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[Contest] Spellbound

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Contest [Contest] Spellbound

Post by Zonkes August 25th 2020, 2:00 pm


"In all of my years, I have yet to see something like this.”

The Bio

Name: Libellus Cupiditātum Nostrārum Postrēmārum
Hero Name: Spellbound
Nickname: Liam
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 2,021 years old
Gender: N/A
Race: Sentient Spellbook
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Glowing lights on the cover that range from yellow to green to blue to red
Height: 1.5 feet
Weight: 30 lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Bound in the skin of an ancient beast, the rough leathery cover has arcane markings of silver and gold. A purple amethyst in the middle, shining bright amidst the dark green leather. The book has geometric shapes surrounding the gemstone, notably a circle inside of a square inside of a diamond. The shapes are constructed of an unknown metal, and gives the book an almost mirror-like appearance in those spots.

The leather of the book is a mottled green and brown, with small spots of fur where the original tanner missed in their haste to get the book prepared. The material is scaly, almost reptilian and warm to the touch, almost human like in temperature. If one were to feel the gemstone in the middle, one would feel a faint pulse. Almost like a heartbeat.

The book smells of old paper, new leather, and a sort of smoky scent that one might compare to an almost middle eastern blend of spices. A deeper examination of the smells would reveal a sulfurous stench, old blood, and wet animal fur. On a given day, the book may be scented with light perfume or cologne.

The book is filled with pages upon pages, easily 2 feet tall on the sides. When you open the book, the first thousand pages are filled with recipes, spells, notes, and memories. Sigils and images of extinct or mythical creatures cover each and every one of these pages. The pages are yellow, and feel brittle, but they don’t break. The pages after this become less decayed, but are also covered in less… arcane writings. Experiences written in Latin, then French, then middle English, and finally modern English.

Each and every page has something on it, notably, images of vivid events in sepia. The events illustrated range from global importance, such as the fall of Rome and Byzantium, the first Mongol invasion, the founding of the new world, the founding of the sons of liberty, and the French Revolution; to more mundane things. A young man spilling grain in an ancient market, an elderly woman reading under a cherry tree, a bird flying over a newly constructed skyscraper, and a young man spilling coffee on his pants. The illustrations have journal-like entries attached to them, though it’s more like a stream of consciousness than a concise summary of events. A personal first hand perspective of events, as if written as it was going on.

When the book awakens, a pair of ghost lights appear. The lights change from color to color, much like a mood ring, and can express a wide range of emotions, like a pair of eyes.

The Personality

While knowledgeable and helpful, the book also can’t help but be a bit of a dick when it comes down to it. Responding to questions in either a roundabout manner, or perhaps answering with a sarcastic tone that makes one wonder if it is truly serious.

The book helps young mages hone their talents, and is one of the greatest magical repositories of knowledge on earth. That being said, the book is almost never satisfied with simply staying on a shelf twenty-four seven either, and has been known to leave the safety of the ORB base for simple pleasures such as going out to bars or strip clubs to meet women.

The Story

Ancient spires rose from the earth, a wizard in bright blue robes with a draconian design in gold. The wizard’s face was covered in shadows, with bright blue flames where his eyes should have been. The only visible part of his face was a long white beard. Lightning crackled in eldritch green over the spires of earth, and thunder moaned like a thousand restless spirits. An eagle landed upon the wizard’s staff, and he turned to the eagle.

“Call upon the council, Althea. Tell them that it’s coming.” Althea flew off, and the wizard stared into the horizon. “Gods save us all…”

Soon, a small room on the top floor of one of the spires was bustling with people. A man with white robes angrily shouted at a man in shadowed hood and demonic knights armor. A light green-robed man playing a game of checkers with a man made of rock and dirt. Finally, a man in ancient red clothing covered in burns and orange and yellow feathers speaks. “Theon! Your silly bird brought us together. Now speak, you fool!” The room immediately went quiet, and the wizard in blue robes steps up onto a table.

“Thank you all for coming this evening. Perhaps you have noticed the strange weather as of late?” As if to punctuate his point, green lightning flashed outside and a window crashed open. There, on the floor, sat a small amphibian. The collected mages stared at the creature as if waiting on the creature to explain itself.

“Ribbit.” The frog said plainly. Theon nodded and continued. “The adversary, Kaos Incorpius, has returned.” The room bursted into conversation once again, punctuated by the frog’s croak as it began hopping away from the collected magi.

“Insanity!” Said the white wizard, “Kaos Incorpius has been trapped since the Stone Age. We have no reason to assume that this is his doing.” There was general agreement in the room, and Theon raised a hand. “While I agree that the current situation is insane; I’m afraid that it is in fact the truth. The first 10 of the twelve seals have been broken.” A fine mist rose above the blue wizard’s hand, and an image of a door appeared. Two glowing sigils beside the door, keeping it locked. Other broken stones in circular shapes with broken sigils on them lay on the ground.

The room was once again filled with panic as the image faded. Theon nodded. “We are at war, gentlemen. And I’m afraid that we have no choice but to play our final gambit.”

The sky was blood red the day that the wizards came together once more. The air smelled of death and power. Kaos Incorpius’ final seal was about to be broken, and the very earth was attempting to bend away from its cage. They had no choice in the matter. They sat around a stone altar and began to chant. These were the six major Elementalists, and they were about to die.

The final seal broke, and ancient evil poured from the land. The grass became rubber, trees became flesh and bone, animals became gelatin. It was chaos. When the wave hit the group of wizards, it hit resistance. Like a brick wall. Every wizard let out a scream as the wave hit them, and a spellbook began to raise from the table.

Suddenly, the being that had been stopped by the wizards, came face to face with them. “What are you doing, you doddering old fools?” It’s voice was screechy, modulated, and constantly breaking into deeper and lower tones. It’s face an asymmetrical mess of broken shapes like a Van Gogh painting.

The wizards began chanting in various languages. Ancient Greek, Latin, Old Norse, Babylonian, Persian, and Ancient Egyptian. Soon, the ancient spellbook that had been sitting in the midst of the stone table began to rise and glow with eldritch light. Kaos Incorpius began to disintegrate, becoming like ink as it wound its way towards the page. However, as it was being drawn in; it grabbed one of the wizards. The wizard’s form was instantly transformed into ink, and due to the wizards needing to bind the circle with the entanglement of flesh by holding hands; wizard after wizard was dragged into the book as ink. As the last was transformed and stolen away, the book slammed closed and locked with an arcane padlock.

100 years passed, and the book was discovered by the descendant of Theon the Thoughtful. For him, the lock broke and the book rose. With the books aid, the man became the advisor of Julius Caeser himself. Eventually, the book was passed on to the next in line. This young man was less successful and eventually lost the book.

The memories in the book are hazy about this time. Pages have been removed from this time period, and only brief insights show where the book was. It was present at the Crucifiction. It was present at the fall of Rome. It was there when the first settlers founded the United States. It was there when the world into war for the first time. All the pages from 1934 - 1948 are missing.

This is when the book was discovered by ORB. The Occult Research Bureau. They’ve used it for training, research, and development. Until recently, the book hasn’t been allowed freedom. But a recent deal has been struck allowing the book to seek out magic users.

The Powers

Immense Magical Knowledge - If there is a magical formula or theorem that is not on record in Libellus Cupiditātum Nostrārum Postrēmārum, then it is either completely alien to the human understanding of magic, or it is unimportant enough to have never been recorded in the first place. This knowledge is so complete, that if one were to ask the book for its knowledge on a subject, it may go on for days about that subject without slowing.

Spellcraft - Libellus Cupiditātum Nostrārum Postrēmārum is for all intents and purposes, an enchanted book. While the book knows many spells and how to create their effects; it sadly cannot produce the overwhelming majority of the spells within its own pages. However, it does have the ability to share this knowledge with others if it chooses. Generally, unless the person it shares the knowledge with is under the books tutelage they will quickly forget whatever spell it was that they just used. [Permission Based]

Water-Proofing - Hitting the book on the cover or back with water will not cause damage to the book.

Book of Stories and Tales - In addition to memories and historical events, the book contains thoughts and stories that it has come up with over its long life of boredom. Because of the nature of the book, if it is opened without the opener being a proper heir; the book will drag them into its mind and forcing them to live out one of these stories in real time.

The Spells

The following are the spells that Spellbound can cast itself without the need for another to use their own power.

Flames of the Fomori - A spell that is designed to illuminate the outlines of things around the caster. It will cause a slight glow around anything in the area, including hidden or invisible things. It will not however illuminate illusory objects.

Waters of Purification - A healing spell that heals minor wounds, illnesses, and curses. Requires the use of water.

Ebeneezer’s Earthen Embrace - The caster sets their focus on the ground in front of them, and creates a set of rocky, metallic, dirt, or sandy hands to hold the target. It can stop a small car from moving for one minute.

Erin’s Air Horn - The caster creates a vacuum of air in front of them, causing a loud, almost explosion like sound. The air then comes crashing back in with a force that crushes the air out of the lungs of any opponent that got caught in the area.

Blazing Wings of Emmanuel - The caster causes a massive flash of light in the areas immediate to him. After that, the caster disappears and reappears in an area within a mile away.

The Forbidden Darkness of Amakiel - This spell when properly activated causes the caster to lose all sense of itself, and temporarily shifts into a bestial form incapable of its normal actions. The being has no control over itself, but has all the abilities of a large bear-like creature.

The Weaknesses

Fragile Knowledge - If the book is ripped, torn, burnt or one of its pages gotten wet; the knowledge inside will be damaged; causing forgetfulness and an inability to access this knowledge.

Changes - All of the books memories, thoughts, and knowledge are stored inside of its pages. If these are tampered with, such as by blotting out the information with white out, the book will be unable to access this knowledge; or will be forced to use the information that is currently inside of it.

Broken Spine - The books spine is, much like a humans, important for locomotion. If it is broken, the book will be paralyzed until the spine can be fixed or replaced.

Enchantments Lost - If the book uses higher level spells, one of its enchantments will be lost. Additionally, using the Forbidden Darkness more than once in a 24 hour period will cause a loss of enchantment.

Bound by Name - One must be careful when using the true name of the book. It will cause the book to become motionless, and allow it to be read until the speaker is satisfied or leaves. This is why most people call the book Liam. That and it is easier to say.

Bound by Blood - The descendants of the major wizard kings still roam. In fact, one in every 500 people share some blood connection to the ancient ones. If their blood is spilled upon the gemstone, the book will be theirs to command until another heir is found and takes control.

Storybook Ending - Someone inside the book may be able to rewrite the book, especially if they manage to find themselve inside of a memory instead of a story.

The Fluff

Levitation - The book can float 5 feet in the air and move forward at speeds reaching 14 MPH if it chooses.

Telekinetic Arms - The book can manipulate objects with invisible, telekinetic arms. They can lift up to 130 pounds.

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Contest Re: [Contest] Spellbound

Post by Nate6595 October 12th 2020, 8:30 pm

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