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Stranger family matters (Samael.)

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Stranger family matters (Samael.)  Empty Stranger family matters (Samael.)

Post by Shadowoof on September 30th 2018, 6:37 am

It'd been too long since Jake had spent some time in the windy city. New York had a place and a reason for him to be there. But now he was here. Because here, had a reason. A person in fact. The boy simply needed him for his skills, but Jake wouldn't lie to himself. He wanted to see Samael. He was the man that had helped Jake into a world he belonged, had helped him understand and deal with it. Jake respected him for that.

It was way Jake had looked for him when he had gone on his manhunt for Adam. It was way Jake had found and dealt with what happened when it mattered. Even possibly helping with the release of a vampire lord. And then dealing with Samaels asshole of a sister. Perhaps the dominating factor for the boys hatred for any and all that called themselves gods.

Not his brightest moment. But it was just another thing he'd have to maybe deal with later. Dropping onto the roof of Samaels apartment... One of his apartments that Jake knew of, the boy pulled his shirt back on in time with his wings slipping into his skin, having flown here from New York. Slow, but, it was one of his only ways here.

Using his strength to let himself down slowly, Jake made it to a window and jimmied it, breaking the lock and lifting it up before swinging inside. A bit rude maybe but he didn't have time, nor a key. Not any longer. Besides, it wasn't like Sammy would certainly be here. He could be out. Could be on a case, or a trapped in another sticky situation. The cambion was good at doing that.

Which is why Jake was acting like that was true, not bothering to sneak by as he moved about the house, hunting for any documents out in the open. Something that could maybe help him, and if Samael was here, he'd come out. It was a win win in the boys book... Unless one of Samaels many lovers was also here. Oh buggery, maybe he should have knocked... But it was also why he didn't use his red vision to look ahead. He did not need to see that. "Come on... Come on. Help me out here." The boy let out, opening a desk and closing it. Unsure what it was he was looking for, but knowing exactly what he wanted to find. He was sure of it.

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