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Dawn of the Final Day - 24 Hours Remaining -

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Dawn of the Final Day - 24 Hours Remaining - Empty Dawn of the Final Day - 24 Hours Remaining -

Post by Zonkes November 12th 2022, 2:27 am

The pumpkin masked man stood before an altar, his congregation, he raised his hands towards the desert sky, the Jack o Lantern moon smiling down upon them as they did their gruesome work. ”We give this soul to the God of Nightmares, the King of Fear. Mad Jack o’ Leary! May his darkened heart take you.”

The cool night air swept across the young woman’s face as she wept openly. Her mouth gagged, body bound. The smell of fear and fire filled the night, her chest shook with the power of her cries.

None would save her, as they injected the needle deep into her arm, and soon the weeping stopped, replaced by deep breathing as sleep overtook her, never to wake in this world again.

This wasn’t their first victim that night. Thecult moved throughout the city putting people to sleep, sending them to the realm of their master. The nightmares he summoned gave them no more mercy than anyone else, but they welcomed it.

When their victims found themselves on the other side of sleep, they came face to face with the mindscape version of Las Vegas. The city was filled to the brim with demons, monsters, and boogaboos of all description.

In the center of it all, Jack Prime awaited. A black and green crown of fire placed upon his head, he howled his laughter as his shadows wreaked havoc above. He’d have to be sure to claim his queen, but he didn’t want to leave the Blackguard in the cold. He shifted his attention to the hotel, it seemed that he had in fact managed to piss off Elena Vexus. Too bad she had no chance even against a shadow. That one is entertaining.

He scanned over to London, but the magical interference made it impossible for Jack to see. But… considering the shift he felt in his power, he knew that something terrifying was happening indeed.

Finally, Jack moved his sight to his lunar avatar, hoping to grab a glimpse of London… only to see the flash of black and white as the city detonated. For a moment, his mouth stood agape as he watched. Then, angry as he had ever been, Jack spawned himself into reality. ”So Lax wants to destroy London?” Jack said, and with his words he brought the Jack o lantern in the sky closer to the city.

”Fine then. I’ll just have to remind the city of Sin what the dinosaurs feared!”
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Dawn of the Final Day - 24 Hours Remaining - Empty Re: Dawn of the Final Day - 24 Hours Remaining -

Post by Yang S. November 13th 2022, 3:49 am

Yang found her gaze fixated on the screen before her. The scene it showed was something that angered her to the core. Untold carnage unleashed on the city of London, and at the bottom of the broadcast was a banner explaining the horrors occurring in Las Vegas. The young woman carved her thumbnail as she bit into it. This wasn’t a nervous tick or anxiety taking over, it was rage and anger. These were things she could have prevented, things her family could have prevented, and yet there wasn’t a single overseer in sight. Yang took a deep breath, in an attempt to try and clear her mind.

If she was about to follow through with the plan she currently had laid out, then she’d need to be sound of mind. A flashing light out of the corner of her eye and a small rhythmic noise notified Yang that her small experiment was ready. After becoming aware of the situation in Las Vegas, Yang had poured time into figuring out a way to confront the madman behind the chaos and putting an end to the waking nightmare he now perpetuated. And it didn’t take her long to cross the cult dedicating themselves to said king of horror.

She had traveled to Vegas in the hopes of finding these cultists, placing herself at their mercy in order to gain access to the nightmare. Unfortunately or Fortunately depending on how you looked at the situation, the mysterious injection did not work on Yang. Her physiology made it difficult for the sleeping agent to take effect, burning it off to quickly before sleep could wrap her in its embrace. In her half groggy state Yang would subdue the cultists and make off with any extra vials of the strange substance they had on them.

Yang would later retreat to an unaffected part of the city, to a rather run down motel that was relatively abandoned, given the current circumstances she couldn’t blame people for not staying in this mess. One of the advantages to being the head of a major world spanning R&D company was that she could have anything she needed at a moments notice, and right now one of those things was the small mobile lab she no resided within. She had spent the better part of a day breaking down and the liquid in the vials to make a potent counter agent to wake people if needed, but really the true goal was to make it stronger.

And that was the warning she was now getting. The computers had finished synthesizing a sleeping agent strong enough to put Yang under. “I really shouldn’t be letting you do this. Its incredibly irresponsible of me as a father to allow you to take such a risk.”

“Its not irresponsible, you’re here to look after me. Everything here is set to monitor my condition. If things start to look grim we’ve already made something strong enough to wake me up.” Yang would reply to her father, reclining back on a cot. Her father would hesitantly connect several contacts. He did not approve of his daughters actions, but she was much like her mother, more so that she realized, and he knew there’d be no stopping her now that her mind was made up. He’d load up a syringe with the new sleeping agent and would introduce it into the IV they had set up just moments ago.

Within a minute or two, Yang found herself drifting off, the world around her slipping into darkness and fading from her mind. Her vision would remain clouded from some time, it was like she was wading through a bog, each step was a struggle to take but it soon became easier and easier. Eventually her vision would clear, she was inside the mobile lab with no signs of her father. The monitors were all blank, a few glitching back and forth, she was pretty certain the experiment worked and she was where she needed to be.

She might not have been able to do anything for London, but she could help the people here in Vegas. “Now where is that pumpkin headed freak” She’d say to herself, emerging from the lab and into the twisted dreamscape.

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Dawn of the Final Day - 24 Hours Remaining - Empty Re: Dawn of the Final Day - 24 Hours Remaining -

Post by Casmaudius November 13th 2022, 9:13 pm

Cas didn’t see the atrocities first. He felt them. A wave of despair and pain that exploded, rippling across the fabrics of this world like a terrible note. It first formed as nausea within his stomach, a despair he couldn’t place that brought him to his knees within his private chambers. A desire to vomit mixed with the stinging tears within his eyes. He had felt this experience before, long ago when his world had been attacked and his sister turned towards something darker. All he knew was that something horrible was happening. To humans, many of them and that was something he didn’t like.

”What’s going on?” He muttered after recthing for a few seconds, wiping away various strings of saliva from around his mouth. That was when the gold doors of his chambers were thrown open, a young looking mage stepping through with a hurried step. His friend, probably one of the biggest helps in getting this whole religious gathering put together.

”Looks like you've already felt it, so that saves me some times.” He started looking around, coughing into his fist and then speaking again. ”Vegas and London were attacked by something big. Don’t know what but it might be something you’d be interested in.” He blinked, listening to the explanation, trying to remember where each of those cities were in relation to here. Sure, portaling might be able to get them to either, he was sure Christian wouldn’t want to use more energy than necessary.

”Get all your magic weapons and the like ready. We’re going to leave immediately,”

”You sure?”

”I’m a guardian of humanity. It’s my job to help them,” He responded, nodding and that seemed to be enough. Sending him walking off to get himself prepared. That left him alone again, brows furrowed and an anger rising within him. Someone was hurting people, killing them even and he was in the unique position to act upon it. Well, he had enough time to actually react now.

”I do love that part of you. Always willing to save people, even if it’s not the smartest move,” A voice spoke up, bringing with it a sense of elation. He whipped around to see a man, looking around mid thirties in appearance with glowing indigo eyes ringed with a prism of colors, dressed in a warm looking sweater and khaki slacks. His light brown hair was loosely kept, yet he always found is warm in appearance.  He had adapted to the fashions of this world quickly, though for what reason was unknown.

”Dad!” Without thinking he wrapped the older man in a hug, a tight one and lifted him up for a second.

”Wish everyone I met was this happy to see me. I’d like to speak longer son but...something it happening as I’m sure you’ve heard. Someones attacking this world, servants of an old enemy of mine,” He explained, ruffling Cas’ hair as he pulled away. ”London isn’t in need of your help. I have a champion there doing what they can but...Vegas might not be so lucky. I’m hoping I can trust you”

”Of course! What can I do to help?” he asked, looking up to the man.

”A champion of destruction attacks the peoples of that Sinful city through their dreams and only you can truly help them.”

”If he works through dreams, how do I fight something like that?”

”You enter the world of dreams obviously. Hence why I’m here, to help you out in that little endeavor,” He gave a small flourish, smiling warmly which put him at ease.  ”I can send you into the world of dreams but be careful. In these dreams you can be hurt, maybe even killed if you’re not careful. At that point I cannot help you, so be very careful my son,” Cas nodded along to the suggestion, brows furrowed in a determined fashion.

”Very well, send me. The more people I can save the better,” Gold flames licked up over his form, turning mundane clothes into brilliant gold plate armor.  The man smiled, resting his palm on his forehead.

”Very well. Save them, dispel the demon of nightmares and free the people from his endless dream,” A warmth coursed through him, turning the room around him into a blurred mess.  Next thing he knew he was somewhere else, a twisted version of city and in the vast distance he saw a figure looming over it all. He couldn’t quite make out the features but he did see things closer and lumbering around the streets.  His existence drew the attention of a few demons, their eyes alight with blood lust.  He looked back at them, the moonlit sword appearing within his right hand.

”Demons from the depths of the pit, I stand here ready to smite you all! ” Before any demon could react he gave a swing of his weapon, swiftly bridging the gap between him and a mantis, cleaving through its neck, mandibles chattering as it hit the ground.  The brilliant golden flames that wreathed his weapon was like a beacon to the nightmare.

His boots clinked against the nightmare facsimile of concrete and he took a stance to prepare himself for a further fight.

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Dawn of the Final Day - 24 Hours Remaining - Empty Re: Dawn of the Final Day - 24 Hours Remaining -

Post by Nate6595 November 20th 2022, 3:17 pm

“Are you going to be okay?”

She wasn’t sure who had asked the question. The question itself was on her mind. It was something she was asking herself, something she wanted to ask him, but she couldn’t tell if she had been the one who asked it or if someone else had. She didn’t know what kind of answer she expected. The world felt like it was falling apart. It was falling apart and the burden was falling to heroes to fix it, and yet there were those who already saw them as a threat, as the cause and not the solution. It was only the start, but she could feel the waves of something big on the horizon. Regardless of how this went, they wouldn’t come back to the world they had worked to save.

Somewhere, she could still hear the reports playing. One in particular caused her ear to flick as she laid quietly on the table.  

“…these are just a few glimpses of the devastation that has overtaken the remnants on London. We see now what remains of the rescue workers struggle against these…” She heard the voice trail for a moment, her eyes slowly shutting, then opening again, “…the death toll is thought to be…no, not that high…is it?” She heard the desperation in the reporter’s voice. How could anyone maintain composure in a scene like that? “We don’t know if the battle is still ongoing. We know Meta-Humans were involved though, and whether they were the cause or not is remained to be seen.” There was a long pause, or perhaps she was fading away again. She heard questions…accusations, all ultimately leading to one final statement. “…something needs to change.”

The reporter wasn’t wrong, but she had a feeling they had the wrong intentions. The wrong kind of change would come from this. This day was only getting better and better…now she had to worry about job security on top of everything else.

She still hadn’t answered the question. She hadn’t answered. Through bleary eyes she looked and saw a pair of two white, glowing eyes looking down at her. A familiar face…a familiar…feeling? He was holding her hand, clutching it tightly. Her gaze wandered from him. There was something next to her bed. A…thing? It had wires…a hose? A tube? It connected to her arm; something pouring into her, making it hard to think.

What was she doing?

The question…

Slowly, so, painfully slowly, she reached her hand up and gripped his hand, now clutching it with both. “Gonna…knock him…right out. When I do, you take…take care of him here…” She managed to grin, though it soon faded as sleep started to set in, “Just remember…to give me…some…credit…”

She heard him laugh and squeeze her hand. It felt warm. It was nice…one last comfort before setting off to whatever hell awaited her on the other side. He spoke again, but the words were muted. Through drooping eyes she could see his lips move, make out words…but…she didn’t hear them. She opened her mouth to speak, but soon closed it again as the effort of speaking became too much for her. And then she felt it…he leaned down and kissed her on the head, and despite everything…she smiled, finally letting the drug overtake her senses. No matter what happened on the other side, no matter what changed, she could at least know that he would be here when she woke up.

And the world went dark. She drifted away from the room, from the bed, from Sam. She drifted until that exhaustion was gone and something new took its place. It was that strange mix of terror and excitement. She didn’t what to expect as she lifted herself off the bed and looked around the old, dusty room. She could already hear the sounds of terror from outside, screaming, people trying to fight back…and…

This was it. This was why she had chosen to be a hero. She would force down the feelings of apprehension and move. And yet her body still moved slowly. She walked to the door and put a hand on the handle, waiting for just a moment before opening. As the door swung open she looked out into the darkened streets of Vegas and took in a sharp breath.

“Okay…not good. Expected that much…” She said with a small sigh. She knew this was a dream…no, a nightmare, but this was…beyond strange. It felt lucid. She looked and winding treats and the ways light would shine down on some parts, yet not fully touch it. Some buildings took on weird, impossible shapes, and in some places the road would just end. She tried to peer beyond the city, but it was hard to make out from here. The city didn’t go on forever, yet she couldn’t see where it ended. Despite the terror of it all, she couldn’t help but mutter, “Honestly…seen worse, you should really try and step it up, my man…” She said to no one in particular.

Still, there looked to be something high above the rest, looming over the city. There was…a figure? That was better than nothing. With another breath, she crouched down and propelled herself forward, beginning to hop from building to building, trying to draw closer to…well, hopefully, to the source of all of this.

“Alright, bud…time to knock the king off his throne…”  
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Dawn of the Final Day - 24 Hours Remaining - Empty Re: Dawn of the Final Day - 24 Hours Remaining -

Post by Sponsored content

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