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King of the Crossroads

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King of the Crossroads Empty King of the Crossroads

Post by The Swolefather March 10th 2018, 8:40 pm

Judas d'argent

"Just sign on the dotted line..."

The Bio

Real Name: Judas d'argent
Villain Name: N/A
Title: King of the Crossroads
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: Unknown
Weight:200 lbs
Blood type:Black Ichor

The Looks

The Personality

Judas is a social chameleon, never truly choosing one personality. He alters himself to better attract the individual he wishes to make a deal with. His priorities are strictly to make deals, trick, backstab and collect souls.

Though, behind his acts, he is an extravagant individual. He tends to show off his vast wealth, rare treasures and fancy clothing to anyone who gives him the chance. He also has a love for theatrics, using his illusion based powers to put on small shows while making deals, or simply just during a conversation. He is a backstabber at heart, loyal to no one but himself and his homeland of Arcadia. Though, he does surround himself with individuals he finds entertaining, because what is a life without an inkling of friendship.
The Story

Judas remembers when the lord supposedly said, let there be light, he remembers the fall of rebel angels, the development of man kind...he has stood by them through the millenia. He has helped the righteous fight for freedom, and stood by monsters who wished to rule it all. He gave them the power to change the world, and left them with a curse that took their lives. The years have muddled into one giant mess, leaving him with memories of his greatest achievements.
His life began in a realm referred to as Arcadia, back when it was the scourge of existence. He looked up to Madeline as if she were a hero, the way she inspired fear and hope into all who stood under her. The boy attempted to emulate her, but his mind was always stronger than his body. The fellow trainees ridiculed him, he was weaker, slower and less durable than most Arcadians.
While they were out conquering worlds, Judas was left in the libraries, reading up on the arcane, and dabbling into the forbidden art of deal making. Years had passed before the usurper had risen. Judas remained loyal to Madeline, fighting against the rebels to the best of his abilities; using his arcane knowledge to devastate their forces, and making deals with martyrs to create abominations that would protect the queen.
The war ended, and his Queen began her slumber, leaving the knights to enact her will. Sadly, Judas and Spade were never on the friendliest of terms...and with his new found power, Spade had chosen to banish Judas to earth for an eternity.
Judas had lost it all, his home, his books, his family's wealth, but he didn’t lose his friends. The knight known has Heart had snuck him his cane, suit, pet and his enchanted skull. Since that day, Judas has sworn to enact vengeance upon Spade, and take over his place as better Knight of Arcadia.
Judas continued his work as a deal maker, collecting the souls of those who sign his contract in order to grow stronger, for the glory of Arcadia.
The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Care to make a deal?(Permission Based): Just sign away your soul..and you can have anything you could ever wish for...I promise. Judas is capable of bending reality, and altering a being to fulfill their greatest wishes..momentarily at least. These contracts either promise your soul to Judas in 10 years time/when you die, or you can choose to do whatever Judas wants for 24 hours, with no memory of it, and live the rest of your life peacefully. (All effects of contracts last 48 hours)

Annoying Curses: These curses have no effect on combat, they are just minor inconveniences, used for Judas’ entertainment. They range from the milk you drink always being spoiled, to always dripping spaghetti sauce on your white shirt.

Demon Physiology: Judas is an ancient arcadian, who has had much time to strengthen his body. He is capable of lifting a car for a short period of time , running at mach 1 for short bursts, and surviving bullets from most small arms, as well as heal from major wounds in a matter of days with proper rest.


Teleportation/Omni-Presence(Permission Based when applied to PC): Judas is an ancient being, and so much as thinking of him or making a deal is enough to summon him to you. Once you make a deal, you are connected to him for an eternity, allowing him to teleport to you freely.

Telekinesis: Judas is capable of lifting up to 5 tons with his telekinesis for a short amount of time, and can use this power to push, pull, or even crush his opponent.

Hellfire manipulation: Judas is capable of producing, and manipulating a flame called hellfire, which burns hotter than its non supernatural counterpart.

Thorn manipulation: Judas can summon vines of thorns and manipulate them freely. It can range from the thickness of a pencil to a one foot diameter. The thorns themselves are as sharp as arcadian steel.

Mind reading(Permission Based): Though it isn't true mind reading, Judas can scry the mind of an individual for information pertaining to the deal, as well as their emotions and intent.

Basic illusions: Judas can create basic illusions which are non-tactile.

Body and voice transformation: Judas can shift his form into any individual he has seen before, and mimic their voice.

Memory rewrite(Permission Based): Judas has the ability to alter one's memories, and insert himself into them, to gain trust from the individual.

Steel mind: Judas has a strong will, able to keep the greatest of telepaths out of his head with proper concentration.

True sight: Judas takes his contracts very seriously, and has spent years enchanting his eyes to see through illusions and camouflages..for the master of contracts must not be tricked.

The Weaknesses

Holy water: Holy water is a major headache for demons, leaving their skin burned from contact.

Sacred grounds: Judas can not step foot onto holy grounds, of any religion.

Religious objects: Religious objects of any religion cause Judas’ skin to sizzle if they make contact.

Salt: Judas is incapable of crossing over a line of salt, no matter how hard he tries.

Wagers: Judas can't turn down a bet..whether it's challenging him to a duel of the fiddles or to guess the outcomes of a race, he'll do it.

Cold weather: When Judas is caught in extremely cold weather, he slows down immensely and can not produce hellfire.

If Judas looks at his own reflection, his True Sight will cause him to go blind for a few minutes.

Judas is incapable of crossing running water on foot.(Has to be at least a 3 foot wide stream)

The vines that Judas creates are highly flammable, making them relatively easy to clear.

The sound of a holy verse being spoken with intent sends Judas back with an insanely painful headache.

Judas is a germaphobe, and tries to avoid touching people, and doors directly, unless hand sanitizer is close by.

Iron: There are a few things that hinder Judas’ movement, and a line of pure iron will do that.

Festering wounds: Being struck by things such as holy objects and iron void Judas’ healing factor, leaving them to heal at a normal rate.

Destruction of the contract: If the actual contract is destroyed, by pouring water(holy or not)over it, burning it, ripping it etc., the contract because null and void.

Palo Santo: Known as the ‘Holy Wood’, if staked by it, will cause Judas to lose his powers until it is removed.

In order to rewrite the memory of an individual, Judas must touch them, with skin on skin contact.

Charms of Sage: Just the smell of sage alone turns Judas’ stomach, these charms keep Judas from even speaking to an individual, let alone actively fighting them.

The curses that Judas dishes out are weak, and dissipate once Judas leaves a 100 foot radius of the individual.

Exorcism: Through rights of exorcism, Judas can be sent back to Arcadia until he regains his strength to return to earth.

Demon wards: Once Judas steps into a demon ward, he will be trapped within it until it is either destroyed, or he is banished.

The Items

Sword cane: Judas’ weapon of choice is his cane sword, made from Moses’ staff and arcadian steel. The blade itself burns hot enough to evaporate the water droplets in the air. To reduce the risk of injury, he keeps it in the sheath, which contains the heat. The blade is able to channel hellfire, unless it is cold. If the blade is not held by Judas, it grows brittle and easy to break.

Silver coin: Judas has 30 silver coins that he hands to his most trusted minions, allowing them to communicate with him freely, as well as summon him.(Summoning not useable in combat)

Arcadian fiber suit: Judas’ suit is weaved with an arcadian thread that is both light, but extremely durable. While the suit can withstand physical and magical attacks, it does wear and tear over time, and is not a permanent armor. In order to protect himself, Judas must channel mana into the clothing, which tires him out during fights.

The Minions

Adam the Skull:
Adam is the Skull of the famous Adam from the Bible story(Or so Judas fiercely claims). The Skull is basically there to act as an assistant; keeping Judas up to date on summonings, setting up appointments, and acting like a personal googling device.

Cain the Hellhound: Cain is aptly named after the individual who committed the first murder. In the human world, Cain appears as a Caucasian shepherd, which is a fairly large animal. He chooses to stay in this form for the vast majority of this time. The only discernible are his golden eyes, which match his masters.
Hellhound Physiology: Cain is a tough pupper, capable of ripping elephants to shreds with ease, run consistently at 300 mph, and survive rounds shot from large caliber rifles, and heals from serious wounds in a matter of days.
Salt: Cain is incapable of passing over a line of salt.

Holy water: Holy water causes Cain immense pain, and leaves his flesh burned.

Iron: Cain can’t pass over a line of pure iron, and being struck by it leaves a wound that takes a considerable amount of time to heal.

Holy Objects: Regardless of religion, if a holy object is brandished in front of Cain, he will avoid the individual at all costs, due to the pain caused by the object.

Sage: Cain is a hound, hounds naturally have better scent than his humanoid counterparts..the smell of sage makes him sick, and to be in its presence causes him to grow extremely ill.

Palo Santo: If Cain is staked with Palo Santo, he loses his powers and grows extremely weak.

Demon Wards: If Cain is caught in a demon ward, he is stuck within it, and slowly loses his strength.

Cold Weather: Due to his fur, he can withstand slightly colder temperatures than other Arcadians, but all the same, the cold causes him to grow sluggish.
The Fluff

Master Actor: Judas has mastered the craft of acting, and can trick most individuals into believing his performances.

Nigh-immortality: Judas can be killed, for a short amount of time. In 3 days, he will rise again

Skeleton key: allows for Judas to use any door to open an entrance to his home in Arcadia.

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King of the Crossroads Empty Re: King of the Crossroads

Post by Dubloon March 13th 2018, 2:56 am

Approved Until Stated Otherwise o/

The Characters
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