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Revenant Empty Revenant

Post by ProwlerKnight December 11th 2022, 6:36 am


"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name: Unknown  
Villain Name: Revenant
Title: None
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Unknown
Eyes:Changes color due to Augmentation
Weight:320lbs (Augmentations add weight)
Blood type:Unknown

The Looks

Horribly burned, and scarred beyond recognition, almost nobody has seen him outside of his uniform and mask.  

The Personality

Revenant is very hard to read, given he speaks through a voice box implant.

He is very honest, blunt, and ruthless, not afraid to kill those he once worked with, if they outlive their purpose, or get in the way of his grand scheme.

There are only a handful of people he trusts, and others he ends up working with are merely means to ends.  

The Story

With no fingerprints, and being so deformed and burned beyond any possible recognition, nothing is known about Revenants past.  

All people know about him, is he is determined to establish a new world order. He seems to blame the rich elites for the state of the world, and wishes to topple their control.  

And he has the resources to do so.

The Powers

Cybernetic Augementations: Revenant is outfitted with an entire suite of cybernetic implants.  

Cyber-Skeleton: His skeleton has been replaced with a lightweight metal alloy variant, which is unbreakable by conventional methods.  

Super Soldier: Revenants physical capabilities have been enhanced to slightly better than physical peak.  

He is capable of lifting 1,200lbs with effort, run at top speeds of 60mph,fast enough to catch an arrow in mid-flight, and run for hours on end without tiring.

Augmented vision: Revenants eyes have been replaced with cybernetics, which allow him to zoom, see in Infra red, X-ray, thermal, nigthvision, and has a built-in heartbeat monitor. He also has a personal HUD.  

Unknown backer: Revenant seems to be backed by a rather wealthy backer, who provides him with tools, weapons, and black-market mercenaries to help him in his mission.  

Rebreather: Revenants mask has a built-in rebreather, which filters out all toxins and gases.

The Weaknesses

Take his breath away: The very mask that protects him, is also keeping him alive, removing it will cause a severe asthma attack, and, if left unchecked for too long, he will die.  

EMP blindness: His eyesight is affected by electromagnetic pulses, which will temporarily blind him, the stronger the pulse, the longer he will remain blind, or require repairs.  

Still human: While augmented to Super Soldier levels, Revenant still seems to be human, and can still be taken down by conventional methods.  

Magnets: Since his body has some forms of metal in it, he can be subdued with powerful enough magnets.  

The Items

Revenant uses a series of weapons, ranging from small arms to explosives.  

His preferred weapon is his knife, custom made, forged out of high-end steel, and capable of cutting through most materials.  

His suit is made with high-grade military weave, high-density polymer plating, and kevlar. It is designed to withstand small arms fire, tazers, and fire.

The Minions

Revenant leads a rotating squad of faceless black-market mercenaries.  

The Fluff

Tactical Mastermind: Revenant is a master tactician and strategist.  

Master of Torture: Has studied every method of torture and has them recited to memory, and is not afraid to utilize them.  

Demolitions Expert: Revenant can build, arm, and disarm any type of explosive.  

Stealth: Revenant earns his name, as he has learned how to disappear in the shadows, he is deadly quiet, and can stalk his opponent, striking without being seen.  

Firearms expert/ Marksman: Revenant can utilize any form of firearm to its best capabilities, able to use any firearm handed to him with expert precision and handling.  

Master at deduction: Revenant has studied the science of deduction. He is capable of discerning minute details, and spotting things most others would miss.  

MMA/CQC: Revenant is well trained in close quarters combat and mixed-martial arts. He is capable of holding his own, and even besting, many fighters he comes across.  

Loves pain: Due to his mental instability, Revenant seems to almost like pain, as he claims “It is the only thing I can still feel, and it reminds me I am alive.”  

This makes torture impossible, as he finds it exciting.

The RP Sample

8am, a high-speed bullet train leaves a station in New York, heading for Sacramento, CA. It is a heavily secured train, no civilians, only Security and Military personnel. The train had no stops on its ten-hour run across the country, as its cargo was far too valuable.  

A young soldier did his rounds, having the unfortunate luck of being responsible for the cargo cars in the back. But he didn’t mind, as he was watching over the most important area of the train, and it wasn’t like anybody was going to be able to catch the train mid-travels.  

At least, so he thought.  

Moving to the furthest back car, he noticed light fluttering through the window, and the car itself was dark. He cautiously stepped through the automatic doors, scanning the area with his rifle. Seeing that the car was empty, save for the cargo, he lowered his gun.  

He chuckled, seeing that the light had be switched off, and the flickering was light coming through the cracks in the top hatch.  

Except, he remembered, the cargo cars didn’t have top hatches.  

He looked up in time to see a chunk of the cars roof crash down into the car below, followed by a figure, clad in tactical gear, and wearing a rather ominous mask.  

As Revenant turned to face the soldier, his eyes a pure white, he cocked his head, seeing the barrel of a gun, pointed directly at his face.  

“One your knees, hands behind your...”  

The soldier didn’t get a chance to finish, before his gun was ripped from his hands, and thrown across the car. Another hand grabbed him by the throat, lifting him off the ground like he weighed nothing, as he struggled to breath.  

“Nothing personal, kid, just a matter of wrong place, wrong time.”  

After a while, the soldier fell limp, lifeless in the villains hands.  

“Alright boys...” Revenant tossed the body aside, as others started dropping into the car, wearing tactical gear, and ballistic masks. “Secure the weapons, I’ll be right back.”  

“Do you need backup, boss?”  

“You just focus on your end of the mission.”  

“Sure thing.”  

As the mercenaries began working on detaching the cargo cars, Revenant worked his way towards the front.  

What proceeded could only be described as a violent tidal wave, as the Super Soldier carved his way through any guards and soldiers that he came across. One after another, bodies fell.  

Eventually reaching the front, Revenant found himself what looked like an office car, with a desk on one side, and a computer rigged into the desk.  

“Bingo.” He stated to himself, as he pulled a USB-device from one of his pouches, plugging it into the computer.  

“That doesn’t belong to you.”

Revenant looked over, seeing that a masked hero had entered the car from the other end of the train. “Well now, to governments hiring heroes to protect its dirty little secrets??” He straightened up, standing a solid foot over the hero. “Everyone has a price, it seems.”

The hero, who one could only call a walking American flag, pointed to Revenant. “My price is the safety of others, and stopping villains like you.”

“Oh...” Revenant pointed back to the cars behind him, which were riddled with bodies of the soldiers and security he had previously killed. “You mean like them??” He looked over to the computer, seeing that USB was breaching the firewall, but needed time. “Well, you clearly failed at the safety department, maybe you’ll do better at stopping me.”  

The hero, not wanting to give Revenant a chance to react, drove a rather powerful blow to the villains abdomen, followed by a second punch to the ribs, then a knee to the face, ending with a spinning kick to the chest.  

Clearly, whoever this nameless hero was, he did some training.  

“Care to go again??”  

Revenant stumbled back some, before locking eyes with the hero, cracking his neck. “Please, show me more.”  

This time, the villain was ready, as the hero tried for straight jab for the mask, only to miss, and have his arm suddenly snapped in the wrong direction with a sickening crack sound, signaling the bone was broken.  

As the hero let out a painful scream, he was lifted off the ground, a hand grabbing onto his throat.  

Revenant stormed over to the emergency exit of the train, ripping it open. “End of the line, hero...” With one hand, he held the hero outside of the car. “You should’ve stayed home today.”

“Wait, this isn’t how it’s supposed to go!!” The hero pleaded. “You are supposed to beat me to a pulp, and get away, not kill me!!"  

Revenant looked like he considered the heroes pleads, but only for a second, before looking back to him, his dead-white eyes showing no emotions. “Welcome to the real word.” He then let go, as the hero fell, hitting the ground at 286mph, rolling into a bloody mess.  

Seeing that the USB had breached the firewall, and downloaded the files he came after, Revenant took the device, and was about to head back to the cargo cars, before he looked towards the front of the car.  

Making one last decision, he stormed towards the front of the train, stepping into the conductor car.  

“Hey you can’t be...” The conductor tried to protest, but was cut short by a bullet to the head.  

Revenant stepped up to the controls, making sure the train was going as fast as it could, before disabling the brakes. It didn’t take as long to reach the back of the train, less opposition in his way this time. “Alright boys...” He took a detonator from one of the mercs, looking to his squad. “Let’s take our prize home.” He then hit the trigger.

Each of the cargo cars suddenly found themselves separated by small explosions, which released them from the main train, and each other.  

As they slowed to a crawl, Cargo helicopters appeared overhead, dropping lines down, which the mercs strapped to the cars.  

Revenant, letting the men handle the technical work, climbed one of the lines up to the helicopter, climbing into the cabin.  

“Three cars full of state-of-the-art energy weapons, explosives, and exo-suits...” The Pilot grinned as he looked over to Revenant. “What a payday boss.”  

“All trivial compared to the real prize, my friend...” Revenant held up the USB drive. “Information is the greatest weapon in any war.”  

The pilot chuckled as they flew away, carrying their newly stolen haul.  

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Revenant Empty Re: Revenant

Post by Arcana December 11th 2022, 11:23 am

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Revenant Empty Re: Revenant

Post by Arcana May 8th 2024, 3:23 am

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Revenant Empty Re: Revenant

Post by Arcana May 8th 2024, 3:39 am


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Number of posts : 2489
Location : In the middle of nowhere, Louisiana
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Revenant Empty Re: Revenant

Post by Sponsored content

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