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Frontline Empty Frontline

Post by ProwlerKnight November 27th 2022, 4:39 pm


"Defender of Liberty, Warrior of Freedom, Guardian of Hope"

The Bio

Real Name: Lucas Wheeler  
Hero Name: Frontline  
Title: American Legend  
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 6’
Weight: 193lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

The Personality

Lucas acts like a clumsy dork, often timid, but incredibly kind.  

When he dons the Frontline persona, he is bold, outspoken, still kind, but firm, not bending his morals for anybody.  

He puts the people above all else, and will fight till the bitter end to save even just one life.  

The Story

When you’re the son of a low-end supervillain, people tend to look at you in a very negative light.

This was Lucas, his mother, a hardworking woman, trying to provide for her son.

His father, an obscure supervillain, one of the super genius types, he didn’t last long.  

But, he was around enough to warrant judgement, which was passed onto Lucas.  

Lucas, however, had no ambition to be evil, instead, he admired heroes, and yearned to be one. His favorite hero, as WWII legend named Homefront. He strived to live up to morals and values that Homefront stood by.

It was hard, as everyone made life for Lucas a living hell, with constant bullying, abuse, and always blaming him for any inconvenience.  

Even after graduating, the torment followed him to college, where Lucas studied hero ethics.  

Having reached his limits, Lucas went out one night, wandering the campus woods, looking for a private place to scream. He went out to a spot he would usually go, a small clearing, with a brook flowing through it. Far from where anybody could hear him, he let out the loudest scream he could, venting out the frustrations built up inside of him.  

What he didn’t expect, was a response, in the form of a small meteor, the size of a baseball, which crashed down directly in front of him.

Upon inspecting the meteor, Lucas was hit with a surge of energy, which would change his life forever.  

Waking up in the morning, Lucas found himself still in the clearing of the woods. He grabbed the meteor, and rushed to class, a million questions racing through his mind.  

Before he could reach the lab, some of the other students caught him, deciding his sudden disappearance was warrant for a fight.  

The fight was over the second a punch was thrown, however, as it collided with Lucas’ jaw, with a a series of sickening crack sounds, as the bones in the hand shattered against the otherwise unphased jaw.  

Lucas, as shocked as everyone else, seeing his current attacker on the ground, clutching his bloody mess of hand as he screamed in pain, quickly fled the scene, rushing to his room.  

Nobody reported the incident, most likely out of sheer confusion, not knowing how to report it.  

After that, nobody messed with Lucas, out of fear, and some respect.  

Finding he had developed some form of powers, Lucas felt a feeling he never thought he could.

For the first time in his life, Lucas felt hopeful, and strong.  

Deciding to not waste this opportunity, Lucas quickly began working on learning his powers, and didn’t take long to start his own journey as a superhero, taking the name Frontline, as a homage to his idol.  

The Powers

Superhuman Strength: Currently, Frontlines feats of strength put him at superhuman level, and is slowly improving as he goes, he is capable of lifting tanks, cargo vessels, and even some smaller skyscrapers with relative effort. He is capable of punching through almost all Earth materials with some effort. He can even hit hard enough to deal damage to a lot of metahumans with physical endurance.  

The Alien energy inside of him creates a field that allows him to use his strength, without risk of objects breaking apart around him.  

Superhuman Durability: Due to the Alien energy, Frontline can endure extreme amounts of physical force, even to the softer points of his body.

So much so that conventional weapons have no effect on him, at least in the short term, as he has taken tank rounds square to the face, and continued fighting, unscathed.  

His skin is tough enough to endure being dipped in lava for a brief moment.  

Superhuman Speed: At base, Frontline is capable of moving Mach 12 with minimal effort, and can push up to Mach 15 in short runs.

Superhuman Reflex: Due to his heightened speed, Frontline is able to perceive everything around him at super speeds, giving him a reaction that can keep up with some speedsters.  

Flight: Able to channel the alien energy inward, Frontline can move through the air, able to fly at similar speeds to on foot.  

Alien Physiology/Immunity/Healing: Due to his DNA being encoded with Alien DNA, Lucas is immune to Earth diseases and poisons.  

His body can also recover from injuries at a much faster rate than normal, coming back from near death in a matter of a month.  

Super-hearing: Frontline can see and hear at enhanced levels, at base, he can hear anything within a five mile radius of his person, with focus, he can hear a single child crying anywhere in New York (303mi)

The Weaknesses

Durability: While Frontline may seem invincible, he is far from it, though he can withstand extreme amounts of firepower, his body is still absorbing damage over time (imagine constantly being flicked in the same spot over and over again).  

While he took a tank round and kept fighting, it did leave a decent bruise.  

He is also weak to Tungsten, as it’s density and molecular makeup are capable of cutting right through him.  

Sensory overload: His enhanced hearing requires concentration, and tuning out his other senses, to reach it’s maximum levels. When concentrating, he is also opening himself up to being attacked with sonic weapons, which will rupture his eardrums, leaving him temporarily deaf, as well as with a severe case of vertigo, rendering him unable to fight.

Coulrophobia: Lucas is terrified of clowns.

Not of this world: While Human diseases and poisons do not affect him, the Alien DNA weak against alien diseases, so much so that an Alien equivalent to a cold left Lucas bed ridden for three solid weeks.  

Allergies: Lucas was mildly allergic to peanuts before his powers.  

Unfortunately, the Alien DNA only enhanced that allergy, making it lethal to the hero.

He carries a specially made insulin pen, just for said occasion.  

Hero: Frontline is a hero, through and through, and will put the safety of others over capturing villains or saving himself.  

This makes it easy to manipulate him, using hostages, or putting innocents in harms way.  

Gamma: Gamma Radiation interferes with the Alien DNA in his body, temporarily disabling his powers, and reverting him back to his base human form.  

The duration of the effects depends on how much radiation he absorbs.  

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

“So, how are you liking the new suit??”

Frontline flexed, seeing his muscle in the new custom designed suit, unable to hide the child-like glee on his face. “It’s amazing!!”  

“Well, that’s good, cause nanoweave steel fabric is a pain to put together...” Speedrun replied. “But your suit should be able to endure a beating, like you.” He brushed some lint off the shoulder. “A hero suit is like a beacon, to guide the innocent to safety, and warn evil that their days are number, that’s what my father always says..”  

Frontline chuckled, looking to the speedster. “Well, your dad is a wise man, I...” He stopped short, as his attention snapped to another direction, as if seeing, or hearing, something directly in front of him. “Monster attack, Manhattan, civilians are in danger.”  

“You sure, we haven’t even tested the...” Speedrun paused, as Frontline suddenly vanished, rushing out the door. “Huh, so that’s what it’s like.” He then vanished himself.  

As he soared across the open air, Frontline couldn’t help but feel overwhelming joy.  

This was it, the moment he dreamed of ever since he picked up a comic book. He was no longer some weak and timid kid, aways getting picked on, always getting into fights. He no longer had to fear bullies, or damn near anybody for that matter.  

Not today, cause today, Lucas Wheeler was a hero!!

“News reports are saying some kinda armored monster came up from underground and started tearing up the streets...” Speedruns voice came through a Comm in the new heroes cowl. “Police are trying to evacuate civilians, but the thing won’t let them get near.”

“Alright, you get the area clear, I’ll do some rock smashing.”

Down Below...

The monsterous humanoid-like creature let out a thunderous roar, as it continued to stomp its way through the streets, stepping over the poor souls who were trampled over during the mass evacuation, sealing their already miserable fate with the sound of crunching bone.  

Inside one of the many abandoned cars, a little girl sat, weeping as she clutched to her teddy bear, frozen in fear as the monster stood mere inches from her. She was strapped into her booster seat, her mother lay among the many trampled bodies.  

For a moment, it seemed she would be spared the monster wrath, as it turned to walk away.  

A second later, the sound of gunfire ripped through the air, as the military had finally arrived on the scene, a Humvee unloading its browning .50cal turret on the creature, hoping the large caliber ammo would put it down.  

The large bone-like plating that covered the creatures body, however, seemed to provide ample protection from the heavy rounds.  

There was a lurching sensation, as the car was lifted off the ground, and the girl quickly realized the creature had decided to use the vehicle as a projectile, tossing it towards the Humvee. With a shrill scream, the little girl clutched to her bear tightly, enough that the seemed started to tear from pressure.  

Suddenly, the car came to a gentle stop, as if it was caught by a net.  

Looking out the front window, it became clear that someone had caught the car midair, as Frontline smiled to the girl inside, slowly floating back down to the ground. “Hey there, everythings going to be okay.” As soon as the tires touched the ground, the hero opened the back door, leaning down to look at the little girl. “What’s your name??”  

“J-j-jessie...” The little girl stammered, as she continued to sob lightly, still in shock.  

“Well, nice to meet you Jessie, I’m Frontline...” The hero gave another kind smile, helping her out of the booster seat. “This here is Speedrun...” He nodded to the speedster with him. “He’s gonna get you far away from here, okay?”  

Looking over to the speedster, the little girl nodded, reaching out for him to take her from Frontline.  

As Speedrun took the girl, the monster roared again, clearly spotting the two of them. “I got her, go kick that things a-s-s.” He then vanished, running off with the little girl.  

Frontline turned his focus to the monster, the smile fading. “I don’t know if you can understand me or not...” He stated out loud, slowly walking towards the creature. “But I am still going to ask that you cease this rampage, and come quietly...” He now stood toe to toe with the monster, who loomed a solid two feet over the hero. “Do not make me force you to comply.”  

The creature responded with another roar, followed by a right hook.  

“Very well...” Frontline sighed, meeting the monsterous punch with a right hook of his own.

As the two collided, it was evident which one was the stronger, as creature stumbled back, his arm falling limp, as the armor plating had shattered under the force, as well as his bones.  

“Sorry, buddy.” Frontline lunged forward, not giving the creature time to recuperate, before driving a solid upper cut into the underside of his jaw.  

With a loud crack, the creature lifted off the ground a solid ten feet, before crashing back down on its back, unconscious.  

“Oh good, big guy is down...” Speedrun appeared beside Frontline, looking over the creature. “What you think, experiment gone wrong??”  

“I don’t know, hopefully the boys at the lab can tell us...” Frontline looked back, seeing the military, and several men in lab coats rushing to the scene. “I’m getting hungry, what you thinking??”  

“Ooh, I know the best spot in Mexico to get the tastiest burritos you’ve ever eaten, and they’re cheap too...” Speedrun grinned. “Race you there?”  

“Oh, you’re on.”  

As the crowd got near, the two heroes vanished, racing off to their next adventure.

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Frontline Empty Re: Frontline

Post by Zonkes November 30th 2022, 8:40 pm

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Frontline Empty Re: Frontline

Post by Arcana May 8th 2024, 3:23 am

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Frontline Empty Re: Frontline

Post by Arcana May 8th 2024, 3:39 am


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Frontline Empty Re: Frontline

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