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Speedrun Empty Speedrun

Post by ProwlerKnight March 16th 2022, 12:09 am


"Fastest Gamer, and Future Hero"

The Bio

Real Name: Mason Murphy  
Hero Name:Speedrun
Title: The Gamer, The Hero of Tomorrow.
Alignment: Lawful Good  
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 190lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

The Personality

A major gamer nerd and overall dork, Mason is often never seen without a smile on his face, and never seems to take things seriously.  

But, when the chips are down, and lives are on the line, He does whatever he can to protect the innocent, and stop evil.  

He will even stand up to other heroes, if he questions their morals.  

The Story

Mason is the son of a Biochemist, and dreamed of becoming a professional gamer, and had his own youtube channel, with a small following.  

One day, trying to set a record on youtube, and gather more views, Mason decided to spend an entire week straight playing CoD Online.  

Knowing he would need something to keep him awake, he visited his fathers lab, where one of the employees (looking to sabotage Masons father), provided the young gamer with an experimental supplement, designed to stimulate the mind, enhance reflexes, alertness, and eliminate tiredness.  

What he wasn’t told, was the supplement was one of the untested batches.  

Taking the pills, Mason nearly made it through his entire week run, except for the seventh day, when he took the last pill.  

During his run, Mason suffered what felt like a major heart attack, collapsing during his live stream.  

Luckily, one of Masons classmates had been watching the stream, and called emergency services.  

Waking up nearly a year later, Mason learned the truth about the supplements he had taken, and that his Father had lost his job at the lab, under the belief it was him that had given him them pills.  

Luckily, Masons father was hired by another lab, where Mason was relocated, given his new “unique” condition.  

As it turned out, the pills Mason took had a lasting effect on his body, given they were made using rare and unique substances.  

Not just simply enhancing his reflexes and alertness, the pills had increased Masons perception, and movement, to superhuman speeds.  

He had become a speedster.  

Believing he was going to die, Mason realized he had spent most of his life focused on himself, and his desires to be famous.  

While dying, he promised, if he was given a second chance, he would use be less selfish, and also help others, much like his Father strived to do.  

Now, with his second chance, and this new gift, He knew he had a responsibility to uphold his promise, and started working on becoming a hero.  

While his father initially protested the idea, he soon realized he couldn’t stop his son, and had some friends in the R&D department develop a new suit for him, allowing to be the hero he strived to become.  

Enter Speedrun, the hero of tomorrow.  

The Powers

Superspeed: Due to taking an experimental supplement, Mason was gifted the ability to move at supersonic speeds, currently topping out at Mach 15 with ease, and theorizes he could reach Mach 20 if he tried hard enough.  

He is also fast enough to run up vertical surfaces, over water, and across hazardous surfaces (such as lava, acid, etc) without harm.

Super Perception (Speed): Due to be able to move at hyper speeds, he can also perceive time at said speeds. For him, seconds can last for hours, and the world nearly stands still if he focused on it.  

This also gives Mason a reaction time that is impossible to beat conventionally.

Rapid Healing: Included with his powers, is a hyper-fast metabolism, which provides rapid healing.  

This also makes his immunity to poisons, toxins, hallucinogens, and various other drugs, too high to measure, as his body burns off the foreign substance before it can take hold.  

Velocity Punch: Able to channel his kinetic energy into his strikes, Masons is able to punch at super-strength levels, and can also punch so fast, that his opponents feel the blows all at once (imagine feeling a thousand punches all at once).  

Velocity bullet: A special move he named himself, utilizing his speed created a pressurized pocket of air, which he can hurl towards an opponent, hitting them with concussive force (Bullet or cannonball made out of air)

Speed intelligence: Already incredibly smart before the pills, Masons super speed increased his brains processing power, which allows him to learn things in a matter of hours, and puts him at genius levels.

His brain thinking at hyper speeds provides a natural defense against those who try and read his mind.  

While they can see his thoughts, they are too fast for them comprehend, and can appear as if his mind is void of thought.  

Speed Illusions: With his superspeed, He can render himself invisible to normal perception, appear in several locations at once (speed clones), modulate his voice, and appear as a blurred figure.  

The Weaknesses

Superspeed: While he can reach speeds faster than light, his velocity can damage objects around him, hurt anyone caught near his running path as well destabilize molecules, and the very fabric of reality itself, and thus, he has to hold back significantly, only moving as fast as he needs, and never any faster. He also has a harder time controlling himself at higher speeds, and risks major injuries, even on the tiniest of slip ups.  

Rapid Healing: With a super powered Metabolism, Mason must intake an abnormally high calorie count, which is provided by his fathers lab, via nutrient tablets, that provide enough calories for a single day. Without these tablets, Mason would quickly fall into hyperglycemia, and be too weak to move.  

The more sever the injuries, the longer they take to heal.  Smaller, minor cuts and bruises are instant, and being beaten to within an inch of his life takes a full month to recover.

Decapitation, removal of his heart, brain, other vital organs, and anything that would kill someone instantly are also lethal for him (can’t pump blood without his heart).

Velocity Punch: Masons strikes are powerful enough to be on par with others with super strength, even though he doesn’t possess super strength himself.  

However, the harder he tries to hit, the more damage he does to himself, as he had once broken the bones in his hands punching a villain made of pure steel, even though he did knockout said hero.  

Speed Illusions: Anybody with the ability to perceive at superhuman speeds will see right through the illusions.  

Tetrodotoxin mk.2 aka "Sleep of Death": A hyper concentrated and enhanced version of the original sodium channel blocker, designed specifically for metahumans and speedsters, it will temporarily shut Masons body, causing paralysis, if injected, consumed, or even inhaled, for anywhere between 5 minutes, to hours, depending on how much makes it into his system.
The drug is rare, usually secured in labs, but not impossible to get ahold of, with the right resources.

Other weaknesses:  

Hero-Ethics: Mason is a true hero, which has often led to many villains getting the best of him, often putting him in situations where he must choose stopping a villain from escaping, or rescuing people.  

He will always put the lives of the innocent above even his own.  

He even puts the lives of most villains above his own, which is what many villains have used to outsmart him.  

Need for speed: While effectively being a genius, Mason is held back by a severe impatience, as he tends to try and solve every issue as quickly as possible.
He tends to rush into situations, sometimes ending up in over his head, or caught in a trap.
When alone, he more often finds himself caught in predicaments he could've easily avoided if he took some time to asses the situation.

The Items

(Without the logos)  

A specialized suit, designed to endure high speeds and friction caused by going superspeed, the helmet is designed with a built in Speedometer, GPS, HUD, and communicator.

It is not bullet proof, as he is able to move faster than a bullet.

The Minions


The Fluff


The RP Sample

New York National bank, a common target for the big bads, and those looking to score big, or become infamous.  

Those who try their luck at scoring big, often come geared up, and ready for a fight. Like todays latest group of losers, dressed in full tactical gear, complete with ballistic face masks, and carrying some decent firepower. They positioned themselves to cover every possible entry point, as well as keep an eye on the small crowd of hostages they have positioned in the center of the main lobby.  

“How's that drill coming??” One of the men spoke up, clearly the leader, given he was the only one without a rifle, instead, he held a large pistol in one hand, and what looked like a mobile phone in the other. He looked over to two of the men, who were positioned in front of a massive vault safe door, checking over an equally large metal rig they had put together, with a lengthy drill, that was currently digging its way into the steel.  

“We are two minutes from breaching.” One of the two replied.

“Wow, two minutes, that’s impressive.” A voice stated from directly behind the Leader, who spun around, coming face to face with a helmeted figure in what looked like a skin-tight racing suit.  

“Who the hell are you??” The leader snapped the gun up, taking a few steps back so he could aim it at the figures head.  

While guns were trained on the figure, he didn’t seem to mind, as he held his hand out to the leader. “Oh, sorry, where are my manners, I’m Speedrun, the newest hero on the block.”  

The leader, taken back at first by Speedruns hospitality, could only laugh at the heroes reaction. “The new hero on the block, huh??” He paused, the laughter subsiding, before shrugging. “Well, hope it was fun, kid.” With a squeeze of the trigger, the leader fired a point-blank round for the heroes head.  

Except, Speedrun was suddenly nowhere to be seen, as if he suddenly vanished from sight.  

“What the hell???”  

“Ya know, shooting someone in the head is very rude.” The voice was now coming from beside the two men operating the vault drill. Everyone spun around to find the hero, leaning on the drill itself, the look of sudden surprise on the two operators faces making it seem like he just materialized next them. “Man, this is one huge drill.” He patted the metal frame, looking over the rig. “Must have cost a small fortune, no wonder you chose this bank.”  

“What are you, some kinda teleporter??”  

Speedrun looked offended by the question. “Teleporter, really??” He shook his head. “My name is a dead giveaway, man...” He motioned to his outfit, as if it was supposed to be some kind of clue. “Speedrun, spee-ya know what, nevermind.”  

This time, the leader noticed the sudden shift in the air, as the hero vanished again.  

“Keep an eye out, all of you!!” The leader stated, as he turned to look at his men, before returning his attention to the phone in his other hand.  

Except the phone was gone, and so was his pistol, replaced with a stapler and coffee mug.  

He turned to look back at his men, realizing none of them were carrying their guns, as they searched themselves, trying to find any of the weapons they brought.  

Before the leader could think, one of the bank teller phones rang.  

Hesitantly, the leader shuffled over, picking up the receiver of the phone. “H-hello??”  

The familiar voice replied. “You figure it out yet??”

There was another shift in the air, as if something had moved past at speeds he could barely register. As he turned to look back at the lobby, he found his other hand had been cuffed to a railing of the counter.  

The rest of his crew also found themselves cuffed to nearby railings.

“So...” Speedrun reappeared, leaning against the counter. “Figure out my superpower yet??”  

Usually, at this point, the bad guys sulk their head in solemn defeat.  

This time, however, the leader began to chuckle, as he looked to the hero with a grin. “You missed one little detail, hero...” He reached up to his bulletproof vest, pressing what looked like a hidden button.  

The vest let out an audible beep, as did the other goons vests, indicating something had been armed.  

“You got 30 seconds before this place is leveled to ground.”  

As the leader let out cackled laughter, Speedrun sighed.  

30 seconds, while to most, would be a messy situation, the speedster found it rather trivial.  

As everything suddenly slowed to a sudden freeze, the hero gently moved the leader into a semi T-pose, allowing him a full view of the vest. It was rigged very thoroughly, and designed to be nearly impossible to disarm.  

Fortunately, the criminal had some semblance of sanity to allow the vest to be removed, most likely in case any of his opted out of his little suicide bomber stunt.  

Speedrun systematically removed the vests, throwing them all into a couple of the large duffel bags the criminals brought to bag up the treasures inside the vault.  

Next, he needed somewhere to dispose of the explosives. Lucky for the speedster, the Ocean was always nearby, regardless of where he was. He dashed out of the bank, rushing out through the city, until the skyscrapers and concrete roads changed to open air, the smell of salt, and water at his feet.  

Once he felt he was safely away from any collateral damage, he gave the bags a good swing, throwing them up into the air, where they would safely detonate, and avoid hurting anything, including the fish below.  

Returning back to the bank, Speedrun casually strolled among the scene, looking over each criminal, feeling something was still not right.  

He snapped his fingers upon a realization, and grinned maliciously.  

As the leader stopped laughing, preparing for the boom, he noticed the speedster was gone, and the vests failed to detonate.  

Except, they hadn’t failed, as he looked down, he concluded that they had actually been removed.

As well as all other articles of clothing, save for his underwear.  

The cops eventually moved into the building, finding the hostages, who were rather entertained by the group of nearly naked cuffed men that had once been keeping them at gunpoint.  

From a nearby rooftop, the black and blue clad hero watched as the Police began filing the criminals out of the room, a small bag of popcorn in his hands, and a smile on his face.  

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Speedrun Empty Re: Speedrun

Post by Zonkes March 17th 2022, 12:15 pm

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Speedrun Empty Re: Speedrun

Post by Arcana May 8th 2024, 3:23 am

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Speedrun Empty Re: Speedrun

Post by Arcana May 8th 2024, 3:39 am


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Speedrun Empty Re: Speedrun

Post by Sponsored content

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