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Post by Shadowoof August 22nd 2020, 3:51 am

He She

"I’m He and this is She. And we’re the good guys."

The Bio

Real Name: Adrien Crowel and Sarah Lorette
Renegade Name: He and She
Title: The ghost mage
Alignment: Lawful neutral.
Age: 24
Gender: Yes
Race: Blood mage and ghost
Hair: Blonde and inky black
Eyes: Green and brown
Height: 5’10 and 5’8
Weight: 165 lbs and nearly weightless.
Blood type: Arcanic

The Looks


The Personality

He and She are as similar as they are inseparable. From a life of not caring for what others think, the two are creative and easy-going, moving forwards and never thinking about the past. Outwards they would seem as cocky and determined. They both always seem to know what they want and quickly push past issues that might stump them. Together, they act invincible, as one.

But both have their faults.

Adrien, while causal and social, is  an introvert who can pass a conversation but doesn’t know how to really speak to a person other than to get by. He has never known anyone else to be trust worthy or worthy of his time, and finds himself almost frightened to let the living get close, no matter what he tells himself otherwise. He only has one friend, and has never known to make another.

Sarah, a being who was dead for as long as she remembers, found life in Adrien. He’s the only one who knows her, understands and cares for her, and because of that, she is scared of losing Adrien. Not just to the death she fears will break them apart then keep them together, but to the living world that remains the only thing that separates them and will often be selfish and rude to those who dare try to get close to him. Perhaps more so then she would be against those who would dare threaten him. Because those kind of people are the ones Sarah and Adrien can agree on. But she can’t find reason on why they’d not agree with each other about the people that aren’t trying to hurt them.

It’s the two of them against the world. And they’re both unsure how to deal with that.

The Story

Adrien was born to a wealthy family as sickly child, ever since birth. No one had known why the boy would often be healthy one day, but deathly ill and weak the next, only to recover the soon after the next day, like an endless cycle that never broke. It wasn’t for some time until the boy himself knew, when at the age of three, he realized that not everyone he saw was actually there. Ghosts, he learned to call them, albeit his parents had thought he was quick to make imaginary friends, it was a far worse situation then they could ever know and never would understand. The ghosts Adrien could see were brought to him because of his life force. It was rich, like a drug that could make the ghosts feel alive and stronger. He had always been sick because these ghosts had been feeding off him since he was born. Knowing nothing else, Adrien had first come to accept this was how it was, until at the age of five when he had fallen and badly gashed his knee while playing in the court of his home, alone among the ghosts that never left him. The first time he had spilled blood in any large amount.

This was when he learned that the ghosts, who always leached his life, found that his blood was far more attractive than the mere presence of his life, the boy did not know fear until a ghost’s hands held him down and began to drink from his wound. For the first time in his life since knowing these ghastly things, he was scared. No help came as more ghosts arrived, attracted by the smell of his blood, it soon turned into a grim orgy of hunger and fear. The ghosts struggled to take turns feeding from the boy, and in the confusion he managed to pull away and escaped, running and running into the unknown, further from his home then he had ever gone, until he came across a girl who was alone in the middle of an abandoned house, torn apart by a battle. She saw him, and he saw her. She approached him, glad to find someone who could see her, and he approached her, never having met a ghost as young as her, or one who didn’t want to feed off him the moment they saw him, who didn’t scout for him because of his smell and taste. A friendly ghost.

She hid Adrien from the other ghosts, and the two soon became quick friends. Sarah, she called herself. She was his age, but she wasn’t sure if she had died only some time ago, or ages past, stuck in the form of a young girl with no memories that go far back. All she really remembered was her name. Together, Adrien brought Sarah to his home, the two bonding quickly over their isolation together. Unsure how to go forwards, Adrien offered her his blood as thanks, as it was all he knew about ghosts, only this time he gave it willingly, and she offered him her companionship, afraid to ever be alone again and as the first person to ever treat her as a living being. Unknown to the two, they had created a blood pact with this agreement, the magic unknown to them both forever binding their two souls. They learned this as Adrien grew older, so did Sarah, an impossible thing that made them both feel that much more connected to each other.

Despite her nature and the concern of those around Adrien, the two were inseparable. As far as they cared, they were siblings and best friends. Forever together. They knew everything about each other and Adrien did not care for the living around him. Early into his school life, this caused the boy to garner much negative attention from other children as he spoke to a girl no one could see and was always alone. Those same children then found their shoes tied, their bags upturned and their books filled with obscene writing. Adrien never needed friends, because he had Sarah, and Sarah didn’t need anything else, because she had Adrien. They were a duo that no one else knew about, and that was perfect for them. As they got older, they grew curious about what it was they could really do together.

Ghosts did still come, often attracted to Adrien but without knowing why, and in their early teens, the two discovered that Adrien could use his blood to command them. Sarah and whatever ghosts they acquired spread across the city, scouring for information to further learn more of Adirens power, however the two soon learned Sarah could no longer separate from Adrien for long. Ever since they had bonded, the two never left each others side for long, but when she had, she had come back to find Adrien weak. From there, they decided to travel only together as they scoured for ways to use his gift. They had agreed that this was the best thing for the both of them as they set about to help the dead move on. Giving themselves the title of He She, a notion they had found hilarious, much to the dismay of his family when he referred to the open air as ‘she.’

By his early teens, Adrien had learned not only how to help ghosts move on, but to banish them through the use of his blood, an act he reserved for the more vile, grotesque and dangerous ghosts. Manipulating the strange magic inside his blood to do so. Sarah had learned she could do so much more to aid Adrien beyond hiding him from the sights of ghost, and the two became a team, helping those who had passed on in life. It was a life goal they decided on, with no goals beyond to stay together and help others.

But for Sarah, this soon wasn’t enough. Despite being one of the ghosts she and Adrien had dedicated themselves to helping or banishing, she felt alive. Every time she held his hand, every time she closed her eyes to meditate when he slept. Their bond was so much more than they ever knew, and as the years passed, she soon found herself sleeping. Dreaming. Having Nightmares. As the nights carried on, these nightmares grew more numerous and powerful. Adrien soon found himself sharing her dreams, as did the rest of his family. While they had mere fragments, He and She saw a girl, witnessing a battle among powered people. Death and destruction surrounding the girl until finally, she too was consumed by it all.

These nightmares made them restless, but it also brought them to a truth they had long ignored. Ghosts were never-ending, and from the many years the two had met the dead, they knew why, but it wasn’t until Sarah’s nightmares confronted them that they were forced to admit it. The world was filled with those who brought death. Men and woman powered by genes, creatures of the night that drained the people until they were nothing but husks for their spirits to leave or beasts that tore their physical forms apart until nothing but their spirits remained to wonder the plains. And those like Adrien, who could use magic. Instinctively, they both knew, both agreed that just helping the dead wasn’t enough. They were capable of helping the living as well, of making sure that people were not becoming the ghosts, both good and bad, the two had dealt with their entire lives. As young adults, the two inseparable beings decided that this was to be their ultimate goal. The thing they would do until they were nothing. Together, they would help who they could. In any way they could. As a team.

The Powers

Power 1: The Blood Vice: He can use his blood to cast magic and manipulate the dead.

Power 2: She feeds: She, when in direct contact with a living being, can start to drain their life force with a grip of a heavy weight lifter. She can then use this life force to heal He. (PC permission)

Power 3: She possess: She can posses the living, be they whatever creature, she can take control of them, she can also, if unable to possess them, slow their movements or try to manipulate someone’s movements. (PC permission)

Power 4: HolynEvil: He has bound two spirits to his hands. On his left, a necrotic spirit, on his right, a holy spirit. These spirits can be used to give the weapons he holds, from his fists to guns, the effect of the hand holding them. Necrotic a dark, corrupting and acidic. Holy a burning, pure and blazing power.

Power 5: Banshee’s scream: She can focus herself into a terrible force, growing distorted and demonic as she unleashes a scream that can be visibly seen like sonic waves. These are powerful enough to rip and tear metal apart.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Iron: When He is in contact with Iron, She is much weaker. If someone was to strike She with Iron, they would banish her for some time as she regathers herself.

Weakness 2: When She is feeding, her form becomes physical and She can be directly attacked, while it doesn’t harm her too much, the attacks she suffers affect like an invisible force striking He. At the same time, She can also focus the healing to one part of He. She can not focus on his arm and leg at the same time, and while she can focus on his body, the healing rate would be so spread out it’d be minimal.

Weakness 3: She and He are both able to be trapped by traps made to keep ghosts and demons contained.

Weakness 4: Backfire: When using HolynEvil, He must be careful to not use the spirits against their aligned creatures. Using the dark spirit against creatures of darkness can cause the spirit to backfire it’s power, harming He. This is the same with the light spirit. Using the light spirit against creatures considered holy will cause the spirit to backfire, using its power against He.

Weakness 5: Using blood magic too much can weaken both He and She. The weaker She is, the less impact her own abilities have. The weaker He is, while similar, can also allow any ghosts around to attack He easier.

Weakness 6: The Banshee’s scream takes a lot out of She, and will cause her to attach herself to He for sustenance for a long while, leaving her as nothing much more then a leech for the day.

The Items

The Magic

Army of the dead: He can spill a large amount of blood to summon a horde of ghosts. The ghosts summoned this way are often deranged and malformed, long have they been apart of the world, they are more evil spirits then ghosts.

Weakness: These ghosts are not on He’s side. While they will almost ignore He when first summoned, they will not hesitate to attack him and anyone else in an effort to drain all the living around of their life force. These ghosts when feeding can be attacked by physical means, but can also be dispelled easily by magical attacks and means.

Blood Wendigo: By taking a dead body, He can use his blood to allow She to possess it in a way beyond her capabilities, causing the body to rapidly shift and turn into a bloodthirsty creature likened that to the legend of the wendigo. A pale, muscleless creature that has their skin pulled tight against their bones with veins of blood spread across the taunt skin. Adrien can control this creature through She as long as he focuses on it. The Wendigo is a fast and powerful creature, able to easily tear through flesh and wood, not so strong enough to easily tear metal apart. Their skin is hard like armor.

Blood Wendigo: Fire both confuses and weakens a blood wendigo, turning it’s hard skin into loose and easily torn apart paper. If He is attacked, and loses his focus, he can lose control of the She, unable to direct them. The Wendigo can be dismissed by He focusing on it and forcing it away or by knocking He unconscious, ether way turns the body into a puddle of blood and releasing She. The Blood Wendigo also loses power depending on how weak He has become by the time they form them, and can grow weaker through this way as well.

Banish ghost: He can use his blood, even a small amount, to banish a ghost, with stronger ghosts needing more time and blood. (PC permission.)
Blood Maledict: He can use his blood to cause a living creature to freeze in place, as if their blood has been frozen in time. (PC permission)
Command ghost: He can use his blood to command a ghost to do something for them. (PC permission)

Weakness: Besides the draining of his blood, these spells also create a aura of void, in which the more hungrier spirits are attracted too. Using these spells too often can cause He to have to handle more ghosts then he may be capable of. He also needs his voice to cast these spells.

The Fluff
She can possess He when he sleeps. However she is unable to use her abilities in this state. She is also capable of hiding He’s presence from ghosts, but the more there are, She finds difficult to lie to them all, and the stronger ones, she can’t hide from.

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The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

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