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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Woof plus one)

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Re: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Woof plus one)

Post by The Nekromonga on April 2nd 2017, 8:35 pm

Dabblerwise took in the terror she created, and all who dared to resist. Jake not the dog swooped in all heroically, to squash Dabblerwise about the nose, but was kind enough to warn her first. Dabbler stood still for a second as the attack came, only for Jake to meet thin air and possibly fall over face flat onto the grass.

Dabbler teleported beside Knight, losing the clown get up and becoming her regular old witch self. "Awwww. You spoiled the prank." She said disappointed, the tentacles returning to their home dimension.

Moments later Appolyon the bodyguard punched right through the stage, returning to the land of the living. Her business suit was all shredded up, revealing she wore black lingerie... and was not entirely human, given her cyborg bits under that skin. She looked around, her boss having since vacated the park, looking at the metahumans. "Where is that clown?" she said rather deadpan, like she wasn't just being dragged by monstrous tentacles moments before.

The supercop hid behind a tree, and took awhile before he calmed down and remembered his duty. He dared to look back and saw the clown was gone.
"Inhuman freaks!" Gasping rapidly, the cool collected cop using nonlethal measures moments ago and took aim with his launcher. A second flash-freeze grenade was fired their way.

"Oh he's still alive-" Dabbler wouldn't be able to react, as the freeze grenade catches her and encases her in a layer of frost. The others were likely to be caught in the blast zone, if they didn't react well enough.

The Nekromonga

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Re: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Woof plus one)

Post by Shadowoof on April 4th 2017, 9:56 am

The clown was gone before he even touched it, a curse almost reached his lips till he heard the idiot say something about his one liner, a confusing statement to the boy. Turning to face them, Jake saw that the clown or, a dissolving clown turning into a woman who looked... off. But obviously was the one who went all tentacle happy with clown get up. Of course now Jake didn't know quite what to do, unless the woman was planning on actually attacking him she hadn't done anything but scare people and drag....

Jake turned at the sound of wood breaking and the red headed woman who had been dragged down reappeared with less then appropriate clothing. Asking for the clown, something Jake was going to inform her of when the super cop who had run away called out to the group, a idiot, a kid in red, a woman with tentacles and another with robotic parts. The mere thought of the sight wanted to make him laugh out loud but he kept it to himself, the cop aiming his grenade launcher of tricks at the four of them.

Turning to the only woman he considered an ally right now, Jake moved to grab the red head and jump a small distance away from the the rest to avoid whatever came from the cop and upon landing he would quickly place the woman back down before turning back to the other two, his eyes only on Dabbler. "Frozen one is the shape shifting clown also on your side. So don't hit me." Jake quickly got the words out of his mouth so that he could avoid any problems with the woman, he had too many things to focus on right now, he didn't need another.

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Re: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Woof plus one)

Post by Knightfall on April 4th 2017, 11:37 pm

Nathaniel was almost too distracted by the hot bodyguard cyborg's lingerie to react to the now unhinged Robocop firing an actual grenade out of his launcher. Manipulating the adrenaline in his body he rolled out of the immediate blast zone and avoided a rather cold encounter. Looking over his shoulder at the now frozen Dabbler a wave of anger washed over him, getting to his feet he fired one of his grappling hooks at the cop's grenade launcher, looking to disarm him and bring the weapon to himself.


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Re: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Woof plus one)

Post by The Nekromonga on April 23rd 2017, 10:01 am

Sparks flew from the damage to the woman bodyguard's torn skin, while machinery whirred with mechanical purpose. She glanced at Jake with scarcely any emotion, considering one of her eyes was now damaged and clearly robotic.

She says nothing, glancing at the frozen Dabbler. She then turns to Jake, and remains mute. However, the voice of the CEO sounded from her communicator.

"Apollyon, retreat and observe the metahuman's abilities."

"Understood." She said, then glanced at Jake. "You should get out of here." She leaps away from the situation, to reunite with her... boss.

The grenade launcher was not so well secured, unfortunately that super-strength came into play and the Supercop showed Knightfall just how much power the suit could generate; either pulling him closer or at least, engaging him in a tug of war with the grapple line.

Despite being physically immobilized by the freeze grenade, Dabbler's mind was still active. In the blink of an eye she escapes, though badly shivering.

"C...c..c..cooold...!" She chattered through her teeth, and the cop was still fighting. The prankster was now provoked.

"Nobody puts Dabbler ON ICE!!" Dabbler moves around the combat zone, and opens a portal below the supercop, sending him through hurtling through... and possibly sucking Knightfall along, if he hung on.

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