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Ezekial Hataro AKA “Medium”

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Ezekial Hataro AKA “Medium” Empty Ezekial Hataro AKA “Medium”

Post by Zonkes August 24th 2018, 3:04 am


"My family is always with me."

The Bio

Real Name: Ezekiel Hataro
Hero Name: Medium
Title: Cap’n Spooky, Ghost Boy, Hamtaro
Alignment: Lawful Good
Occupation: College Student/Pizza Delivery Boy
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Japanese American
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 167.2 lbs
Blood type: B-

The Looks

The Personality

Zeke is an awkward, but genuinely kind guy. He’s quiet usually, keeps to himself. He’s very driven to get his work together, and tries to get things done at the cost of his own health and sleep schedule.

Having your parents be a part of your powerset makes fighting crime an extremely difficult prospect. As such, Zeke does his very best to never commit a crime and help everyone he can.

The Story

The Hataro family line is a long and illustrious one. Almost every Hataro has died in some heroic fashion. In ancient times, they were samurai and bodyguards to be emperor. In modern times, the last true Hataro is a pizza boy...truly a worthy successor. Perhaps we should get into his history, of which there isn’t much to tell outside of major bad luck.

Ezekial Hataro was born in Washington D.C. on October 31st to June and Riku Hataro at exactly midnight.

Ezekial was relatively normal, outside of a few isolated incidents where Zeke would scream in the middle of the night about bad men, and shadows; but otherwise normal. At least until he hit 3 years old. His uncle had recently died; and Zeke started talking to his imaginary friend “Neddy”. Both Zeke’s parents and Therapist considered it a coping mechanism for the loss of his uncle. Zeke and Nedry weren’t particularly close; but it seemed logical.

Zeke never really grew out of this stage, and by the time he turned 10; he was actually considered the weird kid in his class. Zeke didn’t really care. He had Ned, Joe, and Roku to keep him company. Eventually, Ned’s parents decided to try and put him into therapy full time. The doctor tried to send him to a facility that handled kids with mental issues full time. However, before they could discuss it; the Shadow made its presence known. It tipped over a candle in Zeke’s childhood home, and though Joe, Nedry, Roku, and Zeke’s grandfather; John tried to fight it; the shadow batted them away like nothing. The last thing Zeke remembers was being lifted telekinetically by John and hefted our the window as he died for a second time.

Zeke escaped with minor wounds and severe trauma. He was raised from this point on by his grandmother, and while the Shadow appeared periodically; he never caused too much trouble. It’s bloodthirst seemed to be partially sated. Every now and then, new “imaginary friends” would appear.

It wasn’t until Zeke was able to use his ghosts as abilities that his grandmother believed him - or at least believed he was a metahuman. He was 18 at this point, and had in fact, been using his ghosts to pack the truck with boxes for college. His grandmother had already paid his first year of tuition; but after discovering this, she pulled her funding and support. Grandmother wasn’t exactly meta friendly.

Zeke had to work two jobs just to sustain his lifestyle, but he couldn’t keep it up forever. Zeke ended up being kicked out of his college after the first year, unable to continue paying. That was when he had found out about Infinity University. A college for metahumans not too far from him. Zeke wound up heading that way, his shadow not far behind.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

“A family of ghosts” - Ezekiel has displayed the ability to summon phantasmal facsimiles of people he is related to that have passed away. It is unclear whether this is a genetic ability - and thus making them embodiments of memories from Ezekiel’s RNA, and not actual spirits - or true magic. Ezekiel is unsure of this himself, but nonetheless; they seem to have the same memories and personalities of the original. At least, as far as Ezekial can tell. These “ghosts” have many different abilities they can use to aid - or hinder - Ezekiel in battle.
The Ghosts of the past still haunt me:

Uncle Ned - Ezekiel’s Uncle Nedry was killed in a lightning storm when Zeke was 3. Though Zeke has no memory of Nedry when he was alive; Ned was the first “ghost” to appear to him. Ned has the ability to control lightning as a side effect of his death. Ned can shape, create, and shoot electricity similar to that of a taser when Zeke brings him into the world. Ned appears as a white man with slightly burnt clothes and hair standing on end. He is always wearing a Green Day shirt and ripped jeans despite clearly being in his early 30s.

June Hataro - June Hataro is Ezekiel’s mother. She died in a fire when Zeke was just 10 years old with her husband. June Hataro now has the ability to summon spectral flame that burns away at a person's stamina, as well as their physical bodies. June Hataro is a beautiful blonde woman of European decent. She has a heart shaped face that radiates youth and kindness. June is always dressed in a pair of blackened cotton pajamas that one can almost see flowers on if you look closely.

Riku Hataro - Riko is Ezekiel’s father. He died with June Hataro when Ezekiel was just 10 years old. Riku can bend his body around people to shield them from severe damage, allowing them to take a few bullets before he must return to Zeke. Riko is a Japanese man with a pair of thick glasses covering kind eyes. Riko always appears wearing a matching set of pajamas to June.

“The Shadow” - Easily the most powerful - and most evil - Ghost in Zeke’s arsenal; the Shadow is a silent figure constantly stalking Zeke and his family. Zeke is fairly certain that he is part of his family tree that the ghosts older than his great great grandfather pruned from the tree. The Shadow has the ability to manipulate darkness and raise up to 40 wraiths. It can also completely tear apart Zeke’s ghosts, re-“killing” them. The shadow is not one that Zeke *ever* calls upon; but one that simultaneously won’t leave him alone. The shadow appears as a blurry shadow of a human. Not quite Male, not quite female. The shadow has glowing orange circles for eyes, and is around Zeke’s height and build.

Great-Grandfather Joseph - Joe is Zeke’s great-grandfather on his mother's side, a spy from WWII; Joe was killed while spying on the Japanese. Joe can sneak into people’s consciousness and read their thoughts. Zeke can then wait for Joe to come back with the info he needs. Joe is kind of racist in all honesty. The only reason he even helps Zeke is out of duty to his family. He’s a grumpy old fart that looks around 29. His American uniform is stained with blood from a sword wound that originates from his back.

Great-Grandfather Rokurou - Roku is Zeke’s great-grandfather from his father's side. He was a kamikaze pilot from World War II and died in a plane crash. Roku has the ability to fly into people at great speeds and explode. The explosions have roughly the same force as a bus smacking into you at roughly 35 MPH. Roku is equally as racist as Joe, and only helps Zeke out of the blood ties they share. Roku and Joe argue more than any other pairing. Roku’s Japanese uniform is stained with blood and singed.

Great-Grandma Betty - Betty is Zeke’s great grandmother from his mother's side. She died in an awful flood that swept away the majority of her town. Betty gained the ability to control weather to a small degree. She can make it rain or cause lightning to become incredibly frequent; but she can’t directly effect where it goes. Betty appears as a kindly old woman with a bright summer in a bright summer dress.

Possession - All the ghosts that Ezekiel can summon have the ability to possess human forms. They do this by pushing the human spirit from the body and then taking the place of the human spirit would reside. When in a human body; the ghosts get increases to their spiritual powers, and the body gains increased strength. Doing this forces the opposite person into an astral form themselves and they have to find an empty body.[Permission Based]

Astral Projection - Zeke can astral project by allowing one of the ghosts to push his spirit out of his body. While astral projecting, Zeke can fly through objects, possess people himself, and fly at the speed of thought. [Permission Based for the possession]

The Weaknesses

Iron - When Zeke’s ghosts possess a body; the best way to exorcise them is the use of iron. Iron makes it incredibly painful to stay in the body.

Death throes - Each of Zeke’s ghosts are weak to damage that simulates the way they died. Joe is weak to getting shot at. Roku can’t handle explosives. Both of his parents are incredibly weak to fire. Betty dissipates in water higher than her ankle. Nedry cannot handle electrical attacks.

Salt - Throwing salt into Zeke’s families wounds causes them to disappear completely for 3 posts.

Astral Projection - None of Zeke’s spirits are able to possess his body while he’s going astral. As such, Zeke is incapable of physically defending himself in the astral plane and has to rely on allies to protect him from physical threats.

Astral Projection p2 - Zeke is open to possession by outside entities more readily when astral projecting. While Zeke can fight them as if it was a physical battle; he can still be defeated by anything that’s stronger than he or his ghosts can take on in the physical world.

Disobedience - Unlike true spellcasters, Zeke relies heavily on his ghosts cooperation

The Items

Infinity University Watch - A standard piece of gear for any student at Infinity University. It looks like a normal watch; but it tracks the vitals and location of the student. On top of this, it also acts as a communication device similar to a cell phone without the need for a cell tower.

The Fluff

Zeke is an atrocious actor, and can barely lie.

Every time one of his family member dies, a new spirit appears. Though they may not immediately show abilities.

Shadow - Summoning any spirit brings with it the chance to summon the shadow. If the Shadow is called and not somehow forced back into its spirit realm; it will attack Zeke and his ghosts until a fight is able to put him down again

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Ezekial Hataro AKA “Medium” Empty Re: Ezekial Hataro AKA “Medium”

Post by Dubloon August 26th 2018, 10:13 pm

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