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Santo Dorado

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Santo Dorado  Empty Santo Dorado

Post by ProwlerKnight May 8th 2024, 3:08 am

Santo Dorado

"If there is good in your heart, you can always fly."

The Bio

Real Name: Angel De Rolo  
Hero Name: Santo Dorado  
Title: The Golden Saint
Alignment: Hero
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 150lbs

The Looks

The Personality

Angel is your typical playboy bachelor, going to parties, charming women, and getting into trouble.  

As Santo, he is cocky and sarcastic, cracking jokes, even under duress.  

But, at his heart, Angel is a hero, and will put himself in the path of bullet to save an innocent life.  

The Story

Angel was the son of Joaquin De Rolo, owner of De Rolo Industries, a multi-billion-dollar business that deals in advanced medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. He was raised in a life of luxury, often going to parties, bringing home women, and getting into fights.  

His Grandfather, a proud Ex-Luchador, decided to take Angel under his wing, forcing him to endure the excruciating training of a Luchador.  

Finding a passion for the craft, Angel signed up for amateur wrestling matches. He quickly rose to popularity, eventually earning himself a spot on the major program, where he would win several championships.  

Eventually, Angel would get a shot at the World Championship. Angel, his father, and grandfather, would travel to LA, where the match was being televised during one of the programs pay-per-view events. Angel would win his match, and become the new World Champion.  

Unfortunately, his victory would be short lived, as their limo was attacked on the way back to their hotel. Bullets sprayed the vehicle, leaving Angel injured, while his father and grandfather were killed in the attack.  

Having to be admitted to critical, Angel had several bullets removed from his body.  

While he recovered, the program forced him to surrender his title, as they needed an active champion.  

Enraged by his families death, Angel recovered from his injuries, and set out to get revenge on the men responsible. He used his vast inheritance to find out the Cartel was behind the attack, going after his father.  

His father had been actively vocal against the Cartel, and had funded a program to fight their influence in Mexico.  

Donning the alias of Santo Dorado, a name his Grandfather once wrestled under, Angel would design an updated mask, outfit himself with the latest in defense tools, and return to LA, where he would seek out vengeance for his family.  

The Powers

Angel has no special powers.

The Weaknesses

Angel is human

The Items

Basic costume, designed from a breathable material made for high mobility and flexibility, while providing protection against knives and fire.  

Is not bullet proof, as plating limits his body movements, which he needs.  

He also carries an assortment of gadgets, like flash orbs, lockpicks, throwing knives.  

The Minions

The Fluff

Luchador: Angel is trained in the ways of the luchador, and fights using high-mobility, agility and various grapples and strikes he learned in the ring.  

His body is honed for agility and using momentum, quick strikes, and speed.  

The RP Sample

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Santo Dorado  Empty Re: Santo Dorado

Post by inquisitor May 8th 2024, 7:03 am

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