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Chunk(Contest) Empty Chunk(Contest)

Post by FantasyBound November 1st 2019, 1:16 pm


"Num num num..."

The Bio

Real Name: Chuck Hannes(Formerly)
Villain Name: Chunk
Title: Glutton
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Race: Mutated human
Hair: Very light, wispy brown
Eyes: rotting yellow, no irisis
Height: 5' 02"
Weight: 278 lbs.
Blood type: Not a precise bloodtype

The Looks

Stand roughly 100 meters away, in the dark, Chunk, as he likes to refer to himself, is portly with a thick neck, clear light or closer distance would reveal that he isn't human, maybe he was at some point but not anymore. His skin looks like a bunch of darkened dead skin clinging on, flaking everywhere, holding a dark brown and muddied red hue it makes it hard to see, but large veins run underneath the sloughing layer of skin, occasionally these veins spasm and twist harmlessly on his skin, especially when hungry. He has a round head, with very little bits of wispy light brown hair sticking to the top of his head, from an apparent oil he sweats. His eyes were originally so sunken by the mishappen flesh of his face, he has seemingly hammered in two silvery cylinders with dark glass lenses to allow him to peek out from his layered face, misshapen beyond recognition. It's covered in lumps and moles, most shocking though is his chin and cheeks, stretching down to midway his chest, flopping when he walks around or moves his head rapidly, it's not connected to him, someone if they could get close enough could stick there arm under the layer of flesh. His huge lips hide a huge jaw, but with only a regular set of yellowed teeth stuck in the very middle and a massive, thick and leathery tongue on the inside. When he sticks the tongue out, it's revealed it's not his, massive and wormlike, he uses this to grab close objects with a reach of 3 feet, meaning he could bend over and eat stuff off the ground. His mouth is filled with a decay-smelling transparent slime similar to mucus, it's very sticky and could be considered a glue.

He isn't tall, rather very short, and his body does have a rather thick layer of fat on it, large sausage-like limbs covered in the same lumps as his face are also misshapen, his finger so thick and mangled he can barely manipulate normal objects. His feet are so severely twisted that he requires shoes to be able to balance, without them he couldn't manage proper mobility. The oddest protrusion about him is his stomach sags when completely empty almost to his knees, in which he is capable of gorging himself to expand his stomach like a balloon, stretching his skin-tight all around him as it can expand 3 feet outwards. After gorging he can still move unimpaired.

He wears a beaten and blood-stained suit, if it was repaired it would have been a suit meant for someone a full 10 inches taller than himself, gray with black stripes running vertically up and down. He also has a pair of huge shoes that barely fit his wide feet, and a trilby hat he has an odd affinity to, and he would risk massive things to keep it safe, inside the hat there can be found a picture of a woman, a young boy, and a baby girl in the woman's arms, nothing on the photo indicates when it was taken or who took it.

The Personality

Before, Mr. Hanns was an open man who had a struggle keeping what he thought to himself, he had a mind made to run a company, and a forceful grip on his life. This meant he was to most people, very unlikable, getting to know him on a more personal level though, he would often shout his compliments to people as well as some constructive criticism, openly speaking on how amazing he thought they were, and also openly saying what he disliked. As a father though, he was incredibly gentle and helpful, trying everything he could to support his wife and two kids. Now though, he's unrecognizable...

Sadistic and incomprehensibly vile, Chunk desires only to watch people destroy themselves, and he finds deep pleasure when people are scared or hurt, and what gives him ecstasy, is when they are the cause of there own suffering. He has lost almost all human traits, his mind is now so warped he cannot comprehend basic things, he has lost the sharpness he once had, becoming incredibly dull. He is driven by pure bestial instinct, when he wants something, he will act upon it to get it, and when he is scared of something, he tries to get away, when he is angered, he will try to destroy everything around him.

The Story

Hanns was a superhuman born in Ireland, ever since he was seven he had the ability to bend space very briefly, grabbing objects from a foot away, able to jump higher and running faster by decreasing the difference of space from his destination. Unlike most others who discover such abilities, he didn't strive to do good or evil but just keep to himself. His father already owned a huge company that distributed packaged meat around the island, and Chuck would have rathered live a safe life living for himself, the route of neutrality.

He was profound with numbers, being one of the top students in mathematics in high school and college, he began taking business courses, eventually at 21 writing an eleven-page document that provided precise numbers on how to reduce the costs of the product without reducing the quality. At 25 he got married and had a son at 27, which was also the same time he was offered the position of manager in his father's company. He spent his life working the base nine to five, making a large sum of money daily, living in a nice house, life was fantastic for him.

He grew accustomed to eating what he wanted whenever he wanted, eventually growing to be much heavier in appearance and thus, having a bit more difficulty moving about as gracefully as he could before. He was trying to reach a document, that he's rather dimwitted intern decided to place just out of reach, with a flick of his fingers though, the paper was just in reach now, he placed his hand down, 34 at the time, and had an idea. He began using his space-bending abilities more often in the office, moving objects closer and further away, and with time, tested out if he could make objects smaller. He grabbed two muffins he had his wife make for him the day before, and he concentrated on one of the muffins, even though he tried and pushed himself, nothing was working. He picked up the second muffin and put it near the one he was working on, sure enough, the one he was working on shrunk down a whole inch, it was just unnoticeable without anything to compare it to. He let out a loud laugh before biting into it, strange, it was so moist and tasted a little weird, he picked it up and threw both in the trash, looks like she must have used the muffin pan to make something else with meat in it or something.

He began experimenting with his abilities, trying to shrink objects to smaller sizes, until he was satisfied with his ability. He then stepped into his private bathroom at work and unbuttoned his shirt, looking down at the blob of fat he has built up, it disgusted him! He held his hands over his stomach, grunting from exertion, he felt the wet that came from using his powers, and noticed his stomach was shrinking, the goal was to make the fat smaller, and it seemed it was working. Then he felt something inside of him, he stopped using his abilities and looked closer, squinting with deep intensity as he was starting to feel a chilling realization run through his mind, he saw a single, long wormlike thing move against his stomach wall, and he felt it. He reeled in pain and fear, gripping at his stomach screaming "Get it out! Get it out!" He tried using his powers to remove it from him, but his lack of concentration and something urging his powers with a twisted force cause a horrific change. He heard an audible crack as his spin shrunk down, his arms and legs got even shorter, and his face stretched out. He screamed even more from this, not realizing the wormlike thing was moving, more and more. He fell on his hands and knees and started gagging. He threw up lots of blood and a sack inside, he looked down to see... His stomach?!?

Alex had a rough day, this wasn't making it any better. He accidentally fell asleep in the truck he was driving, one of his co-workers instead of being a reasonable person decided to send a picture to his boss, who gave him one last chance before he was off the job. He also felt this homeless guy was following him, a cold November night, and he seems to be wearing some nasty suit, every time he passed a streetcorner in the blizzard, he smelled putrid flesh, it must have been with these homeless people, as it was always somebody's fault. He cut into the alleyway he always took, trying to walk by quick as he was feeling super uneasy. He trapped suddenly on an object out of sight from behind a trash can. He looked behind to see that homeless man, revealed to be a hideous figure, the figure opened his slack jaw and spat at him, chuckling afterward, the figure knocked a trashcan over and stepped a few feet back, a hideous smile all the while. Alex was angry at this idiot, but more so, he was scared, and... Itchy. "What the hell did you..! Get away you lumpy motherf-". Alex felt intense itchiness, and it burned, pins and needles burned his flesh, he quickly ripped off his coat to see his skin, it looked fine but it itched, he sat up scratching it furiously, looking at the trashcan, he saw all these broken bottles, he uncontrollably grabbed one, and tore his boots off, his feet itched, to he began working away, cutting his feet up, it hurt, but also he felt so relieved, the itching was stopping, unwittingly he grabbed a cinder block, and began hammering his now itchy legs, all the while, he noticed his whole body was stretched out, was the pain so intense it was causing him to hallucinate? He banged at his legs, breaking the bones with a satisfying crack, he kept beating at his body, bit by bit, from the legs to his arm, his back and chest, finally, he beat his head off on the street, all to the gurgling, raspy giggling of the creature that stood to the side, watching as he saw his meal prepare itself into paste.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Parasitic stomach: Something Chuck did back then made a creature show up, a parasitic stomach that controls the hosts body, it's capable of emitting a deadly and supernatural neurotoxin that on contact with skin causes targets to itch, and have an incredible desire to grind, mash, and rip apart there itching body, by mainly using any sort of tool available to destroy themselves in means that won't instantly kill them, mashing themselves into paste so that the creature can more easily digest the bodies.

Space-Bending movement: Running from him his hard to do, he makes the distance between him and his targets shorter, making his single-step work almost like five steps, and he can make the distance between his prey and there destination longer, getting further and further away, this seems to be one of only two ways he can use this ability.

Spaghettification: Chunk when watching someone influenced by his chemical spit, will influence there bodies to stretch and bend, making them be able to destroy themselves easier as well as create even more horrifying displays.

Nigh-Unkillable: Chunk regenerates flesh rapidly due to the alien metabolism, it takes him only an hour to recover a limb, and any cell that remains of his stomach can grow a new body within a week, always the same as the last one.

The Weaknesses

Spit: He can only shoot spit at most, 8 feet away. No further.

Space-bending: the effect is within his sight if he can't see your destination or even where you're at, you cant be affected by his powers.

Distracting: Spaghettification requires his full concentration, if he gets distracted the power stops working.

Semi-Immortal: Burning the stomach is an effective way to kill him, he cannot regenerate burnt flesh.
The Items

Only the suit he wears, sometimes he carries tools for his meals to use on themselves, he especially likes meat tenderizers.
The Fluff

He excretes waste by sweating it out, which is why he smells so terrible.
He cannot harm a group of specifically a women with a older son and a younger daughter. This is due to his previous life.

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