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[Contest] Nightmare

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[Contest] Nightmare Empty [Contest] Nightmare

Post by Humanity October 22nd 2019, 4:27 pm

The Nightmare!

Basic Biography

Real Name:
Renegade/Villain Name: Nightmare
Title: The Remnant Nightmare
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Unknown
Hair: None
Eyes: “Tainted Silver”
Height: 6’4
Weight: 650
Blood type: Unknown

The Looks

Nightmare under mask and suit:
Suitless with Flesh grafted on.:

Alignment Justification


The Legacy


    To know who Nightmare is, you need only look at the bodies left in their wake. The savage ends to the victims tells a story, and the swift (and sometimes not so swift) ends are a manifestation of all that they are, and all of what Nightmare is. Cold, calculating and swift. The ferocity and savagery of an animal with an intelligence that seems to scope well into genius levels of intellect.

   Nightmare rarely takes an interest in anything. There are a few things, but for it to be a person that would take something truly special to garner it’s attention. Though to garner it’s attention is to become it’s obsession and to become it’s obsession is to be sentenced to death.  Nightmare is cautious, and was given its name due to its caution, being written off as nothing more than a nightmare.

   To the world, Nightmare seems to be nothing more than a walking slaughterhouse that garners media attention not as murders, but missing persons cases. The actual existence of Nightmare is carefully covered by their caution and obsession.


The Powers

The Devil In I: Nightmare is a fitting creature by that name. Nightmare has inhuman levels of strength, Speed and durability as a baseline. The tenacity of this creature is unparalleled, regardless of how strong someone else is, no matter how much they can take it always seems to find a way to endure the race and reach the object of its obsession. His eyes are accustomed to seeing in the dark, thus they glow when light is not present, or when he is trying to find something or someone it had injected it’s remnant into.

Exchanged: Nightmare is fueled by the power of the souls of his victims. The more of the remnant energy he has stored within the metal of his suit, and the shrapnel within his body, the more powerful he becomes. In addition, Nightmare can actually take off the suit, though doing so is as if one were literally peeling off the muscle from their bones. Without the suit on, Nightmare can move faster and in the long term has less pain, and is able to pad on more flesh to himself for use. Unfortunately what he gains in mobility and diversity he sacrifices durability and overall physical power.

Salvaged:  Nightmare obsesses over his targets, after killing them it somehow has a way of sustaining the being’s tissue after death and grafts that piece of the person onto himself, retaining the powers of that person in that specific area. In addition to the minor powers in that area, Nightmare is able to devour the entire piece he has grafted to himself in order to temporarily receive the effects of that power to his entire person. These effects will only last up to 5 posts.

Imbue Remnant: Nightmare is able to inject it’s Remnant into objects and people, allowing it to sacrifice some of it’s own life-essence in order to animate or cause other objects to move about, granting it the ability to generate distractions.

Nightmare: Nightmare's suit is covered in a fear-inducing chemical that targets superhuman physiological factors such as regeneration and immune systems and actually uses those to amplify the effect of it's fear inducing effects. This chemical actually grows as spores now that are radiating form within his very suit. These cause nightmarish hallucinations to anyone in it's area. The longer nightmare is in an area, the greater the effect it will have. This manifests as minor illusions and psychological torments. (PC Permission)

The Weaknesses

The Bane of All Life: Fire is the most obvious weakness for Nightmare. It was the first thing that allowed mankind to stave off the predators of the dark. While that symbolism holds true, Fire is actually the most horrifying destructor of life on a primal level. Nightmare is made of Remnant and Remnant has the capacity to latch onto virtually anything, however whenever something is super-heated to the point of destruction, the Remnant is forced to release. Fire is the only known thing that can genuinely “Kill” Nightmare.

The Curse of Remnant:  Whenever Nightmare injects Remnant into a victim or target, the being is continually aware of his existence. While it makes them much easier to hunt, whenever they are on his mind, they can feel his presence. They cannot detect exactly where he is at, but they feel his presence nearing.

The Curse of Remembrance: Whenever Nightmare injects Remnant into a victim or target,  if the target is particularly powerful of will, they can feel Nightmares ambitions and emotions. Furthermore this causes Nightmare to feel their ambitions and emotions. This brings it to slow it’s advances for a time, as it is forced to deal with emotions that are not it’s own.

The Curse of The Bond: Whenever Nightmare injects Remnant into a victim or target, and the target is particularly powerful of will, and it is agreed upon outside the thread, Nightmare is bonded to an obsession. This obsession can only die to Nightmare, and any threats upon that person are threats upon Nightmare itself. If something Nightmare is bonded to dies by means outside of Nightmare it will lose Remnant at an alarming rate, akin to that of a gaping chest wound. Nightmare MUST take every action to protect the one it is bonded with until it has the opportunity to kill them for itself.

To Exist is To Suffer: Nightmare is in a state of chronic pain. It does not feel pain traditionally, but instead feels pain constantly. It is also true that It’s strength, much like that of a human can be lowered when subjected to continual blows of pain in the same area.

Flair for the Dramatic: Nightmare has a flair for the dramatic tension. It’s targets and obsessions are always dealt with slowly, as if their little “back and forth” were a game of cat and mouse. There needs to be drama before there can be a kill, and there are basic concepts it seems to focus on when dealing with it’s games.

Object of Obsession: There is one obsession that is above all others. It’s personal revenge and it’s hatred for one is above any other obsession that it could hold. It will forsake ANYTHING to see this person killed.

Ghosts warn of my actions: Anyone who is supernaturally inclined will be able to see that there are spirits and trapped souls that are unable to move on by any method or magic known. These spirits stay behind to do anything they can to warn victims that they are the victim of Nightmare’s obsession and that they will be the next person to have something grafted onto him.

Detective Jonathan Robins: At random in any thread, Detective Robins can appear and cause damage to a piece of Nightmare’s body. This damage completely removes or negates the fact that it has something grafted there, sealing off one of Nightmare’s Grafted abilities. This can happen once per participant in the thread, and it can happen whenever a participant desires.

The Mechanics

Immortal: Nightmare is considered “immortal” in most fundamental fashions. He can be “restored” between threads and heals off screen. Only by fire can he be cleansed.

Horror Speed: Nightmare has incredible levels of speed, despite shambling about due to the pain of its existence. Nightmare’s speed instead seems to be only used in short spurts. Moving so fast that normal people do not see, and allowing him to keep up with the prey he stalks, or chase them down in a field. His speed is not a continual or constant thing.

The Arsenal

The Item:  None at the time.

The Minions

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)


Physical Priority

Character Trivia

  • The Nightmare is incapable of speech while in it's suit. It is attempting to remove the suit and find a way to "communicate" with it's prey. Most attempts to speak are gargled noises and rasping attempts to breathe.

  • The only one who knows the true origins of Nightmare is the occult underworld's shadow-boss known as "The Witcher".

  • The Nightmare has an intense hatred for a select few individuals that forces him to prioritize their demise over all others.

  • The Nightmare's powers are not traditionally canceled whenever subject to power-negation metahumans or technology, though all of the beings imbued with his Remnant will cease all negative or adverse effects, and anything being puppeted by the Remnant will return to it's inert state.

  • A special thanks for Mariosdal and Artensis for the second and third artwork!!  Razz

RP Sample



[Contest] Nightmare Humani11
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[Contest] Nightmare Empty Re: [Contest] Nightmare

Post by Silus October 31st 2019, 7:10 pm

Contest submission

[Contest] Nightmare Lucife10
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