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Argetlam {CONTEST]

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Argetlam {CONTEST] Empty Argetlam {CONTEST]

Post by Zonkes April 5th 2021, 12:41 am


""I was once like you. I was injured, lost, and alone. Allow me to help you with this."

The Bio

Real Name: Cassidy O’Conner/Nuada Argetlam
Hero Name: Argetlam
Title: The True King of Ireland
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 32 y/o
Gender: Female (Cassidy)/Male (Nuada)
Race:  Enhanced Human/Unknown, likely Alien
Hair:  Red (Cassidy) Silver (Nuada)
Eyes: Green with silver streaks (Cassidy) Silver with green streaks (Nuada)
Height: 5’3” (Cassidy) 7’1” (Nuada)
Weight: 92lbs (Cassidy) 493lbs (Nuada)
Blood type: A+ (Silver tainted)

The Looks

Cassidy is a tiny slip of a girl standing at 5’5 inches tall and only 92 lbs. A stiff breeze may be likely to blow this lovely redhead away. She speaks with an Irish lilt, though she was originally born in America. Her skin is pale, and heavily freckled from a lifetime in the sun. Her piercing green eyes are flecked with the barest hint of silver, from an influence beyond her world. She tends to wear conservative clothes that hide a shapely figure.

Her left leg was replaced with a prosthetic, a simple thing with a flat “foot”. While her left arm was replaced with a beautiful silver arm, carved with ornate pictures of her life. From childhood, to when she lost her limbs. New events seem to be added the more that she lives. She came out surprisingly well from her incident, even her leg had healed past the point of where they had to cut it off. However, her left arm still sustained some scarring from where it was crushed.

In fact, it’s the only injury since the accident that has been able to leave a lasting impression on her fair skin. The strangest thing is that while before you may have described her as “cute” or even “pretty”, now she is what many men and women would consider to be gorgeous, or even perfect with fine elven features and skin that is as smooth as a newborn babe.

Nuada is a burly Irishman of indeterminate age. His physical features place him between 34 and 57. His hair is streaked with small stripes of red, but is otherwise entirely silver-gray. This manifestation of Nuada has an almost shining appearance to him. As if his Caucasian skin is made of an unknown metal. His eyes, which seem to leak pure starlight, are silver with green specks in the iris. Compared to Cassidy’s fine Irish lilt, this giant of a mans hefty brogue leaves an intimidating, if friendly and jovial impression on those that meet him.

His jaw, covered by an impressively thick beard, hiding an impressive jawline. His long hair is tied into a celtic warriors braid, and shines with a luminance one might not expect from a man like him, as though it has always been washed to the nth degree with the finest shampoos and conditioners. His elven ears are shaped like leaves, ovals ending in a defined point.

Underneath a green tartan, is a body made for war. Rippling muscle that would make even the most prolific bodybuilders jealous, his body is covered in silvery scratches and scars from battles with other gods. Much like Cassidy, he has yet to sustain any new ones since the accident.  

The Personality

Cassidy and Nuada share a strong sense of justice and right or wrong. While being introverted, if Cassidy sees someone in danger, she will almost always jump in to defend them. Even unprotected and in a spot where she knew that help might’ve taken days to arrive, she chose to sacrifice her own body to protect a co-worker. Not even someone that she was close to, or even knew all that well. She saw someone in danger and chose to go for it.

Nuada is a warrior. Brazen, and brash; since being deposed by the Half-Fomorian Bres his attitude has completely shifted. Now reckless and destructive, as well as a drunkard Nuada allows himself to flights of fancy.  The legendary warrior may still be kind hearted, and a defender of the innocent; his actions show a lack of respect for his own life, and the property of others. He dislikes the modern world, and finds its technology to be a crutch. However, he will admit that at least the brew is better.

The Story

Cassidy O’Connor always had a bit of a shaky home life. There was nothing necessarily abusive about her parents, but they also weren’t always there for her. She learned early on how to take care of herself, and because of this never thought she’d truly need anyone. After supporting herself through university, she moved onto her dream job. Archaeology. Sadly, much of the work seemed to be paper pushing. It wasn’t nearly as exciting as was shown on TV. She wanted action, danger, adventure.

And soon, she’d finally get her wish. She was on an excavation of a previously unknown cave that had been rumored to be a portal to the Irish otherworld. Silly nonsense of course. A superstition at best. Still, she was fascinated by the prospect of finding something to call her own. Something worthy of the movies she had seen as a kid. So she packed her bags and headed out for the Irish countryside.

It had been several hours of work, but they finally got inside of the tomb. It was bigger than she had expected. Quite a bit bigger. She saw something glint off the new sunlight, and stepped forward to examine it. Just as she got there, something large, green, and furry ran past her. She didn’t have time to worry about it however, as soon the entire cave came crumbling down on them. She began running for the exit, but saw that her co-worker was still distracted by whatever was glinting in the dim light. She made a full turn, and pushed him out of the way just as a large boulder crumbled on top of her. Through closed eyes, she felt her arm explode into searing agony.

It hurts. It hurts. It hurts! Cried a whimpering child inside her mind. She was hours from help at this point, the driver they had called to take them out there having left, they would have to walk back to town. SHe was stuck here.

Hurts, hurts, hurts… Sobbed her inner monologue as her leg exploded into a similar agony.

It had to be bad. Oh god. She tried to flex the muscles in her arm, but to her disbelief it was almost like the muscles were no longer there. She looked around and nearly passed out. It was sheer force or will that kept her awake. She had spotted the red nail polish she had applied the night before. The problem was that it was no longer applied to anything currently on her body.

“The arm.” Whispered a silky sweet female voice. Cassidy had come down here with two other people, but neither of them were female and she could hear the one she had saved outside yelling for help. He must’ve gotten out at the last second. She was amazed by the fact that her pain had slowed down so much.

Everything was distant now. Her vision had blurred, and she felt cold. Why was it so god damn chilly in this place? Someone must’ve turned on the air conditioning. Sleep would be a good idea. She was always warmer when she slept.

The voice returned. “Take the arm.”

What was the point of that? It’s not like she could reattach it judging by how broken it looked. Sleep is fine. “Reach for it.” The voice said again. Sighing, she reached out in the dark and touched cold metal. The silver thing she had seen earlier. “Put it to your left arm.” The voice hadn’t led her astray so far. She put it against her flesh, and a sudden urge overtook her. She screamed with the last of her strength.


Nuada awoke in a cave. His tomb. He looked around, and found an injured man at the side. “Shit!” He yelled out. Unsure as to why he wasn’t speaking Gaelic, he stopped. “Save them, my son.” The Dagda whispered in his ear. He flexed his silver hand and reached for his sword. “Very well.” He grabbed the unconscious man from his spot on the ground and burst out.

Setting the man to the dirt, he yelled out for a healer. When none came, he began fuming at them. “This man needs medical attention, and you are all just standing there? Fine, I’ll take him myself.” Nuada grabbed him up, and threw himself down the path toward civilization. It wasn’t long before he found himself face to face with the new inhabitants of this world.

Mechanical monstrosities, shaped like carriages now roamed the streets, attacking helpless travelers like himself. He pulled loose the sword, and raised it to attack… when a voice screamed at him to stop. An annoying voice, feminine. She begged Nuada to stay his blade, and something caused him to do just that. He couldn’t tell you why, but he refused to slay the foul beast.

Soon, the reason for the voices apprehension was revealed as a man, small in stature leapt from his vehicle and began running away. So these things were piloted by humans then. Perhaps he could ask them where the healer was stationed. “You there!” He shouted as he easily caught up with the running man. “DEAR GOD DON’T KILL ME!” The mortal screamed, and Nuada hesitated. “Sir, I do not wish to hurt you, on the contrary; I would like to find the healer and get this man some aid. You see, my tomb collapsed and I was tasked by the Dagda to save him.” He said, shaking the injured man slightly for emphasis.

The man quickly yelled out some form of directions, and Nuada used them as well as some helpful intuition to find the large white building with red crosses that was apparently host to many healers.

Nuada kicked open the glass door, shattering it instantly and sending the nursing staff into a full blown panic. Men in black armor - made of cloth, not even something durable like metal or wood - began to crowd around him. These must’ve been the healers. The armor had the runes CAFC written on the back in a bold script.

“Are you the healers?” He asked them, once again shaking the man towards them. A man in black sun glasses with black hair and a black suit and tie - something he had no idea how he knew about - and raised a badge to him. “I’m Agent De Cloet of the CAFC. We handle cases like yours. You can put down the man now, Braveheart.” The smaller man stated. Nuada set him on the ground, and a group of people came to collect him wearing strange white uniforms.

“We saw a magical energy surge pop up on our radar. Something like that isn’t something we see every day. You’re lucky it was us that showed up and not the Blind Scotsman. He may have torn you in half. But something tells me you are a bit more powerful than he is, eh?”

Nuada went with De Cloet, and explained everything that had happened. How, by all means, he should be dead by the Eye of Balor, but instead found himself trapped in this new strange world where no one respected the king of Ireland.

Agent De Cloet nodded, and held out his hand. Nuada did the same with his silver hand, and when they shook; it came loose. Revealing the slight girl with one arm and a leg.

“Now that…” Said the agent. “That’s interesting.”

The Powers

Tuatha De Physiology - As one of the Tuatha de Danann, Nuada has physical differences in a few ways.
—Immortality - Nuada is ageless, and can only be killed through damage to his body. He is immune to the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and is wholesale immune to disease.
—Enhanced Durability - Nuada can take the force of nearly any human weapon. Requiring iron or enchantment to even wound him with a weapon. Equally, normal human punches have no effect on him. Low level superhuman punches have a more noticeable effect on him, but it's almost never enough to cause more than a small injury, having to get into the truly monstrous ranges of power to even get close to truly hurting him.
—Enhanced Strength - Nuada is capable of lifting incredible amounts. He has been shown to be capable of lifting amounts that rival even the world’s strongest superhumans, but it seems that his ability to lift is directly tied to how long he’s been in battle, and how much conflict is going on around him. Send him into a shaolin monastery at meditation hour, and his strength level bottoms out at 30 - 40 tons. However, send him into a Walmart on Black Friday and his strength levels are nearly impossible to calculate.
—Enhanced Healing - While Nuada doesn’t heal any faster than most humans, he heals more completely.

Swap - Cassidy and Nuada can change places at will, the silver arm shrinking to fit whoever is currently in charge of the body. This change is quick, bright, and loud. When Cassidy transforms into Nuada, she loses the majority of her wounds. This process emits a large amount of heat, enough to give your average person a minor sunburn. However, if Nuada transforms into Cassidy; she must heal normally. A wound for Nuada is a wound he sustains.

Enhanced Combat Ability - Nuada knows his way around any weapon he picks up, even if he’s never seen it before, he can wield it like a master. This does not extend to items that one would not normally consider a weapon, like say a chair.

The Weaknesses

Silver Arm - If this artifact is removed, Cassidy can’t transform into Nuada; and is for all intents and purposes a one armed human. Additionally, if a person is able to take the arm from Nuada, he will transform back into Cassidy either way without warning for the deity or the mortal.

Fragarach - Cassidy has forbade Nuada from using his favored weapon due to it being a purely offensive weapon. This blade is kept on Nuada’s person, and if someone were to draw it from its sheath they would feel a surge of power. The blade increases its users power and combat potential to unfathomable levels. The weapon always appears in Nuada’s grasp after a battle, and cannot be taken from a fight. Once Nuada or another has been confronted with a fight using this blade, they cannot back down.

Otherworldly - Nuada must rest in Otherworld for an extended period of time. He is only allowed 8 hours in the mortal world before his trapped spirit must return to the realm of the dead and deities for at least 12 hours.

The Items

Fragarach - The Answerer, The Retaliator, The Whisperer. This blade is one of the four sacred treasures of the Tuatha de Danann. When raised against a person, it must taste their blood for it to be sheathed. Additionally, the one who it is pointed towards must answer any one question truthfully upon being asked. This blade cuts through self deception as easily as armor. While using the blade, Nuada’s already insane war god proficiency with the weapon becomes beyond godlike, and blades, shields, and armor are sheared like butter.

The Fluff

Tuatha De Danann - While she is connected to Nuada, Cassidy is functionally immortal and cannot age.

It’s all in the Wrist - Nuada’s silver hand is the source of her power. It acts as a normal hand, and allows her to survive most injuries that she takes. However, this acts as a double edged sword. Because if anyone else takes the hand, they will gain the ability to transform into the war god and allow their own influence to corrupt him.

The Disclaimer

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use. Any art used in this application - if art was used - belongs to their respective owners. Credit will be given if asked, images will be taken down upon request.

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Argetlam {CONTEST] Empty Re: Argetlam {CONTEST]

Post by Chellizard May 20th 2021, 3:12 am

Now that the contest has concluded!

And this application WON~, and after a quick review, I am happy to say:

Approved and moved as a ghost slot character.

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