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SludgeLord [CONTEST]

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Contest SludgeLord [CONTEST]

Post by ShoddyHuman August 20th 2019, 7:18 pm


The Bio

Real Name: Caleb Henderson
Renegade Name: SludgeLord
Alignment: chaotic neutral
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Race: formerly human
Hair: none
Eyes: none
Height: variable at most 50 ft
Weight: 650 lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

He is a semi translucent lime green blob.

The Personality

Caleb does whatever he feels like, even if that means hurting people in the process. He has a short fuse. He currently he has only one goal, revenge against the people who turned him into a slime monster.

The Story

Caleb was a scientist for a company called Altruism. He got into trouble with the company when he found their plans to create their own army of super soldiers. Once they caught him, they used him as a test subject for their first serum. Instead of giving him super strength, it turned him into a pile of goo.

After two days of the goo showing no signs of life, they dumped him into the sewers. After he learned how to move around in this new form, he decided to take revenge on the company that betrayed him. When he really thought about it, he found he couldn’t seem to remember his childhood or really anything from before he started working at Altruism.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Reaction/b]
3. Endurance
4. Agility

The Powers

Shapeshifting: Caleb is an amorphous blob that can change his shape to anything he wants, be it your household toaster; or your neighbor. However, he cannot use the functions of appliances.

Weapon generation: He can generate any weapon he has sufficient knowledge of. Ammunition fired from ranged weaponry he makes use up the slime that makes up his body.

Armor: He can harden the slime on the outside of him to make protective armor. This can take a semi-truck going 55 mph before breaking.

Duplication: Caleb can duplicate himself, but each duplication makes both himself and the clone half their original size.

Growth: By “eating” organic matter, he can grow up to 50 ft tall. This takes time, however to “digest”. Usually, this takes 3 posts to reach his full height and a large amount of organic matter.

Elongation: He can stretch any part of his body up to 30 ft long, and stretch new limbs from his blobbish form.

The Weaknesses

Large amounts of water can dilute him enough that it would be nearly impossible for him to reform, a rainstorm would not be enough to do this.

When he stretches himself out to 30 ft, his entire body becomes as thin as a pencil.

His duplicates cannot eat organic matter to grow.

Ammunition fired from his ranged weaponry cannot pierce even weak armor.

When using his armor if he is exposed to cold below -5 degrees Fahrenheit his armor will become brittle, he will be unable to remove it, and unable to move until he warms up.

When growing if someone were to dehydrate him, he would stop growing, be unable to move, and start to crack until he was rehydrated. Heat above 120 degrees Fahrenheit would have the same effect.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

Anthony landed in a small town. His data told him it was somewhere in Australia. For awhile he wandered around gathering data with his sensors, when he came across someone robbing a store. He was going to keep walking, when one of the robbers spotted him, and in his panic fired off a shot. It hit him in the metal side of his head. His eye turned red, he ran toward the robber grabbed him, ripped off his head, and threw it through his partner's chest. Anthony’s eye slowly returned to its normal color. He looked around shocked at what he had done, sirens could be heard in the distance, panicked and jumped through the roof to make his escape.

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