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Roy Smith (John Bowman)

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Roy Smith (John Bowman) Empty Roy Smith (John Bowman)

Post by Entei on October 26th 2014, 9:54 am

Roy Smith (John Bowman)
"Kill ya? You're not even worth the price of the bullet."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Roy Smith (John Bowman)
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Quick draw, Scoundrel, Hunter
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'0
Weight: 200 lbs

The Looks

John Bowman:
Roy Smith (John Bowman) Le99rDA

The Legacy

Personality: Humorous, cocky, and sarcastic, John is the epitome of the classic gunslinger. Known to smart mouth, and exchange witty banter with his marks, he has been known to be quite comedic during fights, to the point people have viewed him as mentally unstable. Though a lone wolf, John is incredibly loyal to those he views as close to him, which is one of the reasons he distances himself. He sees connections as a weakness, and tends to avoid letting people get to close to either him, or his past.

History: Born in the more rural parts of Ireland, his exact birth place a closely guarded secret, John found himself fascinated with old American cowboy movies from a very young age. His father, an accomplished gunsmith, noted his sons interest, and decided to give him his very first pistol as a gift for his tenth birthday. A small, .22 revolver, and it would forever change the young boys life. He would spend hours every day after school, shooting, cleaning, and practicing with that gun. It wasn't long before he found himself to be quite a crackshot, and not long after that, his father had begun to entering him in shooting competitions across Europe.

The boy quickly proved his merit with a gun, winning quite a few rewards for his shooting prowess, and even receiving a scholarship to a top ranking private military school in the states, which he graciously accepted. Bowman attended the military school for six years before returning home, winning more rewards and renown on the schools rifling team, before he found himself in a very tricky dilema. He, for lack of a better word, was bored. Civilian life was all rather dull to him, and he often found himself skipping class to hang with some of the rougher crowds in Dublin. With his military training, as well as a natural skill with a firearm, he found himself joining up with the I.R.A, a group of radical freedom fighters based out of Ireland, fighting to free their country from British control. At seventeen years of age, John had run from home, and completely dedicated himself to this cause. That is, until he got caught.

For months, the group had been planning a raid on a British supply ship, hoping to sink it, and steal the supplies for themselves. However, it had all been a trap, a high ranking member of the IRA turned double agent, and the British Royal Navy had been waiting for them. They showed no mercy, killing and maiming all of the radicals there, all except John. Somehow, he had escaped the brunt of the attack, and managed to hold onto the brink of life. To this day, John has no idea if an angel was watching over him, or some demon thought he hadn't been punished enough. His incredible durability, and tenacity for living had caught the eye of one British scientist, who had decided to use John as a test subject in their 'Super Soldier' Program, code named Project Nephilim. They had hoped to created men and women more intelligent, stronger, and faster than any human alive.

The test was successful, and though he barely survived, he did. Though, the testing was not without it's side effects. John now found he lacked any real sense of morality, not that he had much of one to start with, and it had caused him to suffer from spurts of madness, seeing enemies where there were none. Using his new found Speed, Durability, and Strength, he killed every scientist in the research department, before fleeing. Finding refuge in various seedy ports around the world, he threw away his old identity, taking up the new alias of Roy Smith, he began to use his skills as a merc, serving whoever had the biggest check for him.

The Powers

Power 1: Super Human: Through various experiments and testing done on his body, John has reached new levels of physical attributes. Capable of lifting up to 20, 000 lbs, running at speeds of forty miles per hour, and his body rarely tires. He's also found that his body is incredibly resistant, bullets and knives doing little to no damage to him, depending on the caliber. (5 str, 4 Speed, 5 Dur)

Power 2: Super Human intellect: Through Project Nephilim, John's mind was expanded, allowing him to access far beyond the usual ten percent one can use at any allotted time. His thought process cannot be understood by the normal human, and often times make him look quite deranged, though he just may be. He is capable of out thinking most computers, and can master languages perfectly with a simple glance at a translation book. (8 int)

Power 3: Natural fighter: From a young age, John has had a preference for violent situations. Whether through his skill with a gun, or hand to hand combat, John is no light weight when it comes to fighting. He has mastered nearly every style of hand to hand combat on the planet, and is considered to be beyond the scope of a master marksmen. Honestly, his marks don't even have a chance to see their death coming. (Eight FS)

Intelligence: 8
Strength: 5
Speed: 4
Durability: 5
Fighting Skills: 8
Post Adept
Post Adept

Status :

Quote : Entei
Quick Draw

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Roy Smith (John Bowman) Empty Re: Roy Smith (John Bowman)

Post by Odien on October 26th 2014, 11:25 am

Still not as cool as a Gunslinging Preacher.

Roy Smith (John Bowman) Ul10
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Posting Master

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