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ZODIAC Evolution Protocols (Guilty Spark Advancements)

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ZODIAC Evolution Protocols (Guilty Spark Advancements)

Post by Zodiac on July 4th 2018, 3:58 am

Item/Character Advancement Name: Prototype: Aquarius. (Tachyon Hyperdispersant Core)

Item/Character Advancement Description: An upgrade to Z.O.D.I.A.C's spark, allowing him to connect further with the existential energies on a quantum level, allowing him to power himself more efficiently and move even faster!

Item Power(s): Upgrades Guilty Spark's speed from Mach-15 to  Mach-20

Item/Character Advancement Price: 5 Exp

Item/Character Advancement Name: Prototype: Taurus (Refined Alloy Condensing Processor)

Item/Character Advancement Description: An upgrade to Z.O.D.I.A.C's external repairs, which have allowed him to create a more durable, yet compact metal, which ultimately allows him to fit more metal within him.

Item Power(s): This allows him to transform into bigger objects without compromising his durability as much. (Helicopter Size and smaller.)

Item/Character Advancement Price: 10 Exp

Item/Character Advancement Name: Prototype: Cancer (Unstable Tachyon Matrix)

Item/Character Advancement Description: Guilty Spark yet again tampered with his hardware, attempting to please his father with signs of his progress in furthering himself. The unstable matrix in attempting to harness the theoretical into becoming practical has a few...bugs to work out.

Item Power(s): This allows Guilty Spark to dramatically increase his speed. His maximum speed now goes from Mach 20 to Mach 30. However, unlike his previous upgrade of an already existing power, he gains an additional weakness.

Item Weakness: Guilty Spark now has a weakness called "Safeguard Programming" whenever Guilty Spark must now activate his Speed in Tiers. He can only unlock his speed by 5 Machs at a time. His access to these are programmed to only allow him the action when it is considered a requirement to match the speed of an adversary, or to save/execute it's mission. It also gets the weakness "Unstable matrix" Anytime Guilty spark moves at Mach 22 or beyond, it begins to expend fatal levels of energy, which are harmful to itself as well. The more he moves, and the faster he moves the more damage he does to himself. The longer he utilizes his speed, the greater the probability of an accidental "Core collapse" which will send him into a different period of time.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 15 Exp


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Re: ZODIAC Evolution Protocols (Guilty Spark Advancements)

Post by Dubloon on July 4th 2018, 4:13 am

Approved Until Stated Otherwise.

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