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[ Contest ] Wound ( WiP )

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[ Contest ] Wound ( WiP ) Empty [ Contest ] Wound ( WiP )

Post by OhNoesBunnies! October 28th 2019, 12:05 am

[ Contest ] Wound ( WiP ) Vedf5uR

Long ago, before the height of the great war, Laura was just another civilian. A young girl with stars in her eyes and hope for a better future for all of Mankind, and somewhere in rural America, she had planned to make all of her dreams and hopes a reality. She wanted to be the best of everyone, the first woman soldier, the first woman president, the first of everything... but it was never destined to be. One fateful, stormy night, Laura had been brutally murdered, her scatted remains found littered across the small sleepy town of Whispering Heights, Colorado. Though the killers had been found, they claimed it had been something else, a group of cultist worshippers who raped and tortured her for weeks, before sacrificing her to an unspeakable monstrosity with an even more unspeakable name...

And as it was part of the greater plan, the young teens were executed by the people of Whispering Heights, hung by a rope, and it was with their innocent blood spilled, that Laura was reborn, a Revenant, a host for some dark god long forgotten by the natives of this land. It was also in 1902 that Whispering Heights simply vanished. All roads leading to, always returned their travelers, as if they'd lost their way and every map since then has scratched the cursed place off. Yet every few October 13ths, the town returns, and with it, so does Victoria, and again and again, she will rise until her unknowable work is done, until all of her hatred and grief is written upon the world, and those who had forsaken her will suffer, as their children will suffer, and their children's children. She will continue until all of the worlds, this one and beyond, know the unspeakable words and her terrible pain.

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Quote : "I need one of those long hugs where you kinda forget whatever else is happening around you for a minute." - Marilyn Monroe

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