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Rumplestiltskin (Contest)

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Contest Rumplestiltskin (Contest)

Post by Shadowoof April 8th 2021, 12:35 am


"When everything happens for a reason, then what reason is there to go the unknonwn path but to prove that wrong?"

The Bio

Real Name: David Scornes
Renegade Name: Rumplestiltskin
Title: Rumplestiltskin
Alignment: CN
Age: Somewhere between 20 and a four hundred or so, maybe even all the way to the beginning of time and back.
Gender: Male
Race: Primordial
Hair: Brown
Eyes: green
Height: 5'8
Weight: 145 lbs
Blood type: Icor

The Looks

The Personality
Rumple is a being of no real thought. His movements and actions portray a man better suited to an insane asylum and yet all the while what he may say or do will matter. With him, it's better to assume every threatening action he makes is one to tease, and every teasing action is one to threaten.
Whatever man he had been before, he no longer considers to be real. The world has become a broken playground to Rumple. And its just a matter of what breaks first and the entertainment that comes from that. He feeds on not only on the events that he himself partakes in, but all events that surround him. He likes to play the role of the watcher, and the participant. Whichever suits him for the moment.

The Story
David Scornes wasn't anyone special at the start. Born and raised in the isles of of the Caribbean Sea's in the 1600's. He was found as a wee babe in some plantation, and seemingly belonged to nobody. With no home or family, he was enslaved as a young boy, rising from a sugar farmer at first, until a band of pirates attacked, stealing all they could, and killing or enslaving the rest. Somehow, the boy did not die, but rose to that of a lowly pirate. With the only thing that had to be said about him was that no matter how hard he was pushed, the hours worked, or the hard labor that would have broken any other man. David just could not die, nor would he stop.

Mayhaps he could have risen further in rank, taken a ship for his own, become something more then just a lowly pirate with a name no one cared for. It wasn't to be. During one dangerous storm, David was thrown overboard. Battered by the waves of the storm, the young man started to drown, he struggled to fight against the sea to no avail, and soon the world was lost to him.

Yet he lived. He awoke on land, lungs filled with water, he coughed and retched until it left him and finally he could see how he survived, or perhaps where he had just washed up. The storm still raged, but the waves had carried him violently to unknown land, bruised and battered, he went deeper into the island, a mess of forests and ruins. He sought shelter, and with courage he found it. The shame was that this shelter had already been taken. A group of cultists who found this weak, battered young man and took him for their own. It was a ritual they had planned for him, but one they were not sure how to complete. They desired to summon a demon, to be given favors and powers and they had come to this island with the intent to survive it for many years, no matter how long it took to get what they desired

And it took long. For years, David lived caged, forced once more into servitude as they sought how to summon this creature of power. David, meanwhile, had taken to slavery with gusto, doing all the chores that had been assigned too him, accepting of his place as to better treat them as hobbies to keep his sanity. This included spinning, a service the cultists did not argue against, for they soon realized the prisoner in their keep was not a normal man. Under the stress, David soon learned he had the ability to change things. Indescribable and impossible as it was, somehow, David had spun straw into gold.

At first, the cultists abandoned their plan in favor of their new boon, the man who could spin anything into gold as they soon learned that it was not what he used, nor the materials, but the man himself.  It was his own power. He turned droppings of rats into gold, the apple he was given as food, from fresh, to rotten, to gold and back all over again. They had come to call him Rumple, as his appearance grew more ragged and torn the more his power was used and as the cultists realized that his power was far beyond them, they were torn in two.

Some wanted this power for themselves, others desired to keep him, use him for all his worth. During one tense night of infighting, one of the cultists drove a knife into Rumple's cage, unable to defend himself, the group thought the creature in their midst's dead... Until he sat up. The knife removed, it was revealed that Rumple was unharmed. Collectively, the cultist began to fear Rumple. So much so they finally stopped their bickering and came to a agreement to resume their original goal and summon a demon. However, now they had something far more enticing then a mere sacrifice. Presenting Rumple, and all the  gold that had been spun by the prisoner of theirs, they summoned the demon they had been seeking for countless years.

The demon, curious to all this gold, asked of the cultist where it came from. They pointed to Rumple, and whispered their fears of the man, their desires. To see him punished, to have what he had. Even more curious now, the demon examined Rumple, the process was short, but it was all the creature needed before it realized the man before it was no normal man. Never had been. The man himself just didn't know it. With disgust, the demon opened the tiniest hole in the void, not enough to anger the very creatures that resided in the realm of nothingness, but enough to push something into it. Unable to fight, Rumple was banished into the void.

Pushed into nothingness, he should have died. The void was not meant for the living, but it could not kill what couldn't die. Instead, as he resided within the void for a long, long time, Rumple began to change. What he was, grew and shaped itself into something new. With what felt like infinite time, Rumple began to view life coldly. And as his patience for the void waned, his power grew. Just enough that he was able to craft his own, tiny little crack in the void. An impossibility and yet he made it possible.

So he stepped through this crack of his design, and found himself once more in the midst of nowhere... And everywhere. The beginning of time and yet the end of it. For the longest time, he saw only darkness, and then light. He couldn't even begin to explain anything, nor know what it was he had witnessed, if anything.

As rock and life formed, Rumple was far gone from the man he once was. He was but a thing. Only he understood that nothing was quite what it seemed. He was no longer mortal, or perhaps he finally understood that he had never been mortal. With that conclusion, he quickly decided to drop any pretense of having ever been such.  His experience through the void and the beginning changed the man into a creature beyond understanding. And beyond understanding, he became Rumplestiltskin. A creature of the void, and of the world itself. So vastly changed his own abilities grew, but with it came their restrictions. What was he to do as Rumple? Not just walk through time, no. He watched it sure. The events that passed, the power of titans as they rose and fell with their cities and their beliefs. The birth of nations to the birth of heroes and villains. It all had to mean something of course. There had to be an end to the beginning, he had been there before... But he needed to know what happened. So he began his watch... But watching was slow, it was boring. It needed to be faster. He would see how his own tale would effect the process itself.  How he himself would impact the end of it all. What is a story without a little chaos after all?

The Powers
Alteration: Rumplestiltskin is capable of altering the make and reality of nearly anything. He can change straw into gold, coal into diamond. A pole, into a sword. The only limit is that the object must be something or at the very least, somewhat similar to what he desires to change, with only one exception. He can turn anything into gold. And finally, his own imagination can be a limit, or more so the imagination of those who ask of him what they want.

Enchantment: Rumplestiltskin is able to enchant items. This is something he can do for himself, but what he can do for himself is vastly limited. What he can do for others, however, is far more. He can enchant a weapon to make it light ablaze with flames. He can enchant a heart with immortality. He can enchant a weapon to harm the immortal such as himself. It all depends, what someone wants.

Immortal: Rumplestiltskin is, by all definitions. Immortal. He does not age, he requires no sustenance, nor is he wounded forever nor can death claim him. He is forever, and forever will be his constant companion.

I can be anywhere dearie: Rumple, with a twist of his hand, can appear anywhere he has been before. And he has been nearly everywhere.

The Weaknesses
Do no harm: Rumple. Can not. Harm. Not directly. He can light a flame, altering the wood to burn, and he can not help if someone was to step onto that flame. He could create a gun along the bullets, and he couldn't help if someone took it and shot anyone with it. But he could not light someone aflame, nor shoot them. Rumple's curse to his power, changed within the void, is his inability to directly harm a living being. For what should be dead, utterly null, should not exist to harm that which does.

Without objects, I am nothing: Rumple can alter objects to great degrees. But he is unable to alter what he cannot touch or see in close proximity. Put him in a cell, make him blind, bind his hands. Leave him nothing but the ground and the walls and their becomes little he can do.

Enchantment backfire: Whatever rumple enchants, eventually backfires. A sword of flames? The entire sword will light ablaze, burning the holder. A bubble of infinite oxygen? Could turn to hydrogen. A heart of immortality? Just the heart remains forever, the body around it still fades. These enchantments are meant to entice, but what happens afterwards, Rumple cannot control. Even his own enchantments, for his own needs, will eventually falter on him in ways he can not expect.

Just because I can be anywhere: Rumple can teleport with a twist of his hand. But without said hand, he can not. Bounded, torn away. He needs his right hand to teleport. In fact, he needs his right hand to do anything. To enchant, to alter. Remove the use of his right hand, and he becomes unable to do a lot until he gets that use back.

Me and demons have quite a lot in common: Demon traps, salt and the like, can trap Rumple for quite some time. Not forever, but quite a while. While he isn't affected by things like holy water or consecrated grounds, he can also be harmed far easier by the things that harm all sorts of demons and the like. Silver, radiant energy. Things that harm and slow him longer then a normal bullet or dagger.

The Items
Rumple keeps on him, several pouches, all filled with a large number of mundane objects for him to alter, from lead to stones, plants to metals. If it can be acquired normally, he most likely has it.

The Minions

The Fluff
Rumple has The contract: Over the years, Rumple has defined a power he calls, the contract. A scroll he can create out of thin air, it is capable of marking a persons being to the contract they make with Rumple. Where they must fulfill what has been stated, down to the tee, and Rumple will of course, do the same. Failure to comply leaves Rumple to do something for the person, free of charge, and strangely, their enchantment's backfire has less effect for if someone requests an enchantment of sorts. However, should the contracted fail... Well. Rumple can not do anything. But he will forever remember. And forever seek retribution. He does not make it obvious that this is the case, and normally he promises great repercussions, only to find ways to weasel out of any need to do so if the contract had been breached.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

Characters of the wolf:
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