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The King Chimera

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The King Chimera Empty The King Chimera

Post by King Chimera December 15th 2017, 1:14 am

The King Chimera

"No true God need prove thyself."

The Bio

Real Name: Zell Atterrius
Villain Name:  Ouroboros, The King Chimera
Title: "The Great One", "Ouro'Thaerel", "The King", "Boros-son"
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Origin Race: Thaerel "The First Borns"- (Primeval Metahumans)
Race: Varies
Hair: Varies
Eyes: One always Indigo
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Blood type: AB

The Looks

The Personality

       The King Chimera is a fair and just man that rules with an iron fist. He is a firm believer that a King is placed in their position by example. They are to lead others, and others are to obey them, but this is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. As a King, while others serve you, you are in turn servants to them. Their wellbeing, their progress and their supremacy over your neighbors has true meaning. While the King can be seen as a quiet and soft-hearted man with a kind smile it can be horrifically contrasted with the blood-lusting warrior that lead his entire continent through surviving a nuclear fallout. If there were a single word to describe the king Chimera it would simply be "Determined". He is determined to fix his world, stop his father and fix the wrongs of those around him. Even if he does horrible, evil things to make it happen.

The Story

     The story is as old as time itself. The King Chimera was born as one of the children of a being known only as "Boros The Eternal". This being was not the first to exists, but it was amongst the first things to live, and it was the first thing to die. The Eternal's children were known only as "Thaerel ", primeval metahumans. Of the Thaerel, King Chimera was the youngest, but he was favored by The Eternal due to his most curious power. This power was a power that The Eternal desired to cultivate, and soon enough he was capable of twisting his own son's powers into an unfathomable tool for evil. With the blood of his son, The Eternal began to spin webs of mana and magic, and through King Chimera's metagene; The Eternal had brought the dead back to life. Sickened at the acts of horror, the Thaerel were sought out and asked to put an end to the armies of amassing undead. The idolized Thaerel were incapable of even placing a scratch upon their progenitor's undead armies, let alone match their creator themselves. The King Chimera, known as Ouro'Thaerel, soon began to realize the dangers of their father and his mad vendetta against the Thaerund or "The First Beings".

I'm warning you, this is entirely too long...:

The Priority

1 Reaction 1
2 Agility 2
3 Strength 3
4 Endurance 4

The Powers

The Once and Future King:  The King Chimera is a Thaerel, meaning he was born in ages past. Just like all Thaerel, King Chimera is a son of The Eternal. However King Chimera is very different from any other of his kind. King Chimera is immortal. To clarify, if you stab him in the heart he will bleed red blood, and he will die... but within 24 hours, King Chimera will have already been reborn into the world and fully matured, leaving everyone in the world ignorant to his death and unable to realize that he had ever been missing at all.

Thaerel Legacy:  King Chimera is a very old being, and has retained enough knowledge and critical thinking skills to actually maintain a superhuman intellect. He's also trained in several different fighting styles and has become quite the combatant, remaining the living legacy, the last of his kind

The Genetic Lottery:  The King Chimera may have additional powers if he is born into the body of a metahuman. That being said he can gain powers in threads, though any gained power must be documented in the form of an Advancement. King Chimera's physical appearance also is subject to change in almost every way.

Kiddy-Gene-Pool:  King Chimera's genes are perfectly imprinted upon his offspring. This means that regardless the body that he is in, they will all be genetically similar to one and other. All of King Chimera's offspring share his inherent power (Once and Future King). Due to the physiology of a Thaerel, King Chimera is capable of sensing whenever one of his offspring are nearby or in danger.

The Weaknesses

I'm surrounded by idiots:  The King Chimera is continually stressed out at the moronic inability for anyone to recognize that he has died and somehow mysteriously come back from the dead. It even worsens when his body is completely different than it was when they last saw him, but they only ask him if he's changed his hair a bit. Once someone has seen the face of King Chimera, they can NEVER forget it, and their memories of his face alter to suit whatever his current face is.

The Eternal struggle:  King Chimera is driven with an intense hatred of the undead, believing them all to be servants of "The Eternal".  Anything that identifies as an undead, or something that creates the undead, or manipulates the undead or even touches black magic is considered someone he will attempt to kill on site, often times overruling his better judgment.

Keep me hangin' on:  King Chimera has no appreciation for his immortality, in fact if he doesn't die at least twice a week he would consider that a very safe week. His Immortality doesn't grant him any form of regeneration or durability. If he were to die, in any way that a normal human were to die, then he is removed from the topic he's in or whatever situation of combat until 24 hours later.

Let the wolves come out to play:  The fight is like a drug to King Chimera. He may be one of the most skilled grandmaster's at arms, capable of matching even metahumans that move at sonic speeds, however there in lies a problem. Fighting and struggling, the thrill of the hunt are all dangerous addictions that King Chimera revels in the opportunity to partake in. King Chimera will fight until exhaustion takes him, and has a tendency to play with his food.

My word is my bond:  The King Chimera cannot lie or break a promise. He must uphold his part in any deal, no matter the cost.

Dead or Alive:  Any powers within King Chimera's body are negated when the corpse of King Chimera's former body is present. A person can become immune to King Chimera's powers if they are in contact with the former body's blood. A weapon chiseled or made from the bone of King Chimera's former body will not heal naturally and will take 1000% faster to heal when being healed from an outside source.

The Items

The Cintamani Stone
The Minions

Chimera: The King Chimera is the ruler of the unified houses of Chimera, an organization he began so long ago It is because of him and this group he established that the universes of SHRP and SHRPII are destined for a crash course. Chimera and all whom are within it loyally serve the King Chimera. The Houses of Chimera may be viewed here.

The Fluff

The RP Sample

I'm not new, so I don't need to do one of thos- A piano falls on King Chimera- JESUS CHRIST! You killed Chimera! You Assholes!

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King Chimera
King Chimera
The Once and Future King
The Once and Future King

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The King Chimera Empty Re: The King Chimera

Post by Chellizard December 15th 2017, 2:11 pm

Approved and Moved.

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