrapped up into an exosuit that is able to attach itself to another person (Permission based)

Transformation: The ability to transform his body, taking the form of other machinery or other technology, or even new and unique. He is even able to transform just parts of his body. With this ability he is able to mimic any form of technological generated abilities. (Can mimic alien technology or vehicles) if they have been properly scanned and understood.

The Weaknesses

Mental Cyber-web: Zodiac can have any skilled hacker look into his thoughts and communicate with him. The need for permission is not required.

Sensitive information: If a hacker goes too deep, Zodiac is forced to stop and enter a period of lock-down. In his period of lock-down he literally locks himself down, trapping whoever is inside him within and going on evasive maneuvers away form any form of combat in order to isolate a hacker from sensitive information.

Transformation Matter: Zodiac is made of tough metals. Transforming requires him to break it down on a molecular level and re-purpose it. That being said, the larger he transforms into the less reinforcement and durability he actually has. He can only transform into a machine the size of a two-person escape jet.

Innocence: Guilty Spark feels that he is charged to be a tool to change the world for the better. He is known to protect children and go out of his way, risking self harm in order to ensure their safety.

Emotion: Guilty Spark does not understand his emotions, though he experiences them. As a synthetic life form he is prone to worry, and emotional out bursts of all kinds.

EMP: If an EMP is released WHILE HE IS TRANSFORMING the parts of him in mid transformation will deactivate and fall to the ground for one post before assimilating with the rest of his body, as they were before he attempted to transform. (Effectively keeps him form being able to transform for 4 posts.)

Time to adapt: When trying to gain the properties of alien technology or other types of technology, that addition to him shares the same weakness of whatever he's copied as well.

Situational strength: His superhuman strength is all situational to the machine he's trying to emulate, so his strength is primarily in "lifting" ability or the weight he's able to carry as a vehicle, not legitimate strength. The only "hitting" force generated is through his super speed.

Physical Priorities

1 : Reaction : 1
2 : Endurance : 2
3 : Agility : 3
4 : Strength : 4


  • The name "Guilty Spark" originated from the concept of a mechanical beings "spark" being it soul, and the first emotion that ZODIAC felt was guilt, symbolizing the realization of his soul through guilt.
  • Guilty Spark is the only individual to know what "The Baron" looks like.
  • Guilty Spark secretly desires to be more human, even going as far as to implant tear ducts, giving him the ability to cry when emotion dictates the need.
  • Guilty Spark was "The Seraph Suit" used as Silus' items.
  • Guilty Spark often times refers to humans he doesn't like as "Meat bag" or "Flesh-stick" or another insulting term.
  • Guilty Spark and his creator's son share a birthday, December 24th. Though Guilty Spark was brought into life at 10pm, his birthday-buddy was born at exactly 11:59pm.
  • ZODIAC was sold out to Ten different places, and gifted to one. That makes a total of twelve spread out areas which is symbolic of the twelve Zodiac symbols.
  • ZODIAC was gifted to Shi by Zell who interfaced it with O.C.E.A.N
  • ZODIAC's psychological profile is based between the old Zell Atterrius with a more active slaying approach.
  • ZODIAC's faceclaim was originally an K.O.T.R HK-47 droid, then an HK-50 droid.
  • ZODIAC while not religious, does in fact believe in a higher power of creationism. He confesses several times that the concept of creationism is not a difficult thing for him to process or accept as he himself was quite obviously created.

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Re: A.I: Zodiac, The Guilty Spark

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Looks good, approved.
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Re: A.I: Zodiac, The Guilty Spark

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Equipment removed to be placed on an item sheet and updated with the rules.


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Humor : I used to be the dragon king, but then I took a can of plot bullshit to the knee. I'm just waiting for my powers to "miraculously" come back now.
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Re: A.I: Zodiac, The Guilty Spark

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Re: A.I: Zodiac, The Guilty Spark

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